Mob’s Cardinal by Phyllis Chapter 23

Republisher’s Note: Danny is still firmly in the mob, but he is still totally in love with Michelle.

Mob’s Cardinal by Phyllis – Chapter 23

The sound of the water was in her dream, the waves crashing outside the balcony or was it the water running in a shower. The cool breeze and the hypnotic sound of the water increased Michelle’s desire to sleep late. She reached out for the touch of the skin that she had grown accustomed to being in bed with her. Danny’s warm body wasn’t on the usual side of the bed that they shared. He liked the right side of the bed and she slept on her left side or stomach the most. Their sleeping positions accommodated the other. This was a dream in which everything was perfect and Michelle was determined to stay a sleep to enjoy what she was experiencing in the dream. The water sound disappeared from the dream. She was in the awakening part of her sleep.

Opening her eyes, she saw Danny with a towel wrapped around his hips. “Michelle. are you awake?”

“Um huh. Barely, I want to sleep all morning.”

Coming back to lie on the bed, Danny kissed her shoulders lightly; moving her long hair away from her neck. The wetness of his tongue on her skin behind her ear lobe started to send chills down her spine.

Michelle turned over to her back. “I was dreaming and I heard the water running. It must have been from you taking a shower. What time is it?”

Danny looked over at the clock and said, “It’s a little after six. Michelle, I love the gown you have on but I know you are sexier without it.”

“But the gown is cozy and I want to sleep longer.”

“Honey, are you stalling or do you really want to sleep?”

“I’m sleepy.”

“I’ll let you sleep for a couple of more hours. At eight you have to be up; we are going to the beach this morning to have some fun. We’re going to lay back and have some fun in the sun.” Danny watched Michelle fall back to sleep. He got out of the bed and put on a swimming suit and one of his favorite island shirts.

Downstairs in the living room, Danny checked the items from the Outdoor Outfitters. All of the items had arrived for Michelle. He placed them on the sofa and called the tour guides number. Danny and Michelle were to be at the parking lot by seven am to begin the hike. The campsites and been set up by the crew. Danny smiled at his idea and remembered Jimmy’s comment about the adventure. He wasn’t going to tell Michelle until she had the church selected. Carmen was in charge of the reception and she had her own plans in motion.

Next, Danny called Jimmy in Springfield. “Jimmy, have you heard anything from Europe?”

“They are looking and Interpol may be able to help but the problem is the people and staff move around all the time. It seems to be worse than finding a piece of sand at the beach. Boss, it may not be feasible for the wedding but for the reception in Springfield.”

“I know.”

“How does Michelle like the island?”

“I think she is in some kind of shock. When she and I are together, she seems fine. Honestly, I am worried about her mentally. I am having second thoughts about keeping her away from her family.”

“Danny, it is late in the game for you to be thinking this way.”

“Jimmy, we are leaving early in the morning and will be gone at least three days. We will have an Global Position System with us if you need to find us in a hurry.”


Starting the coffee, Danny grabbed a cup of peach yogurt and a spoon and went back upstairs to the bedroom that he and Michelle shared last night. Danny placed the yogurt on the bedside stand. Using the end of the cold spoon, he ran the edge up the exposed leg. Waiting for her reaction, Danny repeated the action until he got the response that he sought. Michelle swatted at the irritating nuisances with her other leg. Moving the spoon further up her leg above the knee, Danny caught her loose leg when she moved her body to get away from the spoon. Jerking up from the bed to see the nuisances were Danny and the spoon in his hand; Michelle sat up in the bed with her knees drawn up to her chest and her arms wrapped around her legs. Smacking her lips together and shaking the cobwebs out of her head, she smiled when she saw the spoon.

“The spoon was the irritating bug?”

“Yea, I didn’t want you to waste anymore daylight in bed when we could be sitting down on a white sandy beach. I bought you a cup of peach yogurt to eat.” Danny removed the lid and placed a spoonful of the peach yogurt on Michelle’s lips. “Hmmm. This is good. I think peach is one of my favorite flavors” as she licked the spoon empty.

