Mob’s Cardinal by Phyllis Chapter 13

Republisher’s Note: You’ll notice an inconsistency in this chapter with previous chapters. Danny does not offer to use protection at any point. In this chapter he claims he did and more than once at that. I think this was just a continuity error, please ignore. I had considering changing one or the other so they matched, but decided it would be an over step and so I let it go. Also, you’ll notice now and for the rest of her pregnancy, Michelle seems to have no fear about drinking alcohol. Odd for a doctor I thought.

Author’s Note: Please do not worry about our couple. Danny loves Michelle. He sees the medical school as an area in their lives that he needed to take control. Remember Danny is a head of the Santos mob family. Our Danny is smart and he is able to operate with ease in both worlds. In this chapter you will see the loving and gentle Danny reappear. A big Thank you to all that have given words of encouragement. This is a long story. Read and enjoy!

Mob’s Cardinal by Phyllis – Chapter 13

    Danny pulled into his driveway and parked his car beside Michelle’s green Cabriole. The car so suited her personality as his black Corvette matched his personality. A small part of him didn’t like the fact that he and his mother had determined Michelle’s life in the past hour. The unexpected pregnancy had forced Danny to move the plan forward at a quicker pace than he had intended.
 The courtship of his bride would now follow the wedding. Danny vowed that Michelle’s courtship would be given the proper attention as he had first planned. The trips, gifts and flowers were only the material benefits. He pledged his heart and all the attention that he imagined any woman desired. The emotional scars would be healed if he had anything to do with it. The Santos family never abandoned a family member. Any issues of feeling insecure and abandoned had to be erased. This fact had come from Michelle’s personality profile at the medical school. Carmen had identified the weakness as the area where Michelle was vulnerable. What Michelle desired the most happened to be what Danny saw as the family’s strongest attribute. Fate and lady luck had brought them together.
    Danny removed his keys from the car. His best guess was that she couldn’t have been at the house very long. He judged there were two possible subjects to discuss, his family business or the pregnancy. Danny was betting it was the pregnancy. He got out of his car and ran up the stone steps to the screened porch. From the door, he saw her pacing like a lion in a cage. Michelle’s eyes were red and filled with tears. It was evident to Danny that she had been crying a long time. His first thought was that she was mad as hell at him.
“Hi Michelle,” as he spoke softly to her. “What’s wrong, baby?”
    Michelle tried to speak slowly and clearly as she watched Danny pour scotch and water in a glass. He offered her one. She shook her head to indicate no. He swallowed a sip of the contents in the glass. This infuriated Michelle as she recalled her own father’s need to use alcohol to calm his nerves.
Danny waited for Michelle and then held out both arms. “OK Michelle, what is it that you want from me?”
    Michelle ran her hands through her curly hair and with one hand underneath her chin; she mumbled the words “I’m pregnant.”
He had rehearsed this scene in his mind. Danny wanted to act surprised. Taking another sip of the scotch, he looked at her abdomen. If she only knew how happy he was with the pregnancy. Yet, she was visibly upset. Danny needed to calm her down.
    “You did this to me! My medical career is over and all you can do is take a drink of alcohol.”
“Hey wait a minute, you told me you were on the pill. I had condoms in the bedside stand. I asked you twice. Do you remember?” “
Let me tell you what I remember!” Michelle moved in closer to Danny as she mouthed the words and holding back the tears. “You know what we did all night long. If you only knew how embarrassed I have been about this romp in the sack. Since our little love feast, I have been forced to visit a colleague of my father with a torn hymen. If that wasn’t enough, I am so incompetent that I can’t even take birth control pills correctly. Then to be told that your cervix has semen fluid still around the cervical which means the little wiggly worms don’t have far to squirm to do what God had intended. Danny, I’m not emotional ready to be pregnant!”
    This wasn’t the scenario; he had played in his mind. Michelle ‘s emotional state of mind was on shaky ground. She needed reassurance immediately of having some power of control in her life. “Michelle, what do you want me to do?  I’ll do whatever you want.”
For the first time, Michelle realized she had a life in her uterus. This life didn’t belong to her alone. It was Danny’s child too.  “I haven’t thought of what I want you to do.” Walking to the edge of the porch, Michelle looked out at the lake. The light from the lighthouse was shining in the distance. The tears swelled up in her eyes and she was thankful that her mother Maureen was dead and unable to know about this disgrace. She needed the comfort of her mother’s arms and kind words. This had been a mistake to come to this stranger. Gathering her thoughts, Michelle calmed herself to tell Danny that she wanted nothing from him.
But Danny had closed the gap between them.  Danny placed both arms around her petite body and whispered in her ear that he would take care of her. Her shaking body turned to face Danny. His hands cupped both sides of her face while his thumbs brushed the tears away from her big brown eyes. He gently placed feather like kisses on Michelle’s forehead. She nestled in his arms and they swayed together in a moment where Michelle lost control of her own fate.
