Mob’s Cardinal by Phyllis Chapter 17

Republisher’s Note: Danny meets Michelle’s friends.

Author’s Note: I posted the last chapter before I remembered to thank all that have enjoyed the story. Danny is definitely a control freak, but he will learn his lesson soon. I wanted to explore the Santos heritage issues and I hope you will enjoy the journey down that road. The vacation to Puerto Rico occurs in the near future. We are going to have lots of loving and fun there. Read and enjoy!

Mob’s Cardinal by Phyllis – Chapter 17

    “My other voice speaks” as Michelle’s look sent daggers in the direction of the voice, which had revealed the cause of her vomiting. “Well, the news is out from our resident reporter standing in the hallway. I assume that you have all met in some form or another. Ladies first, Aussie and Caitlin met Mr. Daniel Santos. Mr. Santos meet my trusted friends from medical school.”
Danny answered her witty introduction, “I see that you are still having a face to face meeting with the porcelain throne chair.”
Michelle wasn’t about to let that statement pass when she felt another surge of dry heaves coming on. Aussie and Caitlin were caught off guard by the jovial intent of Danny’s remark and were waiting for the feisty Michelle rebuttal. Anxiously to show their acquired medical skills, Aussie and Caitlin wanted to know if Michelle had any anti-vomiting medication in the house. Danny pulled the prescription from his pants pocket and waved the piece of paper in the air.
“The prescription is for Phenegan,” Caitlin said, “I can go and get it filled at the nearby drugstore.”
Danny gave her a fifty-dollar bill along with the prescription.
In between the dry heaves, Michelle managed to speak, and “I don’t know if I’m going to take the stuff. Dr. Sedgwick is right about the use of meds in the first trimester. I want to go the anti-drug route if possible.”
Danny squatted down next to Michelle. “You are sure about this?”
“Yes, I am.”
“Michelle for precaution’s sake; please let Caitlin get the prescription filled just in case you need it later on. Don’t you think it will be better to have it here?”Aussie moved outside the bathroom allowing Danny more room to maneuver around Michelle. Danny nodded his head for Caitlin to go and get the medication.
    “I‘m so sorry to see you feel this bad.  Hey you are right, I owe you an apology for speaking about the pregnancy. I wanted to protect you and to show your friends that I am in this with you . Do you forgive me, Michelle?”
With the littlest tilt of her head, she wiggled her noise side to side indicating a yes to Danny. “Let‘s get out of here.”
Michelle led her audience into the kitchen. She tasted the cold ginger ale and made a remark that if she ever got out of medical school and had a paying job; she was going to buy stock in a ginger ale company. “This isn’t have bad. Danny, where is the bag that Olga packed?  I am so hungry for the saltine crackers.”
Danny gave her the entire roll to see if she did indeed plan to eat them all. Aussie finally spoke up to warn her friend that eating so quickly might not be the best idea. “It doesn’t make any sense but it helped this morning. I promise that I’m going to eat just a few with some peanut butter.  Aussie, can I fix you and Caitlin something to drink?”
Danny waited for the answer as he scouted out the refrigerator for choices. Michelle went through the list of available drinks, which were always in the Bauer house. Aussie requested the raspberry ice tea. “Danny, it’s in a can on the second shelf.” Michelle proceeded to tell Danny Caitlin’s choice would be hot tea. She turned the cold water on from the faucet to heat the water for the tea bag. “Danny, you should expect the unexpected from these two. Aussie was born in Australia and never drinks hot tea. Caitlin was born and raised in Springfield and never has drunken a soft drink in her life.She is a hot tea only type of girl.”
Given the opportunity, Danny seized the moment to ask Aussie about her unusual name. Her parents had lived in Australia where her father had researched the thesis for his PHD. Both parents loved the city of Sydney, Australia. They had named her after the city. The Sydney had caused confusion; so she had been given the nickname Aussie.
“Does your father teach at the university level?”
“Yes, he has taught for years at the University of Chicago.”
It was at that moment when Michelle connected the city to Aussie and Danny. “ I can’t believe that you both grew up in Chicago! Aussie, Danny grew up in Chicago, too. Maybe you both went to the same high school.”
Aussie answered that she went to North Shore High School.