Michelle took another spoonful in her mouth. Taking the spoon from Danny, she offered him a spoon full of the creamy pudding. Danny took the smooth creamy substance in his mouth and held it on his tongue. Michelle moved close to his face watching his eyes. Her tongue met his tongue with the creamy yogurt. The yogurt was the beginning of the morning consecration of the bedroom. Pushing his hand up her gown, Danny began to rub Michelle’s inner thigh. With their eyes locked on each other, Danny leaned closer to Michelle’s body until she fell slowly back to the bed.

“I thought you told me today was a beach day. It still is a beach day after we christen this bed. I think I am horny this morning and I hate to ravage you on the beach. You know what you do to me when you are near water.”

“I do remember doing the deed in the swimming pool and on the pool deck. But, Danny, we were alone then. We have lots of seeing eyes here.”

“Forget the eyes, we are doing the deed here and now.”

“Can you wait for a few minutes? I need a bath room stop.”

While Michelle was in the bathroom, Danny removed his shirt and bathing suit. Michelle returned to the bedroom carrying her gown. Lying next to Danny’s naked body, she asked him if this was going to be a short or long deed?

“What do you want?”

Michelle answered a long one. “I don’t know how long it will be, but I promise you will enjoy it.”

Carmen came up the steps from her living level. She poured a cup of the fresh made coffee. The lovebirds must have gone back to bed since someone had made coffee earlier. “Danny, Michelle, are you upstairs? Is anybody here?” She heard the movement of someone coming down the steps.

“Carmen, I’m coming.”

“Good morning Danny, I hope that I’m not disturbing your morning. I took a cup of your coffee.”

“Sure, have all you want.”

“I see you are dressed for the beach.”

“Michelle and I are going down to the beach for a couple of hours.”

“Michelle is going to get burned. Do you have any maximum sun blocker? I have some in the basket at the door where you go out on the terrace. Michelle has fair skin and sun poison isn’t exactly a good idea with the wedding a few days from today. I was wondering if I could borrow Michelle sometime today or tomorrow to got to the florist. The florist suggested that we come in to pick out the flowers for the bridal bouquet, the church and the reception.”

“Mamá, it will have to be today. Michelle and I are leaving early in the morning for a pre-honeymoon trip at El Yunque- the rain forest.”

“Daniel, did I hear you correctly? You are taking a pregnant woman to El Yunque? Have you lost your mind?”

“No, I haven’t lost my mind. Michelle is an excellent athlete. She can swim miles in a pool. The only items, she will be carrying will be rain gear, three changes of clothes and her personal items. Carmen, get off my case. We are going.”

“Daniel, this woman was very ill the first weeks of her pregnancy. Michelle should be pampered instead of forcing her on a hike into a rain forest.”

“Look the campsites are set up and waiting for us. All she has to do is go up and down man made trails.”

“Danny, Michelle isn’t use to the tropical conditions.”

“Carmen, I have no intentions of letting Michelle get hurt. The rain forest is a special place. The flora and wildlife is one of a kind. I want to share this part of my life with Michelle. You know what is waiting her in the future. Michelle will never have any privacy and her identity will be lost. She will be known as the wife of a mob boss. In the forest, I am a person interested in saving the forest for the future people of the world to enjoy.”

“Daniel, what precautions have you taken?”

“We are not hiking the entire forest. The route is a circuit trail. The tour guides are professional people.”

“Did you ever think that I might need Michelle here to help me make the final decisions?”

“Carmen make your list of what you want Michelle to decide.”

“The church, the flowers, the wedding cake and ice sculptures are just a few items.”

“Mother, you make decisions every day of your life. Focus on the reception and keep the wedding simple. You have caters at your beckoning call. What do you want from Michelle? You saw how Michelle reacted yesterday when you went on the rampage over our family and the wedding. This is the best time for Michelle and I to be away.”

“What is wrong with her Danny?”

“Carmen, you figure out the puzzle!”

“The family?”

“Mother not our family but the lack of her family.”

The sound of shoes coming down the steps stopped Carmen and Danny’s conversation. “Danny, the church is a first on the list this morning.” Michelle’s appearance at the bottom of the landing changed the atmosphere in the room. “Michelle, I won’t keep you two from the beach. The sun will be high in the sky and you will miss the best time of the day to be on the beach.”

“We kind of got a late start this morning. I slept late and then I couldn’t decide which type of swim suit to wear. Danny and I shared a cup of yogurt upstairs. I need to find the trash can to throw the empty container away.” Danny opened the kitchen closet door to show Michelle the trashcan.

