Revolving Doors Chapter 5

Republisher’s Note: Michelle got Mick to the hospital. He’s still alive and his brother Danny has shown up. Good news. Earlier I mentioned that I was off on chapters, I worked on it some more, now I think I’ve gotten the rest of the chapter breaks where they belong.

Revolving Doors – Chapter 5

Michelle sat in her car and debated about where to go. Should she go to Jesse and Drew at Millennium or home to her own bed?

She had promised to keep Drew informed, but she also recognized that she didn’t think she could take Drew’s harping right now. She reasoned with herself that nothing was going to change overnight as far as Mick’s condition was concerned. Her brain was so frazzled that at this point, she didn’t want to be forced into making any decisions that she might regret later. There was a real possibility of that happening if she went to Drew’s. She just wanted to sleep.

Michelle was in her bathroom when she heard the phone ring. She hesitated about answering it, but almost on instinct she spat the toothpaste out of her mouth and headed for the phone. She stopped herself from answering and let the machine get it. She heard the machine click and recognized the pause that represented the playing of her outgoing message. It seemed like a million years since she had recorded the very simplistic greeting: “Hi! This is Michelle. Sorry I missed your call. Please leave me a message after the beep and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Have a great day!” At the end of the pause, she heard the beep and then she heard Drew’s voice being recorded, “Michelle, if you’re there, pick up. I need to talk to you…………” After a pause, Drew’s voice got louder and more belligerent, “Michelle, pick up the phone….” Another pause and Michelle could hear a muffled, “Shit…… she’s not there yet, Jesse.” Then in the background Michelle heard Jesse’s voice, “We’ll try again later, Drew.” Drew slammed down the receiver and then Michelle heard the whir of the answering machine preparing itself to receive another message.

Michelle was pissed. Why was Jesse with Drew? Why wasn’t he here with her? She knew it wasn’t their fault this time, it wasn’t really her fault. Lately, it seemed that Jesse had as often as not made decisions that put him by Drew’s side instead of her own. She thought back on what her life had been like the last few months. It wasn’t what she’d wanted. She blamed much of her unhappiness on Drew. Drew had made some stupid mistakes that had affected both her and Jesse’s life. Even Mick had become involved with them because of her. She didn’t want to think about all of that right now.

Michelle debated about calling them, but she was mad. She ended up turning off her answering machine and unplugging the phone. She got into her nice, safe bed, pulled the covers over her and curled up into a ball. She fell asleep almost immediately.

Michelle woke with a start. She was sweating and the dream she’d had came back to her in a flash.

She was back at the beach. Mick had a hold of her. He was dragging her across the sand, his menacing laugh echoed in her head. A figure suddenly lunged at Mick and knocked him to the ground. Michelle watched as Mick looked up at the figure. She turned her head to follow his gaze and there standing over her was Danny Santos. Danny extended his hand to Michelle. Michelle took it and he lifted her off the sand, effortlessly into a standing position in front of him. Their eyes met, he smiled at her, a charming almost hypnotic smile. The world around them faded. Magically, as often happened in her dreams, the scene suddenly changed. She and Danny were transported from the ugly scene at the beach to inside her lighthouse*her refuge*her guiding light.


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