Loving Michelle by Carla Chapter 14

Republisher’s Note: Danny’s fiancee discovers him in bed with Michelle and announces she’s pregnant.

Loving Michelle by Carla – Chapter 14

Ben hung up the phone and went to buy his newspaper. He checked his watch. Danny should have come down to talk to Amelia by now.

He was so tempted to go upstairs to see Michelle even though he knew Danny would come after him. He liked unnecessary danger. He liked poking the snake with a stick to see how much it would take before it struck.

Instead, he bought his paper and settled into a chair in the lobby to read it and wait for Amelia to finish talking with Danny. He knew Amelia was gonna come out on the short end of this deal and she would be in need of a lot of comforting. He smiled to himself when he realized he was the perfect man for the job. This couldn’t have worked out more in his favor, he would have Amelia in his bed by tonight and he knew a trick or two that would make her forget about Danny Santos in a second.

He had called Carmen to tell them of their arrival and to inform her of their unfortunate timing in entering Danny’s room. Carmen had been furious and had shouted Spanish obscenities into the phone and Ben had removed the phone from his ear until her childish tirade was over. What was done, was done. Cursing at him in Spanish wasn’t going to change the fact that Danny still loved his little elfin wife even though he had a cool, ice princess at his disposal.

He had hung up after assuring Carmen that Danny and Amelia were going to talk. He failed to tell her what he was sure Danny was telling Amelia. He would have the opportunity to lay that on her when they got back. This was one of those situations where he wanted to see her face when he told her. Besides, he intended to be there for Amelia when she got her “heart” broken by Danny. Ben laughed to himself at the thought. Amelia was one of them. She had no conception of the word love anymore than Carmen or he did. She just wanted Danny because he was a Santos and there was a certain amount of danger and prestige that came with the title of Mrs. Daniel Santos and some people just get off on things like that and he would bet dollars to donuts that she was one of them.

He opened the paper and tried to find something to hold his interest until he could pick up the pieces for Amelia once Danny dumped her like yesterday’s garbage. He smiled to himself as an idea hit him and got up from his chair and went to the front desk.

The woman at the desk asked if she could help him. He smiled his devilish charming smile that had made so many woman either swoon or cringe and sometimes both. This young lady seemed to be affected positively by it so he continued his objective.

“Yes. I believe you can. Listen, do you know the name of any good divorce lawyers here in town?” he said.

Kelly was caught in the handsome stranger’s spell despite herself. There was something about him that screamed smarmy but she found herself willing to help this man without really understanding why.

“Well, I don’t know of any personally you understand but I hear that there is a good attorney named Robert Wallace,” she offered.

Ben winked at her and he saw the young lady with the name tag that read Kelly smile shyly. “Could you look up the number for me, sugar?” he asked and before he could say quickie divorce, she was reaching under the counter to get the phone book.

She anxiously flipped to over to the yellow pages part of her phone book. He wanted the name of a good divorce lawyer. Had he come down to the Dominican Republic to get a divorce? Did that mean he would be free soon? She looked at his ring finger and saw that there was nothing there. She was not surprised though. Smooth operators like him never wore their wedding bands. It was either in his pocket or in his car. She had had too many encounters with men like this one she was said to say but somehow found herself unexplainably drawn to them.

She found the advertisement for the office of Robert Wallace and jotted down the number for this intriguing stranger that she wanted to get to know better. She handed it to him and he extended his hand and took the slip of paper from her and paused to touch her hand and caress it gently. He half expected her to snatch her hand away but when she left it in his grasp, he brought it to his mouth and placed a kiss on it.

She was falling for his charm as they all eventually did but he was not interested in her right now. If Amelia hadn’t been the object of his desire right now, he wouldn’t hesitate to accept her unspoken invitation but as it were, he would not be taking her up on it just now however, it never hurt to have a reserve in case Amelia didn’t work out.

“Thank you, Kelly,” he smiled. “Could you do me one more favor?”

Kelly was giggling like a schoolgirl. “Of course,” she said. “What would you like me to do?”

“Write your phone number down beside the one to the lawyer,” he said and winked at her and Kelly jotted down her number then went to answer the telephone that was ringing.

Saved by the bell, Ben thought. He took that opportunity to make his exit. He hadn’t really wanted her number but no harm in flirting a little and who knew what could happen. He grabbed his newspaper he left on the chair and went into the pay phone area of the lobby. He had a phone call to make.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

“What did you say?” Danny said in total shock. Had she just threaten to abort a baby? His baby?

