Revolving Doors Chapter 4

Republisher’s Note: Mick was left alive, but comatose after Michelle and Drew hit him with a rock. Michelle insisted she couldn’t just leave him and now Mick is in the hospital where his brother Danny has come to be with him and met the girl who “found” him, Michelle. I will give a heads up, once again the language is a little strong in this chapter.

Revolving Doors – Chapter 4

Michelle was exhausted. After she had left Rick’s office, her only desire was to go home and go to bed. Walking zombie-like down the hall at Cedars, she had hardly noticed the hospital personnel that passed. Some of them just smiled at her, a couple of them actually addressed her by name. A fog enveloped her brain and by the time she had processed their greetings, it was too late to acknowledge them.

For a brief moment, the fog lifted and she had recognized the doors to the hospital chapel. She headed for the safe haven where she had often taken refuge during her life.

She knew she should just go home, but she felt a need to sit and think. Entering hesitantly, she looked around the darkened room. It seemed to be deserted. She made her way to the front pew and sat down. Many hours had been spent in this room; when her mother died; the time she’d gone blind; praying for the kids in the AIDS ward.

Everything Rick had told her shook her to the core. She thought back on the decisions she’d made earlier on the beach. If she knew then what she knew now about Mick being a member of a very powerful mob family, would she still do the same thing? She knew what she’d done was the right thing, but she knew too, if Mick recovered her future was in great doubt. She no longer feared the police.

She went over in her mind everything Rick had told her. She thought back to Danny Santos. If she had met him at college without knowing who he was, she would never have known he was a member of the mob. Mick seemed like the type, but not Danny. Was she just fooling herself? Willing her desires to become reality?

She wondered where Drew was. Back at Millennium? Had she told Jesse everything? Jesse. She hadn’t thought of him all evening.

She silently prayed for guidance. She was torn between two desires. She didn’t want Mick to die, but she was terrified if he lived. She wasn’t sure what to pray for. Finally, she made one simple plea. She said aloud, “Please help me.” She sat for a while until she heard someone clear their throat in the back of the chapel.

She thought she had been alone and was somewhat taken aback by the fact that she wasn’t. She knew she hadn’t said anything to implicate herself and yet it made her uneasy to think that she had been so careless. She stood up to leave and nonchalantly tried to look over in the direction of the noise she’d heard. The chapel was too dark and the source of the noise remained anonymous.

Michelle exited the chapel and headed for her car.

After Michelle left, Danny sat for a long time glued to his chair.

He stared at the spot Michelle had just vacated. He wondered what Michelle Bauer might need help with. Surely God would answer her prayer. He was sure her prayers were more noble than his.

He thought about his own plea made just minutes before. He knew that he would have to fulfill his family commitment of revenge for what happened to Mick. He could not escape his destiny. But suddenly he realized that what he wanted to do was to help Michelle. Would helping her excuse the sins he was about to commit?

“You’re kidding yourself, Santos. She’ll never trust you enough to confide in you.” He chastised himself. Was he bewitched by her the way Mick had been?

Mick. He felt guilty. All of his attention should be focused on his brother, but meeting Michelle had shaken him to the core.

Danny left the chapel. He knew what he had to do.


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