Fair Winds and Following Seas by Phyllis Chapter 1

Republisher’s Note: This is the sequel to The Mob’s Cardinal (TMC). Sadly it’s only 8 chapters. It also takes the form of filling in gaps in the previous story. You really have to have read TMC in order to make any sense of this. I found and read this first and I was totally lost until I went back and read TMC. I think you will really enjoy it. When I last had contact with the author she said she might add some more chapters, but I haven’t heard from her with any more.

Author’s Note: Introduction: From the beginning of The Mob Cardinal, I saw God’s hand in the story and his guidance of where the story was to travel. I wanted to end the story with chapter 36 but it ended with 37. The numbers mean a lot to me, three-The Holy Trinity and seven- perfection. The Lord created the world in six days and rested on the seventh.

We are picking up the journey with Danny and Michelle at the hospital after the birth of the twins. In between here and Benjamin meeting Maggie, we can journey out of our ports of travel to explore the building relationship of all the members of the Santos family. Our ship will be a journal. There is a phrase said when sailors move out to sea, which gives the title of this story. “Fair Winds- Following Seas,” this is my wish for all of us as this journey begins.

Fair Winds and Following Seas by Phyllis Chapter 1

Running with a new strength from the Delivery Room to the Waiting Room, Danny’s face showed the answer that Carmen and Abuellá had waited to hear. “We have a boy and a little girl!”

Carmen’s eyes showed the disappointment of hearing the words of only one boy. “I was sure the twins would be both boys.”

Mumbling some curse word in Spanish to her daughter-in-law, Abuellá touched the stubby growth of hair on Danny’s chin. “You look exhausted and tired. Do they look like Santoses or Bauers?”

Smirking at his grandmother’s remarks, “You Spanish women never give up do you? They look like small babies, very tiny with bald heads and wrinkled red skin. They are in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and we can see them anytime. The next hours and days are critical and I’ll be spending most of my time here with my children and Michelle. You might as well learn now that Michelle is determined to breast feed the babies. Michelle with the nurse’s help extracted milk from Michelle’s breast with the milk pump. The milk from mother’s of preemies is quite different from that of mothers of full term babies. The premies need the mother’s milk for nutrition and prevention. Please give Michelle some space to handle the breast feeding, she doesn’t want them to use a bottle until they have adjusted to sucking her nipples.”

Carmen waited for Maria to speak. Maria threw up her hands in the air, “How does she expect us to help her?” Placing his arms over both of their shoulders, “Let us go to the preemie nursery.”

Outside the nursery door, the nurse’s aid helped the three generations get properly attired in the yellow paper gowns and mask to enter the near sterile environment. The clear glass isolette shielded the two babies dressed in the white preemie tee shirt and disposable diaper and when the twins had been dressed, the nurses had placed a pink and blue cap on the baby representing the sex of the baby.

Danny stood in between the great grandmother and grandmother. Carmen rubbed the glass of the two isolettes and asked the nurse caring for the twins, “How are they doing?”

“Pretty good so far, the male infant is bigger and stronger because he was born first, but the female is a fighter. The vital signs are stable and they have been given nourishment with an eyedropper from the mother’s breast milk. They both have a sucking reflex, which is very important. If they can’t suck and swallow, we will have to put down a feeding tube until they can function on their own.”

Abuellá bent down to get a good view of the two babies. “I knitted their sweaters too big. They will be a year old before they fit their tiny bodies.”

The nurse laughed at the statement. “They will grow faster than you think and catch up. The male preemie weighed five pounds and the female, four pounds and ten ounces. Don’t be afraid to touch and hold them because they are a smaller version of what you expected. I’ll open the side ports and you can pick them up and hold each infant in your hands. You might want to rub their backs and let them hold your finger. We like to keep the preemies in the warm isolette with oxygen and room air mixed for a couple of days. The babies will gradually be weaned from the isolettes and then transferred to the big baby nursery.”

Danny asked the question, which he was most concerned, “How long will they be in here?”

“It can be weeks, you do not want to take sick babies home. The preemies require lots of attention. It depends on their weight gain and how well they continue to breathe on their own. They may go home with breathing monitors.”

“You and their mommy are going to be very busy this year.”

“That reminds me, I have to call Michelle’s family. They will want to help and Aunt Meta has already volunteered to stay with us. We will have to set up a schedule with our family helpers.”

The two Santos women smiled with glee at the thought of being included in the baby care.

