Loving Michelle by Carla Chapter 28

Republisher’s Note: Rick just told Danny, Michelle was pregnant with his child.

Loving Michelle by Carla – Chapter 28

Danny’s hands relinquished their tight grasp on Rick’s collar and he stepped back and leaned against the elevator, taking deep breaths. His heart was beating so fast, it was threatening to burst completely out of his chest.

“Michelle’s pregnant?” Danny asked.

Rick nodded his head grinning.

“Is she okay?” he said seriously.

“She is in shock, much like you , but otherwise I think she is fine,” he answered.

“Of course it is a shock, Rick. I still can’t believe it. A baby. You’re absolutely sure?” he said.

“The blood tests came back positive and they are about as accurate as you can get,” Rick answered.

“How is she taking it, Rick?” Danny asked in a tone filled with desperation.

“Why don’t you ask her yourself?” Rick said as the elevator doors opened. Danny sprinted out of the elevator and down the hall with the sound of Rick’s chuckling in his ears.

He opened the door to Rick’s office and found Michelle sitting on the exam table with her back to the door. She turned her head when she heard the door being opened and he could tell that she had been crying.

She tried to hop off the table but he was at her side before she could maneuver herself off of it. She fell into his embrace and the tears flowed freely while he rubbed soothing circles along her back with his fingertips. She calmed down enough to lift her head from his chest and look in his eyes.

“It’s okay, Michelle,” Danny soothed. “It’s going to be okay.”

“I’m afraid, Danny,” she admitted.

“I know you are, baby, so am I, but it will be okay. I promise it will,” he said and she nodded her agreement.

“Danny?” she said softly.

“Yeah, baby?” he answered.

“How do you feel about this? I mean, what is going through your head right now?” she asked timidly.

“Baby,” he said, ” a year ago, I thought my life was over. I thought that God had surely forgotten all about me and I was destined to live the rest of my miserable life without my wife and my son, the only things that ever mattered to me, but  now I realize God hasn’t forgotten me at all. I miss Will every minute of every day and there is nothing that can ever replace him, but finding out about this baby has made me more happy than I can express right now. It made me believe in new beginnings. Does that make sense?” he asked.

“Yes, it does, Danny,” she answered. “It makes perfect sense. I am so glad to hear you say that.”

Danny knelt on the floor and laid his head in her lap. “This baby was created out of the same love that created Will,” he said as she ran her fingers through his hair. “This baby just solidifies the fact that we are supposed to be together and be a family.”

Danny lifted the hem of her shirt and began to nuzzle her still flat belly with first his nose and then his lips, planting feather soft kisses along her skin, which caused Michelle to dig her fingers deeper into his hair.

Rick entered his office just as Danny was kissing his way up to her navel and quickly jerked his head away from her and straightened her shirt back into place. Rick’s amused expression was not lost on Danny and he shot Rick a warning with his eyes, which seemed to amuse Rick even more.

Rick transferred his gaze to his sister and the amused look was stricken from his face immediately when he saw that she was still frightened. “I ran into Dr. Sedwick as I was coming down the hall. I told her about the test results and she said she would come by and talk to you for a few minutes as soon as she made a call. I am going to check on some patients and get some coffee, but I will be back later okay?” he said cupping his little sister’s chin and coaxing a smile, forced thought it may be, from her. The trembling of her chin touched the very inner recess of his heart and he planted a kiss on the top of her forehead in reassurance. “It’s okay, Michelle,” he said seriously “We won’t let anything happen. I will see you later,” he said leaving the couple to have some time together.

They were only alone a few minutes when Dr. Sedwick strolled into Rick’s office smiling. “Danny, Michelle,” she exclaimed. “It is so good to see you both. I understand congratulations are in order.”

“Yes,” Danny answered for both of them.

“So Michelle, how are you feeling? Rick filled me in on some of the symptoms you have been having, all of which are completely normal during the first trimester of pregnancy, as you know, but I want you to tell me what you are feeling.”

“To tell you the truth, I am scared to death,” she admitted.

“That very understandable,” Dr. Sedwick answered. “I can imagine you are both pretty scared. Here is what I think we should do. I need to do a pelvic exam and then I will schedule a sonogram but, Michelle, listen to me please, there is no reason to think that this pregnancy is anything but normal,” she said alluding to Michelle’s fears without her having to tell her.

