Quench Me by Amy – Chapter 24

Republisher’s Note: Danny takes care of shaken Michelle after a run in with Tanner brings on a migraine attack.

Quench Me by Amy – Chapter 21

I’m awakened by the sound of Danny getting out of the car, and coming around to the passenger side to help me out. I see the wide expanse of his house in front of me as I look out the windshield of his car. Memories of what just happened flood over me and my head begins to throb anew. When he reaches in to help me out, my tears finally begin to fall.

“Michelle, baby, what is it?” Danny pleads, as he kneels on the driveway next to the open car door.

I slowly turn toward him, letting my feet dangle out and touch the pavement. “Everything, Danny. It’s just a little overwhelming,” I answer, as he reaches up to wipe the tears from my face.

“I know,” he replies. “Just come inside with me, and let me get you settled in so you can rest. You’re safe here, I promise. I  won’t let anything happen to you. I’ll never let anyone hurt you.”

“I know,” I say, managing a slight smile. “I know.”

He helps me to my feet, and asks, “Is your medication taking effect yet?”

“A little,” I say. “If I can sleep for a while, I’ll be fine.”

“We can manage that,” he says. “I’ll make sure you get some sleep.”

Danny unlocks the front door, and we walk inside, his arm still encircling my waist. He leads me through the house to the stairs that will take us to the second floor. We make our way up the steps, and, to my surprise, he doesn’t take me to the guest bedroom where I slept the last time. Instead, he leads me into his bedroom, and gently sits me down on the bed. Even through the pulsing pain in my head, and the sleepy state that my medication induces, I can still remember the last time I slept here – falling asleep in his lap downstairs, the vivid dream I had of the two of us, waking up in this bed, smelling his scent on the pillow. The memories of it warm my body all over again, and thoughts of Tanner and the way he manhandled me begin to disappear as I revel in the security of Danny’s presence.

“Is this OK for you to sleep in?” Danny asks, as he lays one of his own white tee shirts next to me on the bed.

I look at him with questioning eyes, still not quite at myself enough to understand what he’s saying. He notices my confusion and says, “I just thought you’d be more comfortable in something besides what you’re wearing. I’ll step out while you change.”

“This is fine,” I say, picking up the shirt. “Thank you.”

Danny steps into the bathroom that is attached to the bedroom, and closes the door. I hold his shirt to my body, embracing it as if it were Danny himself. My fantasy is interrupted, however, by the blackness that this headache and the medication bring on. I know that I’ve got to lay down and get some rest if the medication is going to work. I quickly shed my khaki’s, my sweater, and my bra, leaving only my panties underneath Danny’s shirt. My clothes are a pile on the floor beside the bed, and I find that I don’t really care that Danny will see me half naked. After all, he is fairly acquainted with my body.

I fight the urge to lay down, not knowing where exactly I’m supposed to sleep. Danny emerges from the bathroom shirtless, and wearing another pair of long pajama bottoms, much like the ones he wore the last time I spent the night.

“Why are you still up?” he says, as he begins to turn down the covers of the bed.

I stand up, my fingers finding my temples, and I feel Danny’s arms move me to the bed. “Lay down, Michelle. You’ve got to get some rest.”

I allow him to lay my body down on the pillow, as I inhale his fragrance again. He gently pulls the blankets over me, and brushes my hair out of my face, the way he’s done before. I turn onto my side, so that I’m looking at him, as he kneels down on the floor beside me. He looks directly in my eyes and says, “If you want me to sleep in the other room, I will.”

I’m sure under any other circumstances that my mind would come up with all sorts of reasons to overrule my heart – all sorts of reasons why this is not a good idea – but I don’t care. All I can think about is the feeling of his arms around me, the strength and security they bring, and how very much I love this man, despite everything that we said to each other today. I know in the morning there will be things to talk about, but for tonight, I just want to feel him next to me.

“No,” I answer. “I want you to stay with me, Danny.”

He smiles and tenderly caresses my cheek. “I was hoping you would say that.”

He walks to the other side of the bed and slides in next to me. His chest is pressed against my back, as he drapes his arm across my body. I feel his breath in my hair as he gently kisses the back of my head. “Just sleep, baby,” he says. “I’ll be here when you wake up.”

I drift off into much needed peaceful slumber, feeling more at home than I’ve ever felt in my life.


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