“Michelle, I can see why you eat yogurt. The bikini bathing suit and sarong attenuates your figure. The color of blue and turquoise is definite one of your colors.”

“Thank you, Carmen.”

“Danny and I were discussing the day’s schedule and I wanted you to help me in making a few decisions about the wedding. The choice of the flowers for your bridal bouquet, the church and the reception here at the villa. The florist suggested coming by after four pm. The sun is lower in the sky and a cooler time of day.”

“I’d love to go with you. I do have a suggestion about the cake for the reception. Carmen, I dreamed last night about a time when my mother made a cake for one of her friend’s wedding. She made a Hawaiian Wedding Cake and it is so good that I was thinking if it is possible; I would like to have the same kind of cake for the reception.”

“Mother, you heard Michelle. We can stop by the bakery and place the order.”

Danny had turned the computer on the travel guide site for Puerto Rico. Motioning for Michelle to sit at the computer chair, “you do this and I will fix some breakfast for us. You made the right choice with the swimsuit. Use the list of municipalities and scroll down to churches.”

“Danny, where should I look?”

“Ponce is close by and my parents were married in Moca.”

“Let me look at Moca first since it is alphabetically listed before Ponce.” The small picture of the church came up on the screen. The church was described as sitting on a hill with a single steeple reaching to the heavens. The simple modesty of the church is the outstanding feature of the town. The white cross on the steeple was surrounded with two crosses of the same size on each end of the front of the church. The pale pink color contrasted to the white cross and the bright blue sky. The palm trees and flowers planted around the statue in front of the church displayed the island beauty. The steps of the church had been terraced to enable walking up to the entrance visible for anyone. At the top of the steps the church faced due west providing some of the best views of the sun setting on the island with the ocean in the relative close distance.

“Carmen, what is the church interior like inside?”

“The church pews and altar are made from the trees grown in the forest. The bells in the tower came from a sister village in Spain. The Catholic church in both villages also shares the same name.”

“La Virgen de La Monserrate,” Danny smiled at Carmen. The church had been found from the expression on their faces.

“Honey, is this the church?”

“Danny, I love the church and the description but how far is it from here?”

“A couple of hours away by car but much shorter by helicopter?”

“Maybe, I should look for one closer by.”

“The Church on a Hill is perfect and it has a connection to my mother and father.” Passing Michelle a bowl of whole-wheat cereal, “This is for you and the baby….babies.” Taking a spoonful of the cereal, Michelle confirmed the time to visit the florist with Carmen. The late afternoon was best with most of the day being set aside to enjoy the beach and hang out with each other relaxing in the sun. Danny had assembled the beach bag. Inside the bag were towels, lotion and a few medical books.

Carmen had received an e-mail from Christina in NYC. The dress was almost complete except for the delicate beadwork. Christina was sending a picture by a scanner to the florist. One of the suggestions for a flower to be included in the floral theme was a stargazer lily. The pinkish salmon color mixed well with other flowers and the winter gray of the gown. The dress would be in Puerto Rico on Thursday or Friday at the latest.

Abuellá called Carmen from the lower level. The fresh cinnamon buns were ready to eat and she needed assistance to bring them up the steps. Danny was already going down the steps before Carmen had time to respond to her mother in law. Abuellá climbed the steps behind Danny to join her family. After reaching the top of the steps, the old woman regained her breath from her climb.

“These steps get more difficult for my old sore knees each year. It is time to make some changes in this place. This place was built for young people like Danny and Michelle.”

Taking the hint from her mother in law, Carmen announced her wedding present to the future Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Santos. “Danny, I know how much you love this place and I want to give the villa to you and Michelle as a wedding present.”

Michelle sat stunned at the announcement; “You are giving this home to Danny and me? This home is so enormous for the two of us.”

“My dear, I have a feeling the home will one day be filled with lots of little Dannys and Michelles.”

“Mamá, Michelle and I thank you for your generosity.” Hugging Carmen and his grandmother for the decision they had evidently made together.

“Well, I made these for Michelle and Daniel to enjoy with their morning coffee but we can celebrate the passing of the villa to the future generation of Santos’s.” Abuelá sliced the sweet rolls to begin the celebration.

