Loving Michelle by Carla Chapter 17

Republisher’s Note: Michelle and Danny deal with fallout at the hospital.

Loving Michelle by Carla – Chapter 17

“Could you please repeat that?” Danny asked the doctor. He prayed that he had heard him correctly but he had to be absolutely sure. He couldn’t take any chances on something this life altering.

“I said,” the doctor with the receding hairline and John Lennon glasses continued “that your wife was never pregnant Mr. Santos.”

“Never?” he asked again. This was almost too good to be true. Dare he hope? “You’re absolutely sure about this?”

“Why yes, Mr. Santos, I am positive. Her blood work came back negative, which shows us that she was never carrying a fetus. I am very sorry although to be frank, you don’t seem to be very upset about this. Your wife is extremely upset and you will be allowed to go in and see her in a few moments,” he added.

“She’s not my wife,” Danny stated a little more harshly than he intended and pulled Michelle close to him and said “This is my wife.”

“I see,” the doctor said somewhat disapprovingly. “You did sign the release forms though didn’t you? Are you any relation to her at all?” he said. “Because we really need a family member’s signature to be able to admit her to this hospital.”

“No, I am not. I am just a friend,” he said and Michelle locked her eyes with his. Danny didn’t care that the doctor was giving him a look full of disparagement. He could take his self righteous look and go to hell for all he cared. How dare he sit and judge him? He didn’t know the circumstances of any of this. He didn’t know what he had been through and he was not going to stand there and tell him what he should and shouldn’t do.

Michelle was still staring at him and at that moment, he felt like they could overcome anything. She was standing beside him in this situation and she had been willing to be there for him even though she had thought he had made another woman pregnant.

His heart filled with new hope. Not since Will had died had he felt any hope at all. Not since that fateful day when they had buried their beloved son had he felt a stirring in his heart that wasn’t stemmed from the sadness that was always with him. Dare he believe in second chances? Was God so cruel as to let him hope and then snatch it away as he had snatched away their son?

Michelle broke her stare to look at the doctor. They still had to take care of this situation with Amelia. She may not be pregnant, but the fact remained that she was still seriously hurt and needed someone to be here for her. She doubted Ben was capable of being there for anyone other than himself unless it somehow benefited him in the long run. He was not the supportive type.

She was still trying to absorb the fact that Danny had claimed her as his wife right here in front of the doctor. He didn’t have to choose this moment to make that kind of announcement. He could have told her in private or waited until Amelia was out of the woods, but instead he had stood up for them. He had claimed her as his wife during this time of great confusion and uncertainty.

If she ever doubted his love for her, she didn’t now. She knew how difficult if was for him to even acknowledge the fact that Amelia could have been pregnant and at the same time take her feelings into consideration without a care for himself. He knew how devastated she had been when Will died and how the news that he was going to be a father again would hit her, but he tried to do the right thing anyway. She had to admire him for standing up for what he believed in and right now he was telling her and the doctor, who still was looking at him with great disdain, that he believed in them.

He wanted so much to do the right thing for everyone else but forget to do what was best for himself sometimes. That was the Danny that she knew and fell in love with. The Danny that nobody else got to see.

Ben chose that exact moment to strut over to where the three of them were standing and discussing Amelia’s condition and need for medical release forms. He sauntered over and stood between Danny and the doctor as if he had every right in the world to be included in this conversation.

The doctor continued his explanation of Amelia’s injuries and her prognosis for the future. She would have to stay in the hospital for at least a week or so but she was going to be fine for the most part. There were no life threatening injuries and her broken bones would heal with time and then she would be as good as new.

The doctor then proceeded to tell them that it was not her physical health that he was the most worried about, but her mental health. She was devastated by the news that she had not been pregnant and kept insisting that she was and he had had to call in a consultation from the psychiatric ward to come and talk to her and they were in there with her now and he could go in once they had left.

He was reiterating the fact that they still needed someone to sign the release forms before they could continue with her admittance when Danny suddenly realized that he didn’t care if Ben was here or not, in fact, now that he thought about it, he was rather glad he was here.

Ben was right. He did have a right to be here. He was Amelia’s traveling companion and therefore, in Danny’s eyes, Amelia was his responsibility now. He knew it seemed a bit callous but nothing good would come of him trying to help Amelia now.

The three of them stayed while the doctor went and got the necessary forms to Ben to fill out. Michelle stuck close to Danny but couldn’t help looking over at Ben. His feelings were so hard to read at the moment. If she didn’t know better, she would swear that there was genuine worry on his face.