To Danny’s relief, he had attended the inner city Catholic High School. He had dodged a bullet. If he was lucky, he would have a week or less before Aussie connected his last name to one of the crime families in Chicago. Danny used their age difference as an excuse to throw Aussie off any suspicion of his inner city connections. His interest in the architectural buildings and the Chicago Museum diverted Aussie’s initial intentions to question Danny. Danny’s polished mannerisms worked their charm on Aussie as they had Michelle. She had been around Michelle long enough to trust her but Michelle’s involvement with Danny had caused the study group to become more attentive to what some feared as her loss of enthusiasm. She appeared to be withdrawing from her friends in the group and spending more time with this mystery man. The car outside and his clothes told more about the man than Michelle had shared with the group. The exquisite flowers demonstrated the determination of a man in love or very taken with Michelle. When the long telephone calls started to keep Michelle distracted enough to leave the group in the library; a couple of the male medical students were waging bets of how involved she was with the man. Aussie wondered how Michelle saw the pregnancy. Did she understand the possible loss of prestigious resident positions because of male dominant programs? Danny showed every intention of being with Michelle all the way to the altar. She sensed that Danny wouldn’t let anything stand in his way.
“I am so hungry for pizza.” Pulling the top drawer open in the center island, Michelle looked over the menu from Tony’s Pizza House. “I want a baked vegetable pizza with extra tomato sauce and cheese. Honey, what type do you want? Let me guess, sausage and pepperoni?”
“What type of baked vegetables do they put on the pizza at Tony’s?”
“Zucchini, eggplant, yellow squash, red and green peppers and carrots.”
“OK Michelle, order two extra large baked vegetable pizzas and a six pack of cold beer. So you know in the future, I never eat sausage of any kind.” Michelle picked up the phone and placed the order.
Danny stood next to her with both hands on his hips. “Are you the same girl that minutes ago spent the past hour vomiting and heaving her insides out and now you want to order a greasy pizza? ….Well Aussie, Caitlin and you have to be getting hungry. After we eat, I can study and catch up on the study group. You can do your thing and then tonight we can do our thing.”
Caitlin came in the kitchen door with the filled prescription. To her disbelief, Michelle was back to her old self and putting the place-mats on the kitchen table for dinner. Giving the bag to Michelle, which she tossed up on the counter. “Michelle, the medication is a suppository and needs to be refrigerated.”
“Thanks for getting it for me but I don’t think I’ll need it. By the way, you and Aussie are staying for dinner. We can go over what I missed from the study group after we have eaten.”
Seeing the absences of any food, Caitlin asked Michelle. “What are we going to eat? I ordered two baked vegetable pizzas from Tony’s Pizza. There is hot water in the tea kettle and you know where the tea bags are so you can brew your cup of tea. The pizzas should be here any minute.”
Caitlin made eye contact with Aussie and Danny to search for some explanation of Michelle’s behavior. Aussie gave the baby booklet to Caitlin. Underlined in red were the words “Fluctuating hormone levels may cause unexplained mood swings, cravings, and nausea.”  Within one hour, all three had seen Michelle experience all the symptoms.
 The front doorbell rang announcing the pizza arrival. Danny went along with Michelle to answer the door. Danny paid for the pizza and beer. The young delivery boy recognized Danny and thanked him for the generous tip. “Mr. Santos, if I had know the order was yours; I would have delivered the order first.”
“Mike, forget it. The box is hot.” After opening the box to check the condition of the pizza, Danny gave the OK sign with his finger.
“Mr. Santos, I have a six pack of Heineken beer in the car if you want to exchange beer.”
“Sure, I’ll walk out to the car and you can get on with your other deliveries.”
At the car, Danny hugged his cousin’s son. “Thanks for being so alert. In the future, any pizza ordered from this address is to be delivered ASAP.” Taking the cold beer, Danny returned to the Bauer kitchen.
With pizza cutter in hand Michelle began to serve the pizza. The tossed salad added to the menu at the last minute complimented the pizza. For the first time, Danny relaxed with Michelle’s friends. He didn’t mind sharing his time with the women. Aussie even joined Danny in having a beer with her pizza as they reminisced about the great years of basketball in the windy city. Michelle and Caitlin listened as the two basketball fanatics explained the meaning of having a Michael Jordan on their team. Michelle asked Danny who was Michael Jordan? Danny and Aussie at the same time said, “You don’t know who Michael Jordan is?”
Shaking her head to answer their question, Michelle asked Caitlin if she was in the minority. “They are talking Greek to me.”
“Honey, I’ve got to get you out more. You are spending too much time with books.”
“Speaking of books, girls are you ready for some Physiology?”
Danny watched from the kitchen table the women as they concentrated on the reviewing. He sipped beer and focused on the intensity, which Michelle applied to the studying. The number of workbooks that accompanied the Physiology book alone was an indication of the dedication one had to have just to survive medical school. One system of the body mastered became a building block for understanding the next system. He wondered how much time she might be able to miss before falling to far behind.  If his calculations were true, he needed two weeks to bring to completion the project.
