Mob’s Cardinal by Phyllis Chapter 25

Mob’s Cardinal by Phyllis– Chapter 25

Swaying together outside the gated entrance, Danny answered his own question. “I have a pretty good idea of what we can do here. We can stay in bed all day as long as we have some food to eat. Then we can swim in the warm ocean water or really get brave and go skinny dipping in the warm water under the moonlight. We could build a roaring fire on the beach with some driftwood and roast marshmallows. If all else fails, we can go shopping.”

“Hum, I like all your ideas, Danny.”

“We can stay here and be Mr. and Mrs. Santos.”

“Danny, I can’t cook.”

“Who is worrying about cooking when we can have food delivered from any restaurant in San Juan? For some cultural distractions, I have got some ideas of doing normal island activities. Do you remember when we saw Ricky Martin at the Giant Stadium in New Jersey and he mentioned the carnival?”

“Yes, I do because he was talking about seeing you and Pilar while your family was here on vacation.”

“Good memory, Michelle. In each village, the people hold a carnival in honor of a saint and it is a large celebration. The people dress in masks depicting good and evil spirits.”

“Is it something like Halloween?”

“Similar but the adults and children portray these saints and demons in the streets with parades, street dancing and lots of good food. People come from all over the islands to the carnivals to celebrate. This Saturday the carnival is in Lorizer. I want to take you there because it is one of the more famous carnivals. Does it wet your interest any?”

Unable to hide her excitement, but bubbling with glee, “Let me think about it some more but if Ricky Martin is going to be there- the answer is a definitely yes. The guy’s looks aren’t hard on a girl’s eyes and he can shake his bon-bon for me any day.”

“Hey, hey, do I have to remind you that you are a married woman?”

“Danny, you have a nice set of bon-bons yourself and they are all mine.” Feeling his derrière, “I have personal and intimate knowledge of yours. But I haven’t seen you shake yours quite as well as Ricky. Ricky Martin is Ricky Martin.”

“And Michelle Santos is Danny Santos’s wife and I love her. Honey, keep your eyes on these eyes.” Putting her hands around the back of his neck, “Exactly like this. You have learned the eye connection well, Michelle.”

“Danny, your eyes express and reveal so much about what you are thinking.”

“Baby, that isn’t true!”

“Danny, it is true.”

“What am I thinking right now?”

“This morning they were angry and hard piercing eyes. Now your eyes have light shining in them and you are having pleasant thoughts. Am I right, Danny?”

“Michelle, you are the one doing the mind reading.”

“I know that I’m right because you played your psychology game on me.”

“Baby, you are wrong.”

“You have no intentions of telling me if I was right or wrong.”

“You are right about that so let’s skip to the next question.”

“What else have you planned for us to do?”

“How about another trip to the mountains but this time we drive up in a car and stay in a rental unit and watch the stars compliments of the USA government and the Astronomy Dept. of some major colleges? Then there is Ponce.”

“What can we do in Ponce?”

“You are being so nosy that I think you will have to wait and see. But first I want you to call your brother Rick.”

“Why do you want me to call Rick today of all days?”

“He called here and left a message. I felt his message would upset you especially since it was right before we got married. I’m ready to deal with your brother now that we are married.”

“I’m scared to talk with Rick and Aunt Meta.”

“Michelle, make the call. The longer that you wait then the fear increases. You have spent your life pleasing the fine citizens of Springfield and now you are scared of me and you are scared of your family. They can’t hurt you and I won’t let them hurt you. Together, you and I are going to fight this feeling. You are going to feel safe and powerful in my family. I want you to invite your family to a cook out at our lake home on Monday night. It is time that they met your husband. Olga can cut off Rooster’s head and we can have island chicken and rice. I’m kidding about Rooster but Olga can have everything ready for the barbecue.”

“Oh Danny, I love you so very much for making this easier for me. I’m dying to call my brother.”

“Honey, dial the number. I’m going down to see if Ray needs a ride into the airport.”

The wet sand dripped down on Ray’s leg. “Go away and leave the man alone to enjoy the quiet peace here.”

“It is peaceful here but I’m kicking you out this afternoon. You are welcomed to come back soon with the Church sponsored cruise.”

“A nice support of the church by the Santos family.” Pulling the chaise lounge up to the upright position, Ray eyed his cousin to see where he was going with the conversation.

“I came down to collect drift wood for a fire tonight on the beach. Michelle and I might roast marshmallows down here tonight.”

“Danny that is good. It is the little things that we all recall later on life. Like how we use to fish here with our fathers.”

“Strange that you would mention our fathers, Ray. What is your take on Dr. Ed Bauer?”

“He isn’t going to be a problem if that is what you are asking me.”

“Nobody is going to be a problem for me.”

“So the new modern marriage speech was a ruse and given only for Michelle’s benefit.”

“I can’t lie to you Father Ray but since we aren’t in the confessional; I won’t tell you all but I was saying a little of what Michelle wanted to hear. Back to my alcoholic father-in-law, if the authorities of the disease are correct; Michelle is going to fantasize about rescuing her father from the bottle. But the odds are pretty low that Ed Bauer will ever stop drinking because of his infidelity with a nurse at Cedars and what it cost him.”

“Danny, where are you going with this; it sounds like you are waiting for him to fall off the wagon.”

“My concern is only how his behavior will impact Michelle.”

