Loving Michelle by Carla Chapter 13

Republisher’s Note: Danny and Michelle are getting a divorce they really don’t want.

Loving Michelle by Carla – Chapter 13

What happened next could only have happened in the movies. Amelia’s screams threatened to bring in all of the security at the hotel and the amused look on Ben Warren’s face was just begging to be slapped off.

Danny jumped out of the bed, forgetting that he was naked and grabbed the sheet to cover himself , which only exposed part of Michelle and he then threw the sheet back on top of her. That brought a robust bout of laughter from Ben and another round of hysterical shrieks from Amelia.

“How could you do this to me, Daniel?? Your fiancee’? Oh Carmen is going to hear about this!” she said when her hysterical episode which lasted all of 30 seconds was over. She looked like a little kid in kindergarten that had had his ball taken away and was going to tell the teacher. She was standing in a haughty and proud stance and Danny wondered what in God’s name had ever made him even think of getting involved with her in the first place.

He grabbed his pants and angrily pulled them on and stared at Amelia. He was so mad right now he could strangle her. “What are you doing here, Amelia? You weren’t supposed to come until tonight and how the hell did you get in? ” he said through clenched teeth.

“First of all, Danny,” she said with a voice that told him she was not going to take any of his crap. She was the victim here and not him and he damn well better remember it. “The door wasn’t locked. Apparently you two were so eager to go at it that you forgot a simple detail as locking the door. And it is a good thing I did come this morning. God Danny!” she said and the fake tears began to fall. ” Why did you have to betray me like this?” she¬† turned into the arms of Ben Warren.

Ben’s eyes widened in amusement and patted her on the back. “There, there, Amelia,” he said. He had to stifle the urge to laugh again. Oh, this was gonna kill Carmen, he thought thoroughly amused at the idea. “It’s not your fault. Apparently the salty air has turned their libido into overdrive. Maybe the full moon has affected them. You know some people it makes romantic and some people it turns into werewolves. I guess we know which one happened here,” he said and looked at Michelle with twinkling eyes.

Danny saw the exchange and had to control himself. He was going to punch Ben Warren in the mouth if he ever disrespected Michelle again, even in innuendo.

“Come on, Amelia, let’s give them a minute to compose themselves and then we will give them an opportunity to explain how the moon affected them to the point of hitting the sheets like a pair of rabbits,” he said and began to turn her out of the room.

Amelia was not going to be patronized though. She held her ground. “Daniel, I would like a word please,” she said and then looked at Michelle who was wearing a very guilty look on her face and then added. “Alone.”

“Not now, Amelia!” he said. “We need to talk but not right now. I have to get dressed and get my stuff. I will meet you in the lobby in twenty minutes. Warren, find somewhere else to be at that time, okay!” he said while raising one eyebrow in a nonchalant gesture.

“Certainly, Danny,” Ben said. “Why I may come back up here and keep Michelle company. Is that suitable to you?” he said knowing he was pushing Danny.

Ben couldn’t help it. This was the funniest situation he had ever found himself in. Almost as comical as Ross walking in on Blake as she was watching the tape of them making love. Oh man, to have been a fly on that wall, he thought smiling to himself. He was through with Blake though. She had outlived her usefulness and he had been watching Amelia as of late. Mama Carmen had been sending him signals that she would like him to, shall we say, butter her bread, but he liked them young and leggy and Carmen wasn’t either. He supposed she wasn’t over the hill, but she certainly could see the top of it. Oh he supposed he could rise to the occasion if it came down to it, but he would only sleep with her if it had to do with business. Amelia Sanchez struck his fancy at this moment and he usually got what he wanted.

He wiped his smirk off of his face when he saw the deadly look in Danny’s eyes. He was just trying to have a little fun, what was this guy’s problem. He had a gorgeous young thing like Amelia who just oozed sex appeal and he wanted his frigid grief filled ex-wife. To each his own, he supposed but he took Danny’s stare for the warning it was. He would back off for now.

