Full Circle by Erin – Chapter 17

Republisher’s Note: Danny is meeting Michelle at the lighthouse.

Full Circle by Erin – Chapter 17

I check my reflection in the mirror one more time.

“Not bad, Mrs. Santos, not bad at all,” I mutter.

I’ve left my hair loose and curly and I’m wearing the new nightgown I bought this afternoon. It’s a very simple sheath of white silk, cut on the bias with little spaghetti straps. It clings slightly to the little bulge of my baby, but for some reason, that only makes me feel more beautiful.

I’ve lighted dozens of candles all over the bedroom in the lighthouse and the whole room is scented with the intoxicating smells of sandalwood and vanilla.

All that’s missing is my husband.

I hear a car pull up and smile. Right on time.

I need this night. I need a beautiful, wonderful night with my husband in this room to wipe away the memory of that last night I spent here, the night that Mick took me.

I cross the room to sit on the bed and try to push those memories aside. That’s all over now, Michelle, I tell myself.

But a little shiver runs through me and I can still feel and taste his hot, sweaty hand on my mouth.

Damn him. Damn both of them. Carmen and Mick may have tried to separate Danny and I, but they have no idea what a force we are together.

As if on cue, Danny steps into the bedroom. His eyes sweep the room before landing on me and when they do….God, that smile is priceless.

“Mrs. Santos, you have outdone yourself,” he says and I practically jump off the bed and into his arms.

Our lips meet as though we’ve been separated for years, not hours. There is nothing gentle in this kiss as his tongue boldly caresses mine and my hands dig into his shoulders.

When we finally part, I smile at him and trace his lips with my fingers. “You like?”

“The kiss or the room?”

I trail lingering kisses along his jaw. “Both.”

Danny smiles and his hand strokes my lower back. “The room is beautiful and the kiss…”

He doesn’t tell me how he liked the kiss. He shows me.

Picking me up as though I were made of glass, he lays me back on the bed and his eyes sparkle as though they’re absorbing the light from the candles.

His mouth finds mine in an almost hesitant kiss, his lips slowly moving over mine.

I hear a low moan come from my throat and I raise myself to press my lips more firmly to his. As I do, his hand moves down from my face, sweeping over my neck and collarbone and finally resting on my breast.

I tug at the buttons of his shirt and he leaves my arms only briefly to remove it.

He lowers himself back on me and I raise my leg against him.

Kissing my neck, he moves his lips lower until he’s at the strap of my nightgown. When he takes it in his teeth and gently eases it down my shoulder, I give a broken sigh and feel like a fever is raging through me.

The other strap gets the same treatment and I begin to think that if he doesn’t touch me soon, I’m going to die.

I tell him as much and he chuckles softly. “Patience is a virtue, mi querida.”

I give him a disbelieving look as I grapple with his belt.

“Since when is anything we do virtuous?”

Danny truly laughs then and gives me that wicked smile. “You have a point.”

With that, he slides his hand up my thigh and under my nightgown.

An tiny explosion rocks me when I feel his fingers on me and suddenly my skimpy nightgown feels too restricting.

Danny tugs at the hem of the gown and it slithers off. The cool silk feels good against my feverish skin, but I’m glad to be rid of it.

“I wonder why pretending to fight with each other has this effect on us,” Danny says as his lips tease mine.

His voice is nonchalant, but his eyes are hot.

“Danny, hanging wall paper with you would have this effect on me,” I laugh breathlessly.

“Is that a fact?” There’s laughter in his voice.

“God, you are so conceit-”

Whatever I was about to say dies as the kisses he had been pressing against my abdomen move lower.

All I can do is sigh his name on a ragged breath.

His mouth moves even lower as his teeth gently nip my inner thighs before sliding down to my knee.

I’ve never really thought of the back of my knee as a particularly erotic spot, but when Danny’s tongue begins to stroke that very spot, I nearly come up off the bed.

“Danny, please…”

He rises above me and I feel him start to enter me. I raise my hips in glad welcome.

The, suddenly, he stops.

“What?” I ask, trying to make my eyes focus and my head clear.

“Michelle,” he says in a tight voice. “We shouldn’t do this.”

