Loving Michelle by Carla Chapter 12

Republisher’s Note: Danny and Michelle may or may not get a divorce.

Author’s Note: This chapter is Rated NC-17.

Loving Michelle by Carla – Chapter 12

They kissed hungrily. Michelle kissed Danny back with all the passions and ferocity that he had unleashed in her. There was nothing gentle about this kiss. His mouth devoured hers. He kissed her hard, bruising her lips, sucking on them and then gently licking them. Their mingled cries of pleasure was the only sound in the room.

Michelle’s legs were getting weak. She leaned back into the door jam and it opened the bathroom door. He was supporting her with his arms and he was pulling her to him in the most intimate way. She could feel his need as he pressed it into the juncture between her thighs.

Danny broke the kiss for a moment and looked into her passion glazed eyes. “Tell me, Michelle,” he said and began kissing her neck with slow, wet kisses. “Tell me, is it?” he murmured against her ear and began to bath the lobe with his tongue.

She was too overcome with passion to be able to form anything other than groaning sounds, so she nodded her head in answer to his question. A low moan slipped past her lips, a husky, helpless sound of want. Oh God, oh God, yes, her mind screamed although somewhere in the back of her mind, her voice of reason managed to find its way to the party. You aren’t married anymore, it said. You are on your way soon to get a divorce, you have to stop this now. She tried hard to concentrate on that voice but Danny was doing delicious things to her neck now and she was slowly melting. She tried to recall her voice of reason but it was gone now, lost in the abyss of passion that Danny was evoking in her.

Her hips lifted themselves and made a place for Danny to harbor his need. Her body was spiraling out of control. Her need to be joined with this man was overwhelming and she couldn’t deny him no matter how wrong this was.

“Damn you, Danny,” she whispered into the silence, almost weeping. Damn him for making her feel like this again. Damn him for bringing out this need in her that she hadn’t felt since they had been married and Damn him for making her love him still.

“Damn me then, if it is what you want Michelle, but this is right and you damn well know it,” he said and lifted her dress and cupped her bottom. His mouth trailed down her neck to her shoulders down to her breast. He kissed her though the thin fabric and she nearly came off the floor. He supported her with his weight and knew he needed to get her to the bed before it was over before it even began.

Michelle gave in to the flames of passion that were consuming her. She went for his belt buckle and unzipped his pants and he jutted forward into her hand. She clasped him intimately and she felt his body shake at her touch.

Their kissing intensified and his hands continued their assault on her bottom and his mouth kissing her through her clothes. Danny was in trouble. He couldn’t move and the pleasure was so intense it was going to be over in a minute. “Michelle, baby, oh God, I’m sorry,” he said and she instinctively reached around her with her free hand and grabbed a hand towel that was hanging on the towel bar in the bathroom and caught him as he finished.

Breathing harshly, they both waited for him to catch his breath and find his way back down. Michelle still had the cloth clutched around him and she slowly removed it and wrapped it in a towel. She stepped back into the hall to see that Danny was still standing there, the same way that she had left him. Her clothing was in array and he was still exposed.

Trying to keep the moment from getting any awkwarder, she reached over and tried to help him zip his pants up but his hand covered hers and held it to him. The desire was coming back and Michelle was suddenly afraid of her feelings for Danny. Her sanity had been won by a long fought battle against her feelings for Danny and now it was dissolving. She was going to end up in the same shape she was in after the divorce if she allowed this to continue.

“Danny, I…” she started to say and he covered her mouth with his again. His kiss began to seduce her beyond reason again and soon all thoughts left her altogether.

“Shh, Michelle, don’t talk,” Danny said.” Words aren’t real safe between us right now”. He lifted her up and carried her to the bed. Quickly and with sure hands, he undressed her as he had done a thousand times before but each time he was affected more than the time before. His drank in her beauty, the beauty that had been denied him by a single event in their life. Will’s death was devastating but they should have been able to survive it. They should have turned to each other in their time of need.

He rid himself of his clothes and joined her on the bed. Tenderly he began to caress her. His fingertips danced over her ultra-sensitive skin. Slowly, her clothing was removed as if he took his time opening a package he had waited until Christmas morning to open. Her skin was as soft as he remembered and he remembered often. She invaded his dreams each night. She came to him, called to him and told him she loved him. He had finally been able to discern that they were dreams but he knew this was real.

She lay silent while he continued his journey with his fingers. She had always been sensitive to his touch and her body was reacting to his touch. Her heels had dug into the bed and her body would rise and fall as his fingers continued their sensual torture on her.

He changed his focus of touch her breasts. She had always been full and lush but now they were tipped with tight nipples and were raised to attention for his pleasure. He answered their silent plea and placed his mouth on them.

Michelle raised up on the bed at the feel of his lips on her. The pleasure bordered on pain. She was melting. All her resolve had slipped away. She surrendered her body to Danny willingly but she reserved her heart for herself. If Danny knew how she felt it would complicate things even more.

