Loving Michelle by Carla Chapter 6

Republisher’s Note: Michelle flew to the Dominican Republic to get a quickie divorce when she learned her divorce from Danny wasn’t legal, just as Danny was supposed to marry someone else.

Loving Michelle by Carla – Chapter 6

Carmen Santos was not a happy woman. Sometimes her son’s complete and total lack of sound judgment astounded her. He didn’t get that from her side of the family, that was for sure. His feelings for the little imp Michelle had gotten him to fly off to the Dominican Republic. She only hoped it was to supervise the divorce proceeding and that his heart wasn’t overruling his head again.

Divorcing Danny was the only smart thing that Bauer girl had ever done. She knew Michelle had kept Santos as her last name but she would always be that Bauer girl to Carmen Santos.

What was her idiot son thinking? He had a perfectly acceptable, handpicked by his mother, bride waiting for him. She was everything Danny needed in a wife.

She had breeding, sophistication and poise. She understood the way the business worked and wouldn’t harp on him trying to change and she certainly wouldn’t go chasing after a career. Marrying Danny and having his children was her number one priority and the sooner the better. She needed to make sure the Santos name didn’t end with Danny.

Federico had only had daughters, cousin Ray wouldn’t be fathering any children in this lifetime and Mick was gone. Again, thanks to Michelle Bauer.

That made two Santos that Michelle Bauer had killed. She had killed her darling Mick and she had killed her grandson William, Carmen had refused to call him Will. William was the continuation of the Santos line and Michelle Bauer had put her so called career before his well being.

Her career had been more important to her than Danny or William and that had ultimately let her caused her to lose them both.

She had to take action. If Danny had followed Michelle down to that squalid little country then anything could happen. She knew of the foolish love Danny had had for Michelle. She had felt that way about Danny’s father, but in this case it would only be destructive again.

Amelia was what Danny needed. He hadn’t been hard to convince of that at all. They had already jumped the gun on the wedding night so to speak, so she knew that they were compatible in that way at least. Danny would find out as she did that you could exist without the love of your life or your child, she had had to find out the hard way on that. She had to live without both.

She needed to nip this potential problem in the bud. She picked up the phone and made two plane reservations to the Dominican Republic. Amelia was going to be making a surprise visit to the Dominican Republic to make sure nothing got in the way of that divorce.

She picked up the phone and called Amelia and requested her presence for dinner. She hung up the phone with Amelia and then she summoned Ben.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Danny stepped off the elevator and headed down the hall. He located the room that matched the key and put it in the lock. He took a deep breath and turned it. Here it comes, he thought and stepped into the room.

Michelle was not in the living room. Was she in the bedroom? He went down the hall and looked in the empty bedroom. No, not there. He put his bag down and went to the bathroom to listen for running water. None, she was not taking a shower. Where was she??

He took inventory of the hotel room. One bedroom with one bed. Great. The living room had a nice couch though and he felt sure he could sleep on it comfortably. That was, if she didn’t keep him out on his ear when she found him in her room.

She had to have stepped out while he was coming up in the elevator. Just his luck, now the inevitable would be postponed a little longer.

He needed to call Amelia. He didn’t want to talk to her right now so he decided he would just order some room service instead. He was very hungry. He was hoping Michelle was in the hotel because he was going to try to bribe her with food to get her to let him stay.

It didn’t look like it was going to happen that way though. He ordered his dinner and then went to look over some of the work he had brought with him to look over on the airplane. He hadn’t even taken it out of the briefcase because his thoughts were consumed by her and Will.

He took out the contracts he had been working on. She would have to come back eventually, might as well get some work done in the meantime.

He tried to concentrate but couldn’t. The words had no meaning and the numbers didn’t interest him in the slightest. He kept thinking about Michelle and what this must be like for her. She had seen him about to marry someone else. Had that hurt her? Did she even suspect for one second that while he had been unemotionally repeating the vows the priest had been saying that in his mind he was remembering the day that they had pledged to love each other forever?

They had almost realized that they loved each other too late. The annulment had almost gone through. He had known he loved her but it had taken while for her to believe in him. The three years that had had together had been the happiest times of his life and it had culminated with the impending arrival of their first child.

Carmen had been dead set against him turning the business legitimate but he had finally won. It had cost him Michelle though. She had sensed his anxiety and his worry and he had tried to placate her and tell her that everything was alright but she knew the battle he was facing. He had finally come out on top though and Carmen could do nothing but stand back and watch.

If he had it all to do over again, he would take Michelle and get as far away from Springfield as he could get. All the business success and his accomplishments, paled in comparison to how loving Michelle had felt.

When they had found out about becoming parents, they were overjoyed. Michelle had been convinced from the time they found out that it was a boy, but he had secretly harbored the hope that it was a little girl like her. She had been right again and he was filled with pride when she had decided to name him William Daniel after him and his father. She had already been calling him Will even before he was born.

He smiled in remembrance. Michelle would grab his hand and place it on her rapidly expanding stomach and say “Kick for Daddy, Will” or “Let Daddy see how big you’ve grown, Will”. Michelle had been so beautiful while she had been carrying Will.

Those had been such happy times. It was really awful how something so good could go so wrong, so fast. A few months after their extreme joy had come extreme heartache.

He knew he would have other children. That was really the only reason he was marrying Amelia. He wanted children. He wanted heirs. He wanted Will………

He reached into his back pocket and pulled out his wallet. He took out the picture carefully tucked in the back behind his credit cards in its plastic protective cover. The picture that it hurt so much to look at but at the same time brought him such love and pride. It was a picture of Michelle holding Will the day they had brought him home from the hospital to die. He was in her arms wearing the christening gown that was a hundred times too big for him. He had a good shot of his little face and Michelle’s face was in the picture and the way that she was looking down at their son…….

As usual, he couldn’t breathe when he looked at that picture. Michelle had one too and she also had one of him and Will. Danny had that picture also but is was in his special drawer along with a lock of Will’s hair and his hospital bracelet.

Michelle had sent it to him after their divorce. It was her way of apologizing for suspecting that he hadn’t loved Will enough he figured. She had never explained her actions so he had explained them for her.

Would he be able to love a child that he made with Amelia like he had Will? Will was the product of his and Michelle’s special love and that was what made him so special. Was it fair to have children with her when he didn’t love her. Was it fair to the child to bring him or her into the world not loving their mother?? He would be a good father but he wouldn’t love their mother.

Man, oh man what a predicament. Why couldn’t he just simply stop loving Michelle? Why did everything else in life seem like second best?

He put the contract back in his briefcase and looked at Will’s picture one last time. “Daddy loves you Buddy” he whispered and kissed the place on the picture where Will’s face was. Knowing he shouldn’t do it but was going to anyway, he placed a kiss on the part of the picture where Michelle’s face was and that was how Michelle found him when she opened the door.


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