Loving Michelle by Carla Chapter 9

Michelle handed the phone to a very pale Danny. It hadn’t sunk in yet who was on the phone. Sweat was still beaded on his forehead and his breathing was very labored. His need was still very evident. He was staring at her with a glassy eyed look as if her were trying to figure out who would need to talk to him. Who even knew he was here.

Damn, Amelia. She was calling him. This was not good. She had already talked to her earlier and she had absolutely no reason to be calling him back. He had told her the hotel he was staying at when she had asked and then he told her he was going to bed. And look whose bed he had ended up in.

He shook his head to Michelle to indicate he did not want to take the call, but Michelle was not going to let him out of it.

He moved off of Michelle and sat on the side of bed. He tried to get his breathing to sound normal and then he wiped the sweat from his forehead with the sheet. What was he going to say to her? The first thing she would do was demand to know why Michelle was in his hotel room and then they would end up fighting.

Why did Michelle answer the phone? He was going to have a hard time talking to Amelia right now when he mind and body was focused completely on Michelle.

“What is it?” he practically yelled into the phone.

“I just wanted to call you and tell you goodnight. I didn’t realize I was interrupting something,” she said with a suspicious tone.

“It’s okay, I’m sorry I snapped at you. I was just going to bed,” he said and it was the truth and he wanted to get back to it as soon as he could get rid of her. He looked over at Michelle who had a horrified expression on his face and he knew then that their moment had passed.

She put her hand over her mouth as if she were going to throw up again and went into the bathroom. He noticed that she had re-buttoned the shirt she had been wearing. Damn.

He had totally forgotten Amelia on the other end of the phone. He was focused on watching Michelle. She closed the bathroom door but not before he saw the hurt on her face. She was either hurt by their interruption or by what they had almost did. Two more seconds and they would be been doing it and there would have not been any question about her answering the damn phone.

“Danny, aren’t you listening to me?” she whined into the phone and he was brought back to reality.

“I’m sorry, what did you say?” he said.

“I said I will be there sometime tomorrow night. Wait for me, I will take a cab from the airport to your hotel,” she said. “Oh and Danny, If you don’t tell me not to come down there, I will not ask you why Michelle is in your room, deal?” she said.

Danny hated being stuck like this. He didn’t give a damn what Amelia thought about him but he didn’t want Michelle to be brought into this. Amelia could never understand the kind of pain that he and Michelle had gone through and wouldn’t understand their need to put it behind them.

“Fine Amelia,” he seethed. “When does you flight arrive?” he said and added “I can hardly wait.”

“I shall call you when we land, Danny, and then I can give you my arrival time. I will see you tomorrow,” she said and started to hang up the phone.

“Wait, wait, wait, Ameila, don’t hang up yet,” he said and was relieved to find that she was still on the other end. “What do you mean we?” he said. Oh God, not Carmen too. He couldn’t handle both of them down here with them. He would call off the damn wedding if they didn’t watch it.

“Ben Warren is escorting me down there, Danny. He has graciously agreed to accompany me so that I will not be traveling alone. I will see you tomorrow night, Danny,” she said and Danny just muttered a reply and hung up the phone.

Michelle was still in the bathroom. He went to the door and tried to open it. It was locked. “Michelle,” he called. “Let me in please, we need to talk.”

“Go back into the living room, Danny,” she said and sat down on the toilet seat. Dear God what had they almost done? What had she almost done? It was her fault. She initiated the whole thing. He had wanted to stop.

All of her feelings for Danny had come rushing back in a tidal wave of emotion when he had tenderly been massaging her stomach and she was reminded of all that was good when they were together. She had almost made an engaged man make love to her. He hadn’t needed much convincing, that was true, but she never should have put him in the position for him to be untrue to his fiancee.

She ran like a wimp but she couldn’t bear to hear him talking to his fiancee. She had momentarily forgotten the reason that she was even down here and why Danny was here with her. To dissolve the legal ties that they still had. Those ties were the only thing that was preventing him from being in Amelia’s bed right now instead of hers. She hung her head in shame and what she had almost let happen.

She had wanted Danny with a fierceness that had overwhelmed her. She would have willingly made love with him, in fact would be making love with him right now if his fiancee hadn’t interrupted them.

How was she going to get out of this now? Fate had interceded thankfully and kept them from doing something that they would have both regretted afterwards. He was still calling for her through the door. She was going to be sick again and this time it had nothing to do with the sausages.

