Quench Me by Amy – Chapter 39

Republisher’s Note: A nice day 2 of honeymoon scene.

Quench Me by Amy – Chapter 39

“I guess we can forget about breakfast,” Danny says with a smile, as he pulls a pair of khaki pants over his tight ass, which is completely void of boxer shorts or underwear of any sort.

“I knew it was a bad idea for you to join me in the shower,” I retort, buttoning up my navy blue shirt from the night before. Thanks to the fact that I folded my clothes neatly on the bathroom vanity last night before Danny and I made love, they’re still fairly free of wrinkles, and none of my buttons went flying across the room as my clothes were ripped from my body.

“I didn’t hear you complaining,” he smirks, as he tucks a short sleeved, red polo shirt into his trousers.

“And you never will,” I reply, sitting down on the side of the bed to slip my loafers onto my feet.

“So, since we missed breakfast, where do you want to go for lunch?” he asks, reaching for his wallet and keys which are laying on the desk. “Company?”

“That’s fine,” I answer, and then realization hits me. “But what will we tell people? No one knows that we’re married.”

“We’ve been in Company together lots of times before, Michelle,” he answers, smiling sweetly at me from across the room. “And practically everyone knows that we’re together. I don’t think anyone will find it odd that we’re having lunch together on a Saturday.”

“But we’re wearing wedding rings,” I reply.

“Maybe no one will notice,” he says coyly, as he walks over and kisses the top of my head.

I raise my left hand in front of my face, and say, “This is pretty obvious,” referring to the gold band and sizable rock on my ring finger. “Buzz would notice, even if no one else did.”

Taking my left hand and placing a kiss next to my rings, he replies, “You’re probably right.”

“It’s not that I don’t want to tell people,” I say quickly. “I do. I want everyone to know that you’re my husband. But, I just want to tell Rick before we let the rest of the world know. And, I figured you might like to call your sister and your mother.”

“I’ll call them later today,” Danny says, now taking both of my hands and pulling me to my feet. “As for the rest of the world, they’ll just have to wait until we get the chance to tell your brother.”

I tip-toe up and place a soft kiss on his lips, and say, “I love you.”

“I love you,” he replies. “Now, I have an idea about lunch.”

“What?” I ask.

“We could go back to that little restaurant that I took you to on our first date. It’s far enough out of town, and even though I’ve been there several times, they don’t really know me there. I don’t think we’ll see anyone we know.”

“Mmmmmm,” I say, as if in deep thought. “Our first date… a very fond memory.”

“Yeah, yeah, I know, I sent you all sorts of mixed signals, and sent you into a migraine episode,” he says.

“Hey, but the up-side to all of that was that I got the pleasure of you taking care of me, and spending the night here for the first time,” I answer, my hands playfully caressing the hair on the back of his neck.

“Well, however it started, we ended up here, and for that, I’m infinitely grateful,” he says, leaning down to softly kiss my earlobe.

“If we’re going to go out for lunch, we better leave now before we get sidetracked again,” I say, gently shoving him away from me.

Grabbing my hand and pulling me toward the door, he replies, “Let’s go. The sooner we get out of here, the sooner we get back.”


Lunch was fabulous, and he was right, we saw no one that we knew, so no one is Springfield is any the wiser about out marital status. Before going home, we make a quick drive over to Rick’s house… now my former home… and load several boxes of my things into my Mitsubishi. I make one more trip up to my old bedroom, and quickly fill a travel bag with my make-up, toothbrush, deodorant, shower gel, curling iron, and all the other various hygiene items that I regularly use.

Hopping into our respective vehicles, Danny and I make a bee-line for the nearest grocery store, determined to buy enough food that we don’t have to leave the house for the next two days. The annual July 4th Bauer Barbecue is on Monday, and until then, Danny and I want to spend all our time alone together, at home, as naked as we choose to be.

When we get inside the grocery store, it doesn’t take us long to start filling our shopping cart. I’m busy selecting the perfect loaf of french bread, when Danny runs up behind me and throws a box of cereal into the cart. I look down into the cart and immediately start to laugh.

“Fruity Pebbles?” I ask through my giggles.

“I confess,” he says. “I’ve never gotten over my fascination with kid’s cereal.”

Still laughing, we make our way to the produce section, and the chill from the carefully timed water-sprayers makes goose bumps rise on my arms. Danny runs his hands up and down my arms to warm me, stopping frequently to toss bananas, strawberries, kiwi, and grapes into the cart.

After stocking up on a few more staple items, such as milk, cheese, and eggs, and a few more frivolous things like potato chips and ice cream, we’re ready to head for home. Pushing the cart out of the dairy section and toward the check-out lanes, I see Danny turn around and grab something and hold it behind his back.

When I look up at him, he’s smiling that devilish smile that always makes me melt. “What have you got behind you’re back?” I say, pretending to be perturbed at him.

He says nothing, and I watch as he gently lays a can of whipped cream into bottom of the shopping cart. I hold back my laughter as I feel my cheeks start to flush. As I look up at my smiling husband, he simply shrugs his shoulders and says, “I thought it might come in handy.”


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