Mob’s Cardinal by Phyllis Chapter 36

Republisher’s Note: There are only a few chapters left, but we do actually get back to the point in time where the story began, so hold on lots of family stuff until the end. We pick up the night of the same Halloween as in the last chapter. This version of Manny has several children. The twins that take priority in most of the story are named Gabriel and Bethany Joy. Both have a religious connection as will be explained in the story. The author also starts mixing in real life names and some circumstances of the actors with the second generation. Bethany Joy is of course the name of the actress who brought the first Manny Michelle to life. Paul Stewart, the actor who plays Danny, also turns up in the story.

Mob’s Cardinal by Phyllis – Chapter 36

With the bathtub partial filled with the warm water, Gabby and Bethany Joy climbed into the water covered with bubbles. Sliding under the water to wet their hair, the two heads emerged back up ready for their mom to soap their bodies. After the ritual soaping, they knew Michelle would allow them time to have water play together. Their Barbie and Ken dolls splashed in and out of the ocean waters. In their imaginations, the dolls dived from the rocks and cliffs at the villa in San Juan. Gabby bent the legs of Ken to sit on the side of the blue and white sailboat. His sister pretended to swim Barbie out to the boat where Ken and Barbie always kissed.

“Waddy kissy Mommie.”

“Bethany Joy, you know the rule if you get your hair wet. We have to shampoo your hair.”

“Gabby too?”

“Certainly, the same rules apply to your brother. Where did your daddy take you after the party at Tiny Tots?”

“To the Hurch and wakery. Then wee wing the door wells and the weighbors jive us kandies.”

Gabby chimed into the conversation to tell his mother how to say Trick or Treat. Inside of the plastic pumpkins, which the twins carried, they had stickers of ghost and goblins to give their neighbors. “I wish I could have seen you both, but it was time for Pascal to eat and sleep. Next year, I’ll try to go with you Trick or Treating.”

Rinsing their hair and bodies, Michelle lifted the two wet bodies out of the tub to the floor mats. The bath towels wrapped and covered the bodies while Michelle dried and combed Gabby’s hair. Danny joined the three in the bathroom with the clean pajamas in his hand.

“Who is ready for bed?”

Bethany raised her hand. “I’m weady. I want my Waddy to wrush my wair.”

“She is all yours, Danny.”

Danny carried them both in his arms to the bedroom that they shared. “Which bed are we reading in tonight? We have the last chapter to read and if you can keep your dark brown eyes open; we might be able to finish the story tonight.”

Bethany Joy climbed up on Gabby’s bed with her butternut colored teddy bear and white blanket, which she placed under her noise to smell. With Gabby and Bethany Joy snuggled against his ribs, Danny read the fairytale of a black and white knight fighting in a fairy kingdom in Never-Never land. After Danny finished reading the words from the two pages, he would wait for their approval to turn the page. For Gabby and Bethany enjoyed looking at the bright colored pictures and rubbing the people and animals in the book with their fingers.

“……And the Black Knight lived happy ever after in the kingdom with his kind friend the White Knight. The end…..Did you like the story?”

Bethany Joy sat up on her knees to answer her Daddy. “The White Knight is Gabbiee and Daddy is the Black Knight.”

“Why did you say that Gabby is the White Knight?”

“Hees my briend! Hees my hest briend.”

Looking down on the head of his oldest son, “Yes, Gabby is your best friend. He will protect you when I’m not with you.” Bethany Joy kissed her Daddy on the cheek and kissed her brother’s hair.

 “Wee sweep in the sane beed.”

“I know you get back in the same bed after we close the door but your getting to be a big girl. Big girls get to have their own room. Mommy and I will take you shopping to buy a big girl bed soon. Lance can move in with Gabby and we will make the nursery a room fit for a princess.”

“Wance Wascal is a wabbee.”

“Lance Pascal is a baby, but he is growing fast.”

Tucking Gabby under the sheet and blanket, Danny carried his petite daughter to her twin bed. He watched as she snuggled with the teddy bear and fell asleep. Outside the door, Danny saw the image of Michelle briefly. He loved the moments when he knew that she had shared the special times with the twins. The last two years had been harder than she  expected or wanted. Michelle spent more time with someone else’s’ sick babies. She held them in her arms and kissed away their pain.