His hands began to move over her stomach and then proceed lower inch by inch until it encountered a triangle of soft honey colored curls. He opened the folds and found his treasure. He found the tiny nub that was nestled hidden from view. He coaxed it out and began to stimulate her. Her body was beginning to thrash about and her head was whipping back and forth across the pillow.

He continued his tender assault on her most secret place. He knew it was only a matter of time before she would invite him into her body. She was extremely sensitive here and her pleasure was rapidly approaching. Gently, he slipped a finger inside to test her readiness and was rewarded with the knowledge that her body was ready for his.

He mounted her and placed his forehead directly on hers so she could see nothing but his face. She closed her eyes and he kissed her eyelids. He kissed her nose and cheeks and made his way down to her chin. She opened her eyes and their gazes locked.

“Now Michelle?” he asked. It was still her call. He wanted and needed her but the invitation would have to be vocal. He didn’t want any miscommunication later on that he had taken advantage of her. He wanted her wet and ready and willing for him and she was all three.

“Yes, Danny, yes. It has been too long,” she said. Did she mean she hadn’t been with anyone else? Had she been celibate this year?

He couldn’t think of that now when she was ready for him and the fact that he hadn’t been celibate was also there. He would tell her about being intimate with Amelia later. “Okay Michelle, I want you so bad. I never stopped,” he said as he slowly entered her.

Oh dear God, it was heaven. He felt like he was home. Where he belonged. They fit together so perfectly. She had been his perfect match when they had made love despite her petite stature. She was smooth as silk and he moved within her slowly at first as if building up to the crescendo of a symphony. The breathy rasps she was making were more intoxicating than the most effective aphrodisiac. He was so deep within her that he was touching the inner most parts of her.

She wrapped her legs around his hips and began to help him move. She matched him thrust for thrust and soon the culmination was near. Her legs began to thrash and he knew she was on the edge. He moved his hand between their bodies and helped her over the edge. He thrust harder twice more and then joined her in her state of euphoria.

They were both sweaty and exhausted when they were done and Danny was surprised when Michelle asked him to shower with her. He obliged and they ended up making love in the shower after they had started to wash each other. She was thoroughly exhausted after their activities and he carried her back to the bed and slipped in beside her. Neither one of them got dressed and they lay in each others arms until they fell asleep.

Danny was awakened by Michelle’s thrashing around in his arms. Was she remembering their lovemaking? He rolled her over onto her back and saw that her face was contorted into a mask of pain. He gently shook her awake and she looked up at him with devastation in her eyes.

“What is it baby?” he asked. “What is wrong?”

Michelle began to cry. Tears of regret? He couldn’t take it if she were crying because she regretted their union. He held her close and rocked her gently. “Shh, Baby, it’s okay, Tell me what it is,” he said.

“I want Will,” she said and began to cry again. Danny didn’t feel the rejection he usually felt when he thought of her crying for Will and not for them. He completely understood. He wanted Will too. He wanted his family back. He wanted his wife back.

“I know baby, I want him too. I want him so bad,” and soon his tears were mingled with her own. They cried for what seemed like hours. Cleansing tears that had been long overdue. No fault, no blame and no regrets. Only remembering their son together and sharing their pain like they should have done a year ago.

“Danny,” she said in a weak voice. Her nose was all red from crying and her eyes looked bloodshot. This had been such an emotional experience for them that went beyond the physical release they had both found.

“Yeah baby,” he said. He stroked her hair as she lay in his arms. His arms felt complete again. They had been empty for so long and even though they had held another, they were empty. Dear God, let this memory last for his life. Let this be the one he called on when he took his final breath on this earth. Let his last thought be of loving Michelle.

“I never answered your question you asked me on the beach,” she said. He knew she hadn’t answered it but he didn’t want to talk about that now. He didn’t want this delicate situation turning awkward by bringing up his desperate question on the beach.

“Michelle, you don’t have to answer me. I don’t know if I want to know,” he said candidly.

“I want to answer you, Danny. I need to answer you and you need to know the truth,” she said ominously.

Danny swallowed and prepared himself for the answer. The one he had demanded two hours ago but now didn’t want. “Okay Michelle, please tell me,” he said as he continued to run his fingers through her hair.

“You wanted to know why I stopped loving you. The only way I can answer that is this…. I never stopped loving you, Danny. I was so wrong the way I treated you after Will died and I know I lost you because of it and I am prepared to live my life with that fact, but you deserved to know the truth. I never stopped loving you and I am so sorry for how I treated you. Can you ever forgive me?” she said with real sincerity in her eyes.

“You love me?” he said. “You still love me?”

Michelle looked up into his eyes and nodded her head. Dear God, she loved him. It wasn’t too late. They might still have a chance.

“Dear God, Michelle, do you know what this means? I never stopped loving you either and we can…….” and the rest of his sentence was interrupted by the opening of the door and the shocked looks on Ben Warren and Amelia Sanchez.


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