Sliding his hands through the side ports, Danny quickly placed his hand on his son’s head before lifting the baby with one hand supporting the head and the limp tiny body. In his hands, the tiny body stretched out the arms and legs. The dark eyes opened for a few moments. “Hey little guy, I’m your Dad. You must be surprised how much room there is out here.” He laid the baby back down and moved to the next isolette. Danny smiled down on his daughter’s petite body. Magically, a finger of his hand touched her tiny hand and Danny watched the tiny fingers grasp his finger. “Hey little princess, I’m your Daddy. Your big brother is sleeping close by in another isolette.”

Carmen wiped the tears from her eyes. Hugging Danny, “They are cut from the Santos cloth. Little Danny looks exactly like you when you were born and your princess looks like Pilar.”

“Carmen, why is it that you see what you want to see? The princess is a spitting image of Michelle, the button nose, eyes and chin. I thought the twins were identical when I first saw them in the delivery room. He is longer by a couple of inches and she has tiny curls on her head.”

Abuellá waited for the right moment to insert her final thoughts. “An old woman has waited a long time to have great-grandchildren, I want the boy to have a strong name, a good Spanish name-nothing Anglo. Miguel is a good name; the boy is your father’s first grandson.”

“Michelle and I will give the name consideration. For now, Little Danny and Princess will have to do.”

Carrying an extra large cup of coffee in one hand and a dozen yellow roses, Danny’s shoulder pushed the door open in Michelle’s private room. Standing next to her bed, Danny placed the flowers and coffee on the bedside table. Pulling the chair up close to the hospital bed, he sat and watched the restful state of Michelle’s body. The redness in her cheeks had replaced the pale swollen face. Covering her thinner body was the flowered printed gown with several blankets to keep her post partum body warm. The large masses of long curls from Michelle’s head covered the pillow. Danny laid his face in her curls to smell the scent of her favorite shampoo. Back on her left hand was the wide gold wedding band. Wrapping his hand over the hand with the band, Danny lifted her hand to his lips watching for a response from his wife. Without opening her eyes, the smile formed on Michelle’s lips. Whispering the word, “Danny.”

“Baby, I’m here.”

“Have you been here very long?”

“Oh,” looking at his watch “about an half-hour. Abuellá and Carmen came by to see you, but you were napping and I stopped them from awakening you.”

“What do they think about the babies?”

“Their usual typical Santos agendas, our son looks like me and our daughter looks like Pilar.”

Sitting up in the bed on her sore bottom, Michelle swore briefly from the pain. “If our little girl resembles Pilar, then she has to be a keeper. Pilar is a pretty young woman and Bill Lewis is madly in love with her. What do you think of the idea of naming our little girl after her Aunt Pilar?”

“Honey, it is a nice gesture but Father Ray suggested a name for the princess. Ray will never have any children and if anyone knows how much he has helped us to stay together; it has to be you and me.”

“Tell me, what is Ray’s preference?”

“Bethany. It is the name of the place where Jesus ascended to heaven. It is a different name and not commonly heard. Oh gosh before I forget, I have your first cup of major caffeine coffee and today’s newspaper.”

“And who are the flowers from?”

Leaning to touch his lips next to Michelle’s lips, “Some dirty mob guy.” The kiss lasted longer as their wet tongues played on the surface of the other’s lip and tongue. “How long are you going to have to stay in the hospital?”

Whispering softly in his ear, “I’ll be home before the babies are able to come and I will be hanging out here.”

“Honey, I will make arrangements for you to have a room to stay here and rest.”

For the first time, Michelle spoke of her lack of confidence in taking care of two preemies and continuing her professional pursuits. “Michelle, we will have all the help necessary but you will have to relinquish some of your involvement and requirements. You can’t be super mom and super medical student. We have to work to keep our relationship growing. There is so much that you and I don’t know about each other. Abuellá and Carmen want to help and you are going to have to accept them being around as not threatening your role of being a working mother.”

“Danny, we haven’t spoken lately of our ‘agreement’ but those two women are determined to have our son in the family business.”

“Michelle, I promise you on my father’s grave it will never happen. How many times and ways do I have to tell you this ‘agreement’ is ours?”

“I’m afraid that they won’t ever agree.”

“Michelle, please don’t openly challenged my mother or grandmother. Time is on our side and we will guide our son away from the Familia. Let’s talk about naming our son. The consensus name is Little Danny but two Dannys can be confusing. So will it be Daniel what or what Daniel?”

“Danny, do you remember when I read the reading on Christmas Eve at Father Ray’s church?”