“You heard me, Daniel,” she said haughtily. She was not going to let him disgrace her in front of Michelle and get away with it. She would do whatever she had to keep him. He didn’t know it but she was good for him. Michelle was not. She didn’t want him. She had had her chance and she let him go.

It wasn’t Amelia’s fault that Michelle Bauer was a foolish little brat. She wasn’t woman enough to understand a man like Danny, but she was.

She could forgive him for his momentary lapse of good judgment in sleeping with his soon to be ex-wife but it was unacceptable that he had tried to break it off with her. She knew Danny was a man and had a certain attachment to the little snit but she was not going to allow that to stand in her way of being Danny’s wife. There was no way in hell she was going to give up without a fight and if a little creative lying was necessary then so be it.

He missed his little baby so much that she felt sure that he would jump at the chance of being a father again. The only problem was, she wasn’t really pregnant but that was not what worried her at the moment. What worried her was the look in his eyes when he looked at her right now. He looked disgusted right now and that hurt.

She wasn’t usually willing to give in to silly human emotions but Danny had managed to infiltrate her heart a little. She wanted him like she had never wanted anything in her life. She really believed she could make him happy.

“Well, aren’t you going to say something?” she said.

“What do you want me to say, Amelia? That I am happy?” he asked. “Well I am not happy! I don’t want to have this baby. The only baby I want is Will and he is gone and I never want to replace him,” he said.

“Well Daniel, knowing that you might take that stand, I am prepared to solve the problem of this baby if you are not willing to take responsibility for it and marry me like we planned,” she said.

Danny looked at the woman he had once thought could make him somewhat happy. He couldn’t believe he ever found anything attractive about her. She was willing to have an abortion to get him back for not loving her.

He recalled the few times that they had made love. Having sex was a more accurate term actually since he had never pretended to love her. He used her, he admitted that but she was more than willing to be used and he had never led her on or gave her false promises. She knew from the beginning that he would always be loving Michelle.

Those few times he had used the necessary precautions to prevent pregnancy and God only knew what else. Amelia was no wallflower by any stretch of the imagination. She was a very beautiful woman and he felt sure that she had had her share of lovers over the years.

Suddenly it dawned on him. She was trying to dupe him. There was no baby. He laughed to himself at having been drawn in even for a moment.

“What are you laughing at, Daniel?” Amelia asked clearly agitated that he could find something amusing in this situation.

“I am laughing because it is so ludicrous that you think for one second that I believe you are pregnant. We used protection Amelia. Did you forget that? I couldn’t have gotten you pregnant and I know the last thing in the world you wanted was a baby right now. You are just trying to trick me with the oldest line in the book. I can’t believe I fell for it even for a second,” he said.

Amelia went white. She was trapped. He didn’t believe her. She couldn’t prove she was pregnant. She had actually thought of the pregnancy trap on the spur of the moment. It wasn’t premeditated. Carmen would be very proud of her for coming up with it, but it hadn’t worked. He didn’t believe her. She had planned on sleeping with Ben tonight without protection. It was the right time of the month for her to conceive and since she and Danny had been intimate as recently as two weeks ago, she could pull this off. She hadn’t planned on having children this quick but it was better than not having Danny at all. She just had to convince him she was telling the truth and then she could snare Ben tonight.

She wasn’t blind. She saw the way Ben looked at her. She knew she was desirable. She had never had any problem with men before and it irked her to high heaven that Danny was still in love with the little imp. What was the attraction? She was pale and ashen while she was dark and classic. Michelle was short and unrefined to her statuesque and poised. It really was a no brainer after all.

She supposed love did strange things to people. She had just lied to Danny about being pregnant because she loved him. She had to make this work. She just had to. If she could just plant the seed in his mind, she could take care of the rest. Just one small ounce of belief from Danny was what she needed. If she could just get that……..

Danny grabbed her wrist and began to lead her away. She pulled out of his grasp and screamed. “What are you doing?” she shrieked.

“I am taking you somewhere” he announced.

“You aren’t taking me anywhere until you tell me where you plan to take me,” she said.

“We are going to the local drug store Amelia and we are going to purchase a pregnancy test and we are going to know once and for all if you really are pregnant or if you are a lying bitch like I think you are,” he sneered.

“Unhand me Daniel!” she said. “I am not going anywhere with you. You are just going to have to believe me. I will take your stupid test, but I will do it when we are back in the states. The tests in this dismal little place are probably out of date and faulty. No, I want a test at my own gynecologists office,” she announced.

