Loving Michelle by Carla Chapter 7

Republisher’s Note: Michelle found Danny in her hotel room.

Loving Michelle by Carla – Chapter 7

Michelle dropped the sun hat and sand dollar wind chimes she had purchased from a street vendor. Danny was in her room. What was he doing here and why was he kissing his palm? He turned around and saw her standing there. He guiltily put something into his back pocket but not before she saw what it was.

Danny saw that she noticed what he had been doing. So what, big deal, he thought. He could kiss his son’s picture if he wanted to. The fact that he was also kissing her picture was totally irrelevant.

He needed to get the upper hand in this situation. “Hey, Michelle,” he said with much more confidence than he felt.

She obviously was still too shocked by seeing him here to speak. Good, he could use it to his advantage. Instead of facing her wrath, he could dispense some of his own.

“Don’t look so shocked, Michelle,” he said. “I told you I was coming with you.”

“How did you get into this room?” was the only thing she could think of to say once she was actually able to form some words.

“Well Michelle,” he said “I simply showed my identification to the nice lady at the desk and she gave me the key. Once I explained I was your husband she was only too happy to give it to me.”

He watched her panicked expression. “Oh come on, Michelle” he said. “Did you really think I was just going to let you refuse my calls and come down here by yourself? I thought you knew me better than that.”

“Listen, Danny,” she began “There really wasn’t any need for you to be down here. Amelia was very upset by all of this and your place is with her now. I have an appointment day after tomorrow with the lawyer. Everything will be nice and legal this time I swear and then you will be able to marry Amelia again in a few weeks,” she said trying to disguise her hurt.

She never had been able to mask her feelings with Danny and he picked up on her hurt right away. He understood the hurt she was feeling. He felt it himself. Every day of his life as a matter of fact. “Look Michelle, I’ll admit when I found out about the divorce being void, I lost it. At first I wanted to come down her to make sure it didn’t get screwed up again, but I’ve been thinking since I got here and I want to help you do it rather than make sure it gets done right. The last time you went through it all alone and this time, I want us to do it together. That way we can put away the hard feelings and uncertainty. Will you let me help you, Michelle?” he asked with a sincere voice.

Michelle was confused. She thought he would be furious by her leaving without him. Could she accept his offer? Could she allow him to help her put this behind them forever? She decided she was going to take the chance that he could. He had been hurt too and looked like he could use some healing. They needed to put this behind them together.

“Okay Danny, if that is what you want, then yes I would like you to come with me,” she said. “Thank you.”

Danny stood up and stood facing her. “Good, now that that is settled. Let’s go get something to eat. I ordered room service since I didn’t know when you would be coming back but I can cancel it and we can go grab some dinner,” he offered.

“No thank you, Danny. I already ate,” she said. “But you can go ahead and eat your dinner in your room and we can talk in the morning. I have some calls to make and then I think I am going to go to bed,” she said.

“Well Michelle, there’s one thing more I haven’t told you yet. The reason the nice lady let me up here was because she thought this was my room. There are no more rooms in this hotel and this is actually my room, too,” he said waiting for the explosion that was sure to come.

“What are you talking about Danny? You can’t stay here,” she said with terrified expression.

“No, really Michelle, it’s okay, I will sleep in the living room on the couch,” he tried to explain. The expression on her face never changed though.

“Danny, I don’t think it is such a good idea,” she said “It is not proper with us not being married”.

“Well actually, Michelle, we are still married, if that is all you are worried about. But don’t worry, I’m just here to help you, that’s all,” he said.

“Danny, you have a fiancee waiting for you at home. This will not set too well with her I’m sure,” she said.

“Amelia is not my keeper,” he said louder than he meant “She doesn’t have to know everything that goes on with me. It’s not like when…..” he stopped before he revealed too much.

He had been about to say before he caught himself was that it wasn’t like when they were together. Michelle always knew where he was and what he was doing. They had no secrets.

“Anyway, we are not married yet so she won’t mind,” he lied. Amelia would mind alright. She would mind a lot. She knew how he felt about Michelle. She knew she was second choice and had wanted him anyway even under those conditions.

Their awkward silence was broken by a knock on the door. Good, his supper was here. He was starving. He went to the door and stepped back to allow the bellboy to roll his supper into the room on a cart. He tipped the bellboy and closed the door. “Look, let me eat this and then I will try to find a room somewhere else if that’s what you want,” he said.

Michelle couldn’t resist those eyes. Surely she could handle one maybe two nights. She was an adult after all. He was not here for any other reason than to help her to dissolve their once happy marriage. She had the sudden urge to cry but squelched it. “Okay Danny you can stay, but if Amelia finds out and gets mad, then its your own responsibility?” she said.

“Okay.” Danny agree and he excused himself into the living room to eat. He closed the door between the rooms and set the tray on the coffee table.

She had been scared of him staying with her. He was beginning to question the wisdom of his decision himself when he imagined them staying two nights together. If he would just be honest with himself, he would see that he wanted this last time with her. He wasn’t ready to leave her just yet. He had gotten stronger the last couple of months and it appeared that she had too, so they could spend this time in remembrance and not retaliation.

He still loved her and he still desired her, but this wasn’t about that. God knew he felt guilty enough making love with Amelia and thinking about Michelle. He still felt like he was being unfaithful to Michelle even though there were divorced or so he thought.

Had Michelle found anyone else to love? He had tried not to dwell on the past, but he heard things every now and again and Michelle’s name had come up a time or two. He usually told himself it didn’t matter but he knew it for the lie that it was. It mattered a lot.

Her name had come up recently with a fellow named Rob who was another resident at the hospital. He wondered what Rob meant to Michelle.

He turned his attention to his steak. It was delicious and soothed his hunger right away. Not his hunger for Michelle though. Nothing would ever soothe that.

Disgusted with himself for pursuing this line of thinking yet again, he pushed the tray of food away and went to the phone. He needed to call Amelia and now was as good as any. He was not looking forward to talking with her with his mind on Michelle but he had to call her before it got too late.

He dialed her number and was told by her brother Ricardo that she was at his house having dinner with his mother. She was with Carmen, what a shock, he thought sarcastically. Those two were joined at the hip. Carmen adored Amelia.

Carmen could have adored Michelle if she had only given her a chance. She hated the fact that Danny had loved Michelle so much. She couldn’t control his love for Michelle.

She had been thrilled beyond imagination when he had given Michelle the house in the divorce and moved back into their house.

Danny knew he shouldn’t have moved back in with Carmen but he knew it was where he belonged now. Just like Cinderella, the clock had struck midnight and his beautiful fairy tale was over. Time to go back to the wicked queen.

Carmen had practically thrown Amelia in his bed. She began telling him how wonderful she was and how she had always found him exciting. He needed to put Michelle and the unpleasantness behind him and move on. He told her never to refer to his son as the unpleasantness again and she had apologized. She only wanted him to be happy, she had said.

He knew what a lie that was. His happiness had been with Michelle and she had hated every second he was with her.

He had allowed himself to be drawn in with Amelia simply because being without Michelle hurt too damn much. Carmen had practically planned the wedding after the first date.

He didn’t care. He had told Amelia that first night that he loved Michelle and would never stop. He told her that he hadn’t wanted the divorce and if Michelle were to call him and tell him she had made a mistake and wanted him back, he would go in a second.

Amelia had said none of that mattered and that she wanted him to be happy and she really believed she could be the one to do that now. She was just like Carmen, Danny had thought, never heard a word he was saying.

He chuckled to himself, when he realized that no matter how you looked at it, he was marrying his mother.


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