Road Trip Fic A Full Circle Sequel By Erin

Republisher’s Note: The author of Full Circle, took up a challenge fic to write about a road trip, to return to the Danny and Michelle of her story a few years after those triplets mentioned in the last chapter were born. I’m ecstaticĀ  to return this to the story index.

Road Trip Fic

A Full Circle Sequel

By Erin

“Danny, we’re lost.”

“Daddy is lost!”

“Is Daddy lost?”

“I think Daddy’s lost.”

I laugh as Danny grits his teeth.

“Outnumbered again!” I cry triumphantly.

“Outnumbered!” comes in unison from the back seat.

“Daddy’s outnumbered now too?”

“Yep. Lots of us, one of him. Outnumbered.”

Danny tried to look stern, but there’s a smile creeping across his face as he turns around to look at his three daughters, all of whom regard him with big brown eyes from beneath curly blonde bangs.

“Daddy may be outnumbered,” he tells them. “But he is not lost.”

They all look at each other and then give him a look of skepticism I’ve seen on my face hundreds of times.

“Yeah, right, Daddy!”

“You’re not lost?”

“You are too lost, Daddy.”

Danny groans in frustration as he turns back around to study the map. “Just what I need. A chorus of Michelles.”

I look back at my girls and we all giggle. We know we drive Danny crazy, but we also know he loves us. “Since we’re stopped and lost,” I say pointedly, which gets me the evil eye from my husband, “why don’t I take the girls out and let them stretch their legs a little.”

We’re stopped in the middle of no where and there’s an empty field to our left. Maybe if they get out and run around a bit, they’ll sleep for the rest of the trip. “Good idea,” Danny says, giving me a quick kiss on the cheek. “And I’ll figure out where we are.”

I raise an eyebrow. “Admitting we’re lost now, huh?”

His jaw juts out in a stubborn way that is pure Danny. “No.” I don’t ask for the logic behind that. Somethings,you just accept and after four years of marriage, I’ve learned when there’s times to just let Danny be right.

I get out of the car and open the back door to unfasten three car seats. “You ladies feel like running around a bit?” I ask.


“Running around?”

“That’ll be fun.”

I look at my three identical, but so different girls.

Faith, Grace, and Hope. The names were Danny’s idea. He thought if we gave them “holy names” as he put it, we’d have three little angels. I actually laugh at that.

The minute they’re out of the car, they look at each other…and scatter. I hear Danny chuckling as I attempt to round up three restless three year olds. I glare at him through the windsheild and he laughs again as he gets out of the car and catches both Faith and Grace who squeal happily as he swings them up in his arms. I catch Hope as she runs to join her sisters. Juggling his squirming daughters, Danny looks at his watch. “Only took us thirty-two seconds. I think that’s a new record. Normally, it takes us at least forty to gather these munchkins up.”

All three giggle at being called munchkins and Danny sets Faith and Grace down to join Hope. Of course, the minute he sits down in the grass, they tackle him. I laugh as I watch my husband pretend to be terrified of the three tiny blonde girls attacking him. If there ever were four people more besotted with each other, I have yet to meet them. I smiled as I join my family on the grass. “Room for me?”

I’m immediately enveloped in a five way hug and laughing, we go tumbling back onto the grass. I settle back against Danny’s chest and Faith,Grace, and Hope snuggled against us.In moments, they are asleep. I stroke three heads of soft blonde curls while Danny presses gentle kisses against my temple.

I raise my head to look into smiling dark eyes. “I love you,” I murmur, my heart full to bursting.

He kisses me softly, so as not to disturb our “angels”.

“I love you, too.”

A laugh bubbles up in my chest as I say,”I’m glad we got lost.”

He laughs and the girls stir a little.”Me too. But we’re not lost.”

I kiss that stubborn chin and settle back against him to doze. When I open my eyes it’s getting dark. Faith and Grace are still snuggled in either side of me. Hope, the most like me and decidedly a Daddy’s girl, is sitting in the car with her father, holding a flashlight for him to read the map.

“Am I holding it good, Daddy?” she asks and I can’t contain my smile as he runs a hands over her hair and says, “You’re holding it perfect, sweetheart.”

Gathering up my two other miracles, I fasten them, still sleeping, in their carseats and slide into the passenger seat.

“Are we ‘unlost’ yet?” I ask.

Hope looks at me with my eyes and says, “Daddy wasn’t lost.”

Danny and I smile over her head. “You’ve trained her well.”

Danny shrugs. “She’s a smart kid.Takes after her Dad.”

“Oh, really?”

Danny nods as he folds the map. “Yep. But she’s beautiful like her mom.”

I blush and hug Hope to me. “Good answer.”

We start the car and head back out.

Hope drifts off against me and I hear Faith and Grace breathing deeply in sleep behind me. I look at my husband, unbeleivable joy inside of me.

And all is right in our world.


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