Loving Michelle by Carla Chapter 15

Reproducer’s Note: Carmen’s handpicked fiancee for Danny, goes a little nuts.

Loving Michelle by Carla – Chapter 15

The paramedic closed the door to the ambulance once he made sure that the man was seated and the woman on the stretcher was secured. There was no time to waste.

He threw his hand up to signal to the driver that they were ready to go. The ambulance began to move with its sirens blaring. Traffic in the road began to move over to the left. Danny had never gotten get used to the fact that they drove on the other side of the road in the islands and he was glad he didn’t have to try to maneuver in this traffic. People seemed to drive without a care for anyone else on the road.

The paramedic that was still in the back with Danny was silent the entire trip to the hospital. Danny was glad because he didn’t have anything to say. He had left Michelle back at the hotel and had come with Amelia instead, but what else could he do? Amelia had run from him in an attempt to get away from him and had been hit. He didn’t think he would ever be able to get the image of her flying into the air after being hit by the taxi out of his mind.

She had landed on the hood of the taxi before landing on the ground like a broken doll. Her injuries looked severe. Surprisingly there wasn’t as much blood as he would have thought there would be but the injuries he was worried about would be internal. She could have ruptured her spleen or a kidney or even her liver. She may have even lost their baby.

He had not wanted to believe she was pregnant and even if she had been telling the truth, he knew that there was no way that a baby could have survived that impact no matter how protected by amniotic fluid it was. There was no chance for that little being to make it and he felt so bad at this moment.

He was responsible for this whole thing. Amelia was fighting for her life and an innocent baby may have lost their life because of his loving Michelle. It did seem that nothing but heartache came his way whenever he attempted to love someone. He had loved Will with all of his heart and he had died. His love for Michelle was indescribable and she was also gone out of his life. It really looked like anything Danny Santos loved was destined to meet with an unhappy ending. His son and his marriage had both died and now he would be responsible for Amelia and their baby if either one of them died too.

Michelle would never forgive him for leaving her back there and going with Amelia. And how would he tell her about the baby? Especially after what they had just shared. She had admitted she still loved him and he had done the same. They had talked about Will and had been on their way to putting the past behind them where it belonged when Amelia and Ben had shown up.

He dropped his head to his hands. No matter how much he had wanted to be with Michelle and wanted Amelia to be lying about the baby, the fact was that there was a chance she wasn’t lying and he would be responsible for whatever happened. He was stuck. He had to stay with her now. If she had been pregnant and lost the baby, then she would be inconsolable and it would be his duty to remain by her side.

What if she wasn’t pregnant though? What if this was the lie he believed it to be? What could he do about that? He was still stuck. Even if she had lied about a baby, it was still his fault that she ran from him and got struck by that taxi. Her life was in danger right now because of him.

No, either way, he was going to have to stay with her. He wasn’t much of a man sometimes but he always tried to do the right thing and staying with Amelia was the right thing to do right now. There was simply no other way out of this.

The ambulance made it to the hospital in much quicker time than Danny would have thought. Soon the doors were being swung open and Amelia was being whisked away to a trauma room for assessment.

The paramedic who had ridden alongside Danny was shouting her vital signs to the doctor who appeared to be in charge of the trauma center. The doctor began shouting to the nurses to order a full battery of tests when he heard the paramedic announce the possibility of her being pregnant and the doctor changed his orders and then the double doors closed leaving Danny alone in the cold, silent, empty waiting area with nothing but the look on Michelle’s face when he had told the paramedic that he was responsible for Amelia to keep him company.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Michelle ran into the hotel and got in the elevator and pushed the button. The elevator doors shut in Ben’s face despite his attempts to get his foot in the door to stop them. He was the absolute last person that Michelle wanted to deal with now.

Soon, the elevator was on her floor and she ran out of it and into the room that she and Danny had shared. The one where they had made love and had cried over Will in. She kept her gaze away from the bed and went back to her suitcase. It was a good thing that she had already begun packing.

She had to call Mr. Wallace and find out why there was going to be a delay in the divorce. She had to find a way to get the divorce now and if she had to find another lawyer to do it, then she would. This needed to be taken care of right now.

