Quench Me by Amy – Chapter 37

Republisher’s Note: The author has given this a near R rating. Trust her. She means it.

Author’s Note: This chapter is NC 17.

Quench Me by Amy – Chapter 37

An awkward moment passes between us as we stand outside the church next to Danny’s car. He’s fumbling with his keys, and I’m staring at my shoes. We’re both overwhelmed by the enormity of what we just did, and the incredibly special ceremony it was, and now, as we are faced with the reality of what comes next, neither one of us knows what to say. The silence is not born out of complacency or fear, but rather out of the meaning we know this night will hold for us.

It’s Danny who breaks the silence. “I can’t believe that I can’t come up with a single thing to say right now.”

I laugh slightly, as I reach up to caress his face. “It’s OK,” I reply. “I’m kind of short on words right now, too.”

He brings his hand up to his face, and takes my hand in his, placing it flat against his chest. “It’s just that I’ve never felt this way before. Never,” he says. “I love you so much, Michelle.”

Looking into his eyes, I say, “I love you too, Danny. What you said to me in there… every word… they were the most beautiful things I’ve ever heard.”

“I meant them, Michelle,” he answers, gently pulling me to him. “I meant every single word. And what you said to me… well… you took my breath away.”

“It was all true,” I respond. “I meant it from the bottom of my heart.”

“This is kind of weird, but I have to ask,” he says meekly. “Where do you want to go now? Do you want to get a hotel room somewhere, or would you like to go out of town?”

I place my hands on his cheeks and softly kiss his lips. “No, Danny, I want to go home.”

He smiles and kisses me back. “Home… our home. That sounds wonderful.”


As we wind our way down the road that leads to Danny’s house… our house… I pull my cell phone out of my purse and quickly dial the number to Rick’s cell phone. I hear a recorded message begin and quietly whisper to Danny, “It’s his voice mail.”

When the recording is finished, I speak quickly. “Rick, it’s me. I just wanted to let you know that Danny and I… we made some special plans for the weekend, so I won’t be home. So, don’t worry if you call the house and I’m not there. You can call my cell phone if there’s an emergency. We’ll be back for the fourth of July, so I’ll see you then. And Rick… I love you.”

“That was rather cryptic,” Danny says, as I slide the phone back into my purse.

“Well, I wasn’t going to tell him that we got married on a voice mail message,” I giggle.

“How will he react?” Danny asks, genuinely concerned.

“He’ll be surprised, I guess. Not because we got married, because I think he knew that things were headed this direction, but by the way we did it. He’ll be all right. He won’t really have a choice.”

“I just hope he’s happy for us,” Danny says.

I lean over toward him and lay my head on his shoulder. “As long as we’re happy, that’s all that really counts.”


As we walk through the front door of the house, it suddenly dawns on me that I don’t have a single piece of lingerie to wear tonight. My mind is trying desperately to come up with a back-up plan, when Danny notices the puzzled look on my face.

“What’s wrong?” he asks, as we make our way into the living room.

Somewhat embarrassed, I say quietly, “I just realized that I don’t have anything… you know… special… to wear tonight.”

His face breaks into a tender smile, as he says, “Yes you do.”

“What?” I ask. “The matching black bra and panties?” I roll my eyes sarcastically. “That’s not exactly wedding night caliber.”

“Well, I did notice how nice those were when you were changing clothes in your bedroom,” he answers. Crossing his arms and looking at me seriously, he goes on. “But I was thinking about your skin.”

“You always know the right thing to say,” I giggle. “I guess I just always thought our first time would be planned, you know? And, I’d have time to pick out the perfect thing to wear for you.”

He takes me in his arms, and replies, “I’ve been planning this night for a long time, and the fact that you didn’t go out and spend a lot of money on a sexy nightgown isn’t going to make it any less perfect.” He plants a kiss on my forehead, and says, “Now, I’m going to go find us a bottle of champagne and some nice music. Why don’t you go ahead upstairs, and I’ll meet you there.”

