Loving Michelle by Carla Chapter 26

Republisher’s Note: Danny’s ex-fiancee’s suicide has kept Danny and Michelle from acting on their feelings.

Loving Michelle by Carla – Chapter 26

It was time to go home. The two-month sabbatical in Europe had done wonders for her soul and now she had the clarity that she needed and could put her life back in the proper direction.

She hadn’t intended on staying as long as she had, but an unexpected opportunity to accompany her father on a trip to Africa had presented itself and she called Jan and told her of her change of plans and that she would be away a little longer than she had originally intended. Jan had understood and told her to contact her when she returned and she would be put on the schedule.

Working with her father in those tribes proved to be the most emotionally fulfilling experience that she had ever encountered, not counting the birth of her son. The people there had needed treatment and they had not needed to understand her language to communicate their appreciation. Michelle felt like she connected with these people on a basic level, one that came from the heart.

Sadly, she had seen some of them die, including children and newborn babies. Their deaths affected her deeply, but she learned something invaluable while she was amongst the tribes. She learned that none of this was in her hands.

She didn’t have the power to save someone who was unsavable. She could only rely on the skills she had honed and the rest was in God’s hands. That lesson alone helped to cleanse her soul and to realize that death was a natural progression of life and that life was precious no matter how short or long it was.

These people were kind to each other and seemed to really value human life. They knew in some elemental way that life was to be celebrated and revered and that lesson was the catalyst, which finally helped her to think of Danny and Will and smile.

These wonderful people had shown her that life was meant to be lived to the fullest no matter what circumstances you found yourself in. These people lived without even the most basic of comforts and yet they revered life.

This revelation had made all the difference to her and she now realized that she could put all the tragedy of her past behind and move forward into the future, no matter what it may hold.

Her plane was due to land in just under an hour so she laid her head back in order to catch a quick nap and to calm the nervousness in her stomach. Airplane travel always made her a bit queasy but she also thought she may have picked up some sort of bug while living in conditions that were much more primitive than she was accustomed to.

She closed her eyes and concentrated on her breathing. That always helped in calming her and settling her stomach. She began to drift off to sleep with the last thought being of Danny and Will and the hope that one day in another place and time, they could be reunited again.


She had done it to him again, Danny cursed, but it was the last time that Carmen Santos was ever going to have a chance to screw with him. She forged his name on the divorce papers and then sent them to Michelle, who upon receiving them, saw his signature on them, then placed her own next to his on this now cursed, legally filed document.

He didn’t know how she did it but she had managed to get this divorce decree pushed through the legal system and he would have a hell of a time trying to prove that she had forged his signature.

Damn her to hell. If he wasn’t in such a hurry to get to Europe to find Michelle, he would stay here and settle things with his mother once and for all, but nothing was more important to him than finding Michelle and begging for that second chance.

He had begged and pleaded with Rick to divulge her whereabouts and he had finally relented although Danny had sweated it out for a little bit. Rick was a hard nut to crack and if Danny didn’t know that the only reason Rick was reluctant to let Danny find Michelle was because he loved his sister, Danny would have taken on Rick, too.

But now, finally, he knew where Michelle was and he was on his way to find her. There were no more obstacles for them to hurdle now. They were home free.

He got out of his taxi at the airport, retrieved his overnight bag and tipped the driver. His flight was due to take off in less than half an hour but judging by the plane that was just now beginning to land on Springfield Airport’s only runway, his flight was going to be delayed.

Damn. This was just one more thing to postpone his finding Michelle but he was not going to be deterred. He checked his bags and went to get a cup of coffee while the airplane on the tarmac unloaded and moved to allow the plane he was booked on to take off.

He wandered around the terminal for a few minutes drinking his coffee and periodically checking both his watch and the departure schedule for any change. Finally after what seemed like an eternity, his flight was called and he began to make his way to the tunnel where he would soon board the plane that would finally take him to Michelle and their new life together.


