SJ’s Consummation fic

Republisher’s Note: A previously lost Manny stand alone fic. This is a pretty funny take on the consummation. I think it’s worth republishing just for this line. “Hey if you were a flower and Danny wanted you to grow a certain way, wouldn’t you at least try?” Warning: This is once again a slightly graphic tale.

Author’s Note: Okay! This is a warning, if you are under the age of 17, please do not read this, I mean it, if you are under 17 years of age, stop reading this right now. This notice serves as a warning and a reminder. I will not be held accountable for any therapist bills you all encounter 10 years from now due to my psychologically scarring you. Although if images of Dietz and Holly didn’t hurt you this probably won’t either! This is a fan fiction of how SJ saw our couple in an alternative consummation scene. This portrayal is in no way representative of anyone else’s fantasies.

SJ’s Consummation Fic

While at Laurel Falls, Michelle and Danny repeat their vows on top of the big rock surrounded by the perfectly arranged little flowers which have grown into a perfect circle. Hey if you were a flower and Danny wanted you to grow a certain way, wouldn’t you at least try? Michelle and Danny ask Ray to stay and have champagne with them. While they are chatting, Michelle notices and remarks on Ray’s extremely large hands and starts to compare them with Danny’s. Michelle starts to get concerned because like all of us, she too has heard about the comparisons of one’s feet and hands to well other things. And Danny’s look so small next to Ray’s. But she has just remarried the guy under the eyes of God and in this really pretty place where all the flowers grow perfectly around this big rock. So she thinks okay, everything is going to be all right.

Once Ray leaves, Michelle and Danny have a small talk about Ray where they both express genuine concern over Ray’s indecision to take his final vows.

Danny takes this opportunity to mention the letter that fell out of Ray’s bible which was signed by the Uncloistered Abbey of Father Ray Fans. He tells Michelle that it isn’t the letter so much as the bewitching names on the letter that worries him…names like Elizabeth, Heather, Holden, Sonja, Carla (who has signed her name 3 times), etc. Michelle takes Danny’s champagne glass away and says Danny let’s get back to why we are here today, us!

Danny takes another look at his bewitching wife and says “yes, you are right!” He asks her to dance and they start dancing to the very slow melodic tones of Ry Cooder’s jazz guitar music, from his Latin Rhythm CD. Michelle says she will have to get used to Danny’s taste in music and he says, that he’d much rather have chosen something that Hope or Andrea suggested but hey, he was thinking of Michelle when he chose this romantic piece. At this point, Michelle says “Look Danny, if you agree to never ever mention all these women’s names again, I promise to never ever bring up your mother’s name while we are in bed together.” Danny readily agrees because there is nothing, absolutely nothing worse than being in bed with a woman who brings up your mother’s name pre, during or post-coital.

Danny slowly starts to kiss Michelle. He kisses her mouth slowly, languorously. He starts pressing butterfly kisses to the bridge of her nose, her eyes, cheeks, ears. He moves slowly down to her shoulder, baring one beautiful creamy expanse of skin. He seemingly inhales her very essence as he kisses her and then slowly moves back up to her mouth and then to the other side of her neck and shoulder. As he comes to kiss her mouth once again, she is slowly melting in the power of his embrace. Danny breaks gently from the kiss and says “Michelle, I have another surprise for you.” Michelle smiles thinking she definitely knows what he is going to do and it isn’t going to be a surprise as much as something she has been wanting from him for a long time.

But Michelle is quite surprised when he has her pull a velvet cord? Kinky, she briefly thinks? Then this strange music starts to play and like a cheap magic trick, the shrubbery separates and she sees a big brass bed in the middle of the expanse of trees. What has he gone and done now? Was he moving this bed here this morning when she woke up and wanted to make love but found him missing, again? This is the surprise? And those satin sheets are in pink, more of that god awful color of pink. Why did the Santos family like pink so much? Why did everything she owned now look pink, was Danny or Carmen or God forbid, Dietz sending her clothing out to be dyed pink instead of dry cleaned as she has asked?

Danny stands there looking at her. He takes her once again very gently into his embrace and starts to delicately kiss her brow. Michelle realizes in an instant that if she doesn’t do something about this right now, the next ten years of her life will go by in a pink cotton candy haze. She puts her hand out to Danny and says “Look we have to talk and we have to do it now! Danny, I love you. I adore you. I want to make love to you. I want to be intimate with you in the worst possible way. But this romantic fluffy stuff has got to stop right now or you are going to kill me with kindness. I love the idea of a bed in the woods as much as the next girl but I love you and want to be with you. I like the idea of making love by the falls or underneath the falls. You don’t have to paint a fantasy picture for me anymore. You are my fantasy come to life. You have tried so hard all of these months to make yourself worthy of me. And what you have lost in this process is the very plain truth that I don’t want you to be different from who you truly are. I don’t want to change you. I started to fall in love with you the day we met. I like your hard edges as much as I like the soft ones. It is your personality, your duality that is so appealing to me. Your kindness and your single minded determination. Your ability to see things clearly and your willingness to always see my side no matter how absurd it is. You can see the best in people like your sister Pilar but you can also see when these same people no longer have our best interests at heart. You’ve made mistakes just like me and we’ve both atoned for them. I want you to be the same person who is head strong and intimidating but who at the turn of a coin, can also be the loving and nurturing man that you are right now. I don’t want you to change for me because the man that you are and always have been is the man I want for eternity.”

Danny stares at Michelle and is dumbfounded.”Do you mean I dragged this bed all the way up here for nothing?”

“No, Danny, I am not saying that. I am saying you don’t have to keep trying so hard. I love you and I accept you. The only way for our love to continue growing is for us both to be the people we truly are in everyday life.”