Michelle took a bite of the light rolls, “The rolls are luscious. I can see I have my work cut out for me. I am a horrible cook.”

Smiling at Michelle’s open admission, “I will teach you sweetie. I didn’t do so well with Carmen.”

“That is true you didn’t have much to work with me but I did learn the family business from Miguel.”

“Carmen, you were a good mother to Miguel’s children. That was what you did best,” and pointing her finger to Michelle “Michelle, I will always support whatever you do as long as you take care of the children that God gives to Danny and you.”

Michelle promised the woman, “I will put any child above my personal desires. Thank you for giving me your support. Carmen has helped to organize the wedding and guided me in the right direction in making decisions concerning the wedding. I am fortunate to add two strong women in my life.” Danny was pleased to see the manner in which Michelle handled his grandmother and mother.

Checking the clock on the wall, Danny made the final preparations for Michelle and him to escape to the beach. Raising his eyebrows and moving to Michelle’s side to rub his skin against her body, “Honey, are you ready to spend the first day on your beach?”

“I am. What do we have to do to get down to the water?”

“Well, we can walk down the terraced levels from outside the balcony or walk from the inside steps to the lower level and climb down the rock formations.”

“Danny, I think I’ll try the terraced steps. The beach is breath taking but the weird and haunting rock formations have my attention.”

“Smart observation, the steep cliff makes the surf here formidable and extends out to the coral reefs. Our beach is fairly narrow but there are some palm and other tropical trees for shade. The small jetty spans the white sand and turquoise water. The best part is the water temperature is like warm bath water.”

“Danny, take me away to our paradise now.” Stealing a kiss from her lips, the couple left hand in hand descending the long terraced steps to the bar of white sand. Walking into the turquoise water, the waves washed gently over the white sand and wrapped over Danny and Michelle’s feet and legs as they stood in the Caribbean water.

“Michelle, what do you think of your beach?”

“I must be dreaming. It is so beautiful and I can’t believe that I’m standing here with my feet standing in the water.” Spinning her body around to see the villa high above on the cliff. “This is all ours!”

“So far, ours and the twins.”

Danny walked further out into the water with Michelle’s hand in his. The water level came up to their waist where they dived under the water. They came up in water over their heads. “Michelle, we need to put some sun blocker on your skin. You can burn quickly here.”

“I can swim a few laps before I apply the lotion.”

“No, we are going back to the beach then you can swim your laps. If you get burned, I won’t be able to touch you. If I can’t touch you then I will be sexually frustrated which means I won’t be a happy camper.” Swimming to the beach until they were back in waist deep water. Michelle adjusted the wet straps on her bikini top. The wet turquoise suit revealed the slight pink tinge skin on her upper body. Danny’s olive skin had taken on a deeper shade of color. They had already experienced the benefits and disadvantages of the island paradise.

Michelle applied generous amounts of the sunscreen to her body. Leaving her back to be covered by the lotion from Danny’s fingers. Squeezing the cold lotion from the bottle onto Michelle’s shoulders and back. Danny massaged the lotion slowly into Michelle’s skin then Michelle returned the favor and covered the olive skin of Danny. Warning her again to reapply the sunscreen frequently. Michelle went back in the water while Danny watched her repeat her normal swimming routine. Danny grabbed the snorkeling mask and mouthpiece before rejoining Michelle in the water. An hour passed, while the two did their separate water activities. Mostly from boredom and the distracting sexy figure of Michelle, Danny walked ashore to get the rubber floats. Straddling one of the floats, Danny wrapped the rope from the other float over his ankle and paddled out to the area where Michelle was swimming.

“Michelle, you are making me tired from watching you work so hard. Get up on the float and rest. We can stay out here and get a tan.” The next couple of hours where spent with the two rubber mattresses locked together floating in the peaceful floating water. Their hands extended out to each other over their heads as they talked about their childhood adventures. With the sun directly overhead, Danny suggested they go back to the shady beach. Michelle slid off the float back into the water. The water seemed warmer than the air temperature to her skin. She reached the shore before Danny. They each carried a float to the shade of the palm trees. Spreading the bamboo mats down on the sand, Michelle hunted for the aloe lotion to give her burned skin some relief. Lying on her stomach, Danny unfastened her hook on the bikini top to check Michelle’s burned backside.