Oh no, Michelle thought as she was steps away from entering the Springfield Airport Terminal. She left her Organizer with all of her papers and her digital date book on the plane. She had been in such a hurry to get off the plane and get some fresh air that she had left it on her seat.

She didn’t have time to wait to file a claim for her possession, she needed it now and all she would have to do is run back real quick and get it.

Ignoring the attendant’s cries, she began running back through the tunnel to retrieve her organizer. Thankfully, when she arrived on the other end, she was successful in persuading another attendant to let her back on the plane. When she reached the exit door of the plane, after she had her organizer back in her possession, she noticed out of the corner of her eye that passengers were beginning to load on the plane to the south of the one she had just exited.

One passenger in particular caught her eye as he came out of the tunnel, getting ready to board. From behind, he looked so much like Danny. As if this person could feel her eyes upon him, he turned and met her gaze.

Oh my God, it was Danny. Both of them seemed to freeze and recognition set in. He turned around and said something to the attendant on his flight that was collecting the boarding tickets. A small scene unfolded although Michelle couldn’t make out what was happening from where she was standing.

She was prevented from seeing the outcome of this altercation by her own flight attendant who was now physically ushering her into the tunnel and out of Danny’s view.

She desperately needed to find a place to sit down for a second. Her heart was racing a mile a minute.

It was the first time she had seen him since the day at the hospital in the Dominican Republic when she left him so he could take care of Amelia. Was Amelia with him now? She had only seen him for the briefest of moments but she could have gotten on the plane before him.

Amelia should just now be healing from her broken bones suffered in her accident, Michelle realized. Oh dear God, they could be leaving to go on their honeymoon!

She thought she was going to be ill right there on the carpet in the airport terminal tunnel. All the internal work that she had managed to do during the last months took a nosedive as she formed the scenario in her mind.

At last, she reached the inside of the terminal and she found a place to sit down. She put her head down and began to take slow, deep breaths until the wave of nausea subsided.

Finally, she felt calm enough to try and stand. No sooner did she get her legs under her when the nausea hit her again with more force than before. Knowing it would be unwise to try to travel while she was feeling this ill, she sat back down and tried to will away the queasiness out of her stomach and the image of Danny and Amelia out of her head.


“Sir!” the frightened flight attendant said, “you can’t go back now. We are going to take off in a few minutes. Please get on board and take your seat,” she said with more bravado than she felt.

“I don’t give a damn,” Danny spouted. “I’m going back. The plane can leave for all I care, now unlock the damn door before I break it down!” he threatened referring to the tunnel door that she had just closed.

“Sir, if you need to get a message to someone, I can notify the captain and I am sure he can…”

“I don’t know how I can make myself any plainer!” Danny shouted. “I am NOT getting on that plane. I need to get back into the terminal and I need your help,” he said his voice gentling. “Please… Maggie,” he said reading the nametag pinned to the pristine blue airline blazer the attendant wore. “Just open the door. I won’t cause any trouble and I won’t ever ask for a refund on the ticket. I just want a chance to get back into the terminal before it’s too late. Come on, Maggie, won’t you help me? My life depends on it,” he plead.

“Okay,” Maggie relented “but hurry,” she said opening the door for him. Danny sprinted down the tunnel and into the terminal and began searching for Michelle. After several panic filled moments, he located her sitting by herself with her head lowered.

He approached her and sat down in the empty chair on her right and gently put his hand on her shoulder. Her head lifted and her eyes met his and time stood still while these two tortured souls spoke without words.

Danny stayed beside Michelle, still neither of them speaking. Words were not needed as their hearts connected on a level that went beyond the more spoken word.

Michelle was the first to break the silence by addressing the unspoken question that was on both of their minds.

“Where is Amelia?” she asked.

“Michelle,” Danny said. “We need to talk about that but not here. Can we go somewhere?”

“Yes,” she answered without hesitation.

“Good. Come on. I know the perfect place,” he said and stood up and waited for Michelle to join him.

Michelle stood up, gathered her bags and her organizer and then proceeded to faint dead away into Danny’s arms.


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