“You won’t get any arguments from me,” I answer, as I turn to head upstairs to the bedroom. “Hurry.”

Once inside the bedroom, I rummage through Danny’s clothes, and pull out a green button-up shirt, with long sleeves. “Perfect,” I think to myself, as I walk toward the bathroom. Once inside, I quickly shed my own clothing, and fold it neatly on the vanity. I put Danny’s shirt over my black bra and panties, roll the sleeves partially up, and button three buttons, leaving the top and bottom of the shirt open. I dig through my purse and find an elastic ponytail holder, and with lightening speed, pull my hair to the top of my head, letting my curls dance wildly.

“Michelle,” Danny calls as he comes into the bedroom.

“I’ll be right out,” I say, leaning against the bathroom door. I quickly check my appearance once more in the mirror before emerging into the bedroom.

I open the door quietly and peek out. I smile as I notice Danny lighting a candle on the desk, and another on the night stand. The lights are dimmed, and a bottle of champagne and two beautiful champagne flutes sit on the night stand. He’s unaware that I’m watching him, as he makes his way to the large stereo cabinet on the opposite wall to start the music. I’m still watching him as he opens his closet door and kicks his shoes and socks off. He drapes his sport jacket across the desk chair, and then pulls his tee shirt over his head. The sight of him in nothing but a pair of great-fitting black pants nearly knocks me over, and I decide I can wait no longer.

I step out into the bedroom, and close the bathroom door behind me. Danny hears the door closing and turns to face me.

“It’s the best I could do on such short notice,” I say, smiling at him, referring to my attire.

He stares at me for a long moment and finally says in a low whisper, “You look amazing. I’ve never seen you look so beautiful.”

“Thank you,” I reply, wanting him more by the second. “If that’s true, it’s because I’m not just me anymore. I’m your wife.”

“Yes, you are. You’re my wife, and I’d like to propose a toast to my wife,” he says, walking toward the night stand. He pours the champagne and hands me the glass, and then pours one for himself.

“To the woman who makes me complete,” he says. “My wife.”

He starts to raise his glass to mine, but I stop him. “To the man who made all my dreams come true,” I say. “My husband.”

We raise our glasses together and take a slow sip of the champagne, our eyes locked on each other. Danny takes the glass from my hand and sits them both back on the night stand, next to the bottle of bubbly. He reaches for my hands and brings them up around his neck. His hands find their way to the small of my back, and he presses his forehead down against mine, as our bodies begin to sway to the soft music. For what seems like an eternity, we stare into each other’s eyes, as we slowly move in circles. Neither one of us speaks. There are no words to describe our feelings at this moment. Our hearts are one. Our souls are one. And soon, our bodies will be one. Nothing else in the world matters but the two of us and the love that we share.

Finally, Danny lowers his mouth to mine. His tongue moves inside my mouth in a slow, deliberate motion. Hungry for more, I push my tongue deeper inside his mouth, grabbing his face with my hands for leverage. He understands my silent request, and slides his hands up my back, pressing himself against me.

I slowly move my hands down his chest, and wrap my arms around him, feeling the strong muscles of his back. His hands slide the rest of the way up my body, and he gently cups my face. Our mouths are still locked, and our tongues are still entwined. He moves his hands down my neck, and his thumbs begin softly caressing my collarbones. My body shivers at the feel of his hands on my tender flesh, and I ache for him to move them lower.

He removes his mouth from mine, and, through heavy, ragged breathing, says, “I can’t believe this is happening. I can’t believe that you love me.” The look on his face is one of utter disbelief.

Again, our eyes lock together, and I gently reassure him that this is real. “I do, Danny. I love you so much. And I want you,” I say, taking his hands and moving them to my breasts. “I want all of you, and I want to give you all of me.”

The heat from his hands on my breasts is incredibly intense, and I have to consciously remind myself that I’m standing up, so that my knees don’t give way underneath me. I’m disappointed when he removes his hands and takes a step back. My disappointment turns to surprise as he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small, red jewelry box.

