Until You by NotSew – Chapter 7b

Republisher’s  Note: This is the last chapter I’ve seen or even seen any sign of, so I think this is it. I don’t know where the author was headed, but there’s one more chapter tonight. It’s enjoyable, but I don’t think they’d really have taken the public kissing so well. Tune in tomorrow for a newly restored stand alone.

Until You by NotSew – Chapter 7B

Danny wisely chose that moment to be at a loss of words.
“Desert King is more than a piece of horse flesh Danny. He is my friend. He is like a member of my family.”
Danny was momentarily caught off guard by the passion he saw in Michelle’s eyes. It was obvious she was very protective of her horse.Irrational jealousy began to cloud his mind.It was a damn horse for God’s sake.Danny curved his lips into an indulgent smile. “Michelle, I realize it is a given part of your sweet nature to feel great affection for all people and all things, which is a portion of the reason I love you so much, but this is business, honey. Nothing else.”
Michelle couldn’t believe she was hearing these words coming from the lips of the man she loved. Angrily she pushed away from Danny and walked closer to King. Stroking the horses silky mane, she looked in Danny’s direction.


“You don’t know me that well if you think it is in my nature to love all people and all things. I most certainly love neither. I’m just as widely known for the things I dislike as I am for the things I’ve shown kindness and compassion for. But apparently I don’t know you all that well either, because never in a million years did I think you would act like a pompous unfeeling ass when faced with something you couldn’t have.”

Michelle ended by turning her back on Danny and lying her chin against King’s back.

Mick saw his brother’s eyes light with the fire of indignation before they died into despondency as Danny watched the rise and fall of Michelle’s back.

What had he done that was so wrong? One moment Michelle was standing there gazing at him with loving eyes the next it was off to the guillotine.

Mick uneasily watched the play of emotions on Danny’s face. It was bad enough that his brother had fallen for the most unconventional chit he could find, but the fact that she had him twisted up in knots was a bit too much.

He approached Michelle ready to do battle for his brother, but stepping behind her, an enticing waft of gardenias came his way.

So this is what his brother meant by intoxicating fragrance.

“Ms. Bauer,” Mick began kindly instead.

“Yes,” Michelle said turning to look at Mick curiously.

Her eyes were luminescent with unwashed tears, adding to their normal brightness and making them all the more captivating. For a moment Mick was momentarily stunned into silence.

Michelle waited patiently for Mick to continue, but he seemed to be in a daze and his mouth had yet to move. “Mr. Santos?”

“Whoa right. I’m sorry. What I was attempting to say before….before…”

Mick flushed with embarrassment. Before what you bumbling idiot? Before she entranced you with her amazing eyes?

Yes, Mick thought with sudden clarity. Honesty was the best choice.

“Before I was captivated by your beautiful eyes,” Mick said, which elicited a derisive snort from his brother behind him.

Michelle glared at Danny.

“What I was attempting to say was that I sympathize with your position.”

“Thank you, Mr. Santos”, Michelle said offering Mick a grateful smile.

“Mick, please.”

“Mick,” Michelle agreed accepting his token of familiarity. “It is nice to see that chivalry is not lost on all the Santos men.”

Michelle sent Danny a angry look, which caused him to glare back.

“One cannot help but to show his chivalrous side in the company of such a beautiful woman,” Mick said taking Michelle’s hand and bringing it to his lips.

Michelle made a point of smiling prettily at Mick when his eyes rose from her hand, aware that she had an audience.

Danny watched Michelle reeling in his hapless brother with vaguely interested eyes. Quite frankly he was annoyed that she would waste both of their time pretending to show favor to any other man, much less his own brother. They both knew she was his. That she would be his. It was a forgone conclusion.

But if she wanted to play this little game let her have her fun, in the end she’d be coming home to him.

Walking closer to an oddly silent Dru, Danny put a hand on her elbow.

Lifting a brow, he gave Michelle a mocking smile. “Perhaps you’d like us to leave so my brother can whisper sweet nothings in your ear.”

Michelle gasped.

Mick sent his brother a hard look. Turning back to Michelle he put a comforting hand on her shoulder. “I apologize for my brother’s behavior. I can assure you it is not a result of his breeding.”

“Careful, Mick,” Danny warned looking pointedly at the hand on Michelle’s shoulder.

Watching the play between the two brothers Michelle realized she was toying with fire, so she backed away from Mick.

“There’s no need to apologize for Danny, Mick. I realize your brother’s rudeness stems from his frustration of not being able to get his hands on my horse and knowing he will surely lose today’s race.”

Michelle sent Danny a satisfied, gloating smile.

Danny received the smile and let his irritation with it get the best of him.

“You know what, Michelle, keep your bloody horse! But I’ll be damned if I lose to you today or any day. I play to win, always. Remember that,” he said turning and storming away.


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