Mob’s Cardinal by Phyllis Chapter 10

Republisher’s Note: Michelle doesn’t know that Danny is the head of the mob while they start dating while she’s in med school.

Mob’s Cardinal by Phyllis – Chapter 10

The next day, Jimmy Santiago knocked on the boss’s side door at the downtown San Core office.

Danny looked up and said, “So what do we know?”

“Easy piece of work boss; the professor sang like a canary.” The professor of Psychology had been co-operative and Michelle’s next three-month schedule was in his hand, which he passed to Danny.

“Good job. Jimmy…you know what to do next.”

“Refresh Hernando that we will be taking the trip Friday and to keep the guns out of sight.”

“I want a small car available for me; you and Hernando can ride in the Lincoln. This is our first date and I am to impress Michelle. Remember no contacts with any family members and keep your distance.”

Michelle heard from Danny on Wednesday after a grueling day in which she had been preparing for the traditional and dreaded THURSDAY MORNING ROUNDS. He had told her their date would be informal and to dress casual. He would pick her up at six pm. Sharp. The time frame was a must for her to keep in mind.

Checking the clock on her bedside stand, she had ten more minutes to straighten her hair, which had to be the silliest idea. She was running late and Danny had been so specific about the time frame. The hand held mirror displayed the reflection she partially desired. Her hair still had some wavy soft curls but this was the best she could do for the amount of time left on the clock. She was happy with the decision she had made in choosing to wear the white Capri pants. The turquoise sweater had a square neckline with embroidery around the edge of the three-quarter sleeve cuffs, bottom of the sweater and the neckline. Aunt Meta had given her the sweater for a birthday present.  It had been purchased in New York City and wasn’t readily seen on every other woman in Springfield. She was apprehensive and jubilant at the same time as she finished dressing. She sprayed her Opium perfume on her chest and wrist before hearing the doorbell ring. Finishing with some perfume behind her ears.

Yelling down the steps, “I’m coming” and looking in her mirror for final approval. Running to get the door before the bell rang again. Michelle opened the door and by Danny’s glance she was aware that the white Capri pants and turquoise sweater had his attention. She twirled around on one foot to see his approving eyes.

Danny whistled and kissed her forehead “Do you realize how good you look tonight?” He had second thoughts about his plans and wished he had planned only an intimate dinner at some Five Star restaurant. Michelle placed her hand in Danny’s and they left the Bauer house intent to enjoy the evening.

The Corvette speed away from the city limits to the Springfield Airport where the car pulled into the private gate entrance. Danny parked the car next to the Leer jet as Michelle sat in astonishment. Danny looked over to check Michelle’s response. He had gotten the desired effect that he wanted from her.

Danny smiled and said to her, “Is it OK if we go to New York City tonight to see the skyline?”

Michelle’s mouth fell open in surprise and managed to speak the words “Danny, are you crazy?”

Danny opened the door and took her hand as he led her up the steps in to the jet. The plane was airborne in five minutes. After the plane leveled off to the flying altitude, Danny opened the refrigerator to find the hors d’oeuvre. The chilled bottle of champagne was on ice ready to be served to the most beautiful woman that he had met in a long time. She was different and challenging. Michelle was career oriented and ready to take on the world as compared to other women that he had dated. They were all hunting for financial security and power. The women usually hunted him. This time he was the hunter and the possession he wanted sat across from him.

Danny opened the bottle of champagne and poured the two glasses partially full. Making the toast, “To our first date and may there be many more to come.”  They clicked their glasses together and enjoyed the hors d’ oeuvre. Danny informed Michelle that they would be eating dinner later. He asked Michelle how her week at gone in school. She had been busy and had the extra task of doing some food preparation at home since her Aunt and sister in law were up at the family cabin. Michelle asked him in return about his week. Danny had been busy with a new challenge and in deciding on what to do on their first date. He specifically asked about her Thursday Morning Rounds presentation. She explained that they do it every Thursday and a second year student is responsible to present different patients as related to the specific illness that the students are studying. It is the place that the teaching physicians typically can slam you pretty hard and other well intended fellow students.

“How did you do, Michelle?”

“I think I did alright because I’m here with you. If I hadn’t, I sure would be in the library or medical records researching that subject again.”

The flight lasted a little over one and a half hours when the plane sat down on the tarmac at Newark International Airport in New Jersey. Michelle couldn’t imagine where they were going to in New York City. This was like experiencing Christmas Eve in the summer time. Danny had given a hint. Something to do with music and Latino beat. She had assumed it was a Broadway play. When Danny pulled off I-95 exit instead of proceeding into the city, she knew the play wasn’t their final destination. Michelle couldn’t believe her eyes as the car came to its destination, the Giant Stadium parking lot. The billboard read LIVE TONIGHT RICKY MARTIN IN CONCERT. Danny leaned over and kissed her on her cheek. Taking her hand in his they walked into the stadium to join the other thousands of fans.

