Mob’s Cardinal by Phyllis Chapter 24

Republisher’s Note: Danny is still firmly in the mob, but he is still totally in love with Michelle.

Mob’s Carinal by Phyllis – Chapter 24

    The bells ringing in the tower and the photographer’s flashing light bulbs finished the wedding activities in the church. Almost speechless, Michelle left her husband to run into the awaiting arms of her father. Their reunion was brief with the two Bauers but Ed told his daughter how Danny had found him in time to attend the wedding. Waiting for Michelle to reconnect with her father, Danny interrupted the two briefly that they had a reception and guest waiting at the villa. “Your husband is right. We can visit later at the reception.”

“How long can you stay Daddy?”

“As of yesterday, I am on an extended leave. We can talk and catch up later. This is the time for you and your husband to be together. Go ahead, I will see you at the reception.”

Michelle turned to her husband, “Is there room for my father and Jimmy to ride back in the helicopter?”

Unable to deny Michelle, Danny offered the ride to both.

    Outside the steps of La Virgen de La Monserrate, the setting sun’s last rays hit against the church’s walls casting a darker hue of pink. The western sky demonstrated its own beauty with the shades of yellow and deep orange mixed in with pink, purple-blue tones against the various forms of white clouds. The small crowd gathered at the bottom of the steps after the word had spread of the arrival of the helicopter. The local’s curiosity had grown and the tradition to celebrate with the bride and groom had created a small enthusiastic crowd. When Danny and Michelle reached the bottom of the steps; those with local grown flowers threw the petals at the couple. Danny spoke to the group and thanked them for their island generosity. “My parents were married in this church. Michelle desired to be married in a smaller church instead of the cathedral in San Juan. I agree with her choice. Thank you for your kindness. We have to go to a reception at our home outside of San Juan. Perhaps next year, we can celebrate our first anniversary with a party here and you can all come.”

    With the crowd waving good-bye, the helicopter lifted off the ground to fly back to the villa. The celebration of the wedding had already begun by the guest when the bridal party arrived. The visitation of families and the discussion of the Danny choosing a wife outside of the families were prevalent. Some had limited knowledge but the word was she was beautiful and a little spitfire. They were all anxious to see the bride and when the sound of the helicopter announced the arrival; their anticipation grew. The family entered the house and walked out to the upper terraced balcony. Carmen, Abuellá, Pilar greeted family and friends then Danny and Michelle came out onto the balcony and waved down to the guest on the lower terraced garden.

    With the microphone in one hand and Michelle’s hand in the other, Danny welcomed the family and friends to the reception. “It is my honor to present to you my wife Michelle Bauer-Santos. Please respect my wishes, visit and introduce yourselves to Michelle but understand she is a professional woman. Michelle is in her second year of medical school and yes she will continue to pursue that career. We are planning on having a family soon. Michelle’s father Dr. Ed Bauer joined us here for the wedding. He has spent many years in Africa and Bosnia with the Doctors with out Borders. Welcome him as a friend of my family. Enjoy the food, drinks and dance the night away for that is what Michelle and I will be doing. ” Passing the microphone back to the bandleader, Danny kissed Michelle with a long passionate kiss before the guests.

 The Latino music started and the dance space was quickly filled. After visiting the guest on the upper balcony, the couple went down to the lower level to mix with the remaining guest. From the upper balcony, Father Ray followed Michelle as she mingled into the dens of the powerful families. With Danny at her side, she smiled gracefully at each introduction. Many of the women were astonished at her quiet beauty and sensed she was a strong individual to have been chosen by the young mob boss as his wife. Michelle’s wedding gown had broken with the traditional all white gowns and the rumor had spread that Danny had decided with Michelle over the choice and location of the wedding.


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