Quench Me by Amy – Chapter 19

Republisher’s Note: Danny had to leave town just as he and Michelle were getting close.

Quench Me by Amy – Chapter 19

As I get behind the wheel of my “big Mitsubishi”, I notice that the clock  says “3:30 p.m.”. It’s Wednesday afternoon, and I’ve just finished my last  final exam. It was in Bio-Chemistry, one of my favorite classes, but even  still, I found it difficult to concentrate knowing that Danny was back in  town. Several times I had to silently reprimand myself for letting my mind  wander over to Spaulding Enterprises instead of focusing on the test
in  front of me. I don’t know what time his flight landed last night, but I woke  up suddenly at 2:00 a.m., and somehow I knew that he was back. I felt his  presence everywhere this morning – in the shower, at the coffee shop where I  stopped to get a latte to go, even when I pulled into the parking lot at  school. It was no different once I arrived in the classroom and started the  test. His very essence has sought me out, and I’ve never been so glad to be  done with a test in all my life.

I’m considering dropping by his office when I remember how distant he seemed  the last time we talked. I still don’t know if it was his job, or something  else – something more serious – that caused him to pull away from me. Could  it be that he’s having second thoughts about the two of us? Was I too forward with him before he left? Have I taken the thrill out of “the chase”?

It dawns on me that it might be rather presumptuous of me to stop by  unannounced, especially since I don’t really know what’s going on in his  head. But suddenly, a voice inside me says, “What the hell? You’ve got to  know where things stand.”

“All right, Michelle,” I say to myself, as I pull out of the parking lot.  “Best case scenario… He’s so glad to see you that he takes you in his arms  and kisses you and tells you that he missed you.”

I smile at the mere thought of it.

“And,” I continue talking to myself. “Worst case scenario… He asks you to  leave.”

I feel a sharp pain in my chest as I say the words, but I know that this  cannot be put off. I have to go and see him. I have to get a feeling for  what’s going on with him.

As I walk down the hallway toward his office, the butterflies in my stomach  are so strong that they surprise even me. I peek into the outer office and  notice that it’s empty. The nameplate on the desk reads “Helen Borders” and  I realize that I’ve never even seen his secretary. I quietly wonder if she’s  ever actually at her desk.

Making my way toward the door to his office, I can hear him muttering to  himself and shuffling papers around. When I reach the door I see the same  frustrated, engrossed businessman that I’ve seen in this office before.  Again, I watch him silently for a brief moment, loving the way he’s so  passionate about his work, and knowing he’s just as passionate about other  things. Or at least he was.

I make my presence known to him by softly knocking on the door frame. He  immediately looks up at me, as I say a tentative “Hi”.

“Michelle,” he says blandly. “What are you doing here?”

It’s worse than I thought. He’s distant and short, just like I feared. “I  just finished my last test, and I thought I’d stop by and say ‘welcome  home’. I didn’t mean to bother you,” I answer in the most emotionless voice  I can muster.

“Sorry,” he replies. “I didn’t mean to snap at you. It’s been a lousy day,  and I shouldn’t take it out on you.”

Well, that’s an improvement, albeit a slight one. “Lousy?” I ask, still  leaning against the door frame.

“Yeah, my flight from Atlanta was delayed, and I didn’t get back to  Springfield until two in the morning.”

I was right! I knew I “felt him” at two o’clock. I knew there was a reason  that I woke up with such a jolt.

He continues. “Then, I had an early meeting with Phillip and a couple other  board members. I’ve got another meeting in thirty minutes, and I’m having a  ton of trouble finishing the report that I have to present.”

“Well, I’ll leave and let you get back to work,” I say. “I just wanted to  tell you that I’m glad you’re back.”

I turn to leave and he stops me. “How were the rest of your finals?”

I turn back around to face him. “They went pretty well. I’m just glad that  they’re over.”

“I’m sorry I don’t have time to talk,” he says, still sitting behind his  desk. “Can I call you tonight when I get home?”

“That would be fine, Danny,” I answer, still sporting my “nonchalant” voice.  “I’ll talk to you then.”

As I walk out of the Spaulding building and across the parking lot to my  car, I glance back up toward his office window. He’s not watching me, and my  heart drops to the soles of my feet. “What did you expect, Michelle?” I ask  myself. “After all, you didn’t invite him to look this time.” My reasoning  does nothing to fill the emptiness growing inside me. In my mind I know that  this trip was hectic for him, and he was not only working – he was proving  himself to Phillip. I know that he’s probably exhausted, but I wanted him to  show just a little bit of enthusiasm.

I find myself in the parking lot of the gym, before I even realize that I’m  there. It occurs to me that I’ve begun using the gym and my kick-boxing  class as an escape from reality. Whatever my reasons, I don’t really care.  It’s good therapy, and it helps me blow off steam, and steam is definitely  something I’ve got plenty of right now.

I grab my gym bag from the back seat and head into the women’s dressing  room. When I’m changed and ready, I head to the kick-boxing class. I see  Tanner standing there, women all over him, looking like he’s God’s gift to  the world. How disgusting. So help me, if he asks me out again today, I’ll  probably land one of those kick’s he’s taught me right where it will hurt  him the worst.

“Even if there was no Danny Santos, I wouldn’t go out with him,” I think to  myself as Tanner winks at me from across the room. “Not in a million years.”


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