Closing the door, Danny left the twins room to check the nursery. Pascal was a sleep on his side with the tiny blankets rolled and placed against his stomach and back with his thumb in his mouth. Making a last check on the baby monitor, Danny closed the nursery door.

Picking up the walking pace, Danny was finally in the room with Michelle alone for the first time since Pascal had called for his early morning feeding. “Hum, Michelle, what do you have on under the robe?”

“A surprise.We are going out tonight to an adult Halloween party, New Orleans style and you have the latest rendition of Marie Laveau.” Michelle pulled the robe open to reveal the black tube top and black stretch pants with the red Spanish shawl tied around her hips.

Grinning with a sexy smile, “Baby, this is looking more promising than I had imagined. I was hoping for my treat tonight but this is really looking more promising than I dreamed.”

His hands took the edges of Michelle’s robe and pulled her erotic body towards his own. Their eyes met briefly; closing to allow their past sexual frustrations to climb to their normal passions. The wetness of the lips and tongues raced to other skin sensitive areas when the doorbell buzzed to announce the arrival of their baby sitters. Breaking away from Michelle, “We can change our minds and stay home.”

“Your vampire costume is in the closet. We need a night out with adult people that can pronounce their B, P and Hs.”

Michelle went to open the door while Danny rushed to change. Justina and Jimmy came in with Olga. “Where is double trouble?”

“The storm troopers are sleeping and Pascal was fed about forty-five minutes ago. He should sleep the entire time that we are away but I pumped fresh milk for a supplementary bottle in case he decides to exercise his lungs. He is still sleeping about two or three hours between feedings. I know Danny has complained daily to Jimmy of Pascal’s refusal to drink a bottle. Pascal has to suck too hard with a bottle.”

Justina leaned into her husband and giggled at Michelle’s comments. “Michelle, we have all heard from everyone. Abuellá and Carmen have mentioned to Olga what Danny has allowed to happen with Pascal. Danny resents the amount of time, which you spend with the baby. He is so close to Gabby and Bethany Joy. He feels left out with this baby. Jimmy suggested an idea. Have another baby this year.”

Michelle smacked at Jimmy’s head. “Close your mouth, our family is complete.”

Dressed in the black cape and the red paint running from the edge of his mouth, Danny joined their friends. “I totally agree with Michelle; our family is complete. Three children is a good number. Besides Michelle has two more years here and possibly more if she decides to go a step further in her studies.”

“Jimmy, we will take the Mercedes tonight.” Leaving the apartment, the three rode down the elevator to the parking garage.

“Boss, where are we going tonight?”

“Ask Michelle, this is her idea.”

Michelle pulled the tickets out of her purse to the downtown lounge. “The tickets are a gift from a former patient of mine from his parents. The little boy died in the summer from cancer of the kidney. I saw them frequently and grew close to both parents. The tickets were left at the unit for me and one of the nurses called to tell me that they had been dropped off by the father. I really wanted to see how he and his wife are doing.”

The tickets were printed in the shape of a pink flamingo. “Michelle, what type of club is the lounge?”

“Dr. Adam Cohen says it is nice and kind of trendy with salsa music.”

Danny parked the car on the side street letting Jimmy walk into the lounge to observe the crowd. Jimmy returned shortly to open Michelle’s door. “The place is OK; it belongs to Giovanni Scalini.”

Turning to her husband, “I don’t recognize the name.”

“You have two choices, leave or go inside and unravel the mystery of Giovanni Scalini.” Deciding to enter the building wasn’t hard because Michelle wanted to spend quality time alone with her husband outside of the home.

Following his wife’s lead, Danny pitched the keys to Jimmy. “We won’t be too long.” Danny opened the door to be greeted by a man, which he knew from the Italian Mafia. “Giovanni, it is nice to see you again.”

“The pleasure is mine and your wife-Dr. Bauer-Santos is the reason that you are living in our city. She took care of my son and we all fell in love with her. I have a table on the second level reserved for you. Enjoy the night.”

