Mob’s Cardinal by Phyllis Chapter 6

Republisher’s Note: There is a fairly graphic sex scene at the end of this chapter.

Mob’s Cardinal by Phyllis – Chapter 6

Danny answered her back, “I see you do but that isn’t the drink that I planned on giving you. The music isn’t half bad and you have been sitting long enough on the stool. Hey, we can dance awhile and see where we go from there. I promise that I’m not a vampire until after midnight.” After looking at his watch, “that want be for two more hours. You are safe until the strike of midnight. Humor me, and I promise to be out of your sight.”

Without waiting for an answer, he took her small delicate hand in his strong hand and gently pulled her to the dance floor. She stood there on the floor, dumbfound at first at how she had let this stranger entice this reaction from her.

“You do know how to dance don’t you? The last time I looked you did have only two feet. Are your feet as smart as your mouth?”

She moved in a step closer and moved her fingers to his right side. Digging her nails into his abdomen, she responded, “Let ‘s dance.” She fitted perfectly in his arms. The music was slow and a romantic version of SPANISH EYES. She looked up into his eyes and thought; “these are the most beautiful eyes that I have ever seen.”

Gradually, he wrapped both arms around her entire body. The action pulled her closer physically than she had ever been before with a man. They were joined together physically in body. The emotional journey was beginning. She could feel his heart beating against her breast. The closeness of their bodies allowed her to feel the hardness in his lower anatomy. Her hands slipped down gradually and up under his jacket to massage the muscle in his back. His hands kept a firm pressure on her lower back. He heard a quiet moan. The instincts took over instantly. His open mouth sought the nearest flesh, which happened to be an ear. He nibbled the edge of her ear and ran his wet tongue in, around and behind her ear. She turned her head to the other side to allow access to the other ear. They were beyond any stopping point. He turned his head so that his lips were above hers. They stood on the dance floor with their eyes locked on the other. Later, they would tell others that from that moment on they had seen into each other’s soul.

Danny said, “Let’s get out of here.”

She nodded her head. With her hand in his, they left Y2K.

In the parking lot, he opened the door to his black Corvette. She slid into the passenger side into a bucket seat. Danny let the seat down into the lowest position. He ran to the driver’s side. Pulling his jacket off and throwing it into the space back behind his seat. After getting into the car, he let his seat down. She reached over with both hands and pulled toward her. Their tongues met. Each kiss became longer and the breathless exchanges more passionate. Danny’s tongue moved down her neck to her shoulders. Finally, his tongue came to rest on his intended destination. The wet tongue plunged into the deepest area between her breasts. With his left hand, he pushed his hand under and up her velvet dress. The warmth and moisture between her legs was encouraging and his hand moved over her bikini pants. He climbed over the gearshift and switching places with her until she was lying on top of him. He persisted until her dress was above her hips, which allowed her to straddle her legs over his hips. In that position, he could observe her and both of his hands could work their magic on her full enticing breast. He pulled her back down to his waiting lips when he heard a car door slam near his car.

“This isn’t good this way.  I want to go to a place where we can have more privacy.”  Privacy was part of the reason. He wanted to be in a bed where he could enjoy her sexuality to the maximum.

In a matter of moments, he was back on the driver’s side and the engine started. Placing the gearshift in reverse, he looked over at this young woman and hoped that they could recapture the passion at his house on the lake. He placed his right hand on her thigh between her legs to keep her focused and giving her as much attention as he could do and drive safely. She lay on her left side facing him. Her small hand slipped into the right pocket of his pants and began massaging his harden mass. At this stage, it was difficult to decide which was the prey.

He pushed the remote button that rested on the visor and the gate opened allowing the Corvette entrance to the private drive and to the lakeshore home. The door swung open and he ran to the other side of the car. With a quick kiss on her lips, he said, “Welcome to my home.”  He reminded her to be careful of the steps because they could be slippery with the night dew. The greystone steps were well lit with a small trail of lights running under the edge of each step. At the top of the steps a screened porch revealed the entrance into the house. Hurricane lamps gave off a soft glow that reflected off the French doors.  He unlocked the door and stepped aside to allow her entrance into a large room that doubled as family room- kitchen combination. Danny reached for the light switch that turned on an overhead fan and light. Adjusting the light to a low setting, he whispered “Welcome to my abode.”  To the right side of the room was a huge stone fireplace. Next to the fireplace was a double door that leads to a room that had obviously been given prominence in design and placement. He picked her up into his arms and carried her toward that room.

The room was enormous and the placement of the king size bed was so that you could see the fireplace and another screened porch which displayed a breath taking view of the lake. He let her down and reached to pull the all white covers back on the bed. Placing both of his hands on the sides of her face, he bent over to kiss her. She felt the intense heat that radiated from his body. He reached behind her back and found the zipper to her dress. The zipper released the hold that it had on her dress and fell to the floor. He suddenly stopped kissing her and said, “My name is Danny.”

She responded in barely a voice that he could hear, “Michelle.”

Danny pulled his shirt over his head throwing it to some place on the floor. Michelle reached his belt and pulled the belt from the loops of the black pants. He unzipped his pants, stepping out of the pant legs without ever taking his eyes off her. They stood facing each other. A man and woman in the driving desire that God had given them. Michelle slid her hands to the sides of his white boxers.  Pulling the last article of clothing down to reveal a penis erected and coming toward her virgin body. Danny picked up her petite body and placed her gently down onto the white sheets. The contrast in the bed sheets and her black bra and pants was so erotic. The vision was breath taking. He lay down beside her. His hands and mouth moving fast to explore this beautiful creature. She met his moves with those of her own. The anatomy of their tongues explored into the depths of the others mouth. The taste of the skin and the contact of skin against skin only increased their sexual desires. His hand searched the back of her bra for the closure that kept her breast from him. Opening his eyes, he saw that her bra unfastened from the front. Breathing heavy, he unfastened the bra and pushed the lace fabric back off of her breast. He sat up partially to remove her bra off of her shoulders and away from her body; his hands cupped both of her breast. His mouth opened to take one to succor and then the other. The only remaining item of clothing that prevented complete access was the pants. His hands moved down her waist to her abdomen. She managed to hear him say something about these have to go. Her hands scooted down and pushed the panties down to one foot that hooked the edge of the bikini underpants. The fingers of one hand traced through the thick curly pubic hair until the fingers meet moisture. His moved his fingers to separate the layers of labia. Massaging her clitoris, he slipped one of his fingers up into her warm and moist vagina. She was ready. She spread her legs and he moved into place. His penis was rubbing and teasing her vaginal orifice. She adjusted one leg then the other leg that allowed him more space to rest between her legs. He guided his penis into her vagina with his left hand. She moaned out in both pain and pleasure as his sex organ penetrated into her vagina. He waited for the initial pain to subside and her vaginal walls to adjust to his size.

He whispered to her in a primal voice. “Don’t move I won’t hurt you.” He pulled one of her legs up so that it wrapped around his backside and then the other. She held on as he lifted up her hips so that his rocking motion would thrust his penis in as far as he could reach. As the thrusting became more intense, the pain increased with the pleasure. It was no doubt in his mind that she had been a virgin. She cried out in a full orgasm as he deposited his wet seed into the deepest part of her vagina.

He laid on her body briefly as they both caught their breath and his penis returned to its normal size. They were both wet with perspiration and exhausted. He withdrew his limp penis from her body and wrapped his right arm and leg over her beautiful body.  The right hand massaged one breast then the other before they both slipped into a deep and satisfying sleep. The last words that Michelle heard before dozing off were “ Do you know how beautiful you are? ”


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