Quench Me by Amy – Chapter 9

Republisher’s Note: Michelle has grown increasing frustrated the mixed signals Danny has been sending her. Does he want a romance or not? What do you think? 😉

Quench Me by Amy – Chapter 9

There are nine of us in the kick-boxing class, all women. I’m standing on the second row, sweating and kicking away, imagining that each kick finds a different place on Danny’s body. The large window on the left side of the sizeable room is free of any blinds or curtains, offering a lovely view of the April sunshine. Before I even know it, the music stops and the class is over.

I’m standing near the window, gathering my things, when Tanner, the instructor comes over to me.

“You were really into it today, Michelle,” he says. “I’ve never seen you quite that way.”

“I guess I was just motivated,” I reply.

Tanner is a nice guy, and he’s asked me out a couple of times since I joined the gym, but he’s just not my type. It seems that the buff, body-building sorts aren’t the guys I go for.

“Yeah, Michelle,” I think to myself. “You like those mysterious, corporate types.”

Not wanting to give him an opportunity to ask me out again, I decide that I won’t change out of my gym clothes, opting to go ahead and leave.

“Thanks Tanner,” I say. “I’ll see you next week some time.”

“Bye, Michelle,” he says, as he shoots me one of his smiles. It’s sad really, because he must think that he can get to me that way, when in reality the only smile that truly melts me is Danny’s.

I’m laughing as I walk out of the gym, thinking about Tanner and his obvious ploy to get under my skin. Men can be so transparent – sometimes, that is. But not Danny. Nope, not the one man I want to be able to understand.

I’m searching through my bag for my keys when I notice someone standing in the parking lot. The closer I get, the harder my heart starts to beat. I know that it’s Danny before I can even see him clearly. The sexy way he’s leaned up against the side of his car tells me so.

“Michelle,” he says in a short tone of voice. “You said you’d call me and let me know how you’re feeling.”

“Hello to you, too,” Danny. “You just saw me less than three hours ago, and besides, I don’t have your phone number, and I know you aren’t listed in the phone book.”

“I saw you in there, kicking the shit out of something,” he says flatly.

“How did you know I was here?” I ask, wondering what’s up with his attitude.

“When you didn’t call, I decided to call you, and you are listed in the book.”

“You talked to Rick?”

“Yes, I woke him up,” he says. “He told me you were here.”

“And you just decided to come down here and spy on me?”

“No, I wanted to make sure you were all right.”

“If I’ve gone to the gym to exercise, isn’t it kind of obvious that I’m feeling all right.”

“Well, if it wasn’t, it sure is now,” he says,  throwing his hands in the air.

“What is that supposed to mean?” I shoot back at him.

“I saw you flirting with that guy,” he sneers.

I’m absolutely incredulous at his audacity. “That guy, as you put it, is the instructor, and I was not flirting with him. I was just talking to him.”

“Sure, Michelle,” he says sarcastically. “I saw the way he was ogling you. Shit, Michelle, the guy had his eyes plastered to your body when you left the building. He watched you ALL THE WAY OUT.”

“Well, if that isn’t the pot calling the kettle black!” I retort. “I seem to remember that you watched me ALL THE WAY OUT of the Spaulding Enterprises building, TWICE!”

“That’s different,” he says, as he lowers his voice to a very irritated whisper. “You invited me to look.” His face is two inches from mine, and I smell the same scent that I smelled this morning when I woke up in his bed.

“And how do you know that I didn’t invite him to look?” I say, quite proud of myself at the remark.

“Dammit, Michelle! Do you play these games with every man you meet?”

“Games?” I question. “What games? We’re friends, right? And friends don’t need to play games.”

He raises the palm of his right side and gently places it on my left cheek. He softly moves his thumb up and down my face, and even though I’m madder than hell at him right now, it still makes my knees weak.

“I just don’t want anything to happen to you,” he says in a tone that both sweet and possessive.

I take a step back from him, so that he’s not touching me anymore. “For someone who just wants to make sure I’m O.K., you’ve done nothing but unnerve me this afternoon. I told you this morning that I was fine. It was just a headache. I’ve had them before, and I know how to deal with them. And as for ‘that guy’, you can stop your worrying. There’s nothing going on, and there never will be. “

“Michelle, I didn’t mean to upset you, I just…” he says, and I interrupt him.