“Yes, I was sick as a dog that night with the flu.”

Lifting her hair off her neck and wrapping the long hair in a knot, Michelle spoke of how special the Christmas Eve activities had been for her. “I spent time with my father and my new family. The angel announcing the birth of Jesus was named Gabriel. I felt an attachment to that name and it has popped in my mind many times. I want to name our son Daniel Gabriel and call him Gabriel. What do you think?”

Danny caught the connection quickly. “It suits our son perfect; an angel’s name with a saint Santos.”

“Gabriel and Bethany’s names are a nice mixture of their heritage. I guess we will stumble across another middle name for Bethany.”

“Will it be Bethany Michelle or Michelle Bethany?”

Shaking her head in disagreement, “There will come a time in the near future when you will be angry at your daughter and I can hear the tone in your voice when you are yelling my name with her name. No, no, no, we have to do better than my name. Please give me the newspaper, I want to read the headlines and save it for their album.”

The front-page headline read, “Fickle Hurricane Joy saves the island by turning out to sea and allowing the islanders and tourist to salvage the celebration of the New Year’s Day.” “Sweetie, do you think your Princess Bethany’s character is of a hurricane status?”

“Why would you want to name our daughter after a hurricane?”

“Danny, we have been caught in two hurricanes here on the island. One on our honeymoon and this one has a woman’s name. It is like following a family tradition. In the Bible it says, Jesus’ followers ‘returned to Jerusalem with great joy’. I want to name our bundle of joy, Bethany Joy.”

Danny wrote the two names down on a piece of paper and tucked the paper in his pocket.

“I’ll call Ray and inform him that his name has been accepted. Are you ready to walk down to the nursery to write our children’s name on the ID cards?”

“Sure, it will be a nice change to actual have names identifying our children.”

“Where is your robe?”

“It is still in the small suitcase inside the closet.”

Danny opened the door to see the robe hanging on the hanger. “Babe, someone has unpacked your suitcase.”

“It must have been done by one of the nurses when I was napping.”

“Have you been out of the bed since the delivery?”

Danny pushed the button to call the nurse’s station.

Over the speaker crackled, “Mrs. Santos, do you need someone?”

Danny answered, “This Mr. Santos, I want to take my wife down to the NICU to see our babies and I was wondering if Michelle should walk or go by wheel chair?”

“I’ll send a nurse right down with a wheel chair.”

“Danny, I maybe a little tender and sore but I know it is important to be up and walking as soon as possible.” Michelle had barely finished uttering the last words when the nurse came in with the blood pressure cup and stethoscope to check Michelle’s BP.

“Mrs. Santos, I need to get one more BP reading to see if you can walk to the NICU.” Satisfied with her reading, the nurse gave her OK for Danny to walk Michelle to the nursery. “Your BP has come down nicely, if you need any assistance when you are ready to come back, just ask the nurse to call the unit. When you get back, it will be time to give your sore bottom the warm heating lamp and perinatal care. It is important to have a happy and well mother when the time comes for you to take those two precious bundles home.”

Michelle reached for one armhole of the robe while Danny held out the robe and waited for his wife to stand and put the robe on her greatly reduced size body. “Looks like this robe will have to be replaced today. It is big enough for two Michelles. I forgot how big and swollen your body had gotten with the twins.”

“Danny, I have plenty of robes at home. This will have to do for now.”

Shaking his head to indicate that he wanted another one for Michelle, “Carmen can have one delivered here in an hour even though it is New Years Day. We do a lot of business here and the right people owe the family.”

“What color do you want?” Michelle decided on a rose color and requested an above the knee kimono style. Dialing the phone in Michelle’s room, Danny gave Carmen her instructions.

“We won’t be available for at least an hour. Michelle and I are going down to visit our son and daughter and you maybe interested to know that they have names….Well Father Ray did have some influence in naming our daughter….It has a biblical connotation and island reference. Her name is Bethany Joy Santos and his name is Daniel Gabriel Santos….I agree with you Mamá that they are strong names….Yes, I will tell Michelle that you both send her your love.” Placing the phone in the cradle, “You heard that they are pleased with you and I am very pleased with our names.” Holding Michelle’s face in both of his hands, Danny kissed Michelle passionate with pulling her body close to his tired body.

“What away to start the year! I have a wife and two children.”