“Come on, Amelia. Let’s let them, um, finish and you and Danny can talk in the lobby,” he said and escorted her to the door. He couldn’t resist and he had to put in his last parting shot. “Good to see you again, Meechelle,” he said knowing she and Danny would get the double meaning and closed the door behind them.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Michelle was paralyzed. She had never been more mortified in her entire life. She had spent these last few hours with Danny and for that she would never be sorry, but his fiancee or ex-fiancee had walked in on them. She was totally humiliated. And that Ben Warren. He had given her the creeps staring at her like that. She didn’t think that Ben had any clue how close he had been to getting seriously hurt.

Danny sat down on the bed next to her. “Uh, look Michelle. Let me go downstairs and tell her that things are over and send her back to Springfield. I am sorry she walked in on us because it embarrassed you but I am not sorry she knows how I feel about you. I will go downstairs and get this over with and then I’ll come back here and we can…..” he said.

“No, Danny,” she said. It was the first sound she had been able to utter since the door had swung open in the middle of Danny’s admission of love. He had just told her he still loved her too. He had such hope in his eyes for them and then the other woman in his life had walked in. Amelia. Beautiful Amelia.

Amelia had been devastated. She wasn’t faking that. She apparently had real feelings for Danny and Michelle suddenly felt very sorry for the other woman who obviously loved Danny very much. She had walked in on her supposed fiancee making love with his ex wife. She had heard him proclaiming his love to her. She felt the other woman’s pain. She had felt it herself thinking of Danny making love with Amelia, of him whispering sweet love words in her ear as he tenderly and gently entered her body. Oh God, she thought, she was going to be sick again.

“What do you mean no?” Danny shouted. “Yes, Michelle, damn it yes. You just told me you love me and I told you I never stopped loving you so I don’t see the problem. We finally settled things tonight. We have been given another chance. Come on baby, don’t let this chance get away from us” he plead.

“Danny, I do love you but I never said we could get back together. I have worked long and hard to get my life back and so have you. I heard what you said earlier about not marrying Amelia but …….” she started to say and had to try really hard to find the next words that would come out of her mouth. “I think you should still marry Amelia. There is no chance for us anymore. You will always be special to me and I will always remember our marriage and Will but you can’t go back…..you know,” she said as the tears began to fall.

“No, Michelle, I don’t know and this is not over. You stay right here. I am not marrying Amelia so quit playing martyr here. We are supposed to be together. You and me, it was always supposed to be me and you!” he shouted.

“Go to Amelia, Danny,” Michelle said and got up with the sheet wound around her body and went into the bathroom and closed and locked the door.

Danny walked over to the bathroom and talked through the door. “I will be back Michelle, count on it,” he said and put on his shirt and his shoes and walked out the door. She was crazy if she thought he was walking away from their second chance. She was crazy as hell.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

By the time Danny entered the lobby, Amelia was furious and she didn’t care who knew it. She was going to make a scene, Danny thought. Great.

He grabbed her arm and said. “Let’s go outside to talk. Where did Warren go?” he asked making sure he didn’t intend to go pay Michelle a visit as he had implied earlier. He would kill him with his bare hands if he so much as knocked on the door to their room.

“He went to go get a newspaper. He wanted to check the stocks or something like that. Stop manhandling me like that Danny! Is this anyway to treat your fiancee’?” she asked shrugging her arm out of his hurtful grasp.

“Uh, Amelia, about that” he said. “I was gonna tell you…” he never got the chance to finish his sentence.

“If I were you Danny, I wouldn’t finish that sentence. You don’t know the implications of your statement,” she said and Danny was puzzled. What the hell was she talking about?

“Amelia, you need to let me talk…” he started and again she interrupted him.

“No, Danny, you need to let me talk. You see if you finish that sentence then we are going to have a big problem,” she said.

“Look Amelia, I don’t have time for games. I am sorry you walked in on what you did. I never stopped loving Michelle and you knew that. You knew how I felt and we got carried away yes, but I want to go back to her. I have always wanted to go back to her. You know that!” he said.

“Yes, but Danny, we have a little problem,” she said ominously.

“What kind of problem could we possibly have? It’s over between us. That is it!” he said.

“No Danny, see it isn’t over, because if it is then I have a problem I need to take care of,” she said.

“What kind of problem could you have that would interest me right now? My main concern right now is Michelle and I am going up there right now. I am sorry you wasted a trip down here…..” and he never got to finish again.

“Danny, if you go back up there, then you leave me no choice but to abort this baby that I am carrying,” and Danny’s world ended right there.


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