Loving Michelle by Carla Chapter 29

Republisher’s Note: Michelle and Danny are going to have a healthy baby.

Loving Michelle by Carla – Chapter 29

Today was his wedding day. The church was full and soon his bride would be walking down the aisle. His best man, Rick, stood beside him as he awaited the happiest moment in his life to occur.

He and Michelle had decided to remarry even though they both knew the divorce Carmen had orchestrated was not legal and it they wanted to spend the time and the money to prove it they could. Together, they both decided that remarrying was what they wanted since they would be starting out fresh and new. Michelle had also wanted her father to walk her down the aisle, which would happen in just a few minutes.

Carmen was noticeably absent, having been completely shunned by her son since he had confronted her with his findings about the divorce. He had also learned that it was Carmen’s idea for Amelia to fly down to the Dominican Republic in the first place where all of the tragedy happened. Carmen had indirectly caused all of the events that had occurred down there and Danny didn’t want any further contact with her. He had finally gotten Michelle to confide to him all the awful threats Carmen had made while at Will’s grave and he had been furious.

Michelle had begged him to put it behind them and to move forward but he didn’t think that Michelle understood what Carmen had almost cost them. He had promised to try to forgive her one day but he wasn’t ready to even speak to her, let alone forgive her just now. Maybe one day he would put some energy into reconciling with Carmen but it would be strictly for Michelle and the baby’s sake.

He was still constantly amazed that they could be allowed to be this happy after all of the obstacles that had been thrown in their paths. The sonogram six weeks ago had showed the baby to be healthy and that sonogram taken two weeks ago had shown the baby to be male. Very male.

Michelle had snickered when they saw the outline of their son and cheekily declared him his father’s son, which had prompted a hearty guffaw of laughter from Dr. Sedwick and her assistant.

Danny had briefly worried how Michelle would take the news if they discovered that their baby was indeed a little boy, but as usual, his amazing wife never ceased to astound him. She had taken the news with a smile that would rival the sun and had briefly turned her eyes towards the heavens and closed her eyes.

It had taken him more than a few minutes to regain his composure after he witnessed her sincere and heartfelt emotion upon learning about their son. Once they had left Dr. Sedwick’s office, Michelle had dragged him to the nearest furniture store and began to pick out furniture and wallpaper for the newest member of their family.

Danny heard the soft, melodious music of the organ begin to play and his mind was transported back into the here and now. The music signaled the impending arrival of the bridal party, beginning with the two adorable flower girls dressed in matching peach dresses with their hair adorned in peach flower buds.

Seashell was first and she stepped out with her basket full of petals, but Danny noted that she didn’t appear to be throwing her petals on the carpet as she had practiced so diligently last night at the rehearsal. Instead, she shyly waved to each person that she passed as she made her way down the aisle what seemed like an inch at a time.

The wedding guests were finding her extremely adorable and amusing which only served to make Seashell want to stay in the limelight a bit longer, however her older sister was not impressed with her inability to throw the petals.

Danny saw Alaina begin to stroll down the aisle, basket in hand, meticulously placing each flower petal in its proper place along the carpet. She was taking the job as “flower princess” as she had dubbed herself, very serious. Danny had to suppress a giggle himself, as he saw that she was most unpleased at her younger sister’s performance as “little flower princess.”

Soon, Alaina had caught up with the still showboating Seashell and started taking the neglected petals out of Seashell’s basket herself to deposit on the carpet, which brought a piercing wail from Seashell who attempting to pull the basket out of her sister’s reach, accidentally jettisoned the petals out of the basket and into the sea of wedding guests.

A hearty round of laughter filled the church and Danny lost his battle to keep from laughing at the little imp’s actions. He saw Amy, who was seated on the groom’s side up near the front of the church, attempt to hide her face in the sleeve of her husband’s jacket, which only made Danny laugh harder.

He felt bad for Amy, but the precious little girls were having the time of their lives and were making this wedding special indeed. Danny tried to imagine Carmen’s face if she were here to witness this, and he doubled over as his sides began to ache from the hysteria.

He winked at Amy, signaling to her that the girls were not ruining the wedding but adding to it. A wedding was a special event and was made to be celebrated with joyous laughter and happiness.

Finally, when all of the dramatics were over and the last flower petal had been deposited on the carpet, the bridesmaid began to appear and then the wedding march began to play and all of the guests stood up to greet the bride.

Danny’s breath caught in his throat and he had to remind himself to breathe as he was struck by her beauty. Her expanding waistline only added to her radiance and Danny knew then that surely he had somehow found favor with God to allow this extraordinary woman to love him.

On the arm of her beloved father, Michelle beamed as she took her place by his side. Seashell scooted over next to Michelle and took her hand to hold which Michelle took willingly.

Both of the girls had taken to Michelle the very first time they had met her. They had immediately recognized her as someone that their Unca Danny loved and had no problem accepting her into their little world. Michelle and Amy had also developed a friendship that began as tentatively awkward but grew into mutual fondness. Amy had even helped Michelle shop for her wedding dress.

Jan, Michelle’s maid of honor, took the bouquet of white roses from Michelle as Danny and Michelle joined hands as Ray began the service.

Danny floated through the ceremony, never taking his eyes of off Michelle, his wife, the mother of his children. He was only brought out of his haze when Ray announced that he could now kiss his bride.

It was the first kiss of the day for Danny and Michelle, since she had insisted that he not see her before she walked down the aisle and only after five minutes when a loud roar of hooting began to fill the church, did they break their embrace. As they turned to face their guests, with Danny’s hand protectively over her belly, and Ray’s voice proclaiming them Mr. And Mrs. Daniel Santos, they felt their little miracle kick for the first time and they both turned their eyes upwards briefly, sending their love to their first miracle and thanking God for their second.

Yes, today was his wedding day and the beginning of the rest of his life loving Michelle.


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