Michelle stared into the dark eyes of her husband’s handsome face. “And I have my own family. I won’t ever be lonely again. I lost two important people in my early years and I felt different from my friends. Maureen, my mom with the accident and dad was alive but physically and emotionally absent from Rick and me. I will never understand why God chose for me to walk down the most outrageous path to find what I have always wanted. It goes against the normal life, which I wanted.”

“Michelle, Ray says that God uses the foolish and least expected to show power and wisdom to people that serve him. In all of my imaginations and expectations, I would never have dreamed of having a woman like you to share my life with. I promise you that the twins will never be in the Family business. I made a deal with God and every time that I say or hear Bethany Joy’s name; I will remember who is in control. The Hurricane Joy was a class 4 hurricane and it could have destroyed the island but at the last moment it turned out to sea.” Danny wiped the tears from Michelle’s cheek, “Your son and daughter are waiting for you to come and see them.”

Walking hand in hand, Danny and Michelle entered the NICU. Danny guided Michelle to the two isolettes with the pink and blue caps near the two oversized rockers. The nurse joined the couple standing in the space between the two twins. “Are you ready to hold your babies, Mrs. Santos? They each have small monitors connecting to the EKG and respiration monitor. You may hold the preemies for as long as you want. It is time for them to be fed if you are willing to try and see if they are ready to latch onto your breast. What we have been doing since their birth is to give them your breast milk with the medicine dropper. They both like to suck their fingers so we are assuming that the nursing will be easy for them to adapt. We will place one on one breast then the other twin can nurse from the other breast.” Showing Danny and Michelle the clipboard with the form to indicate, which twin had last nursed from the breast. Patting Michelle on the hand, “It is best that they nurse from both breasts to prevent the preemies from favoring one side over the other side.”

Danny whispered in Michelle’s ear so the nurse wouldn’t hear his remark. “I have been a good husband because I like both of your breasts.”

Smacking at his cheek in a playful manner, Michelle put both of her hands through the open ports of her son’s isolette. Holding his tiny body as he stretched out his limbs, Daniel Gabriel slowly moved his thumb up to his mouth. “Gabriel must be hungry. I’ll feed him after I hold Bethany Joy.”

Leaving her son to be held by Danny, Michelle slowly picked up her daughter. Peeking under the pink cap, Michelle saw the tiny curls. “Honey, she has our curls. I wonder will she hate us or love us for giving her the curls one day!”

“Babe, on humid days, she might be a little mad but we are going to brainwash her into thinking how great it is to have natural curly hair.”

The nurse returned with the U shaped pillow and a cloth diaper. “Mrs. Santos, you will never forget this time when you start the nursing. You offer the tip of the nipple to the roof of the baby’s mouth. He will latch on and start sucking. At first, the sucking is only going to be for a few minutes and gradually they will increase up to twenty minutes. Until then, you will have to use the pump on your breast to provide us the supplement feedings. For now, I want you to do only one baby at a time but later on you will be able to do both to save time. Are you ready?”

Michelle looked at Danny while the nurse placed her son at her right breast with the cords attached to his body. Holding Gabriel’s head close to her nipple and putting the pointed tip in his mouth, Michelle felt the gentle suction action on her anatomy. The warm liquid began to flow in her son’s mouth. Gabriel slowed the sucking action to rest and then began to suck again before falling a sleep. Gentle the nurse lifted the baby from Michelle’s arms and replaced him in the warm isolette. “You are a natural at this.” Returning with the preemie wearing the pink cap, the nurse repeated the process. “Your daughter is a picky eater and she might not nurse as well as the baby boy.” Michelle watched the sucking action and true to the nurse’s words; Bethany Joy sucked once or twice then stopped before nodding back to sleep.” The nurse rubbed and tapped Bethany’s feet to keep her awake. Reassuring Michelle that the baby would improve with time, she took the baby and placed her back in her nesting place.

After pumping her breast, Michelle and Danny watched their babies sleep in the contentment of being warm and fed. Back in the room, Michelle rested in her husband’s arms and cried because she felt overwhelmed.

“Honey, why are you crying?”

“I don’t think I can do this twenty-four hours a day. I’m barely back from feeding the babies and pumping my breast and it is almost time to do it again!”

“Baby, we will hire nurses and use my mother and grandmother to help. Don’t worry, we will get through all this activity.” Shortly afterwards, Michelle fell a sleep.

Danny pulled his cell phone out and called Meta. “How soon can you come to Puerto Rico? Michelle needs some reassurance from someone that she trusts.” Danny smiled when he heard the comforting words from a lady that he had grown to respect in a short time. Meta would be in San Juan on the next flight. When the nurse came to get Michelle for the next feeding, Danny refused to let her awaken Michelle. Instead he called the chief of a nice restaurant and asked him to send a nice meal over for them to share when Michelle awakened.

