Mob’s Cardinal by Phyllis Chapter 8

Republisher’s Note: Michelle wakes up the day after she met Danny and he took her virginity.

Mob’s Cardinal by Phyllis – Chapter 8

She lay curled up in his left arm sound asleep. The thick curly hair was almost dry as he stroked the fingers of his left hand through the curls. The aroma from her hair filtered up to his nose. Everything about her was perfect. She fit perfect in his arm. Her head rested on his chest. The fingers of her right hand interlocked with the fingers of his right hand. From a distance across the lake, he could see the intermittent glow from the lighthouse. This woman was like a lighthouse. They each had the power to guide the lost home to the safe shores of Springfield. All of his adult life, he had been searching for his soul mate. Tonight, he had found her. She was unaware that the course of her life had been decided while she slept so peacefully. She was outside of the family circle but he was the designated head of the SANTOS family. He would keep all of this from her until the right time. He would prepare her gradually to hear the truth. It must come from him only.

Danny was awake early. He gently got out of the bed so as not to disturb the sleeping beauty. Showered and dressed, he put on a pair of his khaki pants and a blue shirt. He rolled the sleeves up and slipped on his black Italian leather shoes. This outfit shouldn’t give away his business code. He smiled and thought about all the preppy dressed guys he knew in college. These pants had come in handy again. Glancing over to see Michelle, he knew he had time to read the fax.

At his desk, he picked up the paper and smiled to himself. Michelle was ultra ANGLO. Bertha Michelle Bauer, Parents: Dr. Edward Bauer and Dr. Claire Ramsey, Adopted by: Dr. Edward Bauer and wife Maureen Reardon Bauer (deceased), Brother Dr. Frederick Bauer- wife Abigail Bauer (deaf). Valedictorian – SF.High School, graduate of Notre Dame, presently in second year medical school. Dr. Bauer is a known alcoholic and out of the country. His location is not available at this time. He is supposed to be affiliated with Doctors without Borders. Last known location listed was in Africa. It couldn’t get any better than this. She basically had an absentee family. He could deal with that. Michelle needed a family and Danny had a family to offer. A different kind of family that didn’t abandoned their loved ones. She was as good as his already.

The aroma from the fresh brewed coffee called his attention away from the fax briefly. He put the piece of paper into the shredder and committed to memory the information that he had received. He took his first cup of coffee back to his desk where he busied himself looking over a financial report. Next, he called his cousin Ray. He was so upbeat that he had to tell Ray about his good fortune.

The phone rung in the Parrish House several times before Ray answered. “ Hey cousin, what happened to you last night? The last time I saw you and the cute blonde, you both were in a hurry to leave Y2K. Did Romeo Santos score a homerun last night and now feel the need for a confession?”

Danny halfway laughed about the confession but offered dinner at his house tonight. Indeed, she was still at the lake home and sleeping like all an angel.

“Danny are you telling me that you took her to your home?”

“Yes, I did and I know that I broke my own rule. She is different; you’ll see.  I’ll tell you about her tonight.”

“Will she be there when I get there?”

“I doubt it, Michelle is a medical student and my gut feeling she was out last night to have some fun.” The knock at the door closed their conversation.

Dietz had called Jimmy and Hernando over to get the keys to Michelle’s car. Danny told Jimmy exactly what he wanted him to do. Return with the car and to leave the keys in the car in his drive way. Jimmy wasn’t to come back into the house and to call on his house phone when the job was complete. Danny then turned the cell phone off to prevent any calls from business associates from coming in. Danny checked on Michelle several times and found her to be in a deep sleep. The morning was made for sleeping late. The cool breeze coming off the lake was refreshing. The breeze blowing through the windows kept the house cool and conducive for sleeping.

The clock chimed twelve indicating to Danny the need to get some food in his stomach. He got the eggs, mushrooms, peppers, onions and butter out of the refrigerator to make an omelet. Danny washed the fresh strawberries and prepared a fruit cup, which would be a hit with any woman that was watching her figure. The vision of Michelle’s figure sent electric sparks to his groin area. The essential preparation was completed so he walked back into his bedroom.

“Well sleeping beauty, it is time for your kiss from your prince to awaken you from your long night of sleep.” Danny gently lay down next to Michelle and stroked her hair. She moved slightly and squinting one eye open and then the next eye to see his face next to hers. The cool breeze blowing across her face and arms concealed the time of the day. Michelle stretched her arm out almost landing her right hand against the side of his face. His quick reaction to catch her hand was all that saved his face.

She jerked up in bed to his surprise and said, “What time is it?”

“Sleeping beauty it is afternoon.”

Michelle sheepishly smiled that little sexy smile at Danny. She reached to pull the sheet up to her chin and thought better than to get out of bed to get dressed. She was naked as a newborn baby and attentive enough to know that men were visually turned on. She sensed that with any encouragement from her; they could be making love in a moment.