With his finger underneath her chin, he turned her head up to face his face. “Michelle, look me in the eye. I want you to look into my eyes and see into my soul. I have never told these words to any other woman in my life.” Danny had her undivided attention. She looked up into his dark eyes and saw the smile on his lips. “ Michelle, I love you and I realize that I have loved you from the moment you slid those cute legs out of your car at Y2K. I have waited along time for a girl like you to come into my life.” The tears filled his eyes as he got to the part about my life. This time Michelle wiped the tears from Danny’s cheeks. He held both of her hands up to his lips and kissed each hand.
    Danny picked Michelle up into his arms and carried her from the porch to the bedroom. Placing her down on her back, he knelt beside the bed. Danny kissed her abdomen and laid his head down onto her body to get as close to the life that they had created. This tiny mass of cells would bind them together for the rest of their lives.
    Michelle slept the entire night in Danny’s arms. He stroked her head and arms to bring about calmness in her storm. The picture of Michelle in his bed was ingrained into his mind. Danny watched her body until the rapid breathing had slowed to pace of a slow rate indicating the desired affect had taken place. The sleep cycle gave him time to review the next steps. Having to deal with the Bauer family so quickly offered the likelihood of a potential problem. If Danny could control the amount of contact each member had with the other members then the communication contrived to create convenient separations. An unexpected doctors conference located in some distant time zone. A free vacation for two awarded to an aunt with a love of Broadway shows. Danny closed his eyes after readjusting his arms and locking his fingers together. His most valuable possession was lying in his arms.
    With first light Danny released Michelle to rest alone. He turned the phone off next to the bed so that if Michelle picked up the phone to use; the phone wouldn’t be functioning while he made calls from his cell phone. The outside communication from this moment on had to be controlled. Her cell phone service changed to one, which San Corp. controlled. The telephone numbers cross-wired to ring in unconnected lines. The first call made to Ray at the rectory before the 7:00 am mass. Father Ray was to do all the leg work and making the arrangements for the wedding in Puerto Rico.
    The time frame for the wedding was being moved up to the time of the already planned vacation in Puerto Rico. There would be no reason for Michelle to be suspicious with the vacation. The island atmosphere tended to bring about romantic passion and sentiments. What could be more romantic than a simple wedding occurring at the right opportune time? Little subtle hints being dropped from interested friends and family. On the island the wedding would be private without any news media invasion. The wedding would simply be one of many occurring that day. Eventually Danny saw their story being printed by some newspaper. The power of the story existed only if Michelle didn’t know about the business and his family. By then Michelle would know that once you are in the family there is no way out of the family. The gravity of the secret blood ceremony existed in the past and instituted by the one bringing in the new member. It seemed so cold and callous but served the purpose of maintaining the secrecy. Carmen had been very specific about what had to be done. The blood oath had to be exchanged.
    Carmen’s private phone line rang and the caller id displayed Danny’s number. “Hello Daniel, you are certainly up early this morning. How did the meeting go with the Bauer girl?”
“Mama the Bauer girl has a name and it is Michelle. From now on refer to her as Michelle please.”
“Danny, I’m sorry.”  Danny confirmed the pregnancy to Carmen by calling her Abuela. Carmen dropped the cup of hot coffee in her lap in the process of spitting out some choice words in Spanish. “Oh Danny! I burned my leg with the coffee at the beautiful sound of Abuela. It pleases me so to know that a new Santos will be here soon. Your Abuela is excited with the news.”
    Turning to make sure that Michelle was still asleep, Danny told Carmen that Michelle was in a fragile condition last night and the medical school was a definite problem.
“This we expected but the crying is hormonal.” Carmen suggested that Pilar return to Springfield early to give support to Michelle as well as starting the vacation early. Danny saw the connection of Pilar coming to connect with Michelle but wanted the time frame to stay the same with their vacation. He gave Carmen the updated plan. Carmen reassured Danny that the contacts at the hospital could put the pressure on the powers to be at the medical school at any time. This had been confirmed last night when she spoke with the administrator. A hefty donation to research was promised. Danny thanked his mother.
Carmen leaned back into her leather chair and looked at the ring she twirled around her third finger on her right hand. The ring belonged to Michelle now. Abuela had given it to her as she intended to give the ring as a sign of acceptance.
    Danny heard Michelle running to the bathroom. The familiar sound of one barfing sent a clear message that Michelle had morning sickness. He found her sitting on the bathroom floor looking greenish as the dry heaves started. Danny ran the cold water over a washcloth. Placing the cold cloth on Michelle’s forehead, Danny sat down next to her. “Honey, can I get anything to help?”
She shook her head and said, “No. You may not believe this but I feel better after doing this.”
Danny helped her up from the floor. Standing at the sink, she rinsed out her mouth with water then  gargled to get the acid taste from her mouth. “ I think I will lie down for awhile until this phase passes.” Michelle crawled back into the bed and pulled her legs up into the fetal position.
Danny called Olga on the phone and said, “ I need you here right away.”

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