Stepping out of the shower at the villa, Danny dried the water from his rejuvenated body. He replayed the last moments of last night when he and Michelle had finally shared a good meal. Michelle had picked at her food, mostly eating the salad and rice with the island tomato and spice sauce. After 2AM, he had left the hospital. The warm breezes blowing across his naked body was the first indication that he was alone in the king-size bed. His eyes struggled to see the time on the greenish numbers on the bedside clock.

Next to the clock was a picture of Michelle and him. It had been taken in Ponce. The picture had been one of his favorites of the newly married couple. Michelle’s was dressed in a dark brown topless sundress with a wide band folded down across the top of the bodice of her dress. He was standing behind her with his arms wrapped around her tiny waist. The memories of sharing their intimate moments sent warm electrical charges to his already full erection.

Choosing a cold shower to resolve the erection, Danny heard his mother calling his name from the bedroom. “Daniel, Meta Bauer just called. She said you asked her to come to San Juan. Why invite her down here now?”

“Mamá, Michelle is very close to Meta and I wanted her here for Michelle. I’m sure Michelle and Meta will allow you to touch and care for the babies, but Michelle is in dire need of positive build-up. Last night at the hospital, the truth hit home for Michelle. She realized caring for the preemies and being the perfect Mother and continue her medical career is a far reach. Meta is for Michelle and Meta is a smart woman. She will direct Michelle to accept assistance, which will open the door for you and Abuellá to be more active in the twins lives. This is what you want isn’t it Carmen?”

“Yes, but having Meta nearby is going to cause problems when I have business to conduct here.”

Raising his eyebrows at his mother, “Carmen, when has it ever been a problem when you want to conduct business?”

“Danny, how long are we going to be down here in San Juan?”

“I’m guessing several weeks until the preemies are out of danger. I’ve made arrangements for Michelle to have a room to stay at the hospital to rest in between breast feeding the babies. Right now, I want Michelle to put her motherhood ahead of her medical career. I know being a Mother is most important to her and doing it right.” Kissing Carmen on the cheek, “Thanks for shopping for the kimono; it was perfect. Michelle looks beautiful in rose and pink clothes. Now, I have another job for you. We have all the baby items in Springfield; it seems we are going to need a few items here to transport Gabriel and Bethany Joy back to Springfield.”

“Maria and I can shop today.”

“Pick up the combination baby seat and carrier and what ever preemies might need.”


Two and a half weeks later, the aid brought in the final vase of fresh flowers with the custom signature of Gabriel and Bethany Joy. “Mrs. Santos, the staff is going to miss having you and your husband here at the hospital. I have never seen a mother get flowers everyday from her babies.”

Michelle smelled the flowers and placed the card in her purse. “Danny has lost his mind as you probably have decided for yourself. He is generous but he knows that I send the flowers onto other patients. The twins have been in the regular nursery for three days and we are taking them home tomorrow at least to the villa here in San Juan. My Aunt Meta has gone home to get everything ready for our return to Springfield. She was a calming influence on me the past two weeks. I’m going to miss this room and all the staff. It became home away from home.”

At the door stood Danny, Michelle closed the suitcase with the final items being carefully placed inside. “Honey, are you sure that I should give up this room today?”

Walking inside the room and closing the door, “Yes, I want us to have tonight alone before our growing babies completely take over our lives. I’ve missed having you in bed with me at night.”

“Danny, you are aware that we can’t have sex for at least three more weeks.”

“We can’t have or do everything but we can still have some fun tonight. I promise to have you back here before 6am to feed our son and daughter.”

Smiling the innocent grin to her husband, “Fun …um we do deserve a night of Fun. Just what does my husband have in mind for tonight?”

Biting the edge of her left ear, “You will have to wait and see!”

Before leaving the hospital, they walked back to say good night to their son and daughter. For the past three days, Gabriel and Bethany Joy had shared one crib. Even with their weight gain, there was plenty of room in the nursery crib. Danny handed the nurse his cell number where they could be reached if there was an emergency. Both Gabriel and Bethany were sound a sleep with their thumbs resting near their tiny mouths. Kissing their heads, Michelle paused to count their respirations before leaving the unit. Satisfied that they were medically OK, she left with Danny for their adventure.

