Full Circle by Erin – Chapter 10

Republisher’s Note: Michelle falls into a trap and discovers Mick’s alive.

Full Circle by Erin – Chapter 10

Fear is an icy cold thing. It steals your breath and clenches like an icy fist around your heart, leaving a metallic taste in your mouth.

I’ve been scared many times in my life.

But as Mick drags me down the lighthouse steps towards a waiting car, I think this is the only time I’ve ever been truly afraid.

I feel another scream rise up in my throat. Mick must sense that because he presses the gun deeper in my side. “Don’t give me a reason to kill you, blondie,” he hisses.

Anger, not only for me, but for my child, makes me brave and I call his bluff.

“You won’t kill me. If you shoot me, someone will hear.”

Mick chuckles. “Smart little thing, aren’t you? OK, so I can’t kill you. But one phone call, Michelle, ONE, and I have my guys knock off your dear husband.”

My knees weaken as I picture a life without Danny. A child who will never know their father.

The scream dies.

Mick pushes me into the passenger seat of his car.

“Just to be safe…” he mutters and handcuffs my hands behind my back.

I stare at him hate welling up inside of me and finally overflowing.

“I killed you once, Mick,” I spit venomously. “I can do it again.”

My false bravado gets me a heavy hand across the face. Tears spring to my eyes and I taste blood.

“You keep that mouth shut, you hear me? Yeah, you may have ‘killed’ me, but you didn’t exactly do a great job of it, did ya?”

He leans closer and I shudder. “But I have to say, looking at you now makes me real damn glad I’m alive.”

His hand pushes my nightgown up over my knee and I begin to struggle.

That seems to amuse him and he chuckles as he leans back into his seat and starts the car.

“Nah, I’ll get to that later. We got all the time in the world.”

His words, a twisted ugly version of what Danny said to me on our wedding night, make my stomach churn.

Why didn’t I go with Danny? I ask myself as I stare forlornly out the window. Why didn’t I tell him the truth when he asked if I was pregnant.

I bite my lip. I know why. Because I was proud. And stubborn. Because I wanted him to stay for me, not just for our child.

Well, now my pride and stubbornness might get Danny, me, and therefore our unborn child killed.

Mentally, I hug my baby.

Don’t worry, sweetheart. Your Mommy is gonna get us out of this and we’ll be safe back with Daddy soon, I swear.

The car screeches to a halt outside a rundown building in the middle of nowhere.

Mick grabs my arm and roughly hauls me out of the driver’s side.

He presses me against him as we get out of the car and I close my eyes in revulsion. “Damn, you are a pretty little bitch. No wonder my brother threw his future to hell for you.”

His lips are on my ear and I can’t stop shivering. My stomach is rolling now and I keep my eyes clenched.

This isn’t happening. Not again. Not when there’s nothing I can do.

“You know, Michelle,” Mick continues. “We used to have a tradition in this family: If a man died, his brother was supposed to marry the widow and…take care of her.”

No, no, please, I scream in my head. But I keep my mouth shut.

“And since Danny’s as good as dead-”

I start to whimper at that.

“I guess that make you as good as mine.”

His mouth comes down hard on mine. A roar of terror and disgust tears through my mind as his tongue attempts to force my lips apart.

Scared, hurting, and angry, I shove my knee up and into his groin. His breath comes out in a horrified gust and his eyes bug out. “Bitch!” he gasps and grabs my hair. I cry out then, a hoarse sound of pure terror. Again, my mind flies to my baby.

Mick’s grip on my hair tightens and he tries to force me to my knees. When I resist, he slaps me again, and I fall, my hands still behind my back and unable to break my fall. I lay panting, blood trickling from my lip.

Mick is lowering himself to the ground beside me and I begin to panic.

Danny, I’m so sorry, I think frantically. I should have told you and, Oh, God, please-


The sharp voice brings Mick to his feet, his expression sheepish.

I’m so relieved that my immediate threat is removed, I sag against the damp ground.

Then a vicious looking high heel appears in my field of vision and I look up to see Carmen standing above me.

“You!” I manage to breathe.

Carmen smiles grimly. “Me.”


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