Escorting the couple to their table in the corner, “Your wife is a special lady and doctor.”

After they had been seated, Michelle whispered in Danny’s ear. “Giovanni Scalini is in the business!”

“Indeed, he is in the Italian La Familia. Do you remember when I came to Philly to have the sit down with the families? He was one of the heads of the families represented. He approved of our moving here for your residency. With the understanding, our stay was temporary and I didn’t do any business here.”

“So even if I wanted to stay here and practice, it is out of the question.”

“Yes, when we move again, it will be back to Chicago or Springfield…unless you want to move to San Juan. Henri is begging for you to open up a practice on the island.”

Sipping her club soda, Michelle’s eyes searched around the room and wondered how may other families were in attendance at the Halloween festival.

For the next hour, Danny and Michelle danced to the erotic Salsa music. Their grinding movements caught the eye of all the dancers and active watchers. When they left the floor, the applause was for the vampire and gypsy dancer. Sitting down to regain their energy, Danny wiped the perspiration from his brow. “I’m getting too old for this and a long night of making love to my doctor.”

“Danny, you aren’t that old but it’s time to go because my breasts are beginning to hurt. It must be time for Pascal to nurse.”

They walked from the lounge with Danny dialing home on the cell phone. Justina answered with her voice telling Danny to hurry home with Michelle. In the background Danny heard Pascal crying. “We are on our way; tell Olga to stick her finger in the milk and rub his tongue and lips. He may slow down the wailing long enough to lick the milk.”

Michelle ran into the apartment after Danny unlocked the door. Taking Pascal in her arms, she went to the bedroom with him already attached to one of her breast.

Frustrated Danny said, “Olga, what are you and I going to do with Pascal?”

“Senor Daniel, he did try to suck the nipple on the bottle but he has never had to cry very long. Michelle never lets him hardly whimper. He is spoiled worse than Gabby and Bethany Joy. I never thought that I would say those words but he is spoiled rotten. Pascal has to go to the Tiny Tots or he will drive us both crazy. Let Michelle take care of him. We will take care of the twins.”

“Olga, you aren’t giving up on my son.”

“Knowing when it is time to walk away isn’t giving up. His mother is in the way, she wants him to bond to her. We all saw how she was overwhelmed with the twins. Michelle tries to do too much and she is pulled here and there and everywhere.”

“Tomorrow, we will see about making some changes. Olga, we can’t do this without your help.”

In the bathroom, Danny washed the red paint from his face. Walking back to the nursery, Danny watched Michelle nursing and talking to Pascal. Pascal’s hand enclosed Michelle’s little finger still he closed his eyes finally submitting to his heavy eyelids. “Honey, why don’t you put Pascal in the crib?”

Lifting the baby to her shoulder, “He has to be burped.” Patting his back and rubbing the back until the passage of swallowed air came back up with some milk. “I let him nurse too long.”

Taking the baby from Michelle’s hands, “He is sound asleep even with the burping.” Danny laid the baby on his side with the rolled blankets.

“He is changing everyday. Before, I’m finished the residency program, Pascal will have experienced the terrible twos. I did miss so much with the twins. Tell me Danny, what are your best memories of Gabby and Bethany Joy?”

“Honestly Michelle, I have many but most are with you and the prince and princess.”

“Be specific.”

Taking a curl of her hair in his hand, “Do you remember their first summer at the beach when they had learned to crawl in the sand? They wanted to follow you until they came to the edge of the water. Gabby stopped when he got in the wet sand but Bethany Joy continued in the water screaming in delight when you came back to carry her out in the water.”

“They loved being in water from the beginning.”

“The summer when they were two and you decided they were ready to learn to swim. We played with them in the pool. The sunny day when Gabby opened his eyes under the water to tell you that he saw two fingers. Today, they can swim and jump in the water without fear because of the time you spent with them.”

“The Saturday morning before their second Easter. You had them sitting in high chairs dyeing hard boiled eggs with spoons. We had every color of the rainbow on the floor and kitchen towels. I insisted on using the plastic eggs but you in your wisdom was right to go all out for the two. We made egg salad after they went for their egg hunt outside using the tree stumps and spring flowers for the hiding place.”

