Loving Michelle by Carla Chapter 22

Republisher’s Note: Danny figures out what Amelia is up to.

Loving Michelle by Carla – Chapter 22

Danny watched Amelia sleeping from the chair on the opposite side of the room. She had been out for over an hour and would probably be out at least another one. Taking this opportunity, he went over to the closet where he had put her things that she had with her when she was brought in to the hospital. He reached inside and removed her purse and took out the two items that he had seen earlier that had puzzled him.

He looked at the amber colored bottle with the prescription label on it first. He examined the label and took note of the name. He recognized it as a sleeping aid. Why on earth was Amelia taking sleeping tablets?

He put that trivial and inconsequential thought to the back of his mind where it belonged and focused instead on the pink package of birth control pills.

The bitch had been lying to him just as he suspected. He had called her on her treachery and she had fled from him and right into the path of an oncoming taxi. She knew good and damn well that she was not pregnant then, yet she went through with the ridiculous pretense that she was. Again he asked himself why.

She had to have known that she would be found out eventually, hadn’t she? She had to have known that after finding him with Michelle in her room that it was over for them. What on earth would make her even try to play this game of deceit?

Did Carmen put her up to it? Did she somehow know that being this close to Michelle again would cause all of their unresolved feelings to resurface? Was she that worried that he and Michelle would reunite that she would hatch such an evil plan?

Damn right she would. And not lose one second of sleep either. Damn. He wished to God that he had never told her of his plans to accompany Michelle down to the Dominican Republic to oversee the divorce. He should have just followed his gut and kept his plans to himself.

He didn’t acknowledge his instinct however, and it almost ended tragically.


He was just about to sacrifice his happiness with Michelle for this lying vindictive Carmen Santos clone.


But not quite.

The birth control pills he held in his hand spoke volumes, as did the sleeping pills he had just put back inside her purse. Amelia was clever and he had completely bought into her depression act, but Danny knew there was no way she was mourning any lost baby. She had been taking precautions all along against such a circumstance. Along with the birth control pills, the sleeping pills were just another tool used to help convince him that she was depressed enough over losing her phantom baby to be suicidal and he would be forever trapped in her web of guilt that she had spun.

Danny let out a short, curt laugh. She was unbelievable. Un-freaking-believable. This was not going to go unanswered. Not by a long shot. Part of him was telling him to hightail it out of here and go to Michelle but another part of him, the part that wanted to make her pay for almost costing him Michelle for good, convinced him to stay here long enough to expose her ill planned scam and then he would walk away from her and gladly never look back.

He would check out of the hotel this afternoon and could be on a plane for Springfield by tonight. A plane that would take him home. To Michelle. They were going to get that second chance after all.

But first, he would deal with Amelia and her schemes and when she awoke from her drug-induced state, she was going to wish she had never heard the name Daniel Santos. Hell, he thought, when he was through with her, she was going to wish she had never been born. All he had to do was wait until she woke up.

Just over two hours later, his anxiety over waiting for her to awaken got the better of him and he decided to call Michelle and tell her of the new developments. He had been pacing the floor for the last half hour waiting and decided that his sanity depended on him getting out of that room.

He stepped out of the room and walked down the hall to the pay phones in the waiting area. He fished his calling card out of his wallet and after punching in the appropriate code numbers, dialed Michelle’s number and waited to hear the voice that would finally end this nightmare.

“Sure Jan,” Michelle said into the telephone receiver ” I can come cover Loretta’s shift tonight. No problem. Tell her I hope that Cindy gets better soon.” She placed the telephone back into its cradle and glanced at the clock on her nightstand.

She would have to shower and change now if she were going to cover Loretta’s shift and then her own at the hospital tonight. It would be a long night but truthfully, she welcomed the distraction. She had called Jan upon her return and was immediately put back on the schedule starting tonight.

She was ready to get back to her day-to-day business and put this whole situation with Danny and Amelia behind her. The last few days had indeed been cleansing but they had also been heart breaking and she just couldn’t relive that pain all over again.

She let out a long, defeated sigh. Danny. What was he doing right now? Was he sitting at Amelia’s bedside holding her hand and whispering words of comfort to her? Was he helping her mourn a child that had never been?

Probably. Danny was that kind of man. He would put himself second again, as he always did. He had put his feelings on hold when Will died and tried to focus on hers and she knew in her heart that he had to do this for his own piece of mind.

She mentally scolded herself for allowing herself to entertain this train of thought. She had to get a move on right now or she would be late. There was a very tiny preemie in the neonatal unit that needed her attention. Jan had filled her in on the tiny little girl who was born three days ago. She was just under four pounds, just a little over a pound more than Will had been but Jan told her she was a fighter and had a chance. Michelle would do everything in her power to make sure she got that chance. She would do her damnedest to make sure that another mother didn’t suffer through the agonies that she had in losing a child that was born too soon.

She quickly showered, dried her hair and swiftly but accurately applied a minimal of make up and than got dressed. She grabbed her handbag and keys and was just about to leave when she remembered the manila envelope lying on her dresser. The envelope that held her and Danny’s divorce papers.

They had mysteriously arrived on her doorstep this morning although she didn’t have to use all of her powers of deduction to realize who had placed them there. Carmen.

The envelope had the faintest trace of the designer perfume Carmen Santos adorned and this was definitely her style. She would have been furious with Carmen for her interference but it had in fact, solved the problem that Danny canceling the session with Mr. Wallace presented. She didn’t know how Carmen got the papers so quickly, but they were legal and all she had to do was put her signature on them and then drop them in the mail to Danny and then her objective would be met. Danny would be free and she would go about the rest of her life. All things considered, it couldn’t have worked out any better.

She had signed the papers and now all she had to do was drop them in the mail. She had signed them just over an hour ago. It had taken her all morning to get her hands to stop shaking long enough to sign her name but she had done it. She had done the right thing. The best thing. The necessary thing. For everyone.

Soon it would be over and she could put it behind her, but that didn’t mean that it didn’t hurt like hell. And it did.

She grabbed the envelope and grabbed the doorknob and began to turn it when the phone rang. Checking the time, she decided to let the answering machine get it and she would check her messages on her first break. It was probably Jan anyway, wondering what was taking her so long.

She had dawdled long enough and with a turn of the knob and a push of the door, she was on her way.


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