Loving Michelle by Carla Chapter 8

Republisher Note: Michelle has agreed to allow Danny to share her hotel room while they get a divorce.

Loving Michelle by Carla – Chapter 8

“But Carmen, are you sure this is a good idea? Danny told me to stay here,” Amelia said.

Amelia Sanchez was indeed Carmen’s perfect choice for a wife for Danny but she did have that irritating habit of sniveling and whining occasionally. Danny would have to take her in hand about that.

“Yes, Amelia, I am sure. Danny needs you down there with him. I cannot go because I have a very important board meeting but I am sending Ben with you. You leave in the morning. Just find out from Danny when he calls what hotel he is staying at and then you can surprise him tomorrow night,” she said.

Amelia digested this information. The more she thought about it, the more she liked the idea. It was perfect. She would be by his side as he dissolved his marriage for the second time to the sainted Michelle.

She knew Danny still imagined himself in love with Michelle, but that was all going to change soon. Soon he would love her and not Michelle. Michelle hadn’t known how to handle a man like Danny and ultimately had lost him.

It bothered her somewhat that he still called for Michelle when they made love, but that too would change. In actuality they had only made love three times despite her attempts to get him into her bed every time they met.

She knew the only time she could coerce him into her bed was when he was really lonely for Michelle or their baby. She would make sure she didn’t put any of Danny’s children that she carried at risk the way Michelle had. Being Danny’s wife and the mother of his children was going to be her career. Michelle simply has not loved Danny enough to put him or their baby first. Carmen had been right about Michelle Bauer.

She had wondered for a little while if Danny would ever be able to love her and their children. Carmen had told her how devastated he had been at the loss of his son. She had seen the way he had been scared of Amy’s little girls at first but then he had softened towards them. Little Seashell had him wrapped around her little finger and Alaina made Danny smile like no one she had ever seen. She had put aside her fears about him being able to love another child. He may never grow to love her the way that she loved him, but he would love their children. Of that she was certain.

She focused on Carmen’s idea. She had better get home and pack if they were to leave in the morning. She would be going with Ben Warren. That was fine with her. He was someone she wouldn’t mind getting to know better if she hadn’t already found Danny. She suspected her future mother-in-law thought Ben Warren was hot too by the way she followed him with her eyes. She doubted Carmen would know what to do with a man like Ben. He was the only person besides Danny who didn’t give in to Carmen’s every wish.

She would go down to the Dominican Republic and make her claim on Danny just in case Michelle Bauer forgot who was going to be the new wife and who was going to be the ex-wife.

“You’re right, Carmen,” she said. “I shall go home and pack now” and headed out of the door. She made a mental note of which negligee she should pack just in case Danny himself needed reminding just who was to be his wife.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Danny was awakened by a moan. Michelle’s moan. Funny, he was just dreaming about Michelle moaning, but it didn’t would anything like this.

He got out of bed and pulled on his pajama bottoms. He walked over to the closed bedroom door. It was probably locked too, Danny thought.

He heard it again. It was definitely Michelle moaning. It sounded like she was in pain. He gently tapped on the door “Michelle?” he said softly. No answer. He knocked a little louder and called her again.

“Go away,” he heard her say.

“What’s wrong Michelle?” he said and tried the door knob. It wasn’t locked. He found her on top of the covers clutching her pillow to her stomach with her knees drawn up. She was wearing his old shirt, the one she had always used as a nightgown. He had always thought she never looked sexier than when she was wearing one of the shirts and nothing else. He would have thought she would have gotten rid of his shirts like she had gotten rid of him.

He went to the bed and sat down. “What is it Michelle? Is it your period?” he asked without embarrassment. He knew Michelle had a rough time with her period and had painful cramps. He had always helped her through them.

“No, it’s not my dumb period. Now go away and let me die in peace,” she said. She thought she was going to throw up and she didnt want to disgrace herself in front of Danny.

“If it’s not your period, then what is it?” he asked with genuine concern. “Tell me what’s wrong”.