“I know that but everything was fine with Will too and…” she said the tears coming too hard to finish.

“And he died anyway,” Danny said finishing the sentence that Michelle couldn’t.

“Yes, he did,” Dr. Sedwick said. “But there is nothing so far to indicate that Michelle cannot carry this baby to term. Sometimes things happen and we can’t explain them. I don’t know why Will was born too early and I can’t guarantee that it will never happen again but I do happen to have some free time right now and if you would like, I can perform the pelvic exam now and then schedule the sonogram for in the morning,” she offered.

“Yes, yes,” Michelle said through her tears. “Yes, thank you.”

“Okay,” Dr. Sedwick said “I will meet you in my office in ten minutes,” she said as she walked out into the hall.

Danny helped Michelle off of the table and took her in his arms. The trembling had subsided a little and Danny knew that she would feel better once she was examined by Dr. Sedwick and declared healthy.

“Do you want me to be in the room when the exam is done?” Danny asked. “Umm, I know it might be kind of awkward for you and all but if you want me to…”

“Yes!” she interrupted. “Yes! I want you there. I will feel better knowing you are there.”

“I’m always going to be there Michelle,” he said. “For you and for our little miracle.”

“Oh Danny!” she cried. “Is this a dream? Is this really happening?”

“If this is a dream, then I never want to wake up. You are all I have ever wanted, Michelle. I had given up hope of ever being happy again. Now I have you back and we are going to have a baby. Thank you for giving me back my life, Michelle.”

Michelle was actually beginning to believe that everything was going to work out for them this time but she wouldn’t relax completely until she got the thumbs up from Dr. Sedwick.

Twenty minutes later, with Michelle lying on the cold, plastic covered adjustable chair, adorned in a paper gown, Dr. Sedwick began the examination. With Michelle’s body in the usual position for such an examination and Danny seated beside her holding her hand, Dr. Sedwick carried out the examination with a sure, quick hand. As each area of her body was examined, Michelle had to bite her tongue to keep from asking what she thought. Only when the exam was complete, did Dr. Sedwick offer any comments.

She pulled off the latex gloves she was wearing and threw them into the wastebasket marked BIOHAZARD. “Well Michelle,” she began ” you have a very healthy eight week pregnancy from my findings. We will still schedule the sonogram for in the morning, but at this point, I see no reason to be concerned. Now why don’t you get dressed and we will get you your starter vitamins, okay?” she said to a smiling Michelle.

Michelle got up and began to get dressed. She discarded the too thin gown and began to put on her panties when she smiled to herself. This really was happening. It really was. She was going to have a baby.

When she was completely dressed, she stepped from behind the curtain to find Danny still in the room waiting for her. The expression on his face was something that no writer could put into words. The lines that were etched on his forehead seemed to have gentled and he had smiled so much since he found out about the baby that she felt certain that his jaw must ache.

“A baby,” he said, wonder in his voice.

“Yes,” she agreed. “Our baby. Will’s little brother or sister,” she said willing back the tears that threatened to spill once again.

“I know, baby. I was just thinking of him, too,” he admitted.

“He would have made such a good big brother,” Michelle noted and Danny nodded his agreement.

“You ready to go?” he asked trying to steer the conversation away from being so sad. They would talk about Will again soon but he wanted to rejoice in this feeling of euphoria for just a little while longer.

“Yes, let’s go and get some dinner,” she said.

“Oh no!’ Danny exclaimed. “I just thought of something terrible.”

Michelle’s jaw dropped and her face froze in terror. “What, Danny?”

“Does this mean you are going to start eating peanut butter and tomato sandwiches again,” he said and relieved, she burst out laughing.

“Probably,” she admitted, “and don’t forget the sunflower seeds,” she added and Danny rolled his eyes in defeat.

“Oh no,” he laughed. Michelle had eaten sunflower seeds by the pound when she had been carrying Will. She had refused to eat anything that wasn’t healthy while she was pregnant and her obsession with the salty seeds had become a running gag with them. She had bought them in bulk, thinking it more economical, but when he had spilled the 50 pound bag all over the kitchen floor trying to pour out some for her, she had broken down into a hysterical fit of laughter right there on the floor.

They were both smiling and laughing as they left Dr. Sedwick’s office hand in hand and heart in heart, just like it was always meant to be and Danny thought that life couldn’t be any better for him. God had smiled on them and he was once again living loving Michelle.


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