“Honey, I think you are going to be going topless the next couple of days. We can stay out here in the shade or go inside. You are going to like a cold bath or a cold shower.”

“Danny, how bad am I burned?’

“Pretty bad but not bad enough to prevent physical contact.”

“Ooh, the aloe feels so cool to my skin. Your hands are so gentle.”

“Yep, the hands of a dirty mob boss can be gentle.”

Sitting up and holding her bikini top to keep from revealing her breast, “I like your mob hands.”

Danny kissed the side of her neck.

“Ouch,” the touch of Danny’s lips caused Michelle to winch. Danny moved his lips up to Michelle’s ear. “Hum, you make me feel good all over.” Danny pulled a towel from the beach bag to wrap over Michelle’s back.

“We better get you back inside and out of the sun. You have a date with Carmen later today. We can get some lunch and you can soak in some cold water.”

They climbed back up the rocky steps to the lower level of the villa. Inside the villa, Carmen had lunch ready for the couple. The salad platter had cottage cheese, tomatoes and cucumbers with Italian vinaigrette dressing along with the normal glass of Sangria. Michelle found the simple task of sitting down uncomfortable but manageable. Carmen was concerned about Michelle’s burns and insisted that she get into a cold bath to relieve the pain and discomfort. Danny emptied the icemaker of the ice and poured the ice in the bathtub. The treatment produced the desired results and the additional use of a sunburn cream with a topical anesthesia enabled Michelle to dress in an outfit Mrs. Martinez had purchased in Springfield. The yellow body conscious tank top with v-neck in front and back was made of a fine gauge ribbed knit of silk and spandex, which Michelle wore without a bra. The floral-print sarong was dramatic in a brilliant print with blue flowers placed randomly on the bright yellow background. The bottom border of the sarong had blue flowers resting in a green leaf bed and a solid blue edge with ties at the side. The length of the sarong came to just above Michelle’s ankles. The blue sequin sandals were leather thongs detailed with a one-inch stacked heel.

Danny whistled at the sight of Michelle dressed in her island girl outfit. “This is a definite keeper. Maybe I should go along to protect my interest at the florist. I especially like the yellow tank top and what is under the soft material.”

“Danny, this is a little bold for me but this is a braless called for occasion. So much time has been spent on me and what I’m wearing. Have you decided what you are wearing at the wedding?”

“What would you like for me to wear?”

“Danny, black is a color that you wear well, but I can see you in another color. Why not surprise me?”

Wrapping his arms around her waist and rubbing her abdomen with his hands. Danny whispered words in her ear and Michelle responded with a giggle.

“You will have to wait until later mister. Carmen is waiting for me.”

Danny walked Michelle out to the waiting car.

“I will see you later. Actually I am going into the city myself on a secret mission. Remember the shadows are traveling with you by my orders.”

The car left the ridge and Danny motioned for the bodyguards to follow the car. Another black Mercedes pulled up and Danny hopped into the car. Inside the car, Danny returned the call from Ray.

“What is the problem?”

Ray told Danny about the visit from Fletcher Reade.

“I met him at Cedars Hospital when Michelle was having morning sickness. His son had a broken arm from skateboarding and Michelle used to baby-sit his son Benjamin. My question is who put him on finding Michelle?”

“Danny, he said Michelle had asked him to check out you.”

“Did he mention anything about the cops being involved?”

“Interesting enough, Fletcher hadn’t contacted the police when we talked. I did tell him that Michelle was with you but I didn’t say where. He seemed content to wait for answers from Michelle. I wanted you to be aware of the problem.”

“Ray, are you sure Michelle is the one that got Fletcher involved?”

“Right now, I have to say yes.”

“If Michelle is the source for Fletcher’s inquiries; there isn’t a problem. Fletcher won’t get anywhere near her until we return to Springfield. I know she won’t be a problem.”

“How is Michelle?”

“She’s great! Recovering from some sunburn. Matter of fact, Michelle and Carmen are out shopping for flowers for the wedding.”

“What do you want me to do about Fletcher and Michelle?”

“When you get to Puerto Rico and after the wedding you can tell her about Fletcher. Mr. Reade can wait in Springfield till he rots. Ray, we will see you on Friday.”

