Michelle’s Angel Storyline

I wanted to share this because the Angel storyline was right before Messe took off hot and heavy. Michelle’s Angel went by the name of Zachary Smith. Zachary actually gave one of my favorite premonitions of Manny and I thought people would be interested with where that story was originally headed. I think they were right to pull the plug. It was an awful storyline that involved a long dead Michelle lookalike Bauer and a goose. No really, a real goose.

Normally I like a good previous life story with costumed flashbacks (see James, Barbara and Gunther on As the World Turns for example), but this was pointless, meandering, and never really came to any conclusion, nor did they give a real good idea who this stray Michelle lookalike Bauer was supposed to be or why Meta never mentioned the similarity of appearance when Meta returned to town to discover a SORAS-ed Michelle.

The description comparing it The Preacher’s Wife doesn’t sound very accurate, if that movie closely follows the Cary Grant movie it was based on, The Bishop’s Wife, it definitely doesn’t describe it. The Bishop’s Wife is kind of an awful, unsettled mess of a movie only saved by Cary Grant and Hutzler (who played Zachary) was no Cary Grant. In the movie an angel is sent down to Earth with the dual purpose of helping a holy man build the church he wants and to make him realize he needs to worry more about his family and less about his legacy. In the process Grant‘s character the angel falls in love with the man’s wife, but returns to heaven leaving her married to the man who now appreciates her a little more even though she had definitely returned Grant‘s character’s feelings and was still kind of stuck in a not too great marriage. As I said a mess, one  that is frequently played as a Christmas movie so you might catch it if you’re not careful. Now the press release from the January 28, 1997 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

Heaven Can’t Wait for GL’s Zachary p. 7

After six months as Guiding Light‘s resident angel, Zachary, Brody Hutzler has been fired. His departure is the latest in a string of change at both GL and parent company Proctor & Gamble Productions since Mary Alice “Mickey” Dwyer- Dobbin was named executive in charge of production last year.

“During Thanksgiving break, I got a call from a friend saying, ‘Did you read TV Guide?’ reports Hutzler, “and I said, ‘No.’ Well, Mickey was quoted as saying she absolutely hates the angel storyline on GL. I figured that was a bad sign.” Ironically, GL’s angel story was abandoned at the same time other angel-themed tales are soaring in films: Michael (starring John Travolta) and The Preacher’s Wife (starring Whitney Houston – a remake of a Cary Grant film), as well as TV’s highly rated Touched By An Angel.

Sources Close to GL report that Zachary’s storyline was supposed to be a variation of The Preacher’s Wife, in which Denzel Washington‘s character descends to Earth to jazz up Houston‘s marriage. “I wish they would have gone with it because I really like working with Sonia [Satra, ex-Lucy Cooper Spaulding],” Hutzler laments, adding that he plans to audition on both coasts during the pilot season. Despite his short stint on soaps, the actor views his time in the lighthouse in a positive light. “It was a good experience, that’s for sure,” he asserts. “It was a lot of fun. I would definitely do daytime again.”

Getting fired certainly hasn’t slowed down Hutzler‘s career as he has made stops at two broadcast (The Young and the Restless and Days of Our Lives – as Patrick Lockhart a long arc Bope spoiler) and a web (The Bay) soap operas since then, among other shows. Read more about his career and what he’s been up to here:

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