“But Danny, we did use the plastic eggs. Gabby and Bethany Joy hunted the plastic eggs for weeks.”

“They loved to gather the eggs in the hen house. It was disappointing to see Bethany Joy march in the chicken fence and chase Hinny when Gabby was scared to death of Mr. Rooster.”

“Honey, Gabby stood at the gate until he felt safe to enter. It was so cute to watch Bethany Joy pass the eggs to her brother through the gate. He would run with the eggs back to his basket, which was a safe distance from the gate. I think he was scared of the flapping wings of Mr. Rooster but of course he had Olga inside telling them her voodoo stories.”

“This summer the amusement park was a special outing. The ride on the carousel with the hobby horses was interesting when Bethany Joy decided to change her position on her horse and ride sidesaddle. Her excuse for scaring the hell out of us was precious. ‘Ladies ride sidesaddle!’ Gabby was content to ride on his horse with the horse going up and down gently. When they rode the helicopters, Gabby pulled the bar to raise the helicopter and Bethany Joy pushed the bar down to lower the helicopter. Our final ride was the Mighty Mouse roller coaster. They screamed so loud and begged to ride two more times. Did you see Bethany Joy eyeing the ride where the boat flips over?”

“I did and she told me later that night that when she is a big girl; she is going to go on the Pirate ship ride. Danny, last week when I took her to her first ballet class, she was really into learning her first position. Gabby was bored to death and the instructor suggested a tumbling class. It is scheduled at the same time as the ballet class.”

Smiling at the good news, “I prefer Gabby to be in a tumbling class than in ballet with the sissy boys.”

“Hubby, it isn’t sissy and the ballet guys have great bodies for the pretty girls to admire.”

Pulling Michelle nearer to his body, “The best part with Pascal will be repeating what we did best. We are getting to be pros at handling commotion. Pascal is special because this time you are able to devote more time to him.”


The year of the Lord-2048- In two cites, one man slept with the peace of God surrounding him and in the other city, Benjamin tried to slow his racing mind down with the overload of information. His last meeting with the Cardinal established the permanent foundation of the story. The story was more of growing friendships, friendships of cousins, friendship of a husband and wife and the friendship of a woman and a priest.

 Benjamin had listened to the fifty years of living in the tapes. The early childhood indoctrination never happened as promised by Danny. The Danny Santos of today was more powerful than the man Michelle had met fifty years ago. Danny made calculated adjustments to the counter moves of Michelle.  He didn’t expect her career to be the driving force in their marriage.

 Getting out of bed, Benjamin grabbed the large yellow legal pad and drew a time line of Santos’ events. Choosing to leave large spaces on the yellow sheets, Benjamin marked the ten-year space with an asterisk to identify the years when Dr. Michelle Bauer-Santos didn’t make her home in Springfield. Michelle loved being a pediatrician and a mother but the day came when she reached a crossroad in her profession.

Father Ray had been moved to tears when he talked of her choice to travel down another expected road. “I have to think the decision was influenced by Michelle’s father’s desire to discover the all evading cure for AIDS. In the inner city, Michelle treated many new born babies with the heart breaking disease. With the many other diseases attacking the patients, which she saw, Michelle became frustrated with the red tape of certain medications being limited to the chosen few. The day came when she chose to close her active practice to pursue genetic studies. She picked up her father’s torch. The years extended in research provided Michelle the time of ultimate fulfillment. Motherhood and her professional profession came together for the first time.”

The next day, Benjamin Reade was waiting by the phone for the call from the Cardinal’s secretary. The call came before noon but the person speaking was Father Ray. “I have been blessed with several cancellations this afternoon. Why don’t you come up to the retreat where we last met. I have someone that you might like to meet. We haven’t discussed her in any depth. Touched on her briefly.”

Benjamin had grown to cherish his audiences with the Cardinal. The Cardinal had been endowed with much strength but his strongest strength had to be his communication skills. Benjamin walked in the office and for the first time he saw the affect of the aging process on Father Ray. “Father Ray, you should be resting instead of meeting with me.”

