Until You by NotSew – Chapter 6

Republisher’s Note: The good people of Springfield (and I suspect the bad ones too) have been transported to 1800s Richmond where after a shaky start, Manny have decided they’re made for each other.

Until You by NotSew – Chapter 6

Drucilla covered her nose with a gloved hand as she and Michelle sidestepped a freshly deposited pile of horse manure and continued walking down the dirt road to the group of men and horses gathered in the clearing.

“You mean to tell me that everybody has bought the story that Danny’s blindness was cured by some miracle elixir,” Dru said shaking her head.

“Hook, line, and sinker. Mr. Nader has already ordered three cases of it for the goods store.”

“Astounding,” Dru said thoughtfully, “You seem to be seeing a lot of Mr.Santos.”

“We bump into each other every now and then.”

“More like you’re attached at the hip.”

“Oh Dru, I cant help it.he makes me feel so, so…..”

“In love,” Dru supplied.

“Whenever I see him I get this funny little feeling in my stomach. And when he smiles and looks at me like I’m the only one in the room, my chest gets so tight I can hardly breathe. Then when he kisses me….”

“You let him kiss you? I can’t believe you let him kiss you!”

“We’re always careful. Nobody sees us, Dru.”

“Well if you ask me….”

“Look were almost there. Isn’t this exciting!” Michelle interrupted trying to distract Dru by tugging on her arm.

“Where is the great cause for excitement, Michelle? We defy societal rules every first Tuesday of every month coming to these races. What makes this time any different?”

Michelle’s eyes fairly sparked with anticipation.

“Are you kidding, Dru? The men are finally letting one of my horses race.”

“They are letting Desert King race?”

“Yes, Caleb is there with him now,” Michelle said trying to walk faster.

“Well why didn’t you just say so, Michelle? You know how much I love King.”

“See I knew you’d want to see this.”

“He is going to destroy all those other horses,” Dru exclaimed now excited.

“Exactly,” Michelle said chuckling.

The two girls were bundles of excitement by the time they reached the group of men. Michelle put on her serious face.

“Gentlemen,” she greeted.

“Ms. Bauer,” they returned.

“Are you ready to get thoroughly trounced?”

Michelle couldn’t help but to gloat. She knew that her father had one of the best stables around and she knew that King could beat any horse within a 20-mile radius of Richmond. She also realized it was because he was owned by her, and these men had some sort of prejudice against wagering with a woman, that King had not been allowed to race until then.

“You haven’t won yet little missy,” Lawrence Chester said wagging his finger.

“Right,” Michelle drawled humoring him.

“There is a lot more to winning these races than good horse flesh. You have to have a good rider.”

“Caleb is the best there is,” Michelle interrupted.


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