Loving Michelle by Carla Chapter 10

Republisher’s Note: Michelle and Danny are getting a Caribbean divorce, but neither really wants to.

Loving Michelle by Carla – Chapter 10

Danny laid on the couch staring into the darkness. He had just gotten back to the room after being gone for over two hours. He had wandered the streets completely oblivious to the happy people all around him dancing in the streets and laughing. His mind had been swimming with the events of the past few days but especially about what had almost happened earlier between Michelle and him.

They had come about as close to making love as one could get without actually physically completing the act. His body reacted to the memory of the event that had occurred just a few short hours ago. He wanted her again, still actually. Hell, he never had stopped wanting her.

She had bolted when Amelia had called and she had been ashamed of what they had almost done. He was furious at Amelia for calling again and interrupting them. Carmen had probably put her up to it.

Carmen had not wanted him to even come down here and he knew why. She knew he would never change his feelings for Michelle and she didn’t trust them. She was right to worry.

Amelia’s impending arrival was Carmen’s attempt at reminding him of what he cannot have by sending down what he didn’t want.

He had been thinking of Amelia a lot while he was walking too. He didn’t love her and never would no matter how much she pleaded to just give it time. He knew that marrying her would be the biggest mistake of his life and he was sort of glad that that lawyer had turned out to be a phony. Glad in the fact that he was still married to Michelle and that he hadn’t married Amelia, but sad that they were going to go through this pain of separation again.

He wasn’t sure what Michelle was feeling. She had looked so disappointed when Amelia had called but he had chalked that up to the inopportune timing of the call. They were just about to be joined intimately when the call had come and he had been frustrated beyond belief himself. Apparently she had been similarly affected.

He had made a decision concerning Amelia and his near miss with Michelle wasn’t the only reason he had made it. He should have done this weeks ago but had been so blinded by the hope that someone could pour some light into his darkened heart. He knew now that he could never be with another after loving Michelle. His dream of a family would just have to remain that, a dream or a memory rather. For a few ,sweet, days, the three of them had been a family.

Thinking about Will reminded him of Amy’s little girls. He would talk to her and see if she would still let him be a part of their lives. They wouldn’t understand any of this and they shouldn’t have to get hurt by any of it. He was crazy about them and would love to stop in from time to time to visit. Amy was a level headed woman and she would do what she thought was best for her little girls and he would honor her decision.

He would take all the blame for the broken engagement since it was his fault. It wasn’t Amelia’s fault he couldn’t love her or anyone else for that matter. He would simply tell her he could not remarry anyone. He would let her out with her dignity. She didn’t deserve to be brought into any of this and he blamed his mother for that.

He wouldn’t pursue Michelle anymore either. She had her life back and he wanted her to go ahead with it and be happy. Would it include that fellow Rob he had been hearing about? He pushed aside the gnawing feeling he had in his gut thinking about her with another man.

Had she felt this way upon learning he had intended to marry another? Probably. He made a note to himself to have this Rob fellow checked out when he returned to Springfield, just to make sure he was a decent guy and didn’t have any secrets hidden and stuff like that. That was the only reason he would be checking him out. No other reason than that. Yeah sure.

There, it was settled. Michelle and he would go ahead with the divorce and he would break off his engagement and life would somehow go on. The days would turn into weeks, the weeks to months and the months to years and he would mark off the time until he would finally leave this life and be reunited with his son.

He heard a faint knock on the door that separated the living area from the rest of the room. It was so faint that he thought he may have imagined it. No, there is was again. He got up and opened the door. Michelle was standing on the other side of the door and she had a scared look on her face. Was she afraid of him?

“What’s wrong Michelle?” he asked. “Why aren’t you asleep? Are you sick again?” She looked like hell, something had upset her. Had Amelia called again and upset Michelle?

“No I am much better thank you. I couldn’t sleep. I have to tell you something and I am afraid it is going to make you angry,” she admitted.

“Why would I be angry at what you are going to tell me?” he asked. “Look, if this has anything to do with what happ…………..”

“No Danny, it isn’t about that, well, it kind of is, but not really,” she said fumbling over her words in her haste to get them out.

“Why don’t you just tell me what it is, Michelle?” he said gently.

“I called Mr. Wallace like you asked, only I didn’t get Mr. Wallace, I got his wife, anyway, Danny,” she said and took a deep breath “I messed up again,” she admitted.

“What do you mean Michelle?” he asked.

“Please don’t get mad,” she started to say.

“I hate sentences that start that way Michelle because it usually guarantees that I will get mad,” he said.

She used to always start off her sentences like that if there was something wrong. Sometimes it was minor and some times it was major. He remembered one time in particular when she had started a sentence that way.

It had been during their first year of marriage. She had been very busy with school and the hospital and they had decided to split up the household chores between them. They had listed all of the chores on little pieces of paper and dropped them in a hat. They had picked from the hat and had gotten six chores to do each week.

He had offered to hire a maid or at least hire someone to come in twice a week so she wouldn’t have so much on her but she had refused. It was her household she had said, and she would do her part to help take care of it.

Danny had pulled out the piece of paper that had said to clean the toilets. Danny was sort of glad he got that one because Michelle’s idea of cleaning toilets was throwing coca cola in them and then pushing the handle. She had drawn doing the laundry and things had gone fine, until one day she had been busy and hadn’t paid much attention to what she was doing. She had thrown her red sweater in the washing machine without realizing that she had left his favorite tee shirt in there and started the washer.