At the jewelry store, Danny looked at the trays of rings. Carefully looking at each one through the eyepiece, Danny narrowed the choice to five rings. The final choice was a two-carat solitaire diamond placed in a Tiffany setting with a twenty-four carat gold band ring. The second item purchased was the pearl earrings. The next stop was the Men’s Formal Dress shop. After discussing the wedding plans with the clerk, the suit style selected and measurements taken; Danny left the busy downtown to return to the villa.

Danny, Pilar and Abuellá were on the lower balcony enjoying the views and sharing family stories waiting for Carmen and Michelle to return.  Danny started the gas grill. The steaks were marinating in the tray waiting for the BBQ grill. Pilar passed the hors d’oeuvre tray to Danny and her grandmother while they sipped the mixed tropical drinks. The pina coladas were the selected drink for the evening and they were beginning to feel the effects of the alcohol when Carmen and Michelle arrived with some samples of the food from the cater. Pilar commented Michelle on her sarong and tank top.

“Can I borrow the outfit for a party on the beach down in Ponce? I won’t fill out the tank the way you do Michelle, but the style is the end thing.”

“Pilar, by all means you can borrow the clothes. The color will be very attractive with your skin tone and your long dark hair.”

Michelle stood next to Danny as he placed the steaks on the grill along side the vegetables being grilled. “You are rather attractive in the tank and sarong,” gently placing a kiss on her lips and moving over to bite her ear and snuggle into her neck. Whispering to Danny, she suggested he not be so bold in front of his family.

“Did you and Carmen finish with the florist today?”

“We did.”

“The cater gave us some samples of food for the reception. You might like to taste each sample.” Michelle placed a shrimp with a special sauce in Danny’s mouth.

“Yes, to this shrimp. What did the cater say about the Hawaiian Wedding Cake?”

“I have to figure out how many people my mom’s recipe serves. He can make it! I think the cake will serve twelve people easy.”

“Discuss the cake with Abuellá. She is the cook in the family.”

Sitting next to Danny’s grandmother, Michelle explained the cater’s request. “What is the cake’s recipe?”

“I can remember the recipe was made with one box of white cake mix and one box of Dream Whip. The next ingredients: 1 pkg. instant vanilla pudding, 8 oz. pkg. cream cheese, and 9 oz. tub of cool whip, one can crushed pineapple drained, one small can coconut, ½ cup of nuts (pecans or walnuts). Beat cream cheese until smooth and add the cold Dream Whip mix. Then you spread the pineapple on the warm cake. Let it cool. Next you add the cold pudding and on top of the pudding you add the coconut and nuts. Frost the top of the cake with the cream cheese and Dream whip mix combination. You can add cherries to the cake. The cake is made into a sheet cake and is refrigerated until serving.”

“Michelle, the cake sounds delicious and suitable for an island wedding.”

“I think so too and it is a good cake to eat.”

After the family ate dinner Michelle and Danny went up to the balcony on their living level. Sitting in the chaise lounge together, Danny watched Michelle as Michelle watched the moon coming up in the eastern sky. Michelle rested her head and upper body on Danny’s chest. “Danny, this has been an incredible day. I have to pinch myself sometimes to believe I am here.”

“Honey, you are here and if you want to we can stay here to live.”

“It is tempting but my family is in Springfield.”

“Michelle, you and I are starting a new family.”

“I know and I guess the words I chose were not the best.”


Michelle unbuttoned Danny’s shirt and ran her tongue over Danny’s heart. “I can hear your heart beating and feel the pulsating of your skin when I do this. The taste of your skin reminds me of how close we have come in the past weeks.”

“We have come very close and you will trust me someday with your life. We won’t have to agree to arrangements.”

“Are you talking about the twins?” Looking directly into Danny’s dark eyes, Michelle realized the color of his eyes matched the dark side of his life. Inside the darkness was a twinkle of the moonlight being reflected into his eyes.

“Maybe, but I’m speaking about you trusting me without having to ask for certain benefits. I want you to see that we operate as one unit.”

“We are leaving the villa early in the morning for an outdoor adventure.”

“Danny, where are we going?”

“El Yunque, the rain forest.”

Sitting up and standing on the balcony floor in a state of pure shock, Michelle asked Danny if he was completely crazy. “That is a wilderness!”