The concert was pure entertainment and much better choice than going into the city to see a play or musical. Michelle and Danny had seats on the third row, which allowed excellent views of Ricky and his well-known dancers.  Michelle reminded Danny that when she was in her teens Ricky had been her heart throb. Danny asked her just how had Ricky Martin been her heart throb? “He was on my favorite soap General Hospital.”

“I should have known that if you would watched a soap it would have to one pertaining to a hospital.”

It took them over an hour to get out of the stadium to the parking lot. In the car, Danny called Jimmy and told him they were on their way back to the jet.

It was after midnight before the car returned to the Newark Airport. They were walking towards the jet when someone called out Danny’s name. Turning around Danny and Michelle saw Ricky Martin running towards them. Danny returned the greeting to Ricky and thanked him for the tickets to the concert. Danny introduced Michelle to Ricky as Michelle stood in astonishment and whispered to Danny, “You could have told me that you knew him!”

“Honey, I wanted you to be impressed with me and not Ricky.”

Danny told Ricky that they were on their way back to Springfield. “Where are you taking the troupes, Ricky?”

“Sunny Miami and then home to Puerto Rico. Danny, when are you coming back for CARNIVAL?”

Danny laughed and said, “CARNIVAL? My family is coming in two weeks when Pilar returns home from Spain.”

“I’ll call you when we get there.”

Ricky said to Michelle, “I hope you liked our show and it was nice meeting one of Danny’s friends.” The sound of Ricky Martin’s jet engine prevented Michelle from hearing what Ricky had whispered in Danny’s ear but Michelle imagined that it had to do with the CARNIVAL or her.

Michelle went up the steps first followed by Danny. The last surprise was the dinner served and waiting for their consumption the menu had been strictly vegetarian just the way Michelle’s friend had told Jimmy. The discussion centered on the popularity of Ricky Martin and Latino music. The sexy Salsa dancing been enjoyed by those at the clubs that offered Latino music. Danny reached behind Michelle’s back and turned the music system on and called up front to the pilot that they could return to Springfield as soon as they had clearance from the tower.

Danny loved to watch Michelle’s eyes because they displayed energy and excitement. Michelle looked into Danny’s eyes and saw an intelligent man that was mysterious. He had been able to discover her likes and dislikes. After they finished eating, Danny turned the door to a back compartment that opened up to bedroom with the sheets turned down.

Michelle glanced at the bed and said to Danny, “I see you saved the best for last.”

Michelle watched as both of Danny’s hands came up to cup her face in his hands. His lips came to meet her lips and moved down to her shoulders. Whispering in her, “I want you now.”

Michelle felt the same sensation. Danny picked her up in his arms and laid her down on the bed. He threw his coat over in the corner and continued to remove all of his clothes. Michelle watched the clothes’ removal act.

Danny said “Your turn” and he watched Michelle undress. The sensation of seeing Michelle’s nude body standing so close to him increased his desire for her. Her elegance extended from her hair to her petite feet. In between, she housed those big brown eyes and lips that felt like soft cotton. Her physical attributes were perfect. The breasts were full and creamy in color with the brownish nipples so inviting to his lips. Curvaceous down to her inner belly button and the honey blonde curls hid the treasure that he so desired.

His increased breathing was in earshot of Michelle. The awareness of the physical changes in her body was a new sensation in which she desired the sexual contact. At first it was oral gratification as their lips and tongues consumed each other. The feeling touch of his skin against her skin added to his desire to be inside her. Michelle felt so out of control of her actions and discovered unfamiliar thoughts in her brain. She wanted to feel the pressure of him thrusting against her and she wanted Danny now.

Danny was trying to hold back to increase Michelle and his pleasure. The desire became so driven that he pushed his lower body between her legs. His anatomy was erect and felt the warm juices oozing from the opening. He felt the fingernails digging into his back as he plunged into her vagina. Michelle felt the full compact force of Danny with complete pleasure. She joined in the thrusting which gave her other sensations to enjoy. Exhausted and satisfied, they rested in each other’s arms.

The call came over the intercom from the pilot that they were approximately twenty minutes from Springfield. The thought came into Danny’s mind that they could fly to Nevada and be married the next day. He feared if he rushed Michelle he could lose her. Instead Danny held on to Michelle tighter and visualized her in his family. Michelle turned over to lie on her stomach. Danny rested one arm above her head and rubbed her back and shoulders while periodically placing kisses all over her back and shoulders. Michelle moaned her approval and whispered, “Don’t stop.”


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