Danny parked the green jeep at the mariner near the Santos yacht. “You haven’t had the opportunity to go out on my father’s prized possession. He use to take Mick and me out to go fishing and it was a great time to bond with him here alone. It was our special place and I wanted to share it with you. The crew is going to take the yacht out beyond the outer harbor where we can look back at San Juan and the old San Cristabol fortifications. I promise that we won’t be more than an hour from the shore.”

Danny helped Michelle out of the passenger side of the jeep. Taking her left hand in his right hand, he guided Michelle up the steps to meet the boat captain. Giving the final instructions to the boat captain, Danny and Michelle walked to the front of the boat and sat on the bow as the boat backed out of the mooring. Heading out to the dark ocean waters, Danny held Michelle in his arms as the wind blew through their hair with the yacht picking up speed. Then the boat made a wide turn to face the night-lights of San Juan. Danny pointed out the villa on the left side of the horizon and the center of San Juan where their babies hopefully were sleeping. The noise of the engine shut down so the only sound that Danny and Michelle heard was the water hitting against the side of the boat.

“Danny, this is wonderful and I can see why your father loved the boat and I’m astonished that he would spend so much money to have a boat to go fishing to find peace and quite.”

Rubbing Michelle’s inner thigh, “it was the only place that he was away from the business and a regular Joe. When our children get bigger, I want to bring them out here. It is the one good place where he was allowed to have fun. He loved to fish. And this is where I’m going to teach Gabriel and Bethany Joy to fish.”

Snuggling into Danny’s arms, “Suppose they don’t want to learn to fish.”

“Oh I see you think I don’t know how to fish!”

Pushing her fingers in the curls of his dark hair, “I think you can do anything that you set your mind to do.”

“For a young woman, you are learning well. Come with me down the steps to the living quarters, I want to show you the very comfortable bed.”

Giggling at the suggestion, Danny opened the door to the bedroom with the bottle of cold champagne sitting in the bucket of ice. “I want to celebrate the birth of our twins. Have a seat on the bed and I’ll pour a glass of bubbly.”

Michelle kicked off her sandals and climbed onto the bed. The liquid started bubbling as the cold hit the side of the glasses.

Passing a glass to Michelle, “To Daniel Gabriel and Bethany Joy, may we do right by them.” Clicking their glasses together, Danny and Michelle sipped the cold liquid. Taking the glass from her hand, “Now we have that out of the way, we can get down to why we are here.” Leaning into kiss Michelle, Danny gently pushed her body back down on the bed. “Your body is so sexy and I want to make love to you but I know that we can’t.” Unbuttoning the coral stretch blouse, Danny pushed his face deep in between Michelle’s full breasts. “You don’t even look like a woman that gave birth almost three weeks ago.”

“Danny, it hasn’t quite been three weeks.”

Nibbling the outer edge of one ear then the other, Danny slid his hand behind Michelle’s back and unfastened her bra. Moving his hand down to the zipper in her coral Capri pants, Danny unzipped the pants and with both hands pushed them down Michelle’s hips, thighs and legs. Danny pulled his shirt over his head to reveal the tanned chest before unzipping his own pants.

The two stared at each other until Michelle nodded her head for Danny to continue. “Are you sure, Michelle?” Gasping for the words that they both understood in Spanish, Michelle’s fingernails dug into Danny’s side and back. Kissing the sides of her neck, Danny’s lips moved down her shoulders to rest with one nipple in his mouth. Danny felt Michelle’s warm milk oozing from her breast to touch his skin. Licking the secretion, Danny moved his tongue down to Michelle’s navel. Breathing hard over Michelle’s body, Danny’s finger went under Michelle’s bikini panties to feel the warm moist body secretion flowing in between her legs.

Suddenly Michelle sat up in front of Danny, “I want to stop now. We are getting close and ready to have unprotected sex. I’m scared of getting pregnant again. I don’t trust a condom because I know we will make love all night. I’m sorry but I can’t do it tonight.”

Danny fell onto his back and gasped for air. “Michelle, I’m sorry that I pushed you too hard tonight. I will have to wait until the doctor gives the OK for us to have sex. I definitely don’t want you to get pregnant again any time soon. We can be physically close tonight in the bed and dream of making love. Have you discussed with Dr. Sedgwick the birth control issue?”

“Yes, she suggested a diaphragm and spermicidal foam.”

“When do you get the diaphragm?”

“At the six week check up, which is February 14, the date when the twins were due.”

Danny whispered in Michelle’s ear, “I will have a special Valentine present for you, Mrs. Santos.”


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