Soap Opera Gift Wrapping

Every Friday night I try to post a term of soap opera jargon. I haven’t gotten many posted lately, but I thought this might be a good start. Look for more on the Soap Opera Jargon page.

Gift Wrapping – Gift wrapping is very different on soaps compared to real life. It’s always done a particular way. In real life presents are often either wrapped just around the item itself or around any box. The presents are often odd shapes. On soap opera presents are always wrapped the same way with two exceptions. 1. sometimes jewelry cases just have big elaborate bows 2. sometimes if the goal is to show a kid tearing open the wrapping paper, especially on a really big gift, they are wrapped like in real life. However, normally they follow this pattern.

1. Find box with separate removable lid. (No flaps or clam shell style boxes allowed.)

2. Wrap each part of the box separately going over each edge approximately 2 inches.

3. Optional: wrap ribbon in middle of each side creating an X. Do the lid and box separately but line up so can’t tell separate.

4. Put big elaborate bow on top with To/From tag.

5. Wrap item in abundant tissue paper.

6. The lid remains totally separate from the box so when unwrapped absolutely no paper will be torn.

See an example here, you can click on the hot link or move the slider to 6:23 to get to the exact place.

UPDATED November 20, 2015: Really I only needed to add my signature block.

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