“Michelle, I am going to take you at your word on this, are you sure about what you are saying?”

“Yes, Danny, I am.”

“Well, thank God! I can relax. All this tenderness and soft kissing was driving me a bit crazy, recent events notwithstanding. I want to take you and draw you towards me and kiss you passionately. I want to remove all of your clothing and do it quickly. I want us to be so consumed with passion that we forget where we are and we fall down to the ground and make love. I’d like us to make mad passionate breath taking love without regard for where we are or who might see us or if we are on a bed or on the floor or under that waterfall over there.”

“Danny,” Michelle gasps as he pulls her towards him and begins to do just as he has described. She begins pulling on his clothing, unbuttoning his shirt and rips a few of the buttons. He lifts her dress off over her head as she kisses his chest and trails her hand down to unbuckle his belt. She pulls the belt quickly so that it draws him closer to her and she can now feel his need and arousal.

Danny leans in closer and tells her in a ragged breath, “Do you see what your words do to me?”  She fumbles with his pants as he pulls down her bra slip exposing her milky white breasts to the sun. Slowly before she can get his pants off, he picks her up and lays her gently on the grass. He takes off his own pants and lies down next to her and they both pull off her slip exposing her beautiful body to him.

She tells him he forgot something and grabs the top of his boxers and starts tugging down all the while she is kissing his lips, his neck, chest and returns to his luscious mouth once again. She pulls on his upper and lower lips with her teeth and feels his arousal once again against her body. Michelle looks down and mentally breathes a sigh of relief, thank goodness those women were wrong, the size of hands doesn’t always tell you how large a man is in other bodily areas. She reaches down and aggressively seizes him in her hands. Danny again breathes his excitement into her left ear and she giggles.

He gets mad at this impetuousness and begins a slow massive assault of his own. Michelle stops giggling and begins to try exhaling. She notices that this simple effort is taking a lot of concentration. She is not sure which she likes more, the anticipation of their joining or the feel of his hand doing the magic it is now performing. Someone, somewhere has taught this guy a trick or two about sleight of hand and she is thankful.

“Oh my God, Oh Danny!” she says loudly enough that the sound of her voice echoes across the falls. He laughs loudly and they hear this sound echo as well. She begins to undulate her hips to follow the pulsing of his own. They begin to move together as if in some type of mating dance. She tells him hurriedly to “Please please…” He instinctively understands the unspoken words and as she helps him enter her, they both feel an intensity of the feelings they felt just a moment before.

Michelle starts to move again and as before meets no resistance. He moves with her as if they are a violin and bow. The music soars as five octaves are reached and later neither is sure how long the torment lasted or who ran out of sheet music first. She lies on top of him now as both of them try to recover their normal breathing patterns. Sweat is glistening on their bodies and Danny laughingly licks at Michelle’s face. She jumps up and puts on his boxer shorts and the shirt he wore earlier in the day.

“Michelle, what are you doing? The sight of my wife in my boxer shorts is not exactly an aphrodisiac you know.”

“Oh Danny, really what if I weren’t wearing your shirt as she quickly undoes the buttons or what if I weren’t wearing your boxers and only had this shirt on? She takes off the boxers and starts re-buttoning his shirt?” Danny laughs convulsively and she gets a bit miffed and puts both back on. “What can’t you make up your mind?”

He laughs again and says, “I prefer neither but I was just thinking what the boxers would look like if they were wet?”

She laughs and says, “You wouldn’t dare!” and he replies, “I would too” and he quickly gets to his feet. He picks up her lithe body and throws her over his shoulder and starts towards the falls. Danny playfully dumps her into the water and she swims with him over to the falls. He disappears under the water and she feels a tugging sensation. He takes off the boxers and throws them to a rock nearby. She laughs and pokes at him and they begin to kiss again, quickly and hungrily. He begins to kiss her body all over now and quite aggressively, all she can do is stand there and hold his head in her hands. The water is cascading over their bodies as he performs his husbandly duties. As she begins to cry out once again, he picks her up and she wraps her legs around his waist. He enters her and she cries out with joy. This time they are both more aware and sober about what they are doing and look at one another intensely as they both reach their own cascade.

Michelle and Danny swim around for a bit afterwards. He holds her while she floats and strokes her face and hair. He cannot seem to stop touching her or she him. She looks up at him impishly and says, “You know Danny it is a shame to waste the effort you made in dragging that bed all the way up here into the woods.” Danny looks at her with questioning eyes. Then he senses what she will say. He turns her over so that she falls gently into the water and comes up looking amused but gasping for air. She then dunks him under the water.

They both swim over to the edge of the falls and race one another up past the grassy knoll where they consummated their love. Michelle reaches the bed first, because she has tripped Danny along the way. She jumps onto the big bed and starts playfully rolling around on the pink satin sheets. Danny joins her quickly and pulls her legs so that they meet one another on the bed right in the middle. “You are impossible, Michelle! These sheets are very expensive you know.”

“Oh Danny, you are so romantic worrying about the cost of sheets.”


“Danny, these sheets do look expensive and they were so pretty before but don’t you think they look much better now that they are wet?”

Danny has to admit that the sheets do look better wet from their swim under the falls. Our couple begins to make love again. This time their loving making is less urgent and is more controlled but it is definitely not less passionate.


7/5/99 Springfield Nightly News Report excerpt… “The state weather monitoring service reported today that the temperature broke records in the city of Springfield, Illinois. While the rest of the state reported temperatures reaching only 85 degrees, the temperature in this small city was a whopping 95 degrees. And folks that’s not all, park rangers monitoring their temperature gauges from outside the park reported that Laurel Falls Park registered a mean temperature of 105 degrees with 100 percent humidity. That’s one for the record books folks. Good Day.”


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