Calm down, Michelle, she told herself, breathe. She knew her feelings were all stemming from overhearing Danny’s admission to the paramedic. She still couldn’t believe it although she didn’t know why she should be shocked. Danny was a very sensual, viral man. She hadn’t expected him to be celibate just because she had been. They had been divorced after all and he was free to sleep with every woman Carmen had paraded in front of him if he wanted and there wasn’t one damn thing she could do about it.

She just hadn’t been prepared for how much it would hurt was all. The admission by Danny to the paramedic who was loading Amelia into the ambulance had knocked the wind out of her sails. She had already decided that they couldn’t get back together and that he should go after Amelia but to hear from his own mouth that Amelia was pregnant had been devastating.

How long had he known? Had he come down here with her intent to help her get the divorce with that knowledge? Had he charmed his way back into her bed knowing that Amelia would give him the child he craved?

She grabbed her purse and got the business card she had for Mr. Wallace and angrily dialed the number. She had to get this divorce now. She had to pick herself back up and then go forward. If nothing else, she and Danny had put their demons behind them and they could now coexist in the same world without all the pain that they had carried within them both for the last year.

The phone was answered on the other end on the third ring. It was the same lady whom she had spoken with the previous day. She had informed her yesterday that her husband would be back on Saturday and she had been planning to give him the message but since Mr. Santos had called and canceled the appointment, then she assumed she didn’t want the divorce anymore.

“What?” Michelle said incredulously. “When did Danny call and cancel the appointment?”

“Just over an hour ago dear?” Lia Wallace said. “He was very apologetic and said that you two would not be requiring his services after all. I am so glad for you, honey,” she said.

Michelle mumbled something into the mouthpiece of the telephone and then placed it back in its cradle. Danny had canceled the appointment. He had either wanted to get another lawyer that could see them sooner or he didn’t want the divorce anymore.

When had he had the time to call the lawyer and more importantly, why had he done it? His pregnant fiancee was down here and he had called and canceled the divorce? None of it made any sense.

What had he been planning when Amelia had been hit? He had said she had run from him. What had he said to her to make her run? Had he told her that he was canceling the divorce? Was that why she had run?

Poor Danny. He would never get over this guilt. He was the kind of man who would sacrifice his happiness for others although few people knew that. He had traded his happiness for hers on more than one occasion. She knew that he had let her go after Will died because he thought he was doing it for her. Only now did she realize how much it had cost him to let her go. He had never quit loving her despite having becoming involved with Amelia.

She could live with the fact that he had been intimate with Amelia because she had always known how important the physical side of a relationship had been to him but now there was an issue of a baby. An innocent baby caught in this awful situation.

She sat down on the bed and tried to figure out what to do. She was on the verge of running again. She was so close to just crying her eyes out and then going back to Springfield and back to her job and back to Rob. He had been trying to get her to go out with him for the longest time and for some reason she had been putting it off. She would go back and accept his invitation this time. She would…………….

No, she wouldn’t. She would not go running back to Springfield and she would not run towards a man she didn’t really care about. She would stay and see how Amelia was and see this divorce through if necessary. She would find out why Danny had canceled the divorce and they would find a way to make this whole thing work out. She was not going to run again.

She had spent the last year running from her feelings about Danny and about Will. She loved them both so much. She could never get Will back but there was a chance she could get Danny back and she would stick around and see what kind of chance they might still have. Amelia’s pregnancy was devastating but it wasn’t destructive. She loved Danny and if there were a way for them, then they would find it.

She picked up her purse and opened the door to go downstairs. She was going to go to the hospital and find Danny and Amelia. She was going to show her support no matter what. IF Danny wanted her to leave then she would leave but he was going to have to tell her that. She wasn’t going to presume anything on her own anymore.

She looked at the elevator and suspecting Ben might be lurking around somewhere, decided to take the stairs. She took the stairs to the lobby and walked out of the hotel onto the street where the tragedy had unfolded barely an hour ago. She tried to hail a cab but it was nearly impossible since the cabs were taken as soon as they pulled up.

Damn, she thought to herself. At this rate, it would be faster for her to walk but she had no idea where she would be walking. She would have to wait until she could get a cab. To her amazement, a cab came up to her and stopped. No one jumped in it before she could get the door open and she slid in the seat quickly and ordered the driver to take her to the nearest hospital.

It was only then did she notice that the cab was not empty. Sitting next to her was none other than Ben Warren and it was clear that he was headed to the same destination as she.


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