Hanging his black garment in the closet, Ray slipped on his black cardigan sweater. “My endurance isn’t what it use to be but God spoke to me about you last night in a dream.”

Benjamin grinned at the man sitting in the rocker. “I’m glad one of us slept and dreamed last night. I tossed and turned in bed until I finally gave up the idea of sleep. I’m dying to know what you consider the major events in Danny and Michelle’s life after they returned to Springfield.”

Without hesitating, “The building of their home at Laurel Falls and the birth of their last two children.” Ray closed his eyes to see the scenes being replayed in his mind. When the Santos family returned to Springfield, Danny and Michelle had three children, Gabby and Bethany Joy better know as Joy were twelve and Pascal was nine years old. The family had out gown the lake house home. It had served its useful purpose for the visiting of families in Springfield. Danny complained of the lack of privacy and the house at Laurel Falls was built during the last two years that the family lived in Philadelphia.

 The contemporary style house was completed and ready for its new occupants. The last visit before the move, Danny and Michelle walked through the six-bedroom house and wondered why they had built a house with so many rooms. Their bedroom was off to a separate suite far from the combination family room and kitchen. They strolled in the bedroom and looked at the view of the falls from the bay window. “I can’t believe that we are finally standing in our dream house.”

Smooching a kiss from the area behind Michelle’s ear, “Baby, we deserve this house and Joy has being begging for a sister for years.”

“Joy needs a sister like she needs another beau. I told her once before that if she had a sister; she would have to share you. And as I recall that stopped the whining.”

Biting Michelle’s ear, “Gabby and Pascal have been pleading for another sister to dethrone the present princess.”

“Danny, what a poor excuse to have a child.”

Ten months later, Mary Margaret “Maggie” was born at Cedars Hospital. From the beginning, Maggie was spoiled by her sister and brothers. Instead of removing a princess, a new one was added to the family circle.

Six years later, Danny and Michelle spent a week at the villa celebrating their 18th wedding anniversary. Danny approached the subject of adding another child to their family. Michelle hesitated at first considering her age to be a hindrance. She didn’t want to tempt fate. “God has given us four children and I’m thankful. We have been fortunate starting with the twins.” Jefferson Edward was born following what Michelle described as the first “good pregnancy”.

Several weeks after the Jeff’s birth, Michelle picked up on what she called the “Differences in Jeff”. He seemed a little slow in his motor skills even with lots of attention from his brothers and sisters. Danny was in denial that anything could be wrong with his son. Late at night, Danny left their bed to go in the nursery. One night, Michelle walked into the nursery. Kneeling in front of Danny holding Jeff, “I want to take our son to Kluge Institute at the University of Virginia for an evaluation. We have to know how to help Jeff.”

Nodding his head, “Make the appointment.”

 “I’m furious with God but I believe with my heart that God has given the perfect child to us.” Placing her head on her husband’s knee, “Jeff is right where he belongs. He is in a house full of love. We have money to pay for whatever he needs. The basal cell studies are promising.”

The Santos jet landed at the Charlottesville, Virginia airport. Danny watched the Blue Ridge Mountains disappear to the west when the plane descended and made its approach to the small airport. “How far do we have to drive to the Kluge’s Children Rehabilitation Center?”

Michelle reviewed the map again as she had looked at the map too many times to count. The blue star marked the spot on the map where she prayed miracles still occurred. “We have to drive down a country road out to route 29 south, which takes us directly to the city. The center is connected to the University of Virginia. The address is 2270 Ivy Road. Follow 29 S business to University Avenue, which evidently becomes Ivy Road. It is located on 12 acres of land at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.”

Danny carried Jeff down the steps in his infant carrier and held on to the hand of Michelle giving her assistance. The black car from the limousine service pulled up and the driver spoke in his distinct Virginia accent, “Welcome to Charlottesville. Where are we going first? My boss said the car is yours all day as a courtesy of Boar’s Inn.”

“We have an appointment at 10 am. at Kluge’s Children Rehabilitation Center. How long will it take us to drive there?”