“Danny, I invited Dr. Bauer to spend some time at the clinic at the church mission.”

“Good, you can keep me informed of his sobriety. Ray, his hands were shaking pretty bad this morning; the guy is suffering and is dying to get a drink to stop the shakes. Ray, have you told Michelle about Fletcher Reade?”


“OK, this is what I want you to do. Right before Jimmy drives you to the airport; I want you to drop this little bomb on Michelle which isn’t important anymore since she is Mrs. Daniel Santos. Then you will leave the villa and I will be the one she turns to for her fatherly advice.”

“Why are you doing this to Michelle?”

“Michelle has to learn to come to me for everything. I wasn’t happy with her dependency on you, Ray.”

“Danny, Michelle has to have someone that she can talk with about her own issues.”

“True and I am telling you that I am going to be that person. If she comes to you about a religious issue; then you are the elected guy. But if she wants to talk about anything else; you are to send her back to her husband.”

“So Fletcher Reade is going to be a test for Michelle?”

“Kind of but more so for you as well.”

“Danny, if you used me to convince Michelle to marry you; God will have his own revenge.”

“Did you think I was going to give up my flesh and blood so easily? I will honor Michelle’s bargain if she earns the right but that is in the future.”

“Michelle will figure this all out eventually, Danny.”

“I trust that she will but by that time she will be a wife, mother and a doctor.”

“What changed your mind, Danny?”

“Michelle spoke to freely this morning about her fears and wanting to run away. It is just a matter of time before she might choose that option. Michelle increased her own surveillance back in Springfield.”

“How long do you expect before she notices the extra eyes are always around?”

“Soon and we will know her expected and unexpected behavior. Ray, it isn’t going to be easy for her to run.”

“And you are trusting me to not to divulge our conversation to Michelle.

“Yep, because the same blood runs through my veins as yours. Ray, I have to get back up to my wife; she is talking to her brother Rick and Aunt Meta. We are inviting the Bauers to a cook out at the lake home next Monday night and you are invited also.”

“Danny, I’ll be there.”

Two hours later Ray had showered, packed and eaten a snack with Danny and Michelle on the balcony. Jimmy came into the house to pick up the priest’s suitcase for the trip to the San Juan airport.

“Ray, I packed several large pieces of the red velvet wedding cake for you to take back to Sister Rocky. She and you can have some with the Blue Mountain coffee.”

“Thanks Michelle, Sister Rocky will like the cake. I have meant to tell you earlier but this morning we kind of spent time talking on other problems. I had a visit from one of your friends. Fletcher Reade got concerned when he couldn’t contact you. He put two and two together and figured out you were involved with Danny. He has some questions that he wants to ask you. I told him that you were with Danny so I expect he will contact you when you get back in Springfield.”

“Well, this is a surprise. I’ll call him. Thanks for telling me Ray. Fletcher is an old family friend. Kind of how I hope you will always be to me.”

“I will be a friend.” Placing an arm over Danny and Michelle as he walked to the car, “I will pray for both of you that you grow in a Godly relationship. Good-bye and I will see you back in Springfield.”

Wishing Ray a safe trip, Danny and Michelle waved until the car was out of sight.

“What do you want to do first Michelle?”

Leaning into his side, “I probably should read and work on some research this afternoon but I can easily change my mind and go into Old San Juan and walk the streets after I take a nap. What do you have in mind?”

“Taking a nap with a honey blonde woman is sounding pretty good to me right now. But do we have to have fifty pounds of books in the bed?”

“Danny, you can carry one book and I will carry the other two up the steps.” Danny followed Michelle up the steps carrying the backpack. Michelle kicked off her sandals before crawling into the center of the king-size bed. Pulling the large yellow note pad out and a pencil to take the usual pages of notes, Michelle spread the books out for easy reach. Danny picked up a paperback novel to read while Michelle immersed herself in an attempt to catch up with medical school. Danny read for an hour waiting for Michelle to show a sign of being bored but instead Michelle’s focus increased as she marked the pages with yellow marker stains.

Michelle watched from the corner of her eye as Danny laid the book down and fell asleep instantly. At six Michelle stopped her studying and slipped her work back in the backpack. Lying on her side to face Danny, Michelle closed her eyes to rest briefly. In a few minutes, she wanted to be up preparing their first meal from the many leftovers. Thankful for the twenty- minute nap which Michelle had trained her body to use as a tool in medical to survive the long grueling days.

She was up and down stairs when Jimmy returned to the house. He had picked up a paper at the airport that had reported the wedding of the American couple. The picture in the paper was one of the couple coming down the steps from the church in Moca.

“How did our picture get into a local newspaper?”

“Very easy Michelle, some local islander took your picture and sold it to the newspaper but I wanted you to read the article at the bottom of the front page.” Body of Man Found In Water was the title. The man wasn’t identified but speculations of foul play have surfaced. The local police have reported a large contingent of mob figures arrived in Puerto Rico for a possible meeting of families. Insiders are speculating that trouble developed and a hit took out a rival enemy. At one of the casinos in a hotel on the oceanfront, Nick Sandoval from the Sandoval family in Chicago was last seen causing some minor disturbance with another family member at one of the tables. The police have requested dental records from the Sandoval family. Police have asked if anyone with information to call the local police department so the crime can be solved quickly.


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