“Look, Danny, this conversation has been just too weird, and I think it’s time it ended. So, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going home.”

With that, I get in my “big Mitsubishi” and drive away.

I’m halfway home, when I decide that I can’t let him off the hook that easily. He had no right to behave that way, even if it does thrill me a bit that he seemed to be jealous. He was pompous and arrogant, and I’m not going to let him treat me that way.

I turn my car around and head back toward Spaulding. Even though it’s Saturday, I know that someone will be there, and I can get Danny’s home phone number.

When I pull into the parking lot, I see his Nissan parked in the same spot it was this morning. “Well, well, well,” I think to myself. “He’s here. Even more perfect.”

I bound out of the car, still wearing a pair of spandex shorts covered by an oversized tee shirt that says, “Cedar’s Hospital”. I don’t care that I look like I’ve just finished an hour of kick-boxing. I’m going to put that man in his place.

There are a few people working on Saturday, but for the most part the place is empty. I find Danny in his office, busily typing away on his computer. His back is to the door, so I take him completely by surprise.

“You want to explain to me what just happened between us?” I say.

He turns around in his chair with a startled look on his face. “Michelle, what are you doing here?”

“I thought I made that clear, Danny,” I answer. “I want to know what that little encounter was all about.”

“I told you, Michelle,” he says as he stands up from his chair. “I just wanted to make sure you were all right.”

“I don’t think so, Danny,” I say, as I shut his office door and lock it. “I don’t think that’s all there was to it.”

“What, Michelle?” he asks in an exasperated tone. “What else do you think was going on?”

“That’s what I’m asking you,” I say, my resolve building with each breath. I walk over to where he’s standing and continue. “Why don’t you just say what’s on your mind, Danny?” I whisper the words as I lean in closer to his face. “Tell me.”

He’s obviously shaken, and I’m prouder of myself by the second.

“What do you want from me, Michelle? What do you want me to tell you?”

Still directly in his face, I say, “I want you to tell me that you don’t want to kiss me right now.”

He looks away from me and exhales loudly, indicating his annoyance with me.

“Come on, Danny,” I taunt. “Stop keeping yourself so locked up. Just say it. You want to kiss me.”

He still refuses to look at me, so I grab his face with my hands. I force his eyes to lock with mine. “Say you don’t want to,” I order him. “I dare you.”

“I can’t say that, Michelle,” he admits, his voice shaking.

“I didn’t think so,” I say as I put my mouth on his, forcing him to accept my tongue.

He tries to move his face momentarily, but in an instant he relents and his hands are on my face, as well. Our tongues collide in a frenzy of desperate motion, and we simultaneously drop to the floor beside his desk. He tries to lay me down on my back, but I won’t let him. I push him to his back instead and begin unbuttoning the blue shirt he’s wearing. I force him to look me in the eyes as I undo one button, then another. His skin is just like it was in my dream – sweaty with anticipation. I straddle his lap and begin kissing his neck, then his chest, letting my tongue drag across his skin. I can feel how much he wants me, and I bring my mouth back to his. This time he doesn’t resist me at all, but rather claims my mouth with his own, while he runs his hands under the back of my shirt. His hands slide around to the front of my body and caress my breasts through the fabric of my sports bra. As hungry as we are for each other, he still takes time to be gentle and loving.

He rolls me over so that we’re lying side by side. He gently tucks my hair behind my ear, the way he did earlier this morning, as he looks directly in my eyes. “Michelle, you’re driving me crazy, you know that?” he says with an incredibly sexy smile.

I gather every single ounce of self-control I have left, and say, “Well then, you remember that, Danny.”

He looks at me questioningly as I stand up and walk toward the door. “Michelle, what’s wrong? Did I do something?”

I turn to him, fighting the urge to run back into his arms. “Today you accused me of playing games, and if it’s true that I am, then I’m playing the game you started. You act all sweet and romantic one moment, and the next you’re distant and closed off. You call me your friend and take care of me during that awful headache, and then you confront me in the parking lot of the gym. You’ve done nothing but send me mix signals, and so I came here today to give you a big signal of my own. I’M NOT A TOY!”

And then I unlock his office door and walk out, leaving him standing there, his shirt open, wondering what the hell just hit him.


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