His beloved Princeton shirt that Sarah Jane had given him had turned a horrid pink color and she had tried to get it out by bleaching it several times until the poor shirt had just shriveled into nothingness. His favorite shirt from his glory days was gone and she had come to him with her lip poked out and saying, “Please don’t get mad.”

The look on her face was so funny. She had been so terrified that he would be furious with her and he had taken her in his arms and told her it was okay. She had the same look on her face now and it took all his energy to suppress the smile that threatened to appear on his face.

“What is it Michelle?” he asked softly hoping to alleviate some of her fears. There was no good way to inch into this so she was just going to say it. She mentally counted to three and blurted it out.

“I got the weeks wrong, Danny. Mr. Wallace can’t meet with us this Thursday. He is in England. It will be at least Saturday before he can see us. I am sorry for this,” she said all in one breath.

Danny was very still. Words wouldn’t come. This was not good. He had already been mentally making plans to go home tomorrow and taking Amelia with him. He didn’t want Michelle exposed to Amelia at all.

Now he would have to stay and see it through. He had been planning on telling her that he trusted her to get the divorce done and she had just admitted that she had gotten the dates wrong. What were they going to do?

He was going to stay now that was for sure. Amelia and Carmen’s boy Ben were on their way down and they didn’t know when they were going to get to see the lawyer.

“Are you mad?” she asked him her big brown eyes looking at him as if she were a lost puppy.

“No, Michelle I am not mad. It would do no good to get mad at this point. I just have to figure out what we are going to do? Did his wife give you any indication of whether he would be able to see us on Saturday?” he asked.

“She took my name and number and said she would give it to him. I can’t tell you how sorry I am Danny. I never meant for this to happen. I honestly thought he confirmed this Thursday with me,” she explained.

“Okay Michelle,” he said. “I believe you. Why don’t you go and get some sleep and we will figure out what to do in the morning. We can have breakfast and talk about it. You already know Amelia and Ben are coming so I am going to try to find another room. I am not going to allow Amelia to make trouble for you Michelle, I promise,” he said and she nodded her head in understanding.

The atmosphere in the room was turning uncomfortable. Michelle longed to just sit down with him and talk. They hadn’t talked in so long. She wanted things to be better between them.

“I am not sleepy anymore,” she admitted.

“Neither am I,” he said. “Want to go out and join the party?”

“What party?” she asked.

“The street party that is going on. I think it goes on all night but it looks like a great way to let off some steam, want to?” he said and wiggled his eyebrows. She laughed and told him to give her five minutes to get dressed and then they could be on their way.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Amelia threw the last of her makeup into her suitcase. How dare he humiliate her like that? Michelle was in his room and they were alone together in a tropical paradise. Well she had news for Daniel Santos. No one makes a fool out of Amelia Sanchez and gets away with it.

She had called Ben and told him of her need to go down there tonight. He had assured her he was on his way. He would be picking her up in another twenty minutes or so.

She didn’t trust Michelle. Danny was hers now and she was not going to allow Michelle Bauer to get in the way. She knew he still had feelings for Michelle and putting them two in the same room might be dangerous. She could live with his feelings for Michelle but she was not about to give up her place at his side. She would be the one to stand by his side each day. He would come home to her each night and she would share his problems and revel in his accomplishments. She was the wife he was always meant to have but he had been foolish and allowed himself to give in to that silly emotion called love.

She saw the headlights coming through the window and knew that Ben was here. He was making no effort to get out of his car. She was surprised he didn’t just honk his horn. He was that kind of man.

She opened the door and motioned for him to come and help her which he eventually did. They got her loaded up and were on their way to the airport. Amelia couldn’t wait to see his face when she showed up at his door tomorrow morning. It would be priceless.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

The music was making her dizzy. She was twirling around and around to the festive beat. Her skirt was blowing in the breeze and she was feeling very carefree. Danny was looking at her in the most peculiar fashion. She tilted her head and gave him a pout and she saw his expression change.

His face hardened a bit and she wondered what had done to upset him. He came to her and put his hand on her elbow and started to lead her away.

She began to protest and he quickly shushed her. He told her he wanted to walk on the beach away from the noise of the crowd. She pouted again in a playful fashion and he quickened their steps.

They reached the beach and began to walk. Michelle took off her sandals and dangled them from her fingers and swung them. She was feeling better than she had in months. She felt like everything was going to be alright. That she and Danny had put the hurt behind them and could go on. Even though they stopped their intimacy earlier, she still felt close to him. She began to run from him in a playful attempt to get him to chase her. She felt lighter than air, she felt giddy, she felt………..alive.

Her mood was broken though when she saw the expression on his face. They had walked out to the shore and soon the sound of the waves was deafening.

He was saying something to her but she couldn’t make it out. She was too far away and the sound of the waves was drowning him out. He began to walk towards her and was still shouting at her and still she couldn’t hear. She began to walk towards him and shouted back that she couldn’t hear him.

“I said,” and then the waves crashed again.

“What?” she shouted as they walked towards each other. The expression on Danny’s face had intensified and he didn’t look anything like the carefree Danny who had been dancing in the streets with the crowd a scant 20 minutes ago.

They continued to walk until finally they were standing in front of each other. The sound of the waves was still very loud and she asked him again what he had been trying to say.

“I said Michelle,’ and paused. “Why did you stop loving me?”


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