I know I must be hearing things.

“Excuse me?”

Danny runs his hand down his face and looks as frustrated as I feel. “Well, I mean, with the baby and all…”

I sit up, “Is that all?” I say and I can’t keep from laughing. “You won’t make love to me because of the baby?”

“Well, it might not be safe,” he replies in the indignant tone of a four year old who suspects they’re being mocked.

“Danny, please,” I laugh. “That’s such an old wives’ tale. Women can have sex practically up into the delivery room.”

I laugh even harder at the horrified look on his face.

“They can?”

“Yes. I mean, you have to get kind of creative to have sex with a woman who’s nine moths pregnant-”

That gets a smile out of him.

“But I’m only five months pregnant and healthy as a horse. Besides, I made love to you yesterday and you didn’t have a problem with that.”

“That was different. I wasn’t thinking clearly yesterday,” he all but pouts.

“Well, what does that matter? If there was any damage to be done, which there’s not, it would have been done yesterday. Or in the cave last week. I assure you, this is safe.”

He still doesn’t look convinced. “How would you know? You’ve never had a baby before.”

“Neither have you,” I shoot back.

But his mind is made up. “Nope, no way. I’m not doing anything until you talk to your doctor.”

“I already did,” I lie.

Danny sees right through that.

“Oh you did, did you? And who exactly did you talk to?”


If I thought Danny looked horrified before, that is nothing compared to the look on his face now.

“Rick?” he squeaks. “You talked to RICK about our sex life?”

“Yep.” I giggle. It’s a total lie, but it’s worth it just to see the look on his face.

“Don’t look so shocked, Danny. He is a doctor after all.”

And you’re big brother.” he says, moving away from me. “If Pilar tried to talk about sex with some guy to me, I’d find that son of a-”

“Danny, you’re my husband, not some random guy,” I say, still laughing, laying a hand on his arm. “Besides, it was a purely professional conversation.”

“Really?” he says, looking at me over his shoulder.

I have to bite the inside of my cheeks to keep from howling with laughter.

“Really. Very impersonal. Although, Rick would like to talk to you about that thing you can do to my ear with your tongue…”

Danny looks aghast for a second and then sees the tears of mirth in my eyes.

“You little liar!” he exclaims, gathering me in his arms and falling back on the bed with me.

I laugh til my sides ache as Danny keeps me pinned.

“I’m sorry!” I gasp. “But I just had to…the l-look on your f-face when I-I said…” I dissolve into gales of laughter again.

When my laughter subsides, I look up at Danny who’s watching me with a look I don’t recognize.

“What are you thinking?” I ask softly.

“How beautiful you are when you laugh…. Even when the laughter is at my expense,” he replies.

The fire in me begins to spark again and I reach for him.

He kisses me deeply and I arch against him, unsatisfied.

“No,” he says, his face strained as he pulls away. “Not until you go see a doctor.”

“We’ll see about that,” I say and before he knows what’s happening, I push him onto his back.

“Don’t you know you should never make a pregnant lady mad?” I say in a silky whisper as I run my tongue along his ear.

“Jesus, Michelle, please…” he says hoarsely.

“Nope. You’re not going anywhere.”

“I’m not making love to you, Michelle. Not until you-”

“Go see a doctor, I know. I promise, I’ll go first thing in the morning. He won’t tell me anything different than what I’m telling you though. And besides, you don’t have to make love to me. I’m going to make love to you.”

I kiss his neck and his chest and he doesn’t protest when I straddle his hips and guide him inside me.

We move together, slowly at first, then faster as the momentum builds.

I cry out when release come, as does he, and lower myself against his chest.

When I catch my breath, I look up at him and smile. “There now. That wasn’t so bad, was it?”

He makes a sound that’s partly a laugh, partly a groan.

“No, bad is not the word I’d use.”

I press my lips to his and slide my tongue between his teeth.

“Care for a rematch?” I breathe when we lift our heads.

He looks at me, obviously weighing something in his mind.

Finally, he says, “Doctor’s office first thing in the morning?”

“Cross my heart.” I say, doing just that.

“Well, in that case…” he says and I laugh again as he rolls me beneath him.


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