Revolving Doors Chapter 6

Republisher’s Note: Michelle got Mick to the hospital after the attack, but did she really do the right thing.

Revolving Doors – Chapter 6

Bang! Bang! Bang! Michelle’s concentration on the dream was abandoned and she realized someone was knocking on the door in her room which led to the outside. She momentarily tried to refocus on the dream, but it had evaporated from her consciousness. Why was she dreaming about Danny Santos?

She grabbed her robe, tiptoed to the door and peeked behind its curtains. She smiled. Glad to see a familiar and comforting face, she opened the door.

“Jesse,” Michelle gasped with relief.

“Are you all right, Michelle? Why didn’t you come to Millennium?” Jesse grilled her without giving her a chance to respond.

Jesse’s concern was soon drowned out by the irritating voice of Drew. “Michelle, what the hell have you been thinking? You promised you’d let me know what happened. You’re being really selfish here.”

“Look Drew, we’re never gonna agree about what happened tonight. I didn’t feel like fighting about it anymore. Will you just get off my back?” Michelle pleaded.

Michelle proceeded to tell them about what happened at the hospital, Mick’s condition, meeting his brother Danny, Rick’s warnings about the Santos family, as much and in as great a detail as she could remember.

“Drew, I’ve been thinking. Both the police and the Santos family are probably going to zero in on you as a suspect because of your recent run-ins with Mick. I think it’s best if you and Jesse give each other an alibi. You can’t do anything to help me.”

Jesse piped up, “Michelle, I could say I was with you at the lighthouse.”

“Thanks a lot for sacrificing me, Jesse,” Drew whined.

Michelle asked Jesse, “Didn’t people see you at Millennium tonight?”

“Yeah, I guess that wasn’t such a good idea, huh?” Jesse responded. “OK, Drew, I can say you were in the club’s office working on the books. After all, nobody saw you downstairs and luckily I don’t think anybody asked for you last night.”

“Geez, what a way to make me feel needed, Jesse–Oh, and by the way, thanks for being so eager to save my butt,” Drew said sarcastically.

Michelle hated to hear Drew’s woe-is-me kind of talk. Everything that was wrong in her life was always someone else’s fault.

“Michelle, I’m still worried about you. What if Mick’s family starts to suspect you?” Jesse said with concern. “Did Mick’s brother believe you about tonight?”

“I don’t think anyone from his world would be stupid enough to take credit for saving the life of the person who’s head they just finished bashing in.” Now it was Michelle’s turn to be sarcastic.

“Michelle, stop beating yourself up about Mick. He was…is scum. Remember what he was trying to do to you. You had no choice. And besides, you probably saved Drew’s life,” Jesse said.

“I guess I should have thanked you for that,” Drew mumbled.

“Well, I guess we’re even because you saved me, too. I mean it. Thank you Drew,” Michelle said.

Michelle smiled at Drew. Drew shifted her weight from side to side and smiled begrudgingly.

Michelle wondered if this was to be a turning point in her and Drew’s relationship. For so long, they had been at odds with each other over Jesse’s role in each of their lives.

Her speculation soon ended when Drew chided her once more. “I’ll never understand why you did what you did. If Mick comes to, we’re gonna to be in deep shit!”

Michelle once again tried to defend herself. “I couldn’t just leave him, no matter what kind of person he was. I wouldn’t be able to look at myself in the mirror let alone become the doctor I’ve always wanted to be. I’m sorry if my decision will one day affect you and I guess in a way I have been selfish by putting your life in danger, too.”

Jesse then tried to diffuse the situation. “Drew, what’s done is done. We can’t keep worrying about what might happen. Let’s just take this day by day. I think Frank can help us if Mick or his family cause trouble. After all, he was attacking the both of you.”

Michelle wanted to reassure them of her intentions. “I’m scheduled to volunteer at the hospital tomorrow. I’ll check on Mick’s condition and his prognosis. I promise I won’t leave you out of the loop anymore. I know it was unfair of me to not call you earlier. In my own mind, I had a reason, but I’ll never let you down again, OK?”

Jesse and Drew both nodded in affirmation of what she’d said.

“Michelle, I don’t want you to have anything more to do with the Santos family. What is Mick’s brother like? What’s his name?” Jesse asked.

“Danny is his name. He isn’t anything like Mick. If Rick hadn’t told me he was a member of the mob, I would have never guessed. He is very grateful for my helping his brother. I’m safe as long as Mick can’t say otherwise. Mick is on a ventilator. He’s unconscious. He’s not coming out of this overnight, unless of course, there’s some kind of miracle,” Michelle tried to reassure Jesse that she was safe for the moment.

“I think I need to get some sleep, now,” Michelle sighed.

Jesse held her in his arms and asked her, “Michelle, would you like me to stay with you?”

“That’s perfect, Jesse. How the hell am I supposed to get home?” Drew whined once again.

Michelle gratefully said, “That’s really thoughtful of you, Jesse. But, I’ll be fine. Aunt Meta and Abby are here and I don’t want to make anyone more suspicious about tonight. I think you should take Drew home.”

Michelle heard the disappointment in Jesse’s voice as he said, “OK, Michelle.” He moved closer, kissed her on the cheek and then whispered in her ear, “Remember I love you.”

Michelle smiled at him. It reminded her of how sure she was of his love for her. She looked only at him and said, “I know.”

Drew, uncomfortable with being left out of the conversation, piped up with, “Come on, Jesse. Let’s get out of here so Michelle can get her beauty sleep.”

Michelle rolled her eyes at Drew’s comment, but held her tongue.

She let them back out the door and locked it behind them. She felt the weight of everything upon her and leaned her body against the door. She tilted her head back and closed her eyes. She heard the familiar throttle emanating from Jesse’s motorcycle engine. Something was different. She couldn’t put her finger on it, but she felt separated from him. Was it her imagination? Or, was it just lack of sleep? Or, maybe, somehow, had something really changed?


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