Until You by NotSew – Chapter 2

Republisher’s Note: This fanfic finds the good people of Springfield living in Richmond of the 1800s, although they seem to have very modern attitudes about most things. The Santos Family has just moved to town from Europe and are relatives of the Weston family which has been established in the area for sometime, but are very concerned about their image.

Until You by NotSew – Chapter 2

Weston Mansion
“Let me put it to you in a manner in which both you and Michael can understand. Here in America our power means nothing. Our money means nothing. We are outsiders.”

“So what? The importance of this fails to reach me,” Daniel Santos said looking up from the amber liquid in his glass to give his mother a quizzical look.

“Look, Daniel,” Carmen said sitting down in a chair across from the settee on which her two sons were reclining, “Your cousin Clarisse has been very kind extending her hospitality to us. This house…all the people she has introduced us too, it has all been very nice, but the Santos deserve more than this. We pave our own way. We are one of the most respected, powerful families from London to Madrid but your father’s fondest wish was for us to succeed here, in America. He said that if we could make it here then the sky was the limit. Your father wanted everything for you children, as do I.”

Daniel ran a hand through the dark short-cropped curls on his head. His handsome face showed his weariness with the conversation at hand.

“I’m well aware of what Papa wanted for this family. I wake up everyday with the weight of making his dreams for us reality. I’m sure Mick and Pilar feel the same way.”

Carmen threw a doubting glance at her older son, Mick, who was looking uncomfortably toward the door.

She would always love Michael, but he didn’t have what it took to lead this family. He knew it. Daniel knew it. Running the Santos family took a personal strength Michael did not possess. His loyalty to the family, to his brother in particular, knew no bounds but he wasn’t willing to take control of the family reigns.

That left Daniel, her golden child.

“Daniel…Danny,” Carmen said softening her gaze and using Daniel’s childhood nickname, “I know it has been rough on you, having to take so much responsibility at such a young age. Sometimes it seems that overnight you went from being my little boy to becoming the fine man that you are today. But a man you are, and it is time for you to start living up to expectations.”

“Mother, I’m well aware of what is expected. I know my duty to the family,” Danny said springing up from the settee and walking over to gaze out the window.

“Then you are well aware of what needs to be done.”

“I’m aware,” Danny muttered between clenched teeth.

Carmen settled back into her seat.

“We must infiltrate ourselves into this American society. Can I count on you two?”

Mick cleared his throat, “Ye..Yes.”

“Good,” Carmen said sending her older son a warm smile, “Daniel?”

“It will be done,” Danny said turning to show the determined look on his face.

“Gracious mi ninos,” Carmen said rising from her chair, “For now I have a lunch date with your cousin and her women’s circle. I’ll see you both later tonight.”

Mick released a gust of pent up breath when the door closed behind Carmen’s retreating form.

“Well…. that was pleasant,” he said.

“As always,” Danny concluded crossing over to sit in Carmen’s vacated seat.

“I seems as if it is up to us…I mean, you, to Americanize the family.”

Danny gave a sound of genuine amusement.

“Exactly how does one Americanize one’s family?” Danny said laughing.

“I have no idea, dear brother, after all, you are the brains of this outfit. Not I,” Mick said feigning a look of unconcern.

“Don’t give me that. I know that hiding under that indifferent facade you show mother lies a sharp mind and an even sharper wit. So spell your ideas on how to make the Santos name more appealing to the American masses.”

Mick reached over and poured himself a drink from the decanter on the end table.

“Well, now that you mention it I do have one idea. I’m sure it’s what Mama meant.”

“Great,” Danny said scooting to the edge of his chair, “What is it?”

“Marriage, dear brother, marriage.”

“Marriage?” Danny said confused, “I don’t under…oh no. Anything but that. I’m not getting married.”

“And why not? For one it accomplishes mother’s goals quite nicely. What better way to become more a part of American society then to become a part of an American family. Secondly, it is time you settled down and gave all the twiddling little female hearts a break. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a sweet abiding wife at your side?”

Danny settled back into his chair.

“No. Sorry big brother but this idea of yours doesn’t fly. For one, I don’t care to accomplish Mama’s goals at the cost of my own freedom. Secondly, I don’t care to have a constant female companion chosen from the hordes of simpering misses that I have met so far since coming to this godforsaken country. Besides you are older. You should marry before me.”

“Ah, but I’m not the heir apparent to the Santos legacy. You are.”

“Damn me.”

“I can understand your reluctance Danny, but if you had met someone, the woman of your dreams, would you consider it?”

“She doesn’t exist and I’m not sure if even then if I’d be up to marriage. ”

“Why make up your mind now? Cousin Clarisse is throwing a gala at the end of the week. Why not wait to see if you can find Lady Unforgettable then?”

“Because it is not going to happen. I have yet to meet the female that holds my thoughts for more than the time it takes for a foray under the sheets.”

“I’m wagering that she does exist though.”

“If she does, I’ll never meet her.”

“Such cynicism,” Mick said arching a brow, “and from one so young. I’m sure one of the highly delectable society misses at the gala will make you change your mind.”

Danny downed what was left of his glass of whiskey in one swallow.

“No, brother, if you’ve seen one simpering school girl you’ve seen them all.”


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