Mob’s Cardinal by Phyllis Chapter 9

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Mob’s Cardinal by Phyllis – Chapter 9

Michelle’s mind kept returning to a word that Danny had mentioned so casually. Territory was an odd description for Springfield. He had been talking about his family’s business. She assumed it pertained to a specific region that they provided vendors or a security service. His family seemed normal enough as compared to hers.

She looked up to the sky and prayed, “Dear God, please let Rick and Abby be out somewhere.” Michelle parked her car next to the garage and saw the vacant spots in the driveway. Her prayers had been answered as she made the sign of the cross on her chest. No excuses or little white lies required today. The house was empty which meant she would have time for a quick change of clothes, then get over to the medical library to met with her study group. Her eyes automatically glanced over to the answering machine and saw the red blinking light. Three messages recorded.

The first message was Bill Lewis 11:05 pm, “Michelle pick up! Who did you leave the club with last night?”

Second message was from Aussie in the study group, “Where are you?”

The last message was a voice that she least expected to hear from today. “Hi sleeping beauty, I miss you already. Hope to see you soon.”

Rolling her eyes, she pressed the button to erase all the messages “ Yea, in your mind buddy.”

Grabbing a glass of tea, she ran up the stairs to her bedroom and over to the bedside stand. She placed the glass down on the stand and picked up the package of birth control pills pushing the pill out of the dispenser. She swallowed the pill and looked down at the day of the week. It had been over 48 hours since her last pill. “Oh dear God, oh dear God, I can’t believe this!” Without a second thought, she was paging Dr. Sedgwick at Cedars hospital. Dr. Sedgwick answered the page. Michelle explained that she had a medical emergency. The doctor told Michelle to meet her at her office at 5:30 pm. Michelle changed into a pair of jeans and a two-piece pink sweater set. She had less than an hour to get to the hospital. Going out the door, she grabbed her leather book bag. Studying would come later, if she hadn’t committed suicide first.

The nurse from the GYN unit gave Michelle a short paper gown and a disposable sheet. She was directed to remove all of her clothes and to be sure to put the gown on to leave the opening in the front.“ Dr. Sedgwick would be in shortly She removed her clothes and put the silly gown on and waited. She was shivering all over and wanted to crawl under the disgusting examination table. It seemed an eternity until Dr. Sedgwick walked through the door. This lady had been a friend of her father. All of Michelle’s emotions were rising to the surface. She burst into tears when Dr. Sedgwick came into the room. Dr. Sedgwick sat next to Michelle and held her shaking hands as Michelle tried to explain the reason for this emergency visit. First it was her loss of virginity along with the birth control pill lapse and the spotting. She was an emotional mess.

Dr.Sedgwick listened to Michelle unload about her crisis. “ Michelle you are not the first woman to get caught up in the passion of the moment. Let us get the exam over and determine where do we go from there. The exam can tell us about the bleeding for sure. Just scoot down to the edge and place your feet in the stirrups.” Dr. Sedgwick was gentle in placing the speculum in place. “Michelle the hymen has little capillary that is oozing and I’ll cauterize the bleeder which will stop the spotting.” The exam disclosed a fluid like substance in the cervical orifice, which Dr. Sedgwick suspected to be semen. She irrigated Michelle ‘s vagina with a warm saline solution and suctioned the solution, which provided some immediate comfort to Michelle. Michelle was tender and sore with some swelling. After completing the exam, Dr. Sedgwick told Michelle to get dressed and meet her in her office.

Michelle sat down across from Dr. Sedgwick and took the cup of hot tea handed to her. “Now Michelle, we have to talk seriously about last night. There was what I suspect to be semen deposited close to your cervix. The possibility that you may have conceived last night is low. The pills you have been taking are a low dosage and not intended to prevent a pregnancy as a higher dose would. But you should know that missing the pills for two straight days isn’t good. I want you to return for a lab test in 14 days. By then if there is a pregnancy, the hormone level will be high enough to detect. These are your instructions for now. No sexual relations for a week. That will give the site I cauterized time to heal.” Handing Michelle the metal container, “This a spermicidal foam for you to use when you anticipate another romantic adventure. We are not going to think about any tormenting ideas for now and I can say that few ever get pregnant the first time.” Michelle pulled her calendar from the backpack and counted fourteen days. She circled the date and wrote down the words LAB TEST. She placed the calendar and foam dispenser into the backpack and recalled the study group. After thanking Dr. Sedgwick, Michelle left the office and went by the hospital cafeteria to grab a cup of Breyers’ yogurt.

