Loving Michelle by Carla Chapter 21

Republisher’s Note: Amelia still is determined to get Danny.

Loving Michelle by Carla – Chapter 21

She waited until Danny left before she got out of her hospital bed. She had to relieve herself in the worst way and she was not about to be reduced to using that cold, sterile stainless steel pan that they had next to her bed. She got out of bed and headed to the bathroom that was provided in the examination area. Having finished that task, she glanced outside in the hall to make sure no one was coming and went to get her purse.

She wasn’t sure what Danny was doing out in the waiting area and that worried her. He was probably telling Michelle that all they had to do was wait until poor sick Amelia got better and then they could be reunited.

Over her dead body, Amelia thought. There was no way she was going to give up Danny without a fight and she was not above using sympathy and a little faked depression to get what she wanted. She knew Danny. She knew his guilt was eating him up inside and that was her ticket to keeping him by her side for the rest of her life if necessary.

She knew the only reason she had had been able to get him in the first place was because he was so emotionally vulnerable after losing Michelle and his little boy but that was okay too. She still held on to the hope that if Michelle was out of the picture for good, then Danny would see that she was the one meant for him.

They had come so close. The wedding was being performed when Michelle decided to make her appearance. He had pledged to love and honor her until he died in front of God and all those witnesses and Danny Santos didn’t take those kinds of vows lightly. If Michelle hadn’t been so foolish as to get a lawyer that she didn’t even know to perform the divorce, none of this would have happened.

She was angry about the wedding being interrupted and she wasn’t happy at all about finding them in bed together, but she could still make this work to her advantage. The accident had stacked the deck in her favor because Danny was nothing else if not honorable. He would stand by her during her period of recuperation and if she had to make it seem that she was more ill than she really was, then so be it. Who said life was fair?

She reached down to the bottom of her purse and found the prescription bottle full of sleeping pills. It was getting harder and harder to pull off her little depression act and Danny was going to wise up before too long so a little artificial listlessness was just what she needed to maintain his sympathy.

She poured three tablets out into her palm and then popped them into her mouth one at a time and swallowed. They should begin taking effect in two to three minutes and then she could put some realism into her attempts to play on Danny’s guilt.

She closed her purse and hopped back into the bed and pulled the covers up to her chin. She heard the sound of Danny’s shoes as he walked down the hall towards her bed. She knew it was Danny since he had a very distinctive saunter and everyone else in the hospital seemed to wear rubber soled or tennis shoes.

The sound of his even stride as it came closer to her room filled her with uneasiness. What had he said to Michelle? Had he told her he was obligated to stay with Amelia now?

Damn her uneasiness. Her hands were shaking in anticipation. His footsteps were getting closer and closer and she was relieved when she finally began to feel the first stirrings of exhaustion come over her body. She would be out like a light in a few short minutes but before she fell asleep, she would give Danny the impression that she had sunk deeper into her feigned depression and then the hooks would be firmly implanted in him and there would be no question of where Danny’s loyalties would lie.


Michelle didn’t back down from Carmen’s stare instead straightened her back and matched her icy glare with one of her own. Surprisingly, it was Carmen who was the first to break the stare but when Michelle tried to move around her to go to her car to leave, she felt Carmen place her cold hands on her fore arms and pull her back around to face her.

“Not so fast!” Carmen said.

This was the last thing that Michelle needed right now. She didn’t have the strength to exchange barbs with Carmen. She merely wanted to go home and go to bed.

She removed Carmen’s hand and proceeded to walk past her again when she heard Carmen clear her throat. She just wasn’t going to let this go.

She spun around angrily and shouted to the older woman who had spent so much time and effort making her life a living hell. “What do you want Carmen? Can’t you just leave me alone?” she asked rhetorically.

“Don’t take that snippy tone with me young lady. I have every right to be here to see my grandson. Besides, I want a word with you if you please,” she said and it sounded more like an order than a request.

“You’re right, Carmen. You do have every right to be here to see Will and I have never begrudged you that right but that right does not include berating me every chance you get. So, the answer is no, you may not have a word with me. Now, if you will excuse me, I am leaving now and you can spend some time with Will,” she said and turned her back once again on Carmen.

Whatever made her think that Carmen was just going to leave it, Michelle couldn’t say but as usual she was wrong where Carmen Santos was concerned. She hadn’t taken more than three steps in the direction of her car when Carmen started in on her again.

