Mob’s Cardinal by Phyllis Chapter 7

Republisher’s Note: The explicit sex continues.

Author’s Note: Thank you for your kind words of encouragement. The sexual tension is difficult to express without becoming redundant. The story line that I chose to develop required the sex scenes early on in their story. Very soon you will see why this had to be written this way. Read and enjoy!

Mob’s Cardinal by Phyllis – Chapter 7

The duration between hearing the compliment and opening her eyes provided a time of pleasant dreams. The recurring theme was one of a handsome Hispanic man with dark mysterious eyes. She saw only his eyes and lips above her face. In the dream, he did wonderful things to her body. She experienced the orgasm over and over again. The first sense of being awake was the opening of her eyes to observe a place, which she was unfamiliar. The sense of touch revealed a warm body lying next to her with an arm draped over her side. The slow rhythm of the breathing that she heard indicated he was in a deep sleep.

The realization of what had happened during the night was obvious. She was no longer a virgin. The wetness and soreness in her vagina gave evidence of what she had enjoyed just a few hours ago. She felt dirty and the tears formed in her eyes. She wanted a bath to wash away the evidence of her shame. This wasn’t the way she had envisioned her first sexual encounter. He had promised not to hurt her! Yet she had felt her hymen being torn as he had introduced his penis inside of vagina. The tissue was stretching until the little band of tissue tore. The feeling of his presences inside of her gave her great satisfaction and she couldn’t believe that she had experienced an orgasm her first time. Just the thought brought intense warm feelings in her groin area as she could imagine the act being repeated.

Michelle wondered if she could slip out of the bed without awakening this man. This man had a name. She remembered he had said the name Danny. She moved ever so slowly towards the edge of the bed when his arm moved as if to tighten his hold on any part of her body. Suddenly, he turned over onto his stomach and laid his arm up over his head. Pausing to see if he was in the process of awakening or maintaining his deep sleep, she didn’t move. His breathing resumed in that slow methodical pace. Danny was definitely asleep and she slipped out of the bed towards a doorway that she hoped was a bathroom. Walking on her tipsy toes, she found the door on her side of the bed that was partial open. Closing the door as quietly as she could, her hand searched the wall until finding the light switch. Flipping up the switch, the light came on gradually to reveal a modern day bathroom. The front portion of the bath consisted of a commode, bidet and a green marble double sink. The neatness of the bathroom impressed upon her mind that he was a neatness freak or very orderly. It was spotless as compared to hers at home. The green and white tile had a design in the floor with a circle and the letter S inside the circle. She walked past the sink into a small hallway that opened up into the master bathroom. A light came on automatically displaying a bath fit for a king. A bathtub partially sunk in the floor in front of a bay window. The shower was on the other side of a room. More amazing was the placement of white wicker furniture in a sitting area and a built in music system. Taking a towel and washcloth from the stack of white towels, she stepped into the shower. Facing into the showerhead, she stood under the water and let the force of the water cleanse her mind and body. The warmth of the water and soap refreshed her body. Next, she pulled the combs from her hair and shampooed her long curly hair. Focusing on her perineal area next, she paid special attention to washing that area and wishing she had a means for internal washing. She looked at the washcloth after scrubbing the spot several times and saw the blood stain on the washcloth.

“Great this is just what I need.” It wasn’t time for her period but she had a history for being irregular even with her Birth Control Pills. Dr. Sedgwick had given her the pills to help regulate her and the miserable PMS that she had suffered. She had been on the pills for six months and had been switched twice already because of the side effects. She hadn’t needed the pills for protection until tonight. Thank God, she was on the pill because he hadn’t used any protection. He must have assumed that she was on the pill.

Grabbing the towel, she dried her hair and body. She wrapped the oversized towel around her body and tucked an edge into the front of her breast to secure the towel. Now, what was the next step? She needed to get to her clothes and slip out of the house. If she found her clothes and didn’t wake him; how was she going to get home? He had driven Michelle to his house. She hadn’t paid any attention to an address. Damn, Michelle thought, I can’t even call a cab because I haven’t even the slightest idea where I am. She could just imagine her brother’s reaction.

Retracing her steps back into the front part of the bathroom, she opened a cabinet to find a large toothcomb, which she used to tame her natural curly hair. Opening the door, she returned to his bedroom. Contemplating what to do next, she walked around the bed to where he was sleeping in search of her clothes. Bending over to pick up her bra and panties, the bedside light came on startling her.

Michelle looked up and said “Oh my God, you scared me to death.”

Danny responded, “ What are you doing? ”

Mumbling back to him that she was trying to find her clothes.

He smiled and reached to grab her nearest arm. “Come on and get back in bed. I think you already have too many clothes on covering your assets.”

He patted the bed and told Michelle to sit. She tried to explain to him that she wanted to get dressed and she could call a cab if he would tell her where she was.

“Well, Michelle a cab is out of the picture and is never going to happen. I brought you here and I’ll take you back to your car, but I think that I can convince you to stay until in the morning.”

He ran his fingers along her shoulder up to her neck. Turning her head, he kissed her neck with each kiss moving up to her lips. The bra and panties fell from her firm grasp as she fell back into his arms. He pulled the edge of the towel out of the tuck and the towel wet the way of the bra and panties. He lifted the sheet and summer blanket and Michelle crawled back under the covers to lie partially across his chest. “ Hum, you smell so good and I bet you taste even better.”

He actually had told her that he wanted to make love to her all night long.  Danny was determined this time to make sure that it lasted longer for both of their enjoyment. He spread his legs and pulled Michelle up onto his body. Her breast was directly over his nipples. Their tongues danced from one erotic area to the next. Danny and Michelle recorded in their own minds what the other liked and how they responded to each other. Michelle liked the touch of Danny’s fingers on her breast and his tongue licking and sucking on her ears. Danny loved massaging and touching every part of her body. Her groans of satisfaction only increased his desire to please her. His hands moved up the sides of her hips and across her derriere. She moved over to straddle his body He whispered to her, “Do you like this position?”  She nodded as he positioned his erection up into her wetness. She groaned and almost came up off of him. He rocked his hips up to meet her force coming down. She moved her hips in one direction then the other. All the time, Danny held a breast in each hand. His grip and intense massaging increased as she rocked. He pulled her down to his mouth and whispered something into her ear.  She raised her hips and her head lowered over top of his erection. She licked her juices from his erection and then took the top of his organ in her mouth. The groaning this time came from Danny’s mouth. Satisfied that he had responded, as she wanted, she moved up to kiss his nipples and chest. This time, Danny positioned Michelle on her back with her beautiful full breast getting all the attention.  Michelle wasn’t sure which she preferred his fingers or the mouth and teeth working their magic. She felt her breast stimulating him as he placed his penis between her breasts. He pushed her breasts together to allow a bed for his penis to rest in.  With the penis in full erection, Danny moved his attention to Michelle’s mons pubis area. He slipped one finger, then two fingers into her vagina. He mounted her and his penis found its home. This time, the pain was minimal but the pleasure was maximum.  In rested the weight of his upper body on his elbows beside her body until he could no longer control that function. With all of his seed deposited, Danny collapsed on top of Michelle. Satisfied that they had both reached the sexual peak. He exhausted moved from the usual position and collapsed beside her onto his back. In the back ground he heard his fax machine running.


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