“I know we’re already married, but I picked this out for you at the jewelry store,” he says, opening the box. “We didn’t have a long engagement obviously, but I want you to have an engagement ring anyway.”

Tears stream down my face as he slides the beautiful diamond solitaire on my finger, quickly finding its place next to my wedding band. It’s a pear-shaped cut, and just by looking, I’d guess that it’s about a carat weight. Not too elaborate, but not simple either. Just perfect.

“Now I’m the one who can’t believe this is happening,” I say. “You didn’t have to do this Danny.”

“I wanted to, Michelle,” he answers. “I want to give you everything.”

“Thank you,” I reply, softly kissing his lips. “Thank you for loving me.”

What must be said next, cannot be said with words, and my pulse begins to race and my breathing becomes shallow, as I watch Danny’s hands undo the three buttons on the front of the shirt that I’m wearing. He inhales deeply as the shirt falls open, and he studies my body for a moment before sliding the shirt off my shoulders to the floor. He bends down and places light, feathery kisses just underneath my collarbones, his lips barely grazing the tops of my breasts. I lean my head back as I revel in the feeling of his breath on my chest. My breath catches in my throat as I feel his hands cupping my breasts through the satin material of my bra. His fingers move softly across my nipples, and I feel them tighten under his touch. He inches his mouth lower, and I nearly come out of my skin as I feel his tongue dip into the cleavage between my breasts.

He raises his mouth to mine again, his tongue probing my mouth like never before, and I take advantage of the opportunity to rid him of his pants. They fall to his ankles and he quickly kicks them off and out of the way. He takes my hands and pulls me with him, as he backs himself up to the bed. He quickly throws the comforter and sheets to the foot of the bed and sits down. He scoots to the middle of the mattress and motions for me to join him. He’s sitting “indian style”, and as I climb onto the bed, he pulls me to him. I’m on my knees in front of him, and he wraps his legs around mine.

His hands lovingly caress the skin on my stomach, and he lifts two fingers to his mouth and places a kiss on them, and sweetly presses the fingers to my navel. He smiles up at me, and my heart flutters wildly at his tender gesture. His hands find my shoulders, and he slides the straps of my bra down the upper part of my arms. He reaches around behind me and unhooks the back of my bra, and with one fluid motion, slides it all the way down my arms, and tosses it to the floor.

I expect him to ravish me now, but he doesn’t. Instead, his fingers make slow, soft strokes across my feverish flesh. He looks like he’s trying to memorize every inch of my body, as he places gentle kisses all over me, starting with the underside of my breasts, moving upward toward my nipples. By the time he takes one of them in his mouth, my body is quivering from his torturous assault. My hands find their way to his hair, quickly entangling in his curls, pressing him to me, willing him to take more of me. He moves to the other breast, his hands on the small of my back, holding me tightly to him.

When he finally looks up at me, his eyes are glazed over with passion, and mine must look the same, because he quickly grabs me and lays me back on the bed. He lays himself on his left side as my body sinks next to him into the coolness of the bed. He runs his hand along the outside of my left thigh, his face buried in the crook of my neck, his hot breath a mere reminder of what’s ahead.

I roll myself onto my side to face him, my mouth finding his again, our tongues once again diving deeper than ever before. I tug at the elastic waist in his silk boxer shorts, and he reaches down to help me. Together, we slide them halfway down his legs, and using my foot, I remove them the rest of the way. Where they ended up, I have no idea. He returns the favor as he yanks my panties from my body, throwing them to the floor. I gasp in pleasure, as his hand returns to the hot, wet place he’s touched before, and I quickly lift my left leg to give him better access. I wiggle my right hand out from under my side, reach between us, and close my fingers around him. He’s hot and throbbing, and as I begin to massage him, his eyes close tightly and his breathing becomes heavier.