“What did you think was going to happen down there, Michelle?” Carmen asked hoping to strike a nerve. “Did you think that Danny would just forget that he was betrothed to someone else and that you and he were going to walk off into the sunset together? Did you honestly think that you had a chance of getting him back after the way you tossed him aside when you were married?” she asked. “You may have found a way to get him into your bed again but even someone as dense as you can figure out that it was just nostalgia that put him there and that his place is with Amelia,” she said cruelly and she could tell by the slight slump of Michelle’s shoulders that she had accomplished her objective.

Ever since she got Ben’s phone call saying that he was bringing Danny’s former mistake back with him to Springfield this afternoon, she had been itching to confront her about the happenings down in the Dominican Republic. She was still most unhappy about the recent turn of events beginning with her ill-timed interruption of Danny and Amelia’s nuptials.

She should have known that she would try something like that. She had phoned the house that morning looking for Danny. She should have sent Dietz to watch her and make sure she didn’t come anywhere near that church but she had taken a momentary lapse of good judgment that had been clouded by her happiness that at last, Danny was finally marrying a suitable woman.

She hadn’t been able to stop Michelle from interrupting the wedding but she could make sure that she didn’t get any ideas about trying to claim Danny for her own again. Danny was meant to be with Amelia and that was all there was to it and if Carmen Santos had to move heaven and earth to make it happen, then that is exactly what she would do.

This would end right here and now. When Michelle Bauer left this place today, it would be with the understanding that she and Danny were through and any attempts to remedy that situation would be met with serious opposition from her. Michelle looked like all the life had been drained out of her right now so she really didn’t expect her to put up much of a fight anyway. That should take care of the unexpected problem that Michelle and Danny’s brief reunion had caused.

Michelle started to turn around then thought better of it. She was not going to be baited right now. Her pain was too fresh and she was not going to expose any weakness for Carmen to use against her. She began to walk to her car and focused her attention on getting there before her rapidly weakening legs decided to betray her.

She made it to the car and had her hand on the car door handle ready to open it when she realized that Carmen was done with her. Not by a long shot.

“Stay away from Danny!” Carmen said. “He has moved on. He doesn’t love you anymore and you don’t have anything that he needs. Amelia is his future now and it would behoove you to remember that!” she said and Michelle opened the door and settled in her car.

Carmen didn’t have to remind Michelle that Amelia was Danny’s future now but not for the reasons that Carmen thought. Danny loved her. She knew that and would hold on to the thought and decided it was best to just let Carmen believe what she wanted. It wasn’t going to change the outcome anyway. Danny would stay with Amelia and Michelle would have to find a way to go on.

She snuck one last glance at Will’s grave and saw Carmen walking in the opposite direction to where Dietz was waiting for her in the car. She wouldn’t let Carmen get her down. She had her job, her friends and her memories to get her through the rest of her life and she still harbored the small hope that one day she and Danny might have a chance of reconciliation. She wouldn’t put too much stock in that chance but it was something to hold onto and keep in her dreams so that the rest of her life wouldn’t seem like a life sentence with no chance of parole.


Danny was just getting ready to step into the room where his bleak future lie, when he was approached by a nurse that he hadn’t seen before. She told him that they would be moving Amelia into her own private room within the next ten minutes and that he could gather her belongings and meet them up in the room number she gave him.

He walked into the room and found Amelia asleep. Her breathing was even and he watched the rise and fall of her chest as she slept and wondered what it was about this woman that had attracted him in the first place.

She was a beautiful woman, that was certain but she had a coldness about her that was evident even in sleep. She wasn’t the kind of woman he needed or wanted. His loneliness for Michelle was the only reason he had even considered spending time with her in the first place.

He would stand by her as was his duty but he would tell her that he could not marry her. He would wait until she got out of danger but when she snapped out of it, he would tell her he didn’t love her. He would stay with her but he would be honest and he knew that she would be just petty enough to hold him to it but it was the only way he would be able to live with himself.

He walked over to the chair and picked up her clothing and shoes and put them in the bag the nurse provided him. He picked up her purse and accidentally knocked it off the chair spilling its contents onto the floor.

He began to scoop the items up and deposit them back into her purse when he saw several things that disturbed him. One was a pack of birth control pills, half taken and another was a bottle of sleeping pills with the top not screwed on properly as if it were closed quickly.

Alarms went off in Danny’s brain at these discoveries. Something was amiss here. Why was she claiming so adamantly to be pregnant if she had birth control pills in her possession and what of the sleeping pills? Something didn’t add up but he was bound and determined to get to the bottom of this and as soon as Amelia woke up, she was going to have a lot of explaining to do, he thought as he left the room and began to make his way to the elevators already forming the questions he would ask her in his mind.


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