Did Ben feel concern for Amelia? Why would he fell concerned for Danny’s ex-fiancee? He was just down here as a traveling companion at Carmen’s request. Wasn’t he?

Michelle frowned in puzzlement. Something didn’t add up here. There was more to Ben being down here than met the eye, she was sure of it. If he was just here per Carmen’s instructions, then why was he acting like he had a right to be here listening to the doctor’s report on Amelia’s condition? Why was he trying to prove by being here?

As if he could read her thoughts, Ben matched her glare and raised one side of his mouth in a cocky smirk. He was daring her to challenge his presence here. He was aching for her to dare him, she knew and she would be damned if she gave him the satisfaction.

She turned her attention back to Danny who had begun to speak to her. “The doctor said we could go in and see her now. Are you coming with me?” he asked.

She looked behind Danny and saw that indeed the doctor had returned. She was just about to tell him that she would go with him when Ben interjected. “No,” he said and both Danny and Michelle whipped their head around to look at Ben.

“Excuse me,” Danny said. “What did you say, Warren?”

“I said no,” Ben interjected. “She is not going in there.”

“And just why the hell not?” Danny asked.

“Because Santos,” he said imitating the way Danny called him by his surname, “she has been run over by a car. You may have gotten the happy results that you were waiting for by her not being pregnant, but that doesn’t change the fact that she is still seriously injured. You go in there and rub her face in your newfound bliss and she could lose what little hold on sanity that she has. It would be just like you though wouldn’t it? Always thinking about your precious Michelle,” he said looking at Michelle as if she were something that he had just scraped off the bottom of his shoe. “You really are a piece of work Santos,” he spat. “You know that?”

Having said his piece, Ben spun on his heel and walked away in disgust. Danny knotted his fists at his sides and was just about to go after Ben when Michelle reached out her hand and stopped him. He looked at her and she gently shook her head no. She didn’t want him to go after Ben and stir things up anymore than they were but he was not going to let him insult Michelle like that and get away with it. So help him, as soon as this mess was over, he was going after Warren with both barrels and then, not even Michelle would be able to stop him.

Danny didn’t care what Ben Warren or anyone other than Michelle thought about him, but Danny had to conceded that Ben was right. He was ready to go in there and announce his and Michelle’s newfound bond to Amelia whom he had been engaged to as recently as last night. Oh man, he was everything Ben thought about him and more.

He threw back his head, looked up the tiled ceiling and sighed, long and deep. What was he going to do? He knew that Michelle would understand but he didn’t want to lose the bond that they had recently sewn back together. They had been separated for all the wrong reasons and now they were given another chance. Why did it have to be so hard? Why couldn’t he just waltz in there and tell Amelia that he and Michelle were going to make their relationship work?

Because to do that right now would not be the best thing for Amelia and no matter how badly he wanted to put he and Michelle first, Amelia was the one who was hurt and in a foreign hospital with no one to be here for her. He had to stay and he had to help her recover.

Michelle must have read his thoughts because she took his hand and gently squeezed it saying “You need to go in there alone. Don’t worry,” she added, ” I will be right here when you return,” and then she reached over and kissed him on his cheek.

Danny looked at Michelle and then over to where Ben was standing dialing a number on his cellphone. Danny didn’t have to be a brain surgeon to figure out who he was calling. He was calling Carmen. She would come down here and berate him for allowing all of this to happen. His mother would be another factor in this already screwed up equation that was going to stack the odds in Amelia’s favor.

He felt sorry for Amelia and wouldn’t just desert her, but he had to tell her how things were. Hell, he had been trying to tell her since he met her that he loved Michelle and always would, but she, like Carmen, just wouldn’t listen. They just wouldn’t listen.

He put thoughts of Carmen and Ben out of his mind and began to follow the doctor through the steel double doors that led to the examination areas. He found her in the first trauma room.

She looked awful. He face was already swelling where she had made contact with either the taxi or the pavement. She would be cosmetically scarred and Danny knew that that would probably be the thing that hurt her the most, not losing him or the imaginary baby.

She hadn’t noticed him in the room yet so he allowed his eyes to scrutinize her a bit before he made his presence known. She had been crying, he could tell. She was holding the sheet up to her chin with one hand and rubbing her stomach in slow circles with the other.

Danny felt his heart sink into his gut. This was no act. She had no idea that he was watching her. She was mourning a baby that never was. She either was the world’s greatest liar or she was genuinely saddened by the loss of a baby that she thought she had been carrying.

