Mob’s Cardinal by Phyllis Chapter 14

Republisher’s Note: Glad to see the Spanish added in this one.

Author’s Note: Well, here I go again attempting to add some Spanish flavor to the conversation. I fell in love with Danny’s order for Michelle to learn some more Spanish before the formal wedding at Casa Santos. I promise you will see Danny mellow with Michelle but their will always be some of his personal make-up, which we are uncomfortable with because of his family roots.

Mob’s Cardinal by Phyllis – Chapter 14

    Olga placed the breakfast tray on the bedside table. Peeking over to see if Michelle was asleep or avoiding her presence in the room, Olga whispered Michelle’s name in her soft Spanish accent. “?Co’mo esta’ usted, senorita Michelle.”
Michelle awakened to the sound of the Spanish language. The smell of the toast initiated hunger pains in her stomach. The aroma of the mint tea reminded Michelle of how thirsty and dry her mouth felt. Sitting up in the bed with her legs crossed Indian style, Michelle responded to Olga’s kindness in one of the few Spanish words she knew well. “Gracias Olga.”
“Me duele el est?mago.”  Olga pointed to her own stomach and rubbing the area to indicate that she understood Michelle. “Es para usted,” indicating the tray and the cup of hot tea “una tazu de té.” Michelle’s patience was rewarded with one of Olga’s best warm smiles. “You must eat.”
Michelle took a bite of toast and a sip of the tea. “Olga you are sweet to do this for me. I think the tea and toast will be enough for me to eat for now. Do you know if Danny is still here? I would like to speak with him as soon as possible.”
“Si, Senorita, Daniel and Father Ray are having breakfast on the porch.”
    Excusing herself Olga went immediately to the porch to report on Michelle’s physical condition.  “The senorita eats very little and has a stomach ache. She wishes to speak with you.” Whispering into Danny’s ear, “I think she wants to go home.”
“Did Michelle tell you that she wants to go home, Olga?”
“No, an old woman knows these things. She needs her Mother.”
“Olga, her mother is dead. You are her mother for now. Mucha simas gracious Olga, for your help.”
“Danny, are you sure this is the course you want to follow with Michelle? I have to say it seems harsh and a bit on the heavy side. I worry about the true intentions of your heart are confused with the desire to own Michelle as if she was an possession.  What will happen if she ever discovers all of the manipulations? Are you willing to risk the chance for a beautiful relationship with Michelle? Es inteligente!” Snapping his fingers in front of Danny’s eyes to see if he had his attention.  “Hey cousin, did you hear a word that I said to you?”
    “ I heard every word Father Ray,” with the emphasis being on Father Ray ‘s name. “Now you tell me what do you think Michelle would do in your words of wisdom if I went in there and told her about our family? I could give her the Godfather book to read or a video of the Godfather to watch. How do you think she will interpret having a bloody horse’s head in a bed? Ray, you should know better than to question the motive.  You chose to hide behind the priest collar and the cross on your neck.  I am not a shame of my name or the business! An outsider looking in at us sees the old ways and a preconceived notion of a movie. I am not taking any risk of loosing Michelle now or ever. The business today is different. It is as legit as any major corporation. Plus, we don’t fire people or lay people off because their salaries outgrew the greed of stockholders.  I don’t put men in their prime out on the street and hire some young geek out of college to take their place in our corporations. The business is all about loyalty, honor and pride. We protect our own streets and homes because the damn corrupt police force can’t. You know how our grandparents came to this country and they couldn’t speak a word of English. The men were forced to take the dirty work because they couldn’t speak the precious English language. The Anglos saw them as stupid men. They were smart enough to organize into strong families. The Santos family is a family of saints because we believe in ourselves.”
    Ray saw the intensity in Danny’s eyes and knew his warning had fallen on hardened ears. Michelle represented to Danny the years of struggle of all the families.  Michelle was the evidence of how far his family had come from since their arrival in New York City. The family demons controlled Danny as Danny controlled Michelle’s destiny.
    “Daniel, I wanted you to hear a voice of your conscience. I beg you to give Michelle an option to choose where her heart is in this situation…..I did speak with Father Tomas in San Juan. You and Michelle will only need a certified birth certificate since you are both U.S. citizens. Father Tomas will perform the ceremony at St. Columbus Chapel at anytime. He has requested at least a two-hour notice. Don’t rush Michelle into this marriage. Let her choose.”