“Danny,” I manage to say, as his fingers work magic on the most sensitive area of my body.

His eyes fly open, and he gets control of himself enough to say, “What baby?”

“Now Danny,” I beg. “Make love to me now.”

“Are you sure?” he says, as my fingers close tighter around him, causing him to let out a low, guttural moan.

I nod my head, and in an instant, he’s rolled me onto my back and positioned himself on top of me. “I won’t do this until you’re ready,” he whispers.

I spread my legs wide and place my hands on his face. “I’m ready, Danny,” I answer. “I want to feel you inside me.”

He takes a deep breath and slowly pushes his way inside me. He’s big, and I’m small, and before I can stop myself, a very small flinch of pain crosses my face, as my body tries to adjust to the size of him.

“God Michelle,” he gasps, as he leans his face down to mine. “Am I hurting you? I don’t want to hurt you.” His forearms are resting on either side of my head, and with his hands he pushes the loose strands of my hair off my sweaty forehead.

“No, you’re not hurting me,” I answer honestly, as the flinch of pain gives way to a magnificent feeling of fullness. “It’s just been a long time, you know? It’s like the first time all over again.”

“This is the first time, for both of us,” he says, his body remaining still as he throbs inside me. “I can’t remember anything else but this.”

“Me either,” I answer, as he begins placing soft kisses all over my face.

“Just tell me when you’re ready, Michelle,” he whispers in my ear. “I won’t move until you say so.”

For a brief moment, we’re still and silent as we marvel in the feeling of being joined for the first time. My body begins to relax, and with every passing second I love this feeling more and more. “We fit perfectly,” I whisper, as I wrap my legs around his. “Perfectly.”

With my legs, I gently, I push him deeper inside me. He moves slowly, deliberately, and I feel every inch of him as I begin moving my hips under him. He picks up the pace slightly, and I bring my legs up to his hips and lock my ankles together. My arms encircle his back, and I smile as I feel his muscles working as he thrusts harder inside me.

“It’s exactly like you said it would be, Danny, only better,” I whisper. “You feel so good inside me. So good.”

“It’s better than I ever dreamed, Michelle,” he whispers back, as he begins moving faster. “Loving you is the best thing I’ll ever do in my life.”

“Never stop loving me,” I say softly, as my body matches his increased pace. “Please.”

“Never, Michelle,” he says. “I’ll NEVER stop loving you.”

I feel the heat and the tingling as they begin to swirl inside me, only this time they’re more intense than ever before. With every thrust, the ache in me grows deeper, and I can only describe it as love… pure love.

“I’ll wait for you, Michelle,” Danny breathes, as he thrusts into me, fast and furious.

“Don’t wait!” I scream, as I push against his ass with my heels, forcing him deeper inside me, my body begging for release. “You don’t have to wait!”

He slides his right hand under my back and lifts me even closer to him, as he pushes himself hard into me, over and over again. Knowing that my climax is near, I say his name repeatedly, “Danny… Danny… Danny… Danny… OH MY GOD… DANNY!!”

My orgasm racks my body like a freight train, and I feel myself contract forcefully around him. At the same time, his body begins to tremble, and I feel him come inside me, throbbing harder around my constricting muscles. “I love you more than anything, Michelle,” he gasps, as our bodies convulse together. “I’ll love you until the day I die.”

“I love you, Danny,” I reply through my own gasps of pleasure. “More than anything.”

When it’s over, he practically collapses on top of me, our bodies still joined. He rests his head on my shoulder, and holds my body tight, supporting enough of his own weight so that I’m still able to breath.

“I don’t even know how to describe that,” he says. “It was the most amazing experience of my life.”

“Me too,” I answer. “Me too.”

“And I want to do it over and over again,” he says, looking up at me with a devilish smile.

“Well, let’s get to it,” I reply, kissing him softly.

“I love you, Mrs. Santos.

“And I love you, my perfect husband,” I say, as we start the love-making process all over again.


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