He watched her for a few more minutes until her head turned and her eyes met his. She let out a small gasp and then began to cry, In earnest now. Real heartbreaking sobs that Danny found impossible not to be moved over.

He walked over to her and stood by her bedside. He didn’t know what to say. He had never actually been speechless before but this was about as close as he had ever been. Her pain was real and his wasn’t.

His pain had been when he had lost Will and then Michelle. He had selfishly allowed her to manipulate him into her bed, but he should have put a stop to it after that. He only blamed himself for allowing things to get as far as they did and he would take responsibility for her medical and traveling expenses but that was where his responsibility had to end. He couldn’t take on her pain too. He had had enough to last him a lifetime and now it looked like he was finally going to have a reason to smile again and he couldn’t take a chance of losing that. Let Ben and Carmen damn him to hell if they wanted, but he was grabbing this last chance with Michelle no matter the cost.

Amelia tried to speak but was too overtaken by her grief to make any sounds other than some incoherent ramblings. He recognized those sobs. Michelle had cried them when Will had died.

Could he be so callous as to let her feel this great loss alone? Sure, Ben would gladly come in here and stand with her but whose place was it really?

Danny knew the answer to that and put all of his plans of just a few moments ago on the back burner for now and stepped closer to the bed and took Amelia’s hand.


Michelle paced the waiting room floor. She walked outside for a brief moment to get some air but came back in when she realized that Danny might return and wonder where she was. She found a chair to sit in and leaned back and closed her eyes.

Danny was in there telling Amelia that he was getting back with his wife and breaking her heart. She didn’t like the fact that someone else was getting hurt over this but she was not going to lose Danny again. She had suffered without him for so long and it looked like she was finally going to have some happiness in her life again. A reason to get up in the morning.

She smiled silently to herself. She and Danny had made love last night. More than once. What if she became pregnant? Could she handle going through another pregnancy worrying about whether she could carry it to term?

She was probably borrowing trouble but the thought of becoming pregnant as a result of last night did not terrify her like she would have thought. She would love nothing more than to give him another child. One that was created out of their love and their feelings for Will.

She would have to wait several weeks anyway to find out about that so she decided to put it out of her mind for now although she would let the warm feeling that she got when she thought about her and Danny getting back together and being a family again, consume her for now.


Ben put his cellular phone back into his coat pocket and decided to go and sit with Michelle while they waited out Danny’s visit with Amelia.

Things weren’t going as well as he had planned. He had called the divorce attorney, using Danny’s name and canceled the meeting but he was hoping that would buy them all some more time down here for him to get to Amelia but it hadn’t worked out that way at all.

Now it looked like Danny and Michelle were going to get back together but Amelia had been hurt and would be useless to him now. He might as well hop the next flight back to the states. She sure as hell wouldn’t be much good to him for what he had in mind.

He had called Carmen and as expected, heard her usual “That Bauer Girl Speech”. Michelle was to blame for everything from taking Danny away from her to the sinking of the Titanic, in Carmen Santos’ eyes.

He had dutifully let her rant and rave and then assured her that Danny was in with Amelia and that maybe he had made him feel sufficiently guilty about her accident that Danny would realize that he couldn’t desert her now.

Ben eyed Michelle and decided that if Amelia were lost to him now, that Michelle would suffice. In fact, she would do nicely, he thought to himself as he strolled over to her and sat down beside her.


“Danny,” Amelia said between her sobs. “You came.”

“Yes, I am here,” he said his voice void of emotion.

“They keep telling me the baby is gone,” she said and Danny could do nothing but nod his reply.

“They are wrong you know,” she said and Danny’s instincts kicked in at that moment.

“What do you mean, Amelia?” he asked.

“I mean that they are wrong. The baby isn’t gone. It is still there. Come and see,” she said grabbing for his hand.

He pulled his hand away and looked at her in disbelief. What was happening here? Was she playing a game ? Did she honestly believe that she was still carrying a baby that both of them knew had never existed in the first place? Something very eerie was going on here and he didn’t like it one bit. He had a feeling that something horrible was unfolding right before his eyes.

“Amelia,” he broached gently. “We need to talk about the baby.”

“What do you want to say Danny?” she asked. “Are you going to tell me the baby is gone too? Because if that is true then I think I should tell you that I don’t think I would have a reason to live anymore.”

“Amelia?” Danny queried. “What are you saying?”

“I am saying, Danny, that if this baby doesn’t exist then neither does my reason to live,” she said and looked at him with such a cold look that Danny didn’t know if she were a truly sick woman or a demented lunatic and he wasn’t sure which one frightened him the most.


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