“Longer than it use to before all the development moved north of the city and we have lights at all of the intersections. They say 29 S will soon be the same as outside of Washington, DC.”

 Danny continued the conversation with the driver. “I assume you are against the growth and development.”

“Mister, Virginians are against any change, we cherish our history and the slower pace of life. People from Virginia are proud and we have outsiders coming to live here all the time. They attend The University and never leave. The whole state is cliquish. You can live here for a hundred years and if your family didn’t settle here before the Revolutionary War, you are an outsider. Do you and the lady plan on moving here?”

For the first time in a long time, Danny laughed. “No, I don’t want to take on any blue bloods of Virginia. We are just visiting.” Smiling at Michelle, “Passing through.”

Danny pulled the information package from his briefcase. He had read the same information over and over in his mind. The information had been edited to give potential parents a promising future. Danny had crossed out the names of diagnosis on the list, which Michelle had ruled out as Jeff’s problem. It was easier for Danny to accept a problem than a medical term. Problems could be fixed.

KCRC is a leading center for the evaluation of children with motor problems, which treats children from birth to 21 year old. The center is a special place for children with special needs. Many Families come to find the cause why their child is having difficulties in walking, talking, learning, eating or with behavior.

At Kluge’s Center, the team of professionals works together with parents to help children become as independent and competent as possible. Both medical and emotional needs must be addressed to promote healing, rehabilitation and adjustment to a disability. Emphasis is on reinforcing the child’s strengths and coping skills and all of the KCRC’s treatment and educational programs, research and advocacy efforts are diverted to ward this end.

The important gait analysis is performed on children and adults to assess problems resulting from Cerebral Palsy-broad span of birth defects and injuries. We know that no two patients or conditions are exactly the same and the movements of muscles and joints are extremely complex. The analysis provides the details of the joint movements, foot pressure and muscle activity to help physicians in determining the cause of gait abnormalities, the type of treatment indicated, the effect of treatments such as physical therapy, bracing or surgery and the patients progress with growth and age.

Shaking hands with Danny and Michelle, the middle age doctor greeted Jeff’s parents. “What an impressive first name and coming to the foothills in the Piedmont of another famous last name. He is sure to be a hit with the staff.”

“I never thought of the connection before but Jeff was named after a hospital in Philadelphia where I did one of my pediatric residency rotations.”

“Your specialty is Pediatrics?”

“Yes but I’ve spent most of my time in research in normal childhood diseases.”

“I’ve read Jeff’s medical history and when I spoke with Dr. Santos on the phone; you indicated Cerebral Palsy as Jeff’s diagnosis. Here at KCRC, we spend time educating the parents. The range of information that the parents have varies. Many like you come with knowledge but are looking for solutions or a fix all. We know the acceptance of your child’s problem is hard. When the time comes and you leave our center, we want to send you away with hope.”

“The first question is how do you get Cerebral Palsy?”

“Cerebral Palsy is caused by an injury to the brain, during, or shortly after birth. In many cases, no one knows for sure what caused the brain injury or what may have been done to prevent the injury. Sometimes injuries to a baby’s brain happen while the baby is still in the mother’s womb. The injury might be caused by an infection or an accident in which the mother is hurt. If a mother has a medical problem such as high blood pressure or diabetes, this can also cause problems in the baby. There maybe problems, during birth such as the baby not getting enough oxygen or a difficult delivery in which the baby’s brain is injured. Even babies born at the right time can have infections, or bleeding in the brain, which causes a brain injury because the brain is still developing even after birth. The through history of your pregnancy and delivery really points to you never knowing what caused Jeff’s problem. Dr. Santos, you noticed Jeff didn’t respond to physical stimulation as quickly as your older children had in the past. Can you explain to me what you saw?”

“He seemed to delay jerking his arms and legs when I tickled him. When he reached for the bright toys on his play gym, his hands seemed to miss their aim.”

“How were his verbal responses to stimulation?”

“Jeff laughed and cooed. His facial expressions were equal on both sides of his cheeks. Jeff’s eyes followed his older sisters and brothers when they were in the room with him.”

