John Wesley Shipp on Nola Confrontation

 @Jalpats12 talked on Twitter with john wesley shipp (my beloved Kelly Nelson of  Morgan & Kelly fame) about his confrontation episode with Lisa Brown (Nola Reardon) available on the Soap Classics DVD set.  Called The Many Sins of Nola Reardon on the DVD set, it appears on disc 2 on “Secrets and Scandals.” It originally aired July 27, 1981.

Dr. Kelly Nelson was in love with Morgan Richards. However, Nola Reardon was desperate for a way out of her hardscrabble life at the boarding house. She determined Kelly was her ticket out. Armed with her vast knowledge of classic movies and an incredibly vivid imagination, Nola had been conspiring for months to keep Kelly and Morgan apart and to snag him for herself. Nola even slept with Floyd Parker determined to get pregnant so she could pass the baby off as Kelly’s and get him to marry her. They were to fly to Las Vegas and get married, but Nola’s mother Bea found out the truth and told Kelly in the previous episode.

In the exchange below they refer to iconic soap opera writer Douglas Marland. Soap writers are unionized and when they failed to come to an agreement, union writers weren’t allowed to write and they were replaced by non-union scabs for the duration of the strike. Unfortunately the payoff to the long term Nola-Kelly storyline came during the strike.

@Jalpats12 “Am thinking episode was totally redone by Marland at end of writers strike – actors had.1 day to learn it if that”

JWS: “a little more complicated. Lisa and I rehearsing and secretly calling doug with ideas and conversations and he would…surreptitiously call in rewrites based on our conversations. When the time came, Harry Eggart put one camera on Lisa… and one camera on me and one for two shot and said “go to it.” About 20 minutes I think of the show…first time that…had been done with just two characters, but the buildup was so intense. Shot DURING writers strike. Lots of credit…also to Director Harry Eggart who drew the parameters and then said, ‘hit it.” 🙂 Lisa and I were working, rehearsing…at home, etc. It was very exciting. So glad GL fans consider it still among their favorite moments. 🙂 …. i remember I was heartsick when the strike happened at the apex of what we had been working toward. But with a lot of…work and some cloak and dagger, I think it turned out alright! We were committed to getting it as close to right as we…could, whatever the price.”

UPDATED April 26 2016: I broke a couple of paragraphs and did a little clarity editing. I also added my signature block.

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