“Sausages,” she managed to say.

“Pardon me?” he said. Did she just say sausages?

“I ate those sausages and now I am sick,” she said clutching her stomach.

“Are you gonna throw up?” he said and she nodded her head. He ran to the bathroom and got the trash can. He got it under her chin just in time. Man, if that was what the sausages has smelled like when she ate them, no wonder she got sick.

“Are you finished?” he asked and she nodded and laid her head back down. He went to the bathroom and got a cool cloth and wiped her forehead.

“Feel better?” he asked.

“Yes, thank you” she said still clutching her stomach.

“Does your stomach still hurt?” he said and again she nodded.

“Do you want me to rub it like I used to?” he asked and she nodded again.

She had used to have an awful time with periods and he found that massaging her stomach and using a heating pad would help with the painful cramps.

“Are you sure?” he said and she answered him back “Yes, I am sure. ”

“Okay but first you have to give me the pillow,” and she smiled. She handed him the pillow and laid flat on her back. He began to unbutton the two bottom buttons. Please dear God, please let her be wearing panties, he prayed. He didn’t know if she had gotten back into that habit or not. She had worn them when they had first gotten married, but then she began to leave them off altogether when they went to bed.

He was vastly relieved to find a pair of pale blue panties adorning that particular area of Michelle.

He lifted her shirt up a bit to expose her stomach. He massaged her stomach gently the way he used to.

“Better?” he asked and she opened her eyes then.

“Yesssss,” she hissed and Danny was rendered immobile. His hand stopped its healing touch and just lay dormant on her stomach.

Her breathing was taking on a very different rhythm. It was matching his own. Her lips were parted in invitation and he felt her arch her back a little the way she had done when they had been married. She was telling him she wanted him without words.

If he didn’t leave now, there would be no question of him leaving at all tonight and he couldn’t do that to either of them. They had their lives back on track and a night like this could do some serious damage to their fragile hold on sanity.

His eyes never left hers when he said with an agonized voice, “Michelle, we can’t.”

“Why, Danny?” she answered.

“Because we are divorced, or we thought we were, or we are about to be, or, oh hell,” he said thrusting his hands through his hair.

He thought of Amelia then. He had never been true to her and now it looked like there was a real possibility he could betray her with his body and not just with his mind. He was going to make love to Michelle. He knew it. Could he make love to Michelle and then just walk away? Oh God, he had to get out of here.

He stood up to leave but she gently touched his arm with her shaking hands. “One last time Danny. To erase all the hurt,” and he was lost. The consequences would be great in the morning but the chance to be with Michelle had presented itself and he knew he had to take it. He had to take it or he would live the rest of his life only half alive, hell he was going to do it anyway without her.

“Michelle, please tell me to leave. I can’t do it by myself. Please tell me to go back into the living room before I give in to something that is only going to hurt us both,” he pled.

“Danny, I wasn’t fair to you when we were married. I hurt you by accusing you of not loving Will. I know I will never get over his death but I can do something about what I did to you. Can you let me give you this one thing before we are finished? No promises, no commitments, just you and me sharing what we felt about Will and how much we had once loved each other,” she said.

Danny needed no more convincing. He stepped out of his pajama bottoms and went to join her on the bed. He unbuttoned her shirt and starting kissing her. He roughly removed her panties the only barrier between them “I’m sorry baby but I can’t go slow. I’m sorry,” he said as she felt him perched above her ready to enter her.

The phone rang and made both of them jump. Damn Danny thought. “Don’t answer it, Michelle,” he said.

“I have to. I left a message for Mr. Wallace that I was here and asked him to call me back. It will only take a second. Don’t go anywhere,” she said and reached to answer the phone.

It wasn’t Mr. Wallace though, It was the worse possible person it could have been at that moment. “Hello, Michelle,” Amelia said. “I thought this was Daniel’s room. May I please speak to my fiancee,” and Michelle handed Danny the phone.


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