“Yeah, right Amelia. Like I don’t know you wouldn’t stoop so low as to bribe your doctor into fixing the tests. Come on, I am not stupid, you are going to take the test right now!” he said and grabbed her wrist again this time a little harder than the last.

She managed to break free from his grasp again and began to flee him. “I told you Danny I would take the damn test when we got home and not before,” she said. It wasn’t long before he had her back in his grasp again and she whined her frustration.

“And I told you that you were going to take the test now. If you want to walk to the store with me that is fine, otherwise I will carry you. One way or another, you are taking the test if I have to go into the bathroom with you, understand?” he said and Amelia knew she was beaten.

She pretended to relent so he would relax his grip and when he did so, she made a mad dash for the door. He began to chase after her and she began to quicken her steps. She looked back to see where Danny was and took a misstep on her three inch heels and began to tumble forward into the street, straight into the path of an oncoming taxi.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Michelle had just finished getting dressed and putting the rest of her things into her suitcase when she heard the ambulance. She looked out of the window when she noticed the siren seemed to stop right outside of their hotel.

There was a group of people gathered in the middle of the street. It looked like there had been an accident. She couldn’t see well from up at this height so she decided to go down and see if she could help as she was sworn to do under the Hypocratic Oath that she had taken when she had first become a doctor.

She put on her shoes and headed out of the door and to the elevator. She waited for the elevator to make it up to her floor and then pondered on whether the stairs would be quicker when the elevator dinged and the doors opened.

She was dismayed to see Ben Warren in the elevator. She didn’t have any choice but to get in with him. She stepped in all the time aware of his eyes on her.

“Michelle” he said casually.

“Ben” she answered back in a tone totally devoid of emotion.

“Looks like we will be going down together” he said and the hidden innuendo was not lost on Michelle and she made no effort to hide her distaste.

They finished the rest of the ride in silence. She went to exit when the doors opened and she noticed him following her.

“I thought you were going up” she snarled at him.

“Oh I was, but since you were the person I went up to see, it only made sense that I come down when you did” he said.

“What on earth would you be coming to see me about? Don’t you know Danny will kill you for going against his orders?” she said.

“Yes, well ordinarily I would be terrified of Danny’s threats but I actually came up there to deliver a message. It seems that I was standing at the desk talking to the most enchanting young lady named Kelly when a phone message came in for you. And since we are friends,” he said and rubbed his hand down her bare arm “I thought I would come up and deliver the message in person. So you see Michelle, I am not as bad as you think” he said.

“I need to get outside Ben. What was the message?” she said and continued walking towards the glass lobby door.

“Oh, yes, the message was from a Mr. Wallace. Apparently he will not be able to meet with you until next week at the earliest. So it looks like we are stuck here for at least another week Michelle. I know, the four of us can go out to dinner. I saw this charming little……”.

He never got to finish his sentence because Michelle took off in a dead run out of the lobby doors.

She ran from Ben not only because he was being his usual boorish self but also because she saw Danny outside in the street amongst the crowd that had gathered around the paramedics that were working on someone in the street.

She got closer to Danny and his face went white when he saw her approaching. She ran into his arms and asked what was wrong and then she saw behind him and realized whom it was that was lying in the street. It was Amelia.

“What happened?” she asked barely squeezing the words out of her breathless lungs.

“She ran from me. She ran out of the hotel and she tripped on the curb and a car hit her. They are working on her now. I don’t know how bad she is hurt. It is all my fault,” he said and Michelle took him into her embrace.

Together they watched as the paramedics lifted Amelia onto the backboard and careful not to jar her lifted her into the ambulance.

The paramedics loaded her inside and then asked if anyone was with her. Danny stepped forward and said she was with him.

Michelle stepped back without realizing it. He had just said she was with him. She couldn’t help the stab of pain that went through her at that moment.

Danny silently pleaded with her to understand but she couldn’t think. Danny turned to the paramedic and began to talk to him. The paramedic was instructing Danny to get into the back of the ambulance with Amelia, which he reluctantly did.

Michelle ran to the door of the ambulance and watched the action unfold inside. Danny had not seen her come into view.

The paramedic showed Danny where to sit and Danny sat with his back to her. The paramedic that would ride in the back with them then asked Danny if she had any medical condition that he was aware of or if he knew of any allergies she might have.

Michelle’s entire world was kicked out from under her when she heard Danny utter the words in a defeated voice. “Yeah, she’s pregnant.”

She turned and ran back to the hotel without Danny ever having seen her with Ben in close pursuit.


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