Loving Michelle by Carla Chapter 1

Republisher’s Note: Thanks to a regular reader, I’ve now got all the chapters to restore now of Loving Michelle.

Loving Michelle by Carla – Chapter 1

Today was his wedding day. Hopefully it would be the last time he dared step in front of God and ask him to bless a union between him and someone else. He never wanted to go through this again.

He waited in the little waiting room where members of the wedding party were to get ready. He was the only one in the room. He had been ready for over an hour. He paced like a caged lion and then finally relented and sat down in one of the metal chairs.

Today should be a happy day he knew. It should be one that he would look back on in years to come and make him smile. He wouldn’t look back on this day and smile though. He had another day implanted in his heart that made him do that.

This was a new beginning for him, no baggage, no complications, just a new beginning. His bride was getting ready in the next room opposite his. There was much fuss going on about outside he could hear with everyone getting ready. There was no fuss and no fanfare coming from his little room. He didn’t even know if his best man had shown up yet.

There was no way he could ask Ray to be his best man again. He probably wouldn’t have agreed to it anyway. At the last minute, he had asked Ben and he had agreed. He was probably out there with Carmen waiting.

He checked his watch. It was time for him to move out to the front of the church. He wished she hadn’t insisted on this to be done in a church. He had really just wanted to go to the courthouse just so it will be legal. He felt like he was being sacrilegious holding this wedding in a church in front of God.

He met Ben at the front of the church and together they waited for his bride to make her appearance. He noticed all of the guests that had turned out. Carmen had managed to make this another one of her lavish affairs. She had completely gone against his wishes on this.

Ben patted his breast pocket to show Danny that he had the rings. Danny nodded his head in acknowledgement. He felt like he was going to throw up.

The music began to play and soon the bridesmaids and flower girls were making their appearance. They walked down the aisle by themselves seeing as Ben was the only member of Danny’s side of the wedding party.

The wedding march began to play and all of the guests stood up. It was time. His bride was coming to him and soon they would be married under the eyes of God.

She looked beautiful, he had to say that. Her gown was covered in lace and the train was very long. Her hair had been fixed and put up. She had wanted to wear the Spanish wedding dress but he had said no. She had pouted for a little while but then perked up when he promised to buy her a lavish new one. And lavish it was.

She carried her bouquet in front of her and he saw that it was filled with white roses, Michelle’s favorite.

He couldn’t breathe. Had she done that on purpose? Had Carmen done it? Finally his bride stepped in beside him and gave her bouquet to her maid of honor. The priest began his ceremony.

She was staring at him. Her heart was in her eyes. He felt awful. This was not right. He shouldn’t be marrying her, not when he loved Michelle.

Amelia Sanchez was the daughter of one of his business associates. She had set her cap for him instantly as soon as she heard he was divorced and never relented. And now her reward for her relentless pursuit of Daniel Santos was paying off. She had taken him to bed after their second date and he hadn’t been too hard to persuade. She didn’t say anything when he called out Michelle’s name when he reached his completion. She never said anything when he called Michelle’s name.

He looked over at Carmen. She was beaming. Her face shone like an angel. She was loving every minute of this. This was her hand picked bride, she had told him, not like that Michelle Bauer, He had threatened to call of the wedding and simply disappear if she ever spoke Michelle’s name to him again and she had seen he wasn’t kidding. She never brought her up again.

It had been almost a year since the divorce. Too soon to be marrying again Danny had thought but he wasn’t getting any younger and he needed heirs. Amelia had agreed to take him just like he was. No promises of love. He had agreed to be a faithful husband and a good father to their children but no promises of love. He would never feel that emotion again.

The priest was still speaking. Danny still had a few minutes in which he could call of this off. He shouldn’t be doing this not while he was still loving Michelle. His heart was begging him to stop this.

His life with Michelle had been wonderful and disastrous at the same time. They had shared the greatest love and the greatest disappointments. He had never completely gotten the business legitimate even though he was still trying. It wasn’t easy going head to head with Carmen Santos. He had hit more roadblocks than he could have ever though and Michelle had gotten tired of his false promises.

She had left him one day while he had not been home. He had come home to find her stuff gone and an envelope with a letter asking him to forgive her for not being strong enough to accept him for who he was. Her small gold band was inside the envelope too. She said she would take care of the divorce and would send him the papers when it was finalized. Six weeks later, he had gotten the papers dissolving his marriage to the only woman he would ever love.

He was going to fight the divorce at first but then realized if he really loved her, which he did to distraction, then he would honor her wishes and let her have a chance of a normal life, with a normal husband and normal kids.

He had loved her enough to grant her that divorce. And now this is where his life was starting anew. He had stopped crying every day and had found a way to function each day. He was Danny Santos and he had gotten through everything else in his life, he would get through this.

The priest asked Danny to grab Amelia’s hand and to recite some vows. Methodically and completely void of emotion he parroted the words the priest had said. Amelia recited her vows also.

There arose a clamor from the back of the church and Danny’s instincts told him something was up. Oh no, had a rival family planned a hit today. It would be perfect with all of the Santos family in the same room at the same time.

He jerked his head to the back of the church and had almost prayed that it was a hitman with a gun ready to snuff out his life. It was Michelle and she was being held back by Amelie’s brothers.

The noise in the church grew deafening. Danny couldn’t hear what she was saying. She was trying to say something but kept getting drowned out.

Knowing he shouldn’t do it and knowing he would upset his finally balanced world once again, he walked to the back of the church. Michelle had something to say and he was going to allow her to say it.

Amelia immediately protested by grabbing his hand but he shook it free and continued his journey to the back. Carmen shot daggers at him with her eyes but Danny wasn’t the least bit worried about Carmen right now.

Finally, amidst all the the wedding guests, he made it to the back where Michelle was standing. She looked white.

“Michelle?” he said. “What are you doing? Do you know how much you are embarrassing me?” he said.

“Yes, Danny but I need to talk to you and it can’t wait” she said.

“I think even you have to agree that this isn’t the time or the place to talk Michelle. We said all we had to say to each other when you filed those damned divorce papers. I have put that chapter of my life behind me and I am trying to move on. Why don’t you do the same, that’s what you wanted isn’t it?” he said with hurt in his voice. Damn, his foolish heart.

“Yes, Danny that is what I wanted and still want but we have a problem” she said.

“Well, out with it and make it quick. I have a bride waiting for me at the altar,” he said and there was no disguising the hurt that fell over Michelle’s face. Why did he just do that? He was truly a bastard.

“That lawyer that handled the divorce. I just read in the paper this morning that he was arrested. It turns out that he never was licensed in the state to practice law. I didn’t know that Danny I swear I didn’t. You have to believe me. He came highly recommended, had handled hundreds of divorces and I just wanted it to be over and…..” she stammered.

“Are you saying what I think you are saying?” he asked astonishingly.

“Yes, Danny, we are still married.” she said.


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