    The sound of high heels on the stone steps alerted Danny and Ray of Carmen’s arrival. Greeting the two young men, Carmen asked about Michelle’s mental and physical condition. Attempting to reassure Danny about Michelle, Carmen spoke of the crazy hormones and crying spells women experienced while being pregnant. “I have good news. Dr. Sedgwick can see Michelle at 11 am and I want us all to have a definite confirmation of the pregnancy. Daniel, if it is agreeable with you I would like to speak with Michelle briefly. I can reassure her about the pleasures of having a child.”
“Actually Carmen, I was going in myself to check on Michelle. Go on in the bedroom. She had a rough start this morning with morning sickness.”
Carmen came into the bedroom through the French doors. She closed the doors and walked over to the bed where Michelle slept. Sitting on the bed, Carmen stroked her hand on the face of the young woman. The contrast of her hand against the pale face reminded Carmen of the differences of the two women. Michelle stirred at the touch of the hand on face. She recognized the face as Danny’s mother. Carmen spoke first, “Michelle, Daniel has told me about the good news. This may seem harsh but as woman to woman, I want to know if this baby is Daniel’s? Since you two have been seeing each other for such a short time, I as a mother can see the advantage of you marrying my son.”
Michelle’s response came quickly and from her own point of view an entire different take of the situation. “First thing let’s get this straight, I was a virgin until your precious son and I spent the night together. Secondly, I want to know where Danny is right now? Thirdly, I’m over twenty-one and I assume Danny is over twenty-one. We were consenting adults and it took both of us to create this baby whether you like it or not!”
    “Michelle, please forgive me. I have overstepped the boundary. You cannot imagine how happy it makes me that Danny was your first…your first time is meant to be special. My first time was with Danny’s father on our wedding night. You will forgive….” and the door opened from the porch before Carmen could finish her sentence.
It was Danny carrying a bouquet of daisies. Carmen stood and excused herself from the room. Danny sensed the coolness in the air between Michelle and Carmen. He waited until his mother had left his bedroom.
“Michelle, did my mother upset you?”
Michelle smirked her mouth and rolled her head to one side indicating that she wasn’t exactly pleased with his mother.
“Michelle, what did she say to you?”
“Your dear mother questioned me about my virginity! Just tell me where does she get the idea that she has a right to know about our sex life?”
    Looking towards the general direction of the family room, Danny cursed under his breath. “I thought Carmen was coming in to tell you about the appointment with Dr. Sedgwick. I can’t understand why she ever approached this subject with you.  I will have to say that sensitivity isn’t her strongest card. I have to admit that I did tell her about last night because I was worried about you. Do you want to keep the appointment with the doctor?”
The tears formed in Michelle’s eyes at the mention of the appointment. She wanted only to go home and feel the security of familiar surroundings. “Are the daisies for me?”
Danny had almost forgotten the flowers in his hand  “Yes, they are for the most beautiful girl in my life. I’ll have Olga found a vase to hold these so you can take them to your house today.” Observing the tray, Danny noticed the toast had hardly been touched. “Are you sure you are up for the trip to the doctor? I want to take you myself but if you think this vomiting is going to be reoccurring; I suggest going in Carmen’s car.”
    “You are probably right that if I see Dr.Sedgwick today; I can get some medication to relieve the nausea and vomiting. Do you mind leaving me while I get a shower? You can use the time to speak with your mother alone.”
Danny leaned down to Michelle to kiss her lips softly and placed a kiss behind her ear. Michelle moved in closer to Danny placing both hands on the sides of his face. The attraction to this man was the energy radiating from the eyes. Danny’s eyes were mysterious and seductive. He was like a snake charmer and she was being charmed all over again. “I don’t know where we go from here. I don’t know what love is and I don’t want to rush into making a wrong decision. Danny, I need your reassurance that you can be patient with me.”

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