FAQ: Did Charita Bauer name her real son after her TV son?

We have an answer to this one straight from Charita Bauer herself and it sounds like she was tired of explaining about it. Her answer appears in

“Mailbag: About Those Numerous British Playwrights.” New York Times 24, July 1977: D6.

The editor notes in the article below are from me. The photo is a publicity shot of Charita as Bert Bauer with Ed Bryce as her husband Bill Bauer.

Bill and Bert

To the Editor:

In reference to Roger Copeland’s article “Confessions of a Soap-Opera Addict” [June 26 1977 NYT]. My son Michael was born in 1946. The character “Michael Bauer,” [ed. note – who is totally awesome sauce – end note] son of the character “Bert Bauer” was “fictionally” born into The Guiding Light radio show in 1951. [ed. note – see clarification below] The creator of Guiding Light,” Irna Phillips, who was writing the show in those days, named her character after my real son.

Professional actors who are fortunate enough to work steadily on long-running series do not suffer from identity crises with the character they play. They know themselves to be blessed – and are grateful.

– Charita Bauer, New York City

Mr. Copeland Replies: I regret the error, but I cannot in good conscience plead mea culpa, because it was CBS’s own daytime publicity department which eagerly volunteered the misinformation – suggesting that readers might be interested to learn that Miss Bauer’s real-life son was named after the character Michael Bauer on The Guiding Light. I do apologize though if I appeared to be suggesting that Miss Bauer had somehow lost the ability to distinguish her life from her art.

As a further clarification about Mike Bauer’s birth, he was born (on screen) March 1952. According to Soap Central’s character profile that was  changed several times in soap time due to SORAS-ing of both the character and his daughter, Hope, who Manny’s daughter Hope is partially named after.  Mike Bauer’s birth was revised to 1943 when he turned 18 in 1961, revised again to 1940 when he turned roughly 25 in 1965 and finally revised to about 1930 based on his daughter’s age when last seen.

UPDATED March 22 2017: I added the photo and a link to Mike Bauer’s character profile, made one slight edit, and added my current signature block.

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