Standing in the line, she spotted her brother Rick at one of the tables. She paid for the yogurt and joined him at his table. “Hi Michelle, Are you going or coming?”

“I have been here for awhile but I need to meet up with Aussie and the usual others.”

“Abby and I didn’t see your car in the driveway this morning so we thought you were with Aussie hanging out last night.”

“You know Rick that is exactly what I did last night.”

Rick smiled and thought how good it was to hear that his little sister had actually taking the time for some social interaction. “Well tell me all about what you did and where does the in crowd go these days?”

Michelle assuming that Rick would believe part truth decided to tell Rick the uncomplicated tale. Everybody had met at Y2K for drinks and some dancing. It was the club that Drew and Jesse Blue owned over in the revitalized part of the city. The club catered to the 21 and over crowd. Great music and good mix of people and they had all had a good time. Michelle had gone with Aussie to her apartment to spend the night. Rick’s beeper went off and he told Michelle that he had to get back to the ER. She waved good-bye and reached for the book pack when her cell phone rang.

“Michelle speaking.” The voice she least expected was on the other end. Danny wanted to know when he could see her again. “Danny, I’m in medical school and I have the most unbelievable schedule. I don’t have any time…I mean… you don’t understand…well yes that is why I was out last night. To be honest Danny, I ‘m not hunting for, nor do I want to get involved with anyone. It isn’t fair to you or any person. I just don’t want to do it. I don’t think we should be doing this to ourselves.”

Danny said, “Michelle, I don’t think you are telling me the truth.”  Danny listened as Michelle offered up the same lame excuses. Danny ended the call by saying he would give her some time to think about the potential advantages. She closed the phone and walked to the library.

In the library, she replayed last night over and over in her mind. The desire for Danny returned, as the warming sensation was evident in certain private locations. The union had been physical and enjoyable but was she ready to move into an emotional union? Medical school was demanding and being a woman didn’t make it any easier. She had heard and personally knew of the sacrifices of what being a doctor could bring to a relationship. She might be able to do both with the right person. The chance circumstance meeting in the Y2K parking lot had the capability to alter the direction of her life. Michelle opened her small purse and pulled the piece of paper out to look at the number. Pressing the numbers on her cell phone, she pressed the send button and then the stop button.  She placed the phone down and stared out into space. Forget the studying; she was going home. She wanted to talk with Abbey or maybe Aunt Meta. They were good listeners. She needed clear advice for this was uncharted water that she was in and the lonely feeling of missing Maureen was resurfacing.

Michelle decided to pass through the ER and say goodnight to Rick. It was kind of their understanding to let the other know if they were not going to be around. Rick was standing at the nurses telling his usual off beat jokes when he noticed his sister. “Hi Michelle and it looks like bye Michelle.”

“Yep, I ‘m closing up shop for the night.”

“Are you doing a sixteen hour shift tonight or will Abbey and I be entertained by your presence later on?”

“You are right that it is a sixteen hour shift but Abbey and Aunt Meta went up to clean the Bauer cabin so you are going to be home alone. Didn’t you see the message on the kitchen table?” Michelle shook her head indicating no and moved in the direction of the exit door. Rick waved bye and blew her a kiss.

The sensor lights came on as she walked over the brick sidewalk to the kitchen door. Sitting on the bench in the flower garden was a vase of pink roses. The card was signed Danny. She carried the roses inside and placed them on the kitchen counter. The aroma from the roses indicated how fresh they were. Each rose was perfect. The phone rang and she answered “Bauer residence, Michelle speaking.”

“Hi there,” said Danny. She smiled and returned the same words. “Did you like the color of the roses?,” Danny questioned.

“They are beautiful and my favorite color. How did you know that pink was my favorite color?”

Danny grinned into his phone and said, “A little fairy told me.”

Michelle carried the portable phone up to her bedroom and lay across her flowered comforter on her bed.

Danny whispered in the phone, “How lonely this bed is going to feel tonight.”

Michelle giggled and told Danny that her bed was jealous. They both laughed.

Danny said, “Well, I know what I can do to remedy your bed’s jealousy. Have you given any serious thought to when we can get together again?”

Michelle told Danny that it had been on her mind. Her concerns revolved around how much time he would expect from her. He had to understand up front that she had wanted to be a doctor all her life just like her Dad. Michelle agreed to go out on an official date on Friday night.

Danny response was “Great, I will call you later in the week to let you know the final plans.” Michelle carried the phone back downstairs to the phone cradle. She heard a car engine start and saw the black Corvette backing out of her driveway onto the street. He had been so near and in her driveway all the time!


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