She could tell he was not going to be ignored. “Please Danny, go back to your room. I can’t come out of her with you in there. I can’t face you right now,” she said.

Danny was standing on the other side of the door and he was mad. She was retreating again. Just like she had done when they had been married. He was not going to let her do that to them again. He knew that there was no them anymore but they were making progress in putting their past behind them and he knew this would just make her retreat back into her shell that she had went into when they had been married. The one that didn’t allow him to come in.

“Michelle, I am not going until you come out and talk to me, so unless you want the maid to find a naked man talking to a bathroom door when she comes in in the morning to exchange towels, I suggest you come out, ” he said.

He would do it too. He would stand here until she opened the door and came out to talk to him. He would put on his pajama bottoms of course but he wasn’t going to let her withdraw from him again.

The doorknob began to slowly turn. She was coming out. To save her embarrassment he went and put on the pajamas. She wouldn’t come and sit with him on the bed. She was ashamed by what they had almost done.

“Look Michelle,” he started to say. ” I know…”

“No Danny, you look. What we almost did was a mistake. I shouldn’t have let you touch me. I should have known that there could still be some sparks between us. You are engaged and we are through. I am ashamed that I asked you to make love to me. Now if you don’t mind, I am sufficiently humiliated and I would like you to go back into the living room and maybe we can put this awkwardness between us away,” she said pacing the room.

“I will go into the other room because it is what you want, but I don’t want you to feel embarrassed about what almost happened here. We never had any problem with this before and it is only natural that our bodies would remember each other, ” he said.

She merely nodded her head in agreement although she was still looking at the floor. She had yet to look at him in the eye. He walked over to her and was just inches from her when he cupped her chin and looked straight into her face.

“You have nothing to be ashamed of, do you hear me?” he said and she nodded her head.

“Now Amelia has informed me that she is coming with Ben tomorrow night so I guess I will have to try to find another room before they get here. Try to call that attorney again and see if he can move up the meeting so we can get this over with tomorrow and then I can get her back to Springfield. I am sorry for how this turned out,” he said meaning so much more than just them being interrupted and silently went back into the living room and closed the door.

She watched the door close and collapsed on the bed. She had to face the fact that she had never stopped wanting or needing Danny. She had wanted to make love with him so badly and she had been devastated that Amelia had interrupted their new found closeness. The closeness that was now lost.

She noted the hour and decided it wasn’t too late to call Mr. Wallace. She got his machine and left another message but this time she pushed the 0 when she was given the option to forward the call.

A lady answered the phone and Michelle identified herself. The woman on the phone told her to hold a minute and went to get someone else, Mr. Wallace, Michelle presumed.

“Hello”, a much older woman said into the phone, “I am Lia Wallace. Can I help you?”

“Yes, thank you, My name is Michelle Santos and I have an appointment with Mr. Wallace the day after tomorrow and I was just wondering……” she said

“Excuse me ma’am,” the woman said. “Did you say the day after tomorrow?”

“Yes, I did. I was going to ask if he could see me tomorrow instead since I am already down here and on a tight schedule,” she said.

“No, ma’am, I am afraid he won’t be able to see you tomorrow or the day after for that matter. He has gone to England until the weekend. Let me check his appointment book please, I will only be a minute,” she said and put the phone down.

Michelle couldn’t believe what she had just heard. How did that happen? She just talked to him yesterday. He confirmed the appointment for Thursday. Why did he leave and what in the world was she going to do now? Danny would be very upset about all of this.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the ladies voice. “Dear, I am so sorry. Robert has you down for next week. He will not be able to meet with you until at least Saturday but if you want me to, I will take your number and give it to him when he calls and checks in. Would you like me to do that?” she offered.

“Yes please” she said and methodically spouted out the number to the woman.She hung up the phone and looked at the closed door. The one separating her and Danny. The one that she was going to have to knock on and tell him what happened with Mr. Wallace.

He was going to be furious and added to the equation now was the fact that Amelia was on her way down too. He would leave Michelle’s room and go and get one with Amelia.

Oh God, she couldn’t handle this. It was one thing for Danny to be down here with her and Lord knew that was bad enough but to be exposed to Danny’s fiancee was too much. She didn’t know how she was going to take it.

She got up out of the bed and went to do the inevitable. She knocked on the living room door and the door pushed open. It was dark and he was probably asleep. She switched on the light and was not at all surprised to find that Danny had gone. His stuff was still here but he had slipped out into the night only postponing the conversation that would now have to wait until morning.


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