“I know and I thought you might like to get out of here away from Carmen. Besides, the forest is one of my favorite places on the island. I have everything arranged with a professional outdoor crew. The campsites are set up. If you can walk up and down trails, you will have the experience of a lifetime. It is a part of me that you don’t know and I want you to understand that I am not all mob oriented.”

“How many days are we going to be gone?”

“Three days at the most unless a hurricane comes.”

“I don’t have any clothes for an outdoor adventure.”

“Yes, you do. In the closet in the living room is all you will need including hiking boots.”

“Will you ever cease to amaze me, Mr. Santos?”

“I hope not and speaking of amazing things; I have another surprise in the bedroom.”

“What could be in the bedroom that isn’t out here?”

“Follow me, I will show you the secrets of the room.” Inside the bedroom, Michelle observed the bed had been turned down for the night. Danny pulled Michelle down on the bed and unfastened the hairclip, which held her long hair up in a ponytail.

“Where is the surprise?”

“Be patient. This outfit is pretty but the skin underneath is prettier.”

Danny’s tongue went down to Michelle’s belly button. The small groans from Michelle’s mouth increased as the wet tongue worked its magic over her abdomen. She felt his hand go up her thigh to the ties of the sarong. Untying the sarong, ”we don’t want to damage this do we?” Exposing Michelle’s lace pants, Danny’s hands moved up to the yellow tank top. “We don’t need this either.” The tank top was discarded in the same manner as the sarong. Danny sat up to remove his shirt while his eyes looked at Michelle’s breast peaks. His head rested in the valley between the peaks. Kissing each breast as he moved up to her shoulders and neck. Michelle’s nail dug into his skin on his back leaving red marks from moments of Danny hitting sensual areas of her body. Resting directly above her, Danny paused to stare into her eyes.” I wish you were not pregnant.”

“Well, it is a little late to be wishing for that.”

“I hate to see your beautiful body change. I’m not ready to share you with the babies.” Running his fingers up and down her curves, “it is so perfect.”

“Danny, what are you saying?”

“I can’t get enough of you. You drive me crazy from wanting to be with you all the time. We just want have the time that I want to have to enjoy all your sexual treats.”

“Danny, we can have sex up till the babies are born.”

“This goes against the church but after they are born I want you to take birth control pills.”

“Danny, remember I’ve been that route. Dr. Sedgwick recommended a spermicidal foam. Danny, I love being with you physically and the way you make me feel like a special woman. But this is more than the sex and twins. I know you aren’t going to answer me.”

“Maybe someday.”

Reaching his hand underneath the pillow where Michelle’s head laid, Danny asked Michelle if she was ready for the surprise. The lid of the black ring box opened to disclose the diamond ring. “The opal and sapphire ring was from my family. This ring is from me. I want to always give you every desire of your heart. You wanted a civil ceremony and my family wanted a church wedding. I made plans for us to get married tonight at the Wedding Chapel at one of the local hotel’s garden. A justice of the peace will marry us under the light of a full moon. What do you say Michelle? This is for us and not anyone else. I want you to wear the black dress that you had on the night we met at the club and I will wear the same clothes.”

“What will your family say?”

“Nothing, we aren’t going to tell them. We will be married again in the church because the civil ceremony won’t be recognized by the church.”

“What time is we suppose to be married tonight?”


“Will your family think it is late to be going out?”

“No, they will think we are going out clubbing.”

“Danny, I love the idea but what are we going to do while we wait?” Danny answered her question with continuing the lovemaking. The passionate actions of the couple continued for over an hour before reaching a climax.

Danny and Michelle left the villa at eleven pm for the Spanish style built hotel. After presenting the marriage licenses to the justice of the peace, the couple was escorted to the wedding garden and gazebo. Manuel Santiago and another bodyguard stood up as witnesses. Before the wedding, Manuel gave Michelle a bouquet of white daises that Danny had ordered. Underneath the light of the full moon, Danny and Michelle became man and wife in the five-minute civil ceremony. In the hotel restaurant, the complimentary bottle of champagne and wedding cake was served. The couple left to go to a private nightclub to dance into the early morning hours. Through the night, everyone around the couple felt the love of the newlyweds. Returning to the villa to grab a few hours of sleep before leaving for the trip to El Yunque.


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