Full Circle by Erin – Chapter 15

Republisher’s Note: Danny has taken Michelle to the beach.

Full Circle by Erin – Chapter 15

When Danny finally raised his mouth from mine, I was swaying and I knew my eyes were dazed.

“Wh-” was all I managed to murmur before he was pulling me into his arms again, this time hugging me tightly, his chin resting on the top of my head.

“Baby, I missed you so much,” he whispered brokenly.

My head is really spinning now.

“Danny, I don’t understand,” I say, pulling back.

He holds my face between his hands and looks in my eyes.

“Did you really think I wouldn’t believe you?”

My heart swells.

“You…you believe me now?”

He laughs and places a kiss on my forehead. “I always believed you, mi querida.”

Tears of joy are bubbling in my eyes and spilling down my face. I almost can’t believe this.

“But-but yesterday, Danny, you were so awful to me and-”

Danny brushes away my tears with his thumb. “I had to be. God, I’m so sorry, Michelle, but I had to make my mother think I believed her.” He takes me in his arms again and I realize he’s shaking. “I figured it out that day after I stopped by the cabin. I was going there to think.”

I look at him incredulously. “You were going to that awful place to think?”

“It wasn’t always that bad. When I was a kid, it was actually kind of nice. But I saw it the day you escaped.” Pain flashes in his eyes. “God, Michelle, when I think of you in that place…”

I stand on tiptoes and kiss him softly. “I’m all right now, Danny.”

He runs a hand over my hair as though he’s trying to make sure I’m really there. I press a kiss in his palm to reassure him and he continues.

“Anyway, by the time I put two and two together, you’d already escaped. I went crazy when I couldn’t find you after that. But I kept it to myself. I knew if my mother even suspected that I knew the truth, she’d kill you.”

I just keep shaking my head, laughing and crying all at once. “You believe me.” I keep saying. “You believe me!”

Danny pushes the hair back from my face, tears in his eyes as well.

“Baby, it broke my heart to say those things to you yesterday. But you know why I had to.”

“And when we made love-”

Danny groans and gives me a quick, hard kiss. “I couldn’t resist that. I’d been without you for so long and you were lying next to me and, oh God, Michelle, you smelled so good, and your skin was so soft-”

“But you didn’t even kiss me.” I say, cutting him off.

Danny again cups my face in his hands and lowers his lips to mine.

They’re soft and warm and his tongue gently sweeps my mouth. I moan and press myself against him and the kiss deepens.

He pulls back leaving me still wanting more.

His eyes are twinkling as he looks at me and says, “Do you see now why I couldn’t kiss you?”

I nod. “If you’d laid that on me, Mr. Santos, I would have seen right through you.”

He laughs and it’s the most beautiful sound I’ve ever heard. “Exactly. I didn’t want to risk telling you the truth in my house. You never know who could be listening.”

“So you brought me here to…talk?” I ask, eyebrow raised as I notice the blanket laid out on the sandy floor of the cave.

Danny scoops me up in his arms and I giggle delightedly. “Among other things.”

He lays me down on the blanket and the sand beneath it shifts under our weight.

“I want you so much.” I murmur as he begins to undo the buttons on my sweater. “I didn’t think it was possible to want you this intensely after last night, but I do.”

His mouth finds my nipple through the silk of my blouse and I arch my back. “God, I do.”

There’s a stream of gray light coming in the cave through a hole high in its ceiling and it lends a mystical glow to the whole place. Danny slips my blouse off my shoulders and I tug his shirt from the waistband of his slacks.

Danny’s lips start teasing my earlobe as he whispers, “Dios, te deseo tanto, mi esposa hermosa.”

I laugh throatily. “I have no idea what you just said, but it sure as hell turned me on.”

He laughs too and slides my skirt over my hips.

When that task is completed, he sits back and studies me.

I prop myself up on my elbows. “Like what you see?”

He looks at me hotly. “Oh yeah. But there’s one thing we have to take care of first.”

I reach for him and pull his lower lip between my teeth. “And what’s that?” I ask in my best seductress voice.

He smiles and pushes me back on the sand, his hands skimming up my thigh to rest on my belly.

“What are we going to name this baby?”

My heart actually stops for a second. All I can choke out is, “You know?”

He nods. “Since yesterday. The doctor told me that’s why you fainted.”

I stare at him, still shocked.

Then I sit up and punch his arm.

“Ow! What was that for?”

“I asked you last night if the doctor said anything and you said no!”

Danny chuckles as he pulls me into his lap. “I also told you I hated you last night. It wasn’t my most honest evening.”

He kisses me again and I forget to be angry. I lay back down, pulling him with me.

“I can’t believe you know.” I murmur softly as I gaze into those dark eyes.

He smiles. “Even if I didn’t, I would have figured it out.”


He gives me that boyish smile that shoots straight to my heart. “Well, you’re beginning to show.”

I cross my arms, indignant. “I am not!”

Danny chuckles and rubs my stomach. “Are too. Here.” His hand slides up to cup my breast and my head falls back against the blanket. “And here.”

He reaches behind me to unhook my bra and I help him pull it off my arms. He presses kisses against my throat, my breast, down the groove of my stomach, and finally nuzzles the damp silk between my thighs. I gasp his name and in one quick motion, he pulls my underwear down off my legs.

I lay naked before him, intensely aware of my now slightly convex belly. Last night, we made love in the pitch black dark. Now he can see everything and I find myself shy about my changing body.

He doesn’t say a word and I shift nervously.


Without uttering a sound, he lowers his head to my stomach and places the most loving, gentle kiss against the tiny mound that is our child.

That kiss reassures me more than any words could and I reach for him, whispering his name.

Last night’s lovemaking was a lightening storm of heat and passion.

Now, it’s like a spring shower, gentle and slow and soothing.

Afterward, we lay in each other’s arms, just like I pictured this morning, at first saying nothing of any importance, just murmuring love words and kissing.

But finally, I say, “I should have told you about the baby sooner.”

He kisses my temple. “It’s all right. What matters now is that we’re together.” His hand covers my abdomen. “All three of us.”

I sigh contentedly. “This is such a beautiful place. I’m glad you brought me here.”

He pulls me closer to him so that I’m practically on top of him. “Me too. I knew it was the only place where we wouldn’t be found.”

I look up and give him a skeptical look “The only place?”

He chuckles. “OK, so maybe it wasn’t the only place, but I thought it was, how would you put it? Wildly romantic?”

I lightly nip his shoulder and we laugh again.

Then I look at him, serious now. “Danny, what are we going to do?”

He kisses the tip of my nose. “I don’t know yet, baby. But whatever we do, we’ll do it together.”


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