Revolving Doors by KDiane Chapter 1

Republisher’s Note: Another fanfic I really like. It answers the question, what would have happened if Michelle HAD called for help. Sadly the story lost a great deal when Geocities shut down. I recently was able to find 3 more chapters, so I’m going to present the whole thing. I will admit the chapter numbering on chapters 1-7 doesn’t exactly match as originally published because hard to tell where breaks were and I ended up with fewer chapter numbers than she did.

Author’s Note: This story was inspired by the movie Sliding Doors with Gwenyth Paltrow. Where there were two scenarios in the same movie and the characters go through a lot of similar scenes but in different contexts.

In this story, Michelle and Drew have had their run in with Mick, but Michelle makes some different choices.

This is my first ever fanfic. The characters are the property of GL, I just borrowed them.


Revolving Doors by KDiane – Chapter 1

Michelle sat alone in the waiting room outside ER. She was waiting for news. . . any news about Mick.

“Why am I still here?”, she thought to herself. The walls seemed to be closing in around her the longer she stayed. “I need to get out of here before it’s too late.”

“It’s already too late, Michelle!” She could hear the echoes of Drew’s voice inside her head. Why hadn’t she just left the beach with Drew? Why did she have to be ‘little goody two shoes’ once again? She admonished herself for the decision she had made. She looked up at the clock on the wall. Had it only been an hour? She thought back on the events that would surely change her life.

Mick had cornered her on the beach. He’d had that look on his face. She’d known what he wanted. She had fought him off as best she could, but there was no stopping him. Drew had saved her from being raped by hitting Mick on the head with a rock. After that, Mick had turned on Drew. Michelle had had only one option. She had picked up the same rock and hit him again. She could still hear the sound and feel the vibration of rock hitting human skull. The memory made her cringe. She didn’t think of herself as being that strong. Maybe it was the adrenaline pumping through her veins, maybe she’d hit the exact spot Drew had. For whatever reason, after Michelle had hit him, he had not gotten up. He had looked at her through glazed eyes.

She and Drew argued about what to do. Drew wanted to run. Michelle wanted to get help. Drew was sure he was dead. “What does it matter?” Drew had said. “We can’t save him and we’ll only get into trouble, big trouble. I’m not talking about the cops, I’m talking about Mick’s friends. You know they know I got him arrested. They’ll figure I’m to blame.”

Michelle had said, “If he’s dead, it doesn’t matter if I stay. If he’s alive, then I can’t leave.”

“What if he survives? What will we do then? Have you even thought about that?” Drew screamed at her.

“Look, he tried to rape me. Who do you think the police are going to believe?…..Him? Or me?” Michelle was confident that the police would believe her.

In the end, Michelle had promised to keep Drew’s name out of it, if Drew would call for help. After Drew left, she hurled the bloody piece of evidence as far out into the lake as she could. The tide was moving up the beach and she hoped the remaining evidence would be destroyed before the police arrived.

Help seemed to take forever to come. The EMTs that arrived had found a pulse, albeit very weak. She had heard one of them say, “The patient is unresponsive to outside stimuli.” She knew that meant he was probably in a coma.

She had heard Rick’s voice over the radio, barking out orders to the EMTs, trying to save the man that had tried to rape her. How ironic this whole situation was. In more ways than one. She, who so badly wanted to save lives, now might be responsible for taking one.

The police had arrived and started to question her. She stuck with the story that she and Drew had agreed upon. She told the police she had been to the lighthouse and taken a walk along the beach when she came upon Mick. They asked who had made the phone call. She lied and said she’d gone back to the lighthouse to make it.

She knew that if Mick survived, it would have been better to tell the truth from the beginning. She had confidence that her friend Frank Cooper, a detective with the Springfield Police Department, would help her.

The police seemed to be satisfied with her answers. They knew who she was. A Bauer. Daughter of Ed. Sister of Rick. She knew what kind of clout her position in the community brought. She used it. She didn’t often, but tonight she was glad she had it.

When Mick was ready for transport, the police had finished with her. She asked if she could go the hospital. She wanted to see her big brother Rick. Partly for comfort, partly to ask him some medical questions.

She was waiting for news now and felt like she was going to go crazy if something didn’t happen soon.

Suddenly, she heard loud voices in the hallway. She turned her face toward the commotion. A tall striking looking man strode toward the doors to ER.

“Where’s my brother?” the man demanded.

Michelle could tell from his demeanor that this man was used to getting answers to his questions.

The duty nurse ran after the man and tried to catch him before he entered.

“Sir, you can’t go in….”, but as she struggled to finish her sentence, he entered the room Michelle so desperately wanted to see inside.

A second later, the man was back in the waiting area. Noah, one of the male nurses was escorting him out of the trauma unit. She could hear Noah telling him he needed to let the doctors do their job. All the color had drained from the man’s face and he no longer seemed in control as he had just seconds before.

The duty nurse walked over to him. She seemed to be trying to comfort him and he was asking her questions…questions Michelle was unable to hear.

She watched in horror as the duty nurse turned and pointed towards Michelle. The nurse was saying, “Mr. Santos, this is the girl who saved your brother’s life.”


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