Danny dialed Jimmy’s number. “Yea boss, I’m working on the females in the class. There isn’t a girl named Aussie on the list.”
“Jimmy, I have the info. Try a Sydney Spencer. She is from our windy city.”
“Danny, did she connect you to the family?”
“No, no sign of trouble. The Caitlin chick has been a friend of Michelle since first grade. Stop where you are now. I want the computer system put in tonight at the lake home. We may need to have it up and running sooner than planned. I’m staying at the Bauer home tonight if you have to contact me in an emergency.” Rubbing the back of his neck, he asked if Carmen had left for NYC. The sooner the family departed for Puerto Rico the better.
The study group finally called it quits at 1am. Danny closed his own briefcase as the young women left the dining room and exited the house. Michelle came and stood behind Danny’s shoulders to see if he had more work to do. Her tiny fingers massaged the tightness in his shoulders and neck.
“You can do that all night.”
“I rather do other things like sleep. Come on up stairs, I show you your sleeping arrangements.”
 Michelle’s bedroom wasn’t exactly what Danny had envisioned. The pale yellow walls matched the yellow in the blue and yellow bedspreads. He was disappointed to see the twin beds. Michelle removed the bedspreads and began moving one of the beds next to the other to make a king size bed. She opened the door to a small bathroom. Inside the bathroom, she pulled a drawer open and gave Danny the unopened toothbrush and toothpaste. Danny took the toothbrush and began his nightly ritual of brushing his pearly white teeth. When Danny emerged from the bathroom, Michelle had changed into a blue nightshirt. She was taking the hairclip from her hair and began brushing the hair. Danny took the brush and pulled her long curls through the brush.
“Hum, this feels so good.”
“Where did you learn to brush a girl’s hair like this without pulling the hair.”
“I use to watch my mother brush my sister’s hair. Carmen would brush her hair for what seemed like hours. Pilar loved it. I wanted to do something special for you.”
Michelle took the brush from his hand and laid it on the dresser. “I want to brush my teeth. You wait for me and I’ll have a surprise for you.”
Danny sat on the bed to remove his shoes and socks. He had removed all of his clothes except his boxers when Michelle returned to the bedroom. She flipped the light off and crawled across both beds to where Danny was standing next to the edge of the bed. Her warm hands slid up to his chest to his nipples and then down to the elastic in his boxers. The fingers worked their way back across the inside of the boxers to squeeze the tight muscle of Danny’s hips. Danny’s eyes had adjusted to the darkness where his lips met Michelle’s. He moved down to her neck and shoulders to begin his tongue licking and sucking on all of Michelle’s arousal points. Michelle turned her neck allowing Danny easy assesses to her neck and ears. His tongue danced in and around her ear lobes. The teasing of his teeth on the edges of her ear increased in intensity. Both of his hands came up behind her head where they held her head so close to his open mouth. Their tongues wrapped over the others tongue and lips. Danny felt Michelle’s nails digging into the flesh of his back. He rubbed his hands down to Michelle’s hips where his hands felt flesh against flesh. Grabbing the fabric of the nightshirt, Danny pulled it up and off of Michelle’s body. Michelle pulled Danny down to the bed.
“Michelle, are you sure you want to do this tonight?”
“Yes, I have been thinking about this since this morning when we discussed shoe size and penis size.”
“Michelle, you never stop amazing me.”
“I guess I feel horny.”
“Well, if this is a benefit of being pregnant; I think I will like it.”
“Danny, there is another benefit. We don’t have to worry about birth control.”
Michelle positioned her self over Danny’s erection. They both heard each other’s moans of satisfaction as their bodies became one. The rocking body above Danny lowered her lips down to his chest and up to his lips. His fingers encircled her engorged breast to the harden nipples. Each hand held a handful of breast tissue as his massaging intensified. Almost as a master played his instrument, Danny and Michelle united in the art of lovemaking. Danny flipped Michelle over onto her back where he assumed the dominant role. Taking care to pay special attention to her breast before re-entering Michelle, Danny’s breathing and sweating increased to the point where both bodies were wet from the exhausting work. The final thrusting brought both to the thrill of climaxing together.
“Oh my gosh, I’m too tired to breathe.” Danny managed to push his body off of Michelle as he collapsed next to her already sleeping body.
Fighting to get awake, Danny heard the sound of the noise coming from the bathroom. It was Michelle doing her normal thing as she called the morning sickness. He heard the flushing of the toilet. The rinsing of the mouth and brushing of the teeth became Michelle’s routine followed by the dry heaves. In his mind, this couldn’t be normal.

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