“Children with CP have damage to the area of their brain that controls muscle tone. Depending on where their brain injury is and how big it is. Their muscle tone may be too tight, too loose or combination of too loose and too tight. Muscle tone is what lets us keep our bodies in a certain position, like sitting with our heads up to look at the teacher in class. Changes in muscle tone let us move. Children with CP are not able to change their muscle tone in a smooth and even way, so their movements maybe jerky or wobbly.”

“We have identified three types of CP. Spastic Cerebral Palsy- if muscle tone is too high or too tight, the term spastic is used to describe the type of CP. Children with Spastic CP have stiff and jerky movements because their muscles are too tight They often have a hard time moving from one position to another or letting go of something in their hand.”

“Ataxic Cerebral Palsy has low muscle tone and poor coordination of movements. Kids with Ataxic CP look very unsteady and shaky. They have a lot of shakiness, like a tremor you might see in a very old person. Especially when they are trying to do something like writing or turning a page or cutting with scissors. They also often have very poor balance and maybe very unsteady when they walk. Because of the shaky movements and problems coordinating their muscles, kids with Ataxic CP may take longer to finish writing or art projects. The term Athetoid is used to describe when muscle tone is mixed- sometimes too high and sometimes too low. Children with Athetoid have trouble holding them selves in an upright, steady position for sitting or walking, and often show lots of movements of their face, arm and upper body that they don’t mean to make (random involuntary movements) These movements are usually BIG.  For some kids with Athetoid CP, it takes a lot of work and concentration to get their hand to a certain spot (like scratch their nose or reach for a cup). Because of their mixed tone and trouble keeping a position, they may not be able to hold onto things (like a toothbrush or fork or pencil).”

“Mixed CP- when muscle tone is too low in some muscles and too high in other muscles. Kids with CP also show different parts of their bodies are affected by the CP. This is also due to what part of their brain was hurt and how big of an area in the brain was injured.”

“Now we begin the test to see if or where Jeff fits. Tomorrow, appointments have been made with the physical and speech therapist. In two or three weeks, you will have our diagnosis and a treatment plan. From my initial observation of Jeff, he is on the milder side of the scale.”

Two days later, Danny was in the lobby checking out of the Inn. The clerk handed the final papers from the computer to Danny of the final paid bill. “Did you enjoy your stay with us here in Charlottesville?”

“Yes and we are pleased with the Kluge Center. The chauffeur from the limousine service went out of his way to take good care of us.”

“Which driver did you have?”

“R.E.L. Smith”

“You had Mr. Smith!”

“Yea and he gives excellent history lessons.”

“Mr. Smith should be, he is the history professor emeritus at The University.”

Danny grinned at the clerk. “Are we talking about the same man?”

“Yes, Mr. R.E.L. Smith has a contract with the Inn. He owns the limousine service. His name is Robert Edward Lee Smith. Professor Smith alias Mr. Smith was originally from New Jersey. He came to UVA back in the early 70s and never went home. Professor Smith adopted Virginia as his home.”

“Why would he be driving my family around?”

“Many of his students work for the limousine service; he was probably filling in for one that had a unfinished project. He does it all the time.”

“So the guy lives what he is teaching! He had me believing his family history.”

“Did he tell you that he was a descendant of Captain John Smith of Jamestown?”

Nodding his head, “Yes”.

“That part is true but the descendants of Smith, which Professor Smith is descended, settled in New Jersey after the Revolutionary War.”

At the airport, Michelle climbed up the steps with Jeff. Danny paused to chat briefly with Mr. Smith. “Mr. Smith, if you ever get tired of driving for a living, you should look in teaching at the University.”

“A man has got to make a living any way that he can, Mr. Santos.”

Giving Danny his business card, “If you should ever need the service again, give me a call.”

Shaking the driver’s hand, “Your state indeed has warm hospitality.”

Once up in the air, the jet turned southeast briefly flying over Monticello. Danny held Jeff up to look out the window. “Jeff, the man that once lived down there had his struggles and look how famous he became. Your Mommy and I are going to be there every step of the way with you. Honey, for the first time since you told me of what you suspected, I feel hopeful.”


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