Instead, he took her hand and placed whisper like kisses on each finger and on her forehead. “Why don’t you get a shower and I will cook the omelets.” He left the room giving her the privacy that she desired. Michelle ran to the bathroom. A crazy thought entered her mind; would people notice that she walked different. She thought that she did walk with a different gait. After relieving herself, she saw the disposable douche bottle and unopened toothbrush on the counter. How nice of him to provide all the extra benefits. He was experienced and she was a naive woman experiencing her first one night stand. How was she ever going to get out of this with any grace? The douche gave her one effect that she desired.  She still had a small amount of bleeding which was a nuisance. Perhaps, he kept tampons around for his ladies too. After the quick shower, Michelle went back to the bedroom to retrieve her clothes. They had been folded and placed in a chair near the bed. She had finished pulling the dress down over her head and adjusting the skirt when he came up behind her to zip the dress. He placed his hands around her waist and snuggled into her neck. Bringing back the same memories of last night to him and her. This wasn’t going to be easy for her when he said, “Breakfast is served on the porch.”

With her hand in his, she followed him out the screen door in the bedroom to a brunch style breakfast. Each plate sat on an azure blue placemat. On the plate was an omelet and French toast. The fruit cup had pieces of kiwi, bananas, red grapes, and strawberries. The juice glasses were filled with orange juice. In the center of the table was a carafe of coffee. Danny pulled out a chair, which faced the lake for Michelle to sit in, and he sat next to her left side.

“You did this all for me?” she asked.

“Well I did it for you and me. I was starving and you had to be hungry with all of the extracurricular activities last night.”

She ignored his words and tasted the juice first and was astonished how light and fluffy the omelet was in her mouth. “Are you sure that you did all this? ”

Raising his hand, “Scouts honor. I will admit to being trained by an expert cook in my mother’s home. Olga has been at my home for as long as I can remember and this happens to be my favorite breakfast. She taught me how to make it along time ago. The secret is to have the grill very hot and to whisk the eggs until light.”

Danny told her that he had arranged to have her car driven over to his house while she was asleep. She picked at her food as they engaged in general conversation that revealed little about this man. He poured the coffee. She drunk hers with cream and he had black coffee. To her surprise, the coffee was Starbucks, which was her favorite. She remarked that the brand was the best and how she had treated herself to the coffee at the Starbuck’s campus shop. He knew the shop and they laughed about the “new age crowd” that hung out there. She wondered how this was going to end.

The longer they talked, the more relaxed they became with each other. The topic of his house seemed safe. Michelle complimented him on his home and the views of the lake. He told her how he had looked around for a long time to find the right spot. The right spot didn’t have the kind of home that he wanted. He bought the property and house and then had the house remodeled. He had wanted his bedroom to face the lake and lighthouse. The screened porch had been a second thought. It gave his grandmother access to the views when she was around. She was wheel chair bound most of the time but tended to be unstable on her feet.

“Does your family live in the area?”

“Yes, about thirty minutes away.” Did she venture to ask more or would it be too obvious that she was hunting for more information? After a long pause, she asked, “So the light house was the main selling point?”

“The lighthouse just happened to be part of a good deal.”

“This is so wacky, but my family owns the lighthouse. I can’t tell you all the fun that I have had there and my friends in high school use to hang out there. We had parties and it was the in place to be when I was growing up in my teens.” She observed that he didn’t respond as she had expected. Danny seemed distant for the first time since they had met last night. It could be the age difference, but even her brother Rick and Phillip Spaulding had hung out there in their teens.

Danny switched the conversation back to campus life and if she was in under graduate or graduate school. He felt this was a safe topic since he hadn’t attended but one year at Springfield University. He asked about a psychology professor he had in his freshman year. Michelle told Danny that she seen the professor’s name in the college catalog but she hadn’t ever been in any of his classes. Michelle had gone to Notre Dame in Indiana for undergraduate and was in medical school at the university. She asked Danny about his college life at the university. He chose to transfer to Princeton in New Jersey because it was closer to family ties and he liked the proximity to Philadelphia and New York City. He majored in political science and business. Worked for his uncle in New Jersey a couple of years before attending Harvard.  He got his master’s degree from Harvard Business School. He returned home to help his mother with the family business, which was doing OK.

Now, he was ready to test her. The family business was San Corporation. She didn’t demonstrate any fear or show any recognition to the name.

“What does the San mean and what type of business do you have?”

“Santos is my family name which explains the SAN. We have an import and security business.”

“So I guess I spent the night with Mr. Danny Santos.”

“You would be right to assume that but my mother would say Mr. Daniel Santos.” Michelle listened as he told her that he had grown up in Chicago. After his father died, his mother wanted to live in a new territory. She liked Springfield and they had moved here when he was twelve. His older brother Mick had preferred Chicago. His younger sister Pilar was away at school in Barcelona, Spain. “That about covers all of my immediate family except my cousin Ray. If you are still here at dinner; you can have the pleasure of meeting Ray.”

Looking at his watch, she took this as an opportunity to leave. From their conversation, she felt safe that they didn’t run in the same circles. None of her friends would ever hear about the night she lost her virginity to a complete stranger. She stood up and thanked him for the meal and making the arrangements to get her car. This way she could drive herself home and with any luck last night forgotten. Danny walked with her to the car and placed a piece of paper in her hand. “This is my cell phone number.” He opened her car door and she slipped into the drivers seat. Bending over, Danny kissed her and she opened her mouth to say goodbye. He whispered to her, “This isn’t good-bye.” Danny closed the door to her car and walked over to the stonewall and pushed the button in the box to open the gate. One car left and one car entered. Michelle